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Something Is Wrong(Edited)

"THE MAIN CHARACTER? THE FUCK IS YOU TALKING ABOOUT FAT BASTARD!" She shouted at the congregation of the proud men and women who she thought would have been a tidbit smarter because they were at the top. What she saw was a bunch of men-children and woman-children.

"SHUT UP!" A woman-child in what appeared to be a blue toga with green embers digitally trapped in her clothes threw all of them some water from her bottle.

What the fuck is wrong with these shits? She had only followed them because her sister had cried for help and the man who did it was followed by these people. Now, she was surrounded by weirdos, some of hem didn't even have proper cosplay on them.

She looked at the insane crowd with contempt and shame.

"IF YOU KNOW WHAT'S GOOD FOR YOU, YOU WILL GET OUT OF THE WAY OF THE FUTURE RULE-" One of the more handsome men-children barreled one of the younger people in the group to the ground. The young man was wearing a mask; colored with what appeared to be a mass of purple snot and bracers with a long dress of the same jet color. He was probably one of those boys hired for the costume house a few blocks from this damned place.

MOTHER FUCKER GET THE FUCK OFF ME!" The man in costume screeched, as he jabbed the burly man square in his face, but the burly could have cared less as he began gripping the throat of the boy.

"I KNEW IT. YOU ARE A VILLAIN! FUCKING, NERD FUCK!" The man howled, grabbing the mask and smashing the young man against the floor.

(What the fuck?)

She was prepared to jump him but then the fuck screamed to the top of his lungs as he took a small pocket ass knife. "LISTEN UP NUMBSKULLS! I WILL KILL HIM. WHOEVER DOES NOT LIKE THAT I WILL RIP THEIR HEADS OFF! YOU HEAR ME!" Fucking, screaming little shit.

Clothed in a grey sweater and black pants with a hood hiding his face, the burly man stood tall over the body of the other man. She watched the reflective pocket knife and decided to grab the beeping scanner next to her. (Liek helllll would she let the fuck do whatever he want.)

"Drop the damned knife insane scum!" She hit the wall with the scanner and that seemed to grab the crowd's attention. The group of around 20 people looked at her and took a step back with a hand in their mouths, glancing at her in visible shock.

"Mmmmm? COWARDS!...?" She tried to scare them but she was a bit confused. She noticed they were still stiff to the bone and at that moment she realized no one was looking at her, they were looking at something beside her.

She glanced down at her side and was frozen in shock too, as she realized what was next to her.

Sitting in the corner, dressed in a black jacket over what appeared to be an office shirt with a blue tie and blue pants...was a man, eating something in silence.

What captured her attention the most was his hand, it was at least twice as big as a normal one, with long crimson nails and a complex network of veins spreading through the available skin space. Just by looking at it, she wanted to fall to the ground and curl up into a ball.

A woman at the back vomited, and the putrid smell of her vomit made them gag. "Fucking disgusting." The man with the grey jacket said and she could not say otherwise, after all, she was beside a man who was slowly eating the side of his hand.

Pieces of muscle and bone, along with rubbery veins were being ripped out of his hand in disgusting squelches. His eyes were entirely bloodshot as he looked at them, and she could see that there was nothing but rage in those eyes.

The creature opened its mouth to reveal sharp teeth as he rose its form menacingly, but surprisingly he took the chance to escape and slid below her arm. With a quick turn, she veered towards him, letting her momentum drag her arms to slam his back with the club-like scanner.

The man didn't fall but instead used the hit to change direction. As if on beat, the people inside the building ran towards the door but failed to realize in what direction the man had run to. Many of them thought he had fled all the way straight like an idiot. In a way, it was thanks to the big scanner and the mass of people that filled the streets that the thing was able to flee, but she knew better.

Keeping silent, she turned in the right direction and followed after the man. Not a soul noticed her, as the mob raged towards the throng of clueless people lining the streets. Running over anyone that got in their way like savage animals.

"TOWARDS THE HORIZON!" The big man in the grey sweater declared openly and ran in the front as the leader of the scum. She almost smacked her face in embarrassment.

"Fucking cringy bastards."


(Fucking coward.)

He heard a voice in his head and it repeatedly kept stabbing his brain as he ran through the masses. They glanced at him in clear stupefaction. Were their faces of fear or something else?

Thinking back, it kinda surprised him a gorgeous woman had found his hiding place. He had been sure they would kill him the second they found him and was about to try and punch a hole in the wall with his new fist. It had seemed like a great idea at the time, but then the girl grabbed his hiding place.

The rest was history.

Quick as a flash he concealed his deformed hand in his pocket, the moment he joined the masses, and within a few minutes, he was lost inside the crowd. He tried to walk slowly and as normally as possible, but the people around kept wrinkling their eyes as he passed them. He could not help but look at himself.

There was nothing strange about him. His hand was inside his pocket and even if it had ballooned up to the size of a ball...what could it be? A bowling ball? (Maybe, a gun.)

Maybe it was that?

But then he heard a whisper.

"Wolf?" A girl said, and then he heard something else in a louder masculine voice. "He is an animal?" The voices kept getting louder until someone shouted. "NO WAY! IT'S A DEMON IN THE DISGUISE OF A MAN!"

Whattt??????? What did that man just say? Suddenly, screams of terror erupted in every direction and the crowds surrounding him took a few steps back, wonder and fear written all over their faces.

"What is wrong!?" He asked the crowd in desperation, but whoever he approached scurried away into the protection of the crowd.

"He is worth 15 exp!" A man holding a rock ambushed him from the side and swung the rock overhead. He easily crouched below the swing, but that was not the end of it as a few more began trying to hold him down.

(Fuck this.) He thought and chose to dive into the crowd.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHH!" A group of girls shrieked as he pushed his way through them. "HOLD ONTO THAT ALIEN! DON'T LET IT SCAPE! The man that wanted to bash his skull screamed and jumped after him.

People around him tried to work together and tried to barrel him to the ground but that failed. Some tried to punch him unconscious but he found them sluggish as they barely tried to punch him. "STOP!" An old man cried out and jumped on the back of a guard trying to capture him. A few others tried to help him and fought for his freedom, but only with pure grit did he manage his way through the mob.

His legs could not carry him faster but the more he ran, the more his body felt energized, because as tiring as the constant barrage should have been...he strangely found more and more energy in himself.

His pursuers nearly stepped on his heels as they tried to reach for his jacket. "Ardagh hggg" he tried to speak but only a primal groan escaped his lips. What was wrong with him? The closest people behind tripped over themselves but most managed to hit him wherever they could.

With a huff, he shoved the people off of him and resumed his run in earnest. Worse yet; he has looked back at the people behind him only to regret his decision.

He straight up vomited blood.

A bedrock partition dividing the sector was almost upon him and he had to choose. The district divides into two straight directions. One follows the rail tracks and the other houses the original road he had already meticulously planned. Reaching the nearest forest through here was not that hard.

He could lose the mob quickly if he walked to the left because of the cramped room the stairs provided as they were in the northern part of the district; just below the great trains.

He could probably bet on the hunch he was not on adrenaline depending more on his accumulating energy and rush at full speed towards the forest. He would probably tire the whole mob some of the way there.

Right...or left?


It was 3018. The world had gone fucking insane. She had followed the fucker who scared the shit out of her sister. She had screamed at a bunch of fantasy zealots who in the end could not pursue the office zombie. The whole district had gone insane and was killing innocent people. But worst of all...they had no internet!


She fucking hated herself… Could her day get possibly worse?

Her luck

Oh, yes. It just had. The damned office…zombie was running away from a crazed mob, not the other way around. Idiots fucking running towards their death!

The image of a bloated hand; drenched in coagulated blood with pieces of numb bone barely hanging by their ligaments was burned into her mind.

"Please, don't drive too fast sis," her sister gagged and almost threw up on her lap. " Hold your fucking self together Henny. Don't you want to......capture that did that to you?" She took a look at her sister as she beeped for the people in the street to get the fuck out the way.

"What are you talkin-?" Her sister barely got out, before she gagged again and decided it was better to just open the window. "Don't throw up in the streets Henny!" She heard the disgusting quelch of vomit and a scream before she finished her sentence. "By the sector! Could her sister hear her for once and target where she vomited? She was sure an old woman had been unlucky enough to be sprayed with the vomit of her sister.

"Ugh…Just throw yourself to the back seat we have to ge-." Her eyes opened in surprise as one moment they were in the sector and the next, the whole sector was in ruins. She knew she had not just been towed to another world. The oversized company logo of her work was something she could have recognized anywhere.

Right now, the logo was on the left side of the street, and barely hanging by a few cords to a ruined wall of bricks.

For some reason, the whole sector became completely rundown halfway in, like if a family of hurricanes had been silently destroying their city without alarming anyone. When had this happened? This reminded her more of the effects of a bombing or something. She glanced back at the mob behind the toes of the zombie and shook her head in shame. Wait...are they running towards her car?

She popped her head outside the window. "What the fuck is wrong with you!?"
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