Alpha Kaine

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Chapter 6: Cruciatus


Upon our arrival the prisoners scream at us, banging on their cell doors as we are lead down the hall like animals, our hands cuffed in front of us. “Kill us!” one demands from his cell, holding his hands on the bars and shaking the gate that keeps him from the narrow, dimly lit hallway we travel down.

I do not want to live like that. I’m quite certain I would rather die than let Alpha Kaine let one of his guards wrap their fingers around my neck and toss me around like a rag doll. Or, God forbid, one of the other prisoners gets their hands on me and does me in.

“Silence him,” Kaine murmurs to one of the guards in passing. I almost miss it. He doesn’t even turn his head to speak to him. Alpha Kaine holds the man’s elbow tightly before shoving him towards the disruptive prisoner.

I don’t look back to see what happens to him but the loud slam I hear doesn’t sound too kind. The thing that I’ve always despised the most about the Kaine District was the violence. Each of the Districts children were taught that violence was the only answer. Peace and love were never an option with them. Their feral sides were too prideful.

“Are you going to kill us?” I ask Alpha Kaine pointedly. For a moment, everything stops. All the prisoners straighten in their cells, desperately waiting to hear his answer, or waiting to see his wrath unleashed upon me.

“Your cells are here,” he says, avoiding my question. A guard moves in front of him and unlocks the first door, nodding to his Alpha in acknowledgment of his rank. “In you go,” he taunts me with an evil smirk. “Welcome home, Kinter," Cyrus sneers behind me, grabbing my elbow and pushing me in to the metal cage without a second thought.

Alpha Kaine sneers at me through the slots in the bars. “I will not be bested by a pathetic little human, if that is truly what you are.” I do not respond, figuring it would be best for my current predicament if I stayed silent, at least while the Alpha male of the pack was present and begging for a fight.

Another key is pulled from a keychain and the cell next to mine is unlocked by the same guard as before. Enforcer Cyrus harshly grips John’s shoulder, pushing him in the lower back with a harsh jab from his elbow in the direction of the cell. Alpha Kaine watches me carefully, studying my reaction to John’s treatment.

Just when Enforcer Cyrus goes to drop John in the center of the floor my eyes flick over and Alpha Kaine’s lips turn up in a sinister smile. His hand goes up and John is immediately released from their clutches. “I think I’ll have a go with this one myself, Cyrus. Please retire yourself for the night. You have been of great use to me today.”

Enforcer Cyrus straightens up and nods to his Alpha before carefully turning on his heels and strutting out of the dark cellar with his men in tow. Alpha Kaine had no doubt released them too without physically speaking.

“Please don’t,” I plead with him quietly, not willing to push him further. I say it more for myself than for John. If John left me alone in this place I don’t know how long I’ll last without watching my sanity run right out of the door without a wave or a goodbye.

“I need to know more about your little games,” he says to me, clutching the bars himself to get as close to my face as he can without opening my cell door. I do not give him the satisfaction. Alpha Kaine is easily riled up, unlike some of his brothers who appear so kind. At least, in front of the cameras.

“Come, Kinter,” he demands, jerking his head in the direction of the door he came through. John gives me one last glance before following the Alpha out the door faithfully. The look John gives me doesn’t do anything to settle my nerves. I have no idea what intentions Alpha Kaine has with him but I can’t imagine he plans to bring him to the center of town to pick apples to share.

John’s eyes reflect darkness. There is no light in them as they well with tears. I haven’t been working with John for long, but in that short time I have come to know him as so full of hope and life. Every day he managed to slip in a detail or two about how one day the Lycans will see that what they do to the humans is wrong and the world will fall into harmony and peace again.

I do not believe him.

The door to the cellar slams shut and the room in plunged into darkness. The prisoners become rowdy, slamming their hands against the bars, screaming for their release into the night, demanding to be with the moon at least.

The cellar has no windows, not even one dimly lit light in the entire room. The only light had come from the room outside this one when a switch was turned. Maybe this was the Alpha’s way of turning a blind eye to the crime that no doubt happened in his cells daily. If he put the most aggravated prisoners together surely one or two would be lost in a brawl at some point. It was inevitable.

“Hey, girl,” someone whispered to my right. I don’t turn towards her. I can hear the gentle scratching of her long, dirty nails on the bars that seperate us. I sit on the floor, backing myself into the back wall to keep myself safely away from both the cells on either side of me and the prisoners inside them.

“Why are you here, girl?” the voice calls out to me again. She doesn’t ask me for anything but her tone is anything but inviting when she speaks. I can only imagine how she looks. Her hair is probably ratty and her clothes stained and torn. I imagine her slitting my throat in the dark blanket that the dungeon provides so I do not answer.

“He’s going to kill your boyfriend,” she says finally. “If you figure out a way to get me out of here I can help you get your boyfriend out of here,” she continues. I don’t respond, pushing my head in between my knees as I rock myself back and forth slowly.

I’m not scared of the woman beside me. All I want to do is sleep until John comes back so he can tell me everything Alpha Kaine did to him so we can plan an attack on the fearless Alpha and get him to release us.

“Why have you allowed yourself to turn to a life of crime in the Kaine District?” a deeper voice calls out to me in the darkness. I keep my head down, hands on my elbows, nails digging in to the delicate flesh that lie there. The woman seems to shut up, if only for a moment, her nails retreat and I hear her throw her body on the floor with a small sigh.

I lift my head for a moment, trying to see if my eyes had adjusted to the darkness. My gaze first turns to the woman’s cell, my eyes scanning the area quickly for any sort of movement before facing back to the front of my cell.

I do not see him. He breathes slowly and almost silently as his golden eyes provide the only light in the room. The door to the cellar had not opened and I cannot remember hearing the soft jingle of keys in front of my door before he entered. His facial features are hidden under the dark but somehow I know it’s him by the dark aura he seems to carry with him like a precious gem.

“Are you going to answer my question?” the Alpha continues, his eyes staring straight into mine, not seeming to mind the way I squirmed like an uncomfortable girl at the sight of a small insect in her bedroom. His eyes flick around the room, looking at the now silent, sleeping brigade of fugitives around him.

“Follow me,” he says, not giving me a chance to respond before he takes my arm and leads me away. A few pairs of glowing eyes follow my down the hall. The use of their inner beasts was at least somewhat useful to them, it seems.

“Where’s John?” I ask him as he leads me through the door. There’s no light outside it but Alpha Kaine manages to find a small dangling light switch hooked to the ceiling much too high for my much smaller stature to reach.

“You will see him, soon," he tells me, pushing open a door to his right and pushing me inside it without a second thought. “Tell me, why have you abandoned your previous District?” I raise an eyebrow as he seats me in a cool metal chair.

There is a window to another room behind him and through it I can clearly see John, tied to a similar chair. His eyes downcast as blood drips down his face like water from a spicket. He doesn’t call to me. He doesn’t even flinch when the door is open. John was never supposed to see the other side of the dark life of crime we lived. No, not like this.

“What have you done to him?” I ask quietly. Alpha Kaine seems displeased when he sees my eyes focused on my partner over his shoulder. He places his hands on the sides of my chair before turning to look behind him. His Adam’s apple strains against the flesh on his throat as he turns.

He slams his hands down on the small seat, a leg coming up to kick one of the bars on the chair before he steps back, eyes blazing with fury. “Which District have you left, dammit!” he yells, not bothering to pretend that his emotions were in check. “Slater’s? Greyson’s? Tell me!” He rattles my chair quickly before letting the metal legs rest on the floor once more.

“I have not left a District. I’ve lived here all my life, Alpha Kaine.” I sneer. It is foolish of me to provoke him, knowing what he was capable of but the hatred that fills his eyes brings me nothing but satisfaction. He holds his hand back, rearing up to give me a nice slap but he brings his hand slowly down to his side before pushing my chair closer to the window.

“I didn’t want to do this to him. I thought maybe you would talk and spare him this pain. But I was wrong. Love does not motivate those with nothing but selfish, evil intentions.” He walks through the door wordlessly, pulling out a small whip from the table in from of him.

“Please don’t.” I say quietly to him through the glass, reaching up to press my palm against the wall. John would never recover from this kind of pain. He was too fragile, too soft spoken to truly understand what was about to happen to him and that it wasn’t his fault.

He drags the whip slowly across the nape of John’s neck, not breaking eye contact with me as he teases John with the thought of torture. It wasn’t as if I wasn’t willing to talk to Alpha Kaine about our employment and everything regarding my childhood, it was that there was nothing to tell.

“I’m telling you the truth. Neither of us have come from other Districts. We are loyal to you and the crown only, Alpha. You must understand,” I tell Alpha Kaine, my eyes dangerously watering without my consent as I look on.

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