Alpha Kaine

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Chapter 4: Salvator

I stare at him as he rises, my feet still firmly planted in one spot, unwilling to move. He saved us? Why would he save us? We are nothing to him.

Alpha Kaine stretches his arms above his head, tilting his head to the side as he does so. The grace at which he did it was so out of character. The television displayed Alpha Kaine as a hard ass who always wanted things done his way. Saving labeled criminals from a death sentence was unheard of.

“Why did you do that?” I ask loudly, the filter on my mouth nonexistent. John stares at his still bound hands resting in his lap, tears still falling from his eyes as he waits for whatever comes next.

Alpha Kaine doesn’t give me a direct answer. Simply stating, “I’m the Alpha, little girl. I can do whatever I want whenever I want,” he said it as if saving fugitives was simple charity work for him.

Enforcer Cyrus grabs my elbow quickly, pulling me upright as Alpha Kaine steps closer to us, stopping right in front of me, his eyes meeting mine. He smells like death. The metallic scent of blood trails after him as his breath fans out on my cheeks.

People watch carefully from inside their shop windows. They wouldn’t dare stare at an Alpha who has the power to kill them all should he wish it to happen.

“Come on, little lady,” Enforcer Cyrus mutters behind me as he tries to push me towards another car, this one is not taking me to a quick death. This one is taking me to rot.

His smile taunts me, the quirk of his lips make me feel sick as I stare at him. “Why did you save us?” I ask again, my voice raising slightly. I push at Enforcer Cyrus and push myself towards the former prince. “Why didn’t you just kill us?” I demand.

The Alpha does not flinch, neither does his Enforcer. They both remain expressionless as I publicly show my lack of allegiance to the crown and our appointed Alpha. The Lycan’s around us are silent but continue to stare.

They just can’t look away.

“I suggest you listen to the Alpha, Goldie,” John mutters beside me, a guard holding him by the restraining ropes binding his wrists like a dog. He doesn’t fight back. John has nothing to fight for. But I want something.

I want to fight for something. I want to fight Alpha Kaine’s rule so one day I will have something to fight for. A family of my own, a child. Humans aren’t allowed to have such things in this life. No children, no non supernaturals.

“Why don’t you care?” I ask, trying to lunge at him. I hate the fact that he’s just going to let them push him around.

“I think you should listen to your boyfriend, Goldie,” Alpha Kaine tells me, his eyes hardening into splits. His feral side tugs at his sanity. He does not like to be questioned, especially when it comes to his authority.

“Mooney isn’t my boyfriend,” I tell the Alpha angrily. “We aren’t even friends,” I say seriously, glancing down at my bindings.

“That’s fantastic. That way if we have to kill one of you the other one won’t be affected,” one of the guards tells me, pushing John along to the dungeons.

“Come on, Kinter.” The insult shook me to the core. Being called a Kinter was not an insult to looks or personality. He was insulting my species. A heritage I could not control. Everytime the word was muttered my way I curled inside myself and died internally.

None of this would happen if i was born a Lycan like the Alpha in front of me. I would be born into wealth and happiness, never knowing the hardships of life on the other side.

"Don’t call me that," I tell him, the obvious irritation causing my hands to shake. I just want to die. I don’t want to be enslaved in his dirty dungeon in the basement of his lavish castle. I want to die right here in the square, a bullet lodged in my brain.

A smirk plays at his lips as he observes me, nothing but curiosity for the human girl with the fiery personality that would not be suppressed. The Enforcer moves towards me angrily but Alpha Kaine holds a hand out to stop him from getting any closer. The great Alpha was not used to being defied. I was like a science experiment to him.

“What fun. A girl who can play games,” he mutters. “We are going to give you a very special place for young human girls who cannot control their tongues. A grand old spot in our finest male cells. Perhaps they will teach you how to watch your mouth.” John flinches from behind me, his mouth agape as he listens to my punishment.

The Enforcer nods along with Alpha Kaine’s punishment but one of the guards loosens his hold on me and stumbles as if he had been attacked. “Alpha,” he says slowly. “I do not want to contradict you but is that moral? Won’t she be taken advantage of?” Although I was glad someone stood up for me, I didn’t want it to be him, a Lycan, out for my blood then switching sides.

“Do you have a thing for humans, Brookes?” the Enforcer teases. “Got a crush?” The guard shakes his head and sinks back behind me, his grip becoming firm again.

“No, sir,” he says, finally.

Alpha Kaine claps his hands together, effectively grabbing everyone’s attention before turning to Enforcer Cyrus. “Take the girl to the dungeons. We will hold her and her male companion on accounts of suspicious rogue activity near our borders.”

I stagger back visibly, my lip curling in disgust. “I am no rogue, Alpha. You can smell my human blood from a mile away.” Alpha Kaine did not reply, he only flicked his fingers to send John and I off with the guards.

“I will question them thoroughly at a later date. Until them, treat them as if they have murdered our District young,” Alpha Kaine instructed. I moved to protest, looking to John who remained no help at all as they began to pull us away.

“Alpha please!” I shout. “Let us go, kill us! Do not send us to rot with the wayward Lycan’s from your District. We are better than that!” The Alpha turns, officially dismissing us as the guards pull us along to their dumpy van, grins over all of their faces.

“We don’t deserve this,” I tell the guard beside me as if that will make a difference. “Surely, you know the injustice humans face every day. You understand why we had to do it, right?” The man doesn’t reply, opening the door and hoisting me up to toss me in the back.

John doesn’t fight, pulling himself up and stepping into the van without a word.

“This sucks balls,” I tell John when he’s seated beside me. “We need to bust out of here,” I continue, not trying to hide my words. The Enforcer laughs as he takes the front seat, clearly thinking we are both incapable of escape from this wretched place.

“The boss is going to kill us if we do,” he tells me in a low whisper. “No use escaping death only to be killed by another once we escape one prison. I would rather be killed by bloodthirsty Lycan’s than rot in the basement of our boss who would no doubt torture us for being caught on the job and possibly exposing our whole operation.”

I don’t say anything to him. There’s nothing I can say to him. He’s right. Our boss would never employ us again, let alone let us live knowing all about his business. He was probably on the run right now, whoever he was.

“He speaks!” Enforcer Cyrus calls from the front seat, a wicked grin set on his face as he peers at us through the mirrors. “Not a dull mind either. You’d do well to listen to your boyfriend, girlie. Once Alpha Kaine has you in his clutches you’ll never be free,” he says.

“You’ll love the cells,” a guard tells us sarcastically. “There’s one bathroom, no privacy, and plenty of boys for you to choose from darling," he says to me, using a finger to brush my hair away from my face. “Doesn’t it sound fun?” I turn to look past John, catching a glimpse of the escaping town from beside us.

I never liked the town. All of the Lycan’s running around with their young worshipping their Alpha as if he was not the Prince of Slethia and son of King Slethius himself. They truly treated him as if he genuinely worked to get to where he was.

No matter what the ceremony says, the Alpha will always be a prince. Even if he wants to pretend otherwise.

I’d heard about the infamous dungeons in the entire district. Sector 1 held them deep in the underground, long winding tunnels leading up to them. I’d read up on the dungeons when I was in school, well, when I was still allowed to go to school.

It was said that the journey out took several hours in the car and even longer on foot. It was purposely engineered to be impossible to be impossible to escape. Most prisoners who ended up in the dungeons died there from various causes. Old age and extreme violence were the two leading causes of death in the Kaine District dungeons.

“I’m sure you’ll find the cells to be nicer than your homes,” a guard snickered as we neared the guards by the tunnel. Sadly, he would probably be right. I didn’t even own a house and I knew John spent most of his nights sleeping in his car huddled under the only coat he owned.

Even if we had the funds for a home - and we didn’t - it would be very hard to find a landlord or seller interested in selling to a human. The last neighborhood my mother and I lived in was overrun by Lycans and was decreased in value tremendously due to the human inhabitants. Our house was sold before we were even told we would need to leave.

“I’m sorry,” I tell John. “I should have known you weren’t ready for a big heist. It’s my fault we’re in this mess. I expected too much out of you too soon.” Darkness from the tunnel hides his face from view but I know it’s just as expressionless as it was when we first got captured.

He reaches out to me, placing his hand on top of mine, giving it a gentle squeeze and leaving his fingers on top of mine. The guard doesn’t see this, if he does, he keeps his mouth shut and continues looking out of the window, nodding at every guard we pass by.

John’s fingers tremble on top of mine, his skin is as cold as ice. The vibrations even shake my own hand. He’s scared. We both are. I just don’t show it like he does.

I feel sorry for John. He was never meant for this life. None of us were. But his adaption of it was even worse than mine ever was. I could at least cope with the shitty hand life had dealt me but John looked as if he wanted to take his own life and the uniformed scarring that marred his skin was enough evidence to tell me he had tried more than once.

The car stops abruptly, Enforcer Cyrus turning to us. His grin is back, maybe it never even left his face. “We’re here,” he tells us, jerking his head towards a metal door in front of us. “Welcome to your new home, Kinters. It’s the last place you will ever know.”

I lowered my head in submission and let John’s hand drop from mine as I moved out of the car. I am going to die here. This is the end.

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