Her Heartless Husband (Taehyung ff)

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"Don't take it wrong way if I marry you and you become my wife. Then you are my wife only in bed not more than that or In short I can say you are my "Whore Wife". "You are just a method of my relief stress and nothing else. Taehyung said in a cold tone. Six months later: "Stay away from her,she's mine..only mine..my purpose of breathing.she is my wife" He said in an aggressive tone. Its story of a girl named Y/N who married Kim Taehyung or we can say she became his "whore wife" in return to deal with her mom's hospital expenses. And On the other hand.. Taehyung married Y/n to take revenge for his death mother. Will they fall for each other? Or Fall apart?? Will Taehyung stop Himself falling for Y/N?? Or What will happen when Park jimin will enter in their life as an y/n's best friend??

Fantasy / Erotica
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Chapter 1

"It hurts, but it's ok I am used to it"

Y/n Pov:

I bit My lips hard and tried not to moan loudly as He kept thrusting deeper and harder inside me. He kept his hands beside My head to support himself, staring at Me while fucking Me hard. He fastened with every thrust. He kept staring at Me while doing His job, sending Me looks that He hates Me from the core of His heart.

My body trembled because of His powerful thrusts. I closed My eyes shut and grabbed His shoulder by one hand and My second hand was on His shirt's collar that I crunched in My fist.

He was banging Me really hard. Sometimes it's hard for Me to bear it. My blood rushed through my body. His room was filled with my loud moans skin slaps. He kept pounding into me hard without showing any mercy.

After some time He reached His climax and realised His cum inside Me. He fell on Me with breathing heavily. His face was on the nape of My neck. I could feel His heavy pants. Suddenly He bites My neck which made Me screamed out of pain. He pulled Himself out of Me and rolled beside Me.

*Smut ends*

"Get out"

Taehyung said in a cold tone.

I supporting my hand got up. My abdomen and lower part were badly in pain. I slowly hissed, collecting all My clothes which were spread all over in His room.

Yes!! He never showed Himself to Me but didn't like a single fabric of clothes when He wanted to ruin Me.


Taehyung yelled this time.

His voice made Me flinch. I rapidly collected all My clothes and started limping out of His room.

"Y/N?" Taehyung called.

I halt on My spot. I slowly turned around and looked towards His direction. His head was on the pillow and His hand was resting on His head. His eyes were closed.

"I want My breakfast at 06:00 am sharp."

He ordered in a cold tone without opening His eyes.

"O...Okay" I replied.

Limping out of His room. I rushed to mine. As I entered the room, I closed the door and sat on the bed. I opened the drawer and took out the birth control pills bottle. I took a pill and gulped it with the help of water. I couldn't become pregnant of His child as He mentioned to Me in a contract clause before. I agreed too.

I felt a lump form in My throat. Tears formed in My eyes and finally, I started crying.

It hurt in My heart. I couldn't control it anymore. I started sobbing hard.

*No... No Y/N don't become weak. It's okay.....You're doing this for Your mom....fighting*

I once again convinced myself once again.

*It's okay Y/n it's not the first time. You have to fight till the end and You have to win this battle. You have to face him every day. So you have to be strong like a cliff to beat Him. This is not his trial..it's Yours...and You are to overcome this*

From the last six months, I am repeating this like a mantra.
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