Alpha Kaine

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Chapter 2: Fugam

“What the fuck took you so long?” John asked when I stepped off the bus. He was sitting behind the wheel of his car, clutching the wheel like it was his lifeline.

I open the door and buckle my seatbelt, shrugging and pulling my mask out of my leather jacket pocket.

“Traffic?” I ask, laughing as his expression morphs into a snarl. “I just got hung up that’s all. It doesn’t matter. I showed up didn’t I?” He grumbles under his breath and checks his watch.

“Four people stopped to ask if I needed help getting my car running,” he tells me seriously. “Do you know how embarrassing that was?” I roll my eyes and point to the road ahead. I was considerably late and John was a very punctual person.

“I don’t want to die because you couldn’t find your boots, princess," John says, swerving onto the street angrily.

“What makes you think they’d kill us?” I ask, grabbing onto onto the handle on the ceiling tightly as he began to weave through traffic without looking to see if it was safe.

“They own us, Anita,” he says carefully. “Of course they would kill us if we didn’t serve our purpose.” I swallow the bile rising in the back of my throat quickly and grip the door handle.

“Should we get on with it then? Won’t they be expecting a report soon?” I ask. John nods somberly, pulling his mask out of the back seat before nodding to me.

John and I didn’t know a lot about the jobs we were assigned. All we knew was that someone sent us a text every once in awhile with a new location for us to loot. We always sent the contents of our thievery to a new unmarked location and a day later if the job was done to our employers satisfaction, a reasonable sum of money was deposited to our bank accounts anonymously.

The dark web enabled most human’s to earn their living in the supernatural world. Few supernaturals were willing to let a human within five feet of us. The smell of us was enough to spell out trouble.

It wasn’t our fault, though. How could we get a reasonably good job from anyone when it was taboo to be seen speaking with us?

It was no secret that most of the criminals apprehended by Alpha Kaine and his Enforcer were working for anonymous supernaturals who weren’t able to do the jobs themselves. Why? Humans are disposable. We are so desperate for work and if we die, they can just recruit someone else without breaking a sweat.

It was a twisted world, but it was the life I’d always known.

“Are you nervous?” John asks from beside me, leaving the car unlocked so we could make a quick getaway when we were done with the job. I shake my head and continue walking, keeping my head down to avoid obvious stares.

John and I haven’t been working together for long but I could tell he was new. He paid more attention to the rules set by our anonymous employer than I ever have. This was only our second run together. My last partner thought some of the supernaturals were on his criminal footprint and hung himself only a week and a half ago out of the blue.

John’s contact was sent to my email the next day along with the details of our first job together.

He was scruffy, longer hair and an awkward beard covered his face. I could tell he wasn’t used to scrambling for the last scrap of food or making a dishonest living. He was human, I knew that from the start. A supernatural would never be as shaky as he is.

He was one of the lucky ones. His family obviously came from wealth, and enough of it to be able to sustain themselves without working for the better part of their lives. He was a half breed at best but his family standing with society obviously went down as soon as he was born. Half breeds had no supernatural traits. John was probably shunned more than I was given the fact that he was inbred.

Everything I thought I knew about him was a guess though, all I knew about him was that he is obviously a lot older than I am, he’s my partner in crime until further notice, and that his alias is Mooney.

The system was designed flawlessly. The less information we knew about our partners the harder it was to turn them in to the authorities. It kept us safe. John didn’t know any more about me than I knew about him. He just had my phone number.

“Are you sure you’re not nervous?” he asks, wringing his hands as he voice shakes under the weight of his words. He shuffles his feet as he walks behind me, his mask haf out of the pocket of his jeans as he trailed me to the bank.

“No. This isn’t my first time.” I say, pulling my mask out and putting it over my face as we round the corner to our final destination. The bank is tall, the windowed building shines as the sun catches the side of it, John clears his throat from behind me.

His mask is on but he waits for my signal before pulling his gun out of his pocket, checking the amount of bullets innside and turning off the safety. A regular bullet would never kill a supernatural but the ones we got from our employer were laced with a drug I didn’t know the name of, it brought them down and it brought them down hard.

Most likely a type of poison sold on the black market.

“How many times have you done this?” John asks, horrified. His hands are shaking, the barrel of the gun lazily points to the ground as he hesitates.

“Enough.” I say, pushing myself forward to the glass doors of the bank before forcing myself inside, my own gun aimed carefully at the cashiers forehead. If I’m going to shoot him, I’ll do it right between his eyes, ending his life immediately and scaring the rest of the people in the building shitless.

A Lycan to my left sticks his nose in the air in disgust, but one quick sniff has his eyes widening and his feet carrying him quickly out the door beside me, his body bumping into mine as he quickly runs out.

“What do you want?” the cashier asks, his hands coming up to show us that he means no harm to us. “Whatever you want, take it. I don’t care,” he says to us, his lips pursing tightly as he tries not to show us just how scared he is of us at this moment. “I have a family at home.”

I shrug and walk behind John, pushing him forward quickly. “Come on,” I order, surprised that I have to push him around even though he’s in his mid thirties and I’m still a teenager. “You aren’t a virgin, just go,” I say, following closely behind.

“Take us to the vault.” John says clearly to the man, pointing his gun at another one of the cashiers while mine stays trained on the man in front of us blocking our path to the money we need to make our escape and rest easy tonight knowing we can afford to eat tomorrow.

“I don’t know the combination,” he tells us without a second thought. “If you let me go I can find my boss and have him bring you to the vault and let you have your money.” John wavers, considering the mans offer carefully as he turns to me, shrugging.

I shake my head and move closer, my gun only a few feet away from his face. Whatever damage I could have done to him before multiplies by ten as I stand closer to him. “No gimmicks. Take us to your vault, we’ll pack it up then be on our way, no one has to get hurt, sir,” I say politely, while still trying to seem intimidating.

John doesn’t say anything but he widens his stance, moving his gun around the room to warn everyone that all of them could be victims if they don’t cooperate. I turn to John and nod at him.

The previous night we discussed our game plan. John was supposed to stay in the lobby and round up all of the extra people in the bank so he can keep an eye on them while I fill a few bags with the money we need to appease our boss. He’s still a rookie so the amount of screw ups he can make are very large.

“Everybody on the ground!” he demands, shooting a few rounds through the window idiotically. Maybe no one in the bank was going to call Alpha Kaine’s dogs in to catch us but any onlooker who just saw his bullets could call them and have them here in ten minutes flat.

I slap him in the forehead, forgetting our surroundings for a moment as I scold him. “You idiot!” I scream. “Do you know how many people know were in here, now? Alpha Kaine’s guards could be up our ass any minute now,” I continue, my gun still trained on the man from before while I look at John with wide eyes.

The air grows heavier around us as John cowers awkwardly under my harsh gaze. He knows I can do a great deal of damage to him if I really want to. I’m not afraid and I know a lot more fighting skills than he does. John is easily replaced. Any other person looking for a job would do a better job than he would. It was practically guaranteed.

Sirens sound around us as one of the cashiers presses a panic button behind her desk, ducking through the back door quickly to avoid being shot at as a punishment. I give John a pointed look and quickly dart behind the desk, grabbing the man by the throat and forcing him in front of y body to use as a human shield.

They won’t be taking me. Not today. I won’t be executed in front of the town in Alpha Kaine’s classic noose, my feet dangling inches above the ground as my neck snaps quickly. I press the barrel of my gun against his cheek, pressing my lips closely to his ear.

“Don’t move,” I whisper. “I won’t shoot you if you don’t move,” I continue. “Do you understand?” I ask him quietly. John looks down at his feet in shame, still awkwardly standing in the center of the room as he waits to be apprehended like the criminal he’s trying his best to become.

The man nods slowly and I smirk to myself. John might be giving himself up and just allowing the guards to catch him but I won’t be so easy. “You’ll be safe,” I continue to the man softly. “They won’t shoot one of their own.”

Just as I suspected, uniformed officers of the crown round the corner with guns aimed at us. John turns and holds his arms up obediently, not even bothering to look at me. He falls to his knees and they quickly scurry through the door to collect his pathetic body from the clean carpet below my feet.

My grip on the man tightens.

“Let me go!” I demand. “I’ll shoot him if you don’t let me go,” I plead, trying not to sound too pathetic as I try to get out of the sticky situation John put us in with his naivety. “You don’t want an innocent man to die here, do you? I won’t even take your money, just let me go,” I say to the men in front of me handcuffing John’s body on the ground.

“No one’s going to die today, little girl,” an officer says behind me, his gun pressed against the back of my head. I sigh and put my hands up, releasing the man and dropping my gun.

Now I’ll be on the list of criminals for sure. But there is no hope for my life. I’ll hang today, no doubt.

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