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I am fae

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Amari is a young fae trying to find herself and her place in different worlds, all while juggling a new school, new friends and new adventures. When her life is turned upside down and inside out, will she choose to give up? Or will she choose to grow and evolve? How will the answers she finds affect her present and future?

Fantasy / Romance
Arin Spangenberg
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: When the truth comes out

Rule 1: keep fae existence a secret from humans.

Rule 2: Do not feed on humans recklessly.

Rule 3: No reckless killing of humans.

Rule 4: No mating outside your clan.

Rule 5: Stay away from Amari green.

New house, new school. New town.

Mary and Gorden said that it was the perfect time to learn how to interact with other fae. This is weird because they have spent my entire life trying to make sure I stayed away from them.

I looked around my new bedroom. It was perfect, the way I have always wanted.

A beautiful bedroom with a natural theme. A field of wildflowers painted on the walls. A queen size oak 4 post bed with lacy curtains. Vines were carved into the wooden post.

My wooden desk had flowers and vines carved into the legs and rim.

My on-suite bathroom had white tiles with flower accents throughout the room.

A knock on my door brought my attention to the present. I turned my desk chair around and looked at the door.

“Come in.” I said wearily. I had spent most of yesterday moving the furniture and boxes into my room. Today I spent most of the day unpacking.

My guardian’s head poked through a crack in the door.

“It’s time for dinner Amari,” Mary told me. Her red-brown hair falling around her face. Her pointed ears just barely poking out of the mass. She had the eyes of summer. Green, brown and warm.

I gave her a nod. Once again wondering about their decision to send me to a supernatural school.

“ Mary, why did you and Gorden decide to send me to Grandford high? You know better than anyone that the other fae hates me, and not just because of the fake curse that you put on me.” I asked as we walked down the stairs to the dining room while looking down at the mark on my wrist.

It looked like a tattooed bracelet. Two bands circled my wrist parallel to each other. Between the bands were intricate vines and flowers. I’ve had this since I could remember. I have been told that It was a fake curse that my guardians placed on me to keep fae away.

Mary sat down at the table, across from Gorden. I sat at the end of the table waiting for their answer.

Gorden faked a cough, his black hair and cold, gray eyes glaring at Mary.

Mary sighed.

“Amari, you are nearly of age, we feel it is time that you learn what it means to be fae. Your powers can manifest any time now. All we know of your mother is that she worked for the winter fae. Your father was a summer fae. We don’t know what powers you will have. We don’t want you to be among humans when they do. Your circumstances are complicated enough. We can’t break any rules.” Mary explained.

Gorden sighed.

“We want you to be prepared for anything, we won’t always be around to protect you. We have decided to teach you combat skills from both our clans. Prepare you as best we can.” he looked at me quizzically. Probably hoping I don’t freak out.

I was so happy I would get to see how both sides fight, but I was still worried about school.

“What about rule 5?” I asked again.

Gorden, a winter fae with dark skin gave me a lopsided smile.

“There won’t be only fae attending the school. Kids from nearly every mythology will attend. Beings from vampires and werewolves to Valkyries and even demigods.” he replied

I perked up and sat up straighter. I have never really been able to freely interact with people from other mythologies. Suddenly this new school didn’t seem that bad.

“Now, we want to set some ground rules.” Mary said after a while.

“Besides the 5 you drilled into me?” I smirked at them.

“Yes, besides the 5 laws.” Gorden said sternly.

“Alright, hit me with it.” I told them as I leaned back against my chair.

“Rule number 1: keep your existence a secret from ordinary humans.

Rule number 2: Stay away from boys. ANY boys.” he said that with a glare in his eyes.

“Rule number 3: Make sure that all extracurriculars are discussed with us first. Remember that we will be practicing your combat skills after school.

Rule number 4: curfew will be at 9 pm EVERY night.

Rule number 5: Never trust the fae. Especially the royals and nobles. And lastly.” he said as he held out a box toward me.

“Swear to me that you will always wear this. Never remove it. It has been charmed to protect you against iron.” He held out a small box toward me.

I took the box from him with curiosity. Gifts were not a common thing in this house, but when they did happen the gifts were always useful. I opened it carefully, excited to see what they had gotten me. The box was small, circular, and a light blue color. It was light and seemed aged. I opened it carefully, not wanting to damage it.

Inside was a gorgeous necklace. A blue gold stone cut into a teardrop the size of my thumbnail was hanging from a black leather strap. I felt the familiar Sensation of power emanating from both the pendant and the strap. I picked up the necklace and looked for the source of power. The pendant hung from a small leather rope that connected to the strap itself. I wondered why Gorden didn’t just attach the pendant to the strap directly.

I looked more closely at the pendant and straps. Etched into the middle of the pendant was what looked like tiny runes. I checked the back of the pendant and found another rune etched into it. I also found runes etched into the leather as well.

Looking up at Gorden, my eyebrow hitched up in fascination and curiosity.

He gave me a knowing smile.

“It’s enchanted to protect you against iron. The strap is enchanted to make sure it doesn’t break, or get lost.” Mary said gently. I looked at her in surprise. I’ve read about enchanting objects, I’ve always been curious about the concept.

“Did you enchant this yourself?” I asked Gorden after I took a closer look at the necklace. The more I looked at it, the more I touched it the more I could feel the power used to enchant the necklace. The magic felt like Gorden.

I have always been able to feel the magic of others, especially those closest to me. His eyes widened in surprise.

" I did. How did you know?” his eyebrow was lifted slightly.

" I can feel your magical energy coming from the necklace.” I told him with a wide smile. He looked at me for a while, then glanced at Mary. When he looked back at me, he had a strange expression.

” Do you want to learn how to enchant?” he asked. My eyebrows shot up to the roof in surprise.

" Would that even be possible?” I asked excitedly.

Being able to enchant objects was one of those skills that a fae either had or didn’t. My mind was already spinning with the possibilities that came with such a skill.

" There is only one way to be sure. Go find an object you -.”

I was running back to my room before he finished his sentence. I already had something in mind as I grabbed my favorite messenger bag from the floor next to my desk. I was going to use it as my school bag. I’ve had it for years. It was a worn, brown bag with a fraying strap. It had three metal rings down into the middle front of the strap. I had never put anything decorative into the rings. I always had a feeling that this bag deserved better than some cheap key chain or decorative trinket and finally understood what the bag deserved.

After retrieving the bag, I quickly ran back to the table and put it in front of us. The dinner on the kitchen counter was long forgotten.

Gorden looked first at the bag, then at me.

“Are you sure? This is a very strange object to enchant. ” He asked with skepticism.

I looked at him with determination. In my mind’s eye, I saw myself walking around school with my enchanted bag. It would be far more spacious than any bag has a right to be. I would be able to pack as much stuff into it as I wanted. It would not only carry books but survival gear as well. I saw myself running away from something, hiding in a dark and unfamiliar forest, but I was unafraid because I had everything I needed to survive in this trusty bag.

“I am absolutely positive.” I told him firmly.

He could only nod and then got up from his seat and went to the small library. After which he grabbed a book and brought it to the table.

Enchantment for beginners was the book he had brought. He then handed it to me.

" What enchantment would you prefer to start with?” he asked.

" Durability and space.” I told answered without hesitation

“The durability is easy enough, but the space enchantment might be difficult.” Mary warned.

“I want to try.” I told her.

“Alright then.” Gorden said as he opened the book. In the middle of the hard paperback book was the chapter on durability. With the runes needed on top of the page.

" Visualize these runes on the strap and side of your bag. Imagine that your bag will never tear, the strap will never break. Imagine that this bag will last forever. And then just hold your hand above your bag, close your eyes and will the enchantment to seep into the material” Gorden instructed.

I took a few moments to memorize the runes. To make sure I have the right intent. I imagined that this bag would survive anything and everything. That nothing This world could throw at it would break it. No wind, no fire, no bullies would ever be able to harm my favorite bag.

I held out my hands over the bag, imagined the runes swirling around it. The runes began to glow with intent and will. I felt my magic whipping around me. My hands began to tingle and then buzz as power swirled around me. I then directed the imaginary runes into the straps and sides of my bag, just as Gorden directed.

A blinding light erupted in front of me as I felt the runes making contact with the material of my bag. I felt a wave of love flow through me and into the bag. This love held no judgment, no conditions. All too soon the feeling faded and with it the blinding light.

Silence followed for several minutes. I had kept my eyes closed the entire time. When no one said anything, I dared a peek. I opened one eye, looked at my bag still laying on the table. Steam lightly rising from the material.

“Did it work?” I asked innocently as I opened the other eye and looked toward Mary and Gorden. Both of them were standing, clutching the headrest of their chairs. As if they were forced to stand up quickly. Their eyes were wide with shock. Sweat trailing across Gorden’s forehead. Mary was breathing as though she had run a marathon through a scrapyard.

Slowly my two guardians composed themselves and when they did, they bent over my bag to examine it. They then looked towards me.

“Take a look.” he replied as he handed me the bag. I examined the bag thoroughly and was proud to find the durability rune etched into the strap. Winding around it like a vine. The bag looked brand new as well. The fraying that once threatened to turn my bag into a pile of thread had disappeared. I tugged on the strap for good measure. Only a few minutes ago I wouldn’t have dared.

It felt as secure as the day I bought it.

“It worked.” I whispered in amazement. I beamed at my guardians. Proud that I was finally able to do something magical. They both smiled back, but I saw worry behind their eyes. I decided to ignore it and focus on the rune to add space.

“Perhaps we should hold off on the other enchantment for now. Study the rune alphabet in the meantime.” Gorden said as he closed the book and handed it to me. I bit my lip and gave him a nod as I took my bag and went upstairs, not ready to stop just yet.

I was never able to practice magic until now, never even knew I could. Whenever I tried I found a wall where magic should be. I thought there was something wrong with me.

In my bedroom, I shut the door and locked it. I also drew my curtains and grabbed a spare bed sheet. I tapped the sheet to my door, not wanting Gorden and Mary to see the beam of light while I enchanted my bag.

After searching through the book, I found nothing about adding space. Frustrated, I slammed the book and paced in front of my bed.

It must be a more advanced enchantment.

I decided to go downstairs and see if I could find the right book, but I was nervous about them catching me. For some reason, my first enchantment scared them. I couldn’t understand why. Was it not a normal enchantment? I didn’t want to risk them taking back the offer to teach me any further. After I made sure that my guardians were not in the hallway I crept to the stairs.

I could hear their voices from the dining room.

“We have to report this to King Oberon and Queen Mab. They need to know.” I heard Gorden say.

“And tell them what? That Amari is even more of a freak than we thought? You saw that enchantment, it was unlike anything I have ever seen before. The runes FLOATED Gorden. Runes don’t float.” Mary replied.

I sat myself down at the top of the stairs, just barely able to see them.

They were in front of the dining table. Mary was pacing in front of Gorden, who was sitting on the table with his chin resting in his hand. His knee perched on a chair. He almost looked cool. Like a dangerous and mysterious warrior.

“It is our job to ensure she stays in line. And to determine whether she is a suitable weapon or not. This proves that she has the potential to be the most powerful weapon we have ever seen. At the very least she can upgrade our weapons and gear. We would be unstoppable.” Gorden said after a while.

" But can she be controlled? That is the most important question.” Mary replied.

I crept back to my room, unable to hear anymore. They sounded different. They sounded like heartless soldiers. I closed my door again and slumped to the floor, silent tears streaming down my face.

How could I have been so blind? They never gave a damn about me. I was never anything more to them than an assignment. She called me a freak. She was the closest thing I had to a mother, and she called me a freak.

The realization made me nauseous. I wanted to run away, to disappear. Questions began to spiral throughout my mind so fast that I couldn’t grasp them fully.

I felt utterly alone and betrayed.

As I looked around my bedroom I began to wonder what I would have to pack. However, the more rational side kept me from standing up.

Where would I go?

I could always hide out at the flower shop, I’m sure granny Ray won’t mind.

How long would you be able to survive on your own without training?

Not long.

Memories of assassins dressed in a black flash before me, making me shiver. Memories of my past threatening my already scattered thoughts. Now was not the time to think of that.

Granny Ray can’t protect you.

She is but a simple crone; and an ancient one at that. She can read people, grant wishes, that sort of thing. But fight to protect me?

Not likely.

You know nothing of the outside world. You are hated by the other fae and had no allies either.

Most of the other races disliked the fae. For good reason. The fae tended to be arrogant and condescending. As if we were the most powerful beings in the multiverse.

Leaving right now is too dangerous.

They don’t know that you heard them.

I thought to myself as a plan began to form.

Said plan was further solidified when a book suddenly appeared out of thin air with a crackling noise and a pop. I nearly jumped out of my skin as I watched the book fall to the floor.

There were stories of magical houses and mansions. Houses that would supply you with food, clothes, and whatever else you needed, but we didn’t have such a house. Not by a long shot.

So, why was a book suddenly popping out of thin air?

I crawled over to the book with caution. I lightly touched it and immediately withdrew my hand. As if the book was on fire.

Nothing happened.

I took the book and read the label.

Enchantments for survival.

A broad smile made my cheeks hurt a little. I looked around for a moment, wondering who could have brought me this book.It was the only other explanation.

Someone was looking out for me after all!

I opened the cover and a small piece of paper fell out. I picked it up and flipped it over.

Study this well. Make sure it is not found.

Until we meet.


The handwriting was unfamiliar. I didn’t know anyone named with the initial S that could send a book like this. The note itself was written on a normal A4 piece of paper, but the handwriting was delicate and neat. It was written in a style of cursive I have only seen in very old letters.

Either way, this book was my ticket to freedom.

I am no one’s weapon. No one’s puppet. I refuse to be used by anyone. To be enslaved by either of the two sides.

Until that moment, I was constantly thinking of what side to choose. Summer or winter? In the end, I knew my answer. I would choose neither. They were both exactly the same. Equally dishonest and manipulative.

I was starting to hate the Elven Fae.

I quietly thanked the secret benefactor and hoped that this favor would not come back to bite me.

Fae used to acknowledge a thank you as an acceptance of a favor. If you said thank you to a fae, you were telling them “I owe you.” and they could easily demand your firstborn as payment, and you would have no choice but to obey. Today it was only a custom among the older generations.

I quickly looked through the book and found a page about space enchantments. According to this book, there was more than one type of this enchantment.

You could add extra space to a bag in different ways. You could create it, so it’s more like the inventory you see in a role-playing game, except that you can add infinite slots. Or you could literally create a pocket dimension linked to your bag.

You could access the items in your bag by simply opening your bag and thinking of seeing it. You would apparently see the items in a sliding menu floating in front of you, but only you would be able to see it. Unless you gave someone permission to look through your stuff.

I decided to go for the role-playing game option when I found a third enchantment that intrigued me.

It was called the sanctuary rune. Able to create a living space in your bag. It would activate only when the requirement you set is met. The more experienced and the more powerful you were, the more elaborate you could make this sanctuary. It could be the difference between a crack shack or a mansion. The book said that the sanctuary could have a fully working electrical system and plumbing.

I knew that I had to add this rune. There was no way around it.

I set to work on adding the two runes. I taped the bed sheet to the door again, put on some music, and then followed the instructions in the book. It took a few tries to get the spatial rune to take effect, but eventually, I was successful.

I didn’t exactly have an infinite amount of bag space yet, but I had enough space to store all the content of my room inside and It wouldn’t be any heavier than it is now.

I had nothing to put into it at this point, but I knew I would fill It up soon enough.

The sanctuary rune came next. That rune proved to be a challenge.

After roughly ten tries I was finally able to create a small room with a bathroom. It also had a small kitchen. It was an open space room, the only door leading to the bathroom. I set it up so that I would be able to get inside when I opened the bag and said or thought the words “enter sanctuary.”.

If I said these words, the bag and I would go to the pocket dimension that was my room. Currently, it had no furniture, but I had a feeling that I would have a few pieces soon enough.

What made these enchantments so difficult to create, is that they were undetectable by anyone. I made my intent clear when I added the runes. No one could know what enchantments my bag held.

I wanted to make sure that Gorden and Mary did not find out about my plan until I was good and ready. I needed them to teach me everything they knew about each of their clans, their fighting styles, the way they think, everything.

Not only that, but I needed to bide my time. To get stronger in secret while I pretended to be progressing at a much slower pace. I needed everyone to think I was weak.

I wouldn’t be able to escape any other way.

With all of these thoughts and plans swirling inside my head, I went to sleep. Not before I took the black sheet off of my door though.

I was mentally spent after adding three enchantments to my bag right after I had learned how.

The moment my head hit my pillow I fell asleep.

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