The Empty Cultivator.

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Freking Hell

He took a long run towards the right. The mob followed right behind; hurling everything they had. Some literally flung small knives that luckily graced him.

For the barrage of items they threw, it took a few minutes for them to find nothing else to fling him. The seconds ticked and the energy curling in his limbs kept accumulating dangerously, an itching invaded his body as snippets of electricity coiled through his skin. Was he the fastman? Had he been given the fastman source????

All his hope was thrown out an imaginary window as his shoulder blade began to bleed from the pores. (FUCK!) He mentally screamed as he looked around, looking for somewhere to stop and rest for a bit. But the more he ran, the more he found his surroundings strange...everything began to blur at the edges. He hopped lightly on his right leg to see if he could concentrate the energy in his body in a big jump towards the nearest wall.

The people closer behind nearly pulled him down mid-jump, almost making his legs trip over each other. "Aaagegehhh," he screamed dryly and fled a bit faster. His gums had begun to bleed too and his upper back had begun to burn.

He had to get rid of this electricity!!!!

He glanced around and saw a blue electric van, but not any van, no. He was beside the famous massive series of the country. It was not as huge as the Monster BZ, but it was huge. He could probably hitch a ride if he latched on its sidebars. No! He could not involve others!

His right shoulder blade popped open like a balloon; staining his body and clothes crimson. The excruciating pain was hardly bearable and he barely had time to catch himself from nearly crashing on his head. He would die! If he ran for a few more minutes he would die, and the enormous amount of energy in him he would make him a bomb.

Changing directions towards the huge van, he spotted the charger module on its side. He had no idea how he would pass all his energy in the van's charger, (like he thought he would with his leg) but he knew that by his estimates the van would not blow up…

He then remembered his co-worker's words. (Take a chance, Eugine.)

He would take this chance by the balls!

He ran as fast as he could, grabbing the bars on the side of the van and quickly opening the flap on its side. A head slid out of the window. "What the fuck is wrong with you!?" The same beautiful girl with green eyes. The beautiful girl that had discovered his hiding place and almost had him killed...

looked at him with disgust.

He stared at the flap, and then he looked back at her and decided to cram his hand inside the metallic hole. For a second, the energy that threatened to blast him to pieces calmed, the following seconds he could not stop himself from smiling in glee. His eyes rolled to the back of his head. He felt in nirvana.

(Isthishowsexytimefeelsliek????) He crammed his hand deeper inside that metallic hole and, OH, the sweet sizzling of meat crawled to his nose and made him cram his hand deeper.

"WHAT IN THE REAPERS ARE YOU DOING TO MY VAN!" The mob tried to grab onto the van but arcs of electricity blasted them like sardines. The blue lines running down the exterior of the car and protected by their protective, glassy covering bloomed to life. The van began gaining speed and leaving the fast-moving mob in the dust.

"Arghbite tharaghe aaarghgh sggshh!" You hear that assholes!!?. "GET THE FUCK OFF MY VAN YOU FUCKING VAN FUCKER!" The woman shrieked. What the hell was wrong with… He looked at his shoulder and noticed his arm was all the way through the hole. Maybe, he had had...too much fun…

The head popped back inside the vehicle. The van accumulated speed as the electricity in its body made its engine go into overdrive. (He believed...who knows how fast cars go these days.)

"I. SAID. GET. THE. FUCK. OFF. MY VAN!" Her head popped out once again, but this time with a few materials in hand. She began her efforts towards the unfucking of her van. "Arrghsgaj." He scrambled to say, as he pulled his bloody mess for an arm out of the hole with a jank; blocking the hammer targeting his eye just in time.

"ARGGGHHH." He screamed and began in earnest, climbing towards the roof of the van. The woman threw all kinds of things; plates, forks, spoons, knives, and even a computer. The computer hit him in the head and made his body slip down a bit but that didn't stop him. "Asr Gshh!!!" A few books hit him in the legs on the way up before he was able to properly hold onto the bars, on top of the van.

Finally safe from the angry mob and the angry driver, he tried to raise his head and look around but the wind pressure took some wandering pebbles and whacked him in the face.

He admitted that it was wiser to sit this one out and wait for the van to stop before he did anything else.

The van drove for a while. It was kind of peaceful. No one was trying to completely rip him to shreds as if he was an exotic animal. Though...if they had gotten his hands on him...he was sure they would do something more sinister than just kill him.

The people he had grown around for most of his life were these rich people, and he knew that all that came to the sector had done it with blood on their hands. His family and most of their friends were criminals after all and that made him only think of his niece as a true family. She was the person he had decided to share his wealth with after all.


He fell and rolled for a bit as he tasted blood. The broken pieces of pavement poked his sides as he passed over them. (But when? When had the van stopped!?) He was sure the van had just been moving a bit ago. "Dammed bastard!" He heard the faint scream of a girl. "Making me fucking kick him off the dammed roof." He tried to raise his head and look at the van but something heavy fell on his head.

"Don't overdo it, Henny." You will get the jitters and that fucker will bite you in the neck." Bite her in the neck??? What did they think he was? A fucking vampire or what? "Just hurry up down! It creeps me out!"


What in the hells did he do to this girl!"

"I will not fucking bite anyone! Get...please. Please get off me." There was not a sound, but the engine of the car and slow footsteps moving in his direction. "Yeah, I can see how this is a "wolf." Sorry for the stupid question, but are you some kind of "wolf" in "sheep's" clothing, or are you human?"

Unbelievable, this girl thought he was a bloody biter. Not that their first meeting had been optimal. He knew how much the first meeting affected the perception of how others would see you for the rest of your life. "I don't know what the hell you are talking about!"

"Oh, wolfman."

He was now apparently: Wolfman.

The girl clicked her tongue and stopped right in front of him. "Answer the damned question." The weight on his head vanished and he raised his head to look at her. The woman with the green eyes was standing in front of him. Black jacket, black shirt with black pants and black boots. She had her arms crossed over her chest; looking like a classic punk girl.

She looked down on him, with a rock in her hands; waiting patiently for the answer.

She was serious...What is this? A fucking movie? "I'm reaper damned human! Happy?" Dammit! He wanted to die with dignity. If she wanted to kill him, she could just kill him here and now.

He was beginning to fear her until she reminded him why he was willing to abandon the human race and its stupid lawmakers. "Why would I be? You fucking dogs should look at the ground when we are talking to you! Don't you fucking look at me with those eyes...know your dammed place." Her nose wrinkled as he furrowed his eyebrows.

"Or else what? You are going to jail me and have me killed? Are you going to call the government? Or are you gonna kill me here like a damned animal?" She fucking kicked a pebble at his face!

"Shut the fuck up, will you? Don't you get high and mighty with me. You are hardly a human and you hurt. My! Sister!"

WHAT!? She was the one that almost got him killed!

"Fuck you! I did nothing to your sister!"

"Yeah yo-"


He could not help but look in the direction of the woman's scream. The woman's sister had begun sobbing uncontrollably while they were fighting. "Please, stop fighting...please. I'm sorry mister." She kneeled on the ground and bowed her head. "I'm sorry! I was scared. I thought you were going to kill me, and I didn't dare run away! I'm sorry. Please, sis, stop. He is innocent. He did nothing." She pleaded.

"…" her sister breathed out slowly and closed her eyes. "You know, one day your stupid ass is going to end us up in a ditch." She shook her head as she gave her the stink eye, and tapped him lightly on the shoulder with her shoe.

"Get up." She said as she walked towards the van.

He tried to get up but could not and instead rolled on his side. "I can't get up." The woman looked back at him, walked back, lowered herself next to him, and began touching his ribs after pulling him into a sitting position. "Hey, sis grab his arm he has a few broken ribs."

"Yes, sis." Her sister complied without any hesitation. Enthusiastic to right her wrongs.

They gently raised him and walked him to the huge van. Putting him down gently on the mat in the middle of the van, the woman began touching around and feeling his bones "Are you a medic?" He could not help but ask. "Yes. Yes, and I'm and a good one at that. I need to access your situation." She kept touching his ribs and it felt like she wanted to break some herself.

He wanted to curse, but he knew he was at their mercy now. Cursing or arguing further would probably end up in his body left on the side of the road. "Are you. AGH! S-sure?"

The woman stopped touching him and looked at his eyes with an even gaze."Stop asking me. I already told you."

"My injuries are getting worse. Touching my broken bones like that to access my situation is going to kill me. I can feel your hands making the AAAGHH!! M-making the dam- ...making the shards stab into my muscles." He groaned out as she began touching his ribs again like he had just spouted nonsense. Her poker face kept itself trained on his face as she pulled and pinched the ribs.

"But...I am a doctor. I remember you...ughhh. You…" her hands retreated to her lap as her frown lessened. "I-I can't remember." Her voice trailed off and she looked at her palms in shock.

"Sis, help me what do I do here?" She asked her sister but her sister looked at her with a complicated expression. "I can't explain it well," her sister said, "but it feels like we never did a dream; all foggy and stuff."

Well, he was going to die. "I'm going to die...ain't I?" He looked at them both.

Not a response was needed as the woman stood and closed the door of the van. "You are internally least I remember that. Do you need a glass of water or anything?" The woman's voice was low and soft. She clasped her hands and looked at the floor in shame.

"A glass...a glass of water please." He responded and the girl that had taken him through a roller coaster of hope, rage, and fear...ended the journey with sadness. She walked towards the back of the car.

NO! Why did this have to happen to him? Why? He just wanted to be free! What was wrong with that!?

He heard a sniffle and turned his head to see the sister of the woman. Her eyes were red with tears dripping down her cheeks. She was crying silently; looking at his spreading injury expand. How did this happen? Just before he was sure they would kill and now...they were sad for him.

He could probably…

Acute pain on his side erupted in fury. "Now what?" He said exasperated and tired. As he touched the side of his hip, his eyes blurred for a bit and cleared, and he could feel a sticky, wet feeling. He passed his finger through the cloth of his shirt and then skin until he felt a hard piece of wood and then skin again. His head began pounding and his heart started beating faster.

"Ummmm...girl." He mumbled to the girl that had sat next to him to cry. "Can you come here?" He pointed towards his side. "What do you need?" She said as he lifted his shirt so she could see.



She looked over at the swaying, poor guy and he motioned her to look at his body. She shifted towards him and he lifted his shirt. What she saw made her almost gag but she didn't want to offend him, so she controlled herself.

In front of her were the handles of more than a dozen small knives, pocket knives. Bruises and scars covered his whole back.

"CASS!!" She screamed as she looked for her sister in fear that he would die in her arms. That he would die because she was a coward and incompetent. She was a doctor! She could not let her patient die when she knew there was something she could do.

The sharp weapons were impaled all the way inside his body but there was not an ounce of blood dripping down the cut. No wonder they hadn't noticed; he was not bleeding!

"What happened, Henny!?" Her sister screamed in alarm as she hurried over. "Look at this sis." Her sister looked at the various injuries and she recoiled in shock. "What is your name?" She said hurriedly to the man as she slapped his cheeks and signaled her with her hand to bring her something to mend him.

"Hurry up! Henny" Cass screamed. She stood up and began to search around through the van for a white case and she let her instinct tell her where it was. She ran to the cabinets on the right and opened the one in the corner. At the lid of the box, it said: First Aid.

"Fuck! He is unconscious!"

She ran over and opened the case. Her sister reached over and emptied the box on the floor. "We need something, anything to close these wounds." She said as his wounds began bleeding profusely.

"Dammit! He is fucking bleeding!" Her sister said and she ran around for something for him to bleed on.

"I remember we had to do something before we closed them," she said as her sister searched around the pile for the thing. "Just use anything! He will die if we don't do anything!" Her sister exclaimed and she saw her take the bedsheets from her bed.

She focused on her stuff and finally found a pile of small flasks screaming: healing, healing, healing. She took one and as her sister covered the floor in her sheets she yanked the knives out of the man's back. One by one, she poured the contents of the flask into his wounds. This passed for about an hour with the man fading and waking up out of consciousness because of the pain.

They used everything in the kit to keep him from dying and even poured a brown powder into his wounds to stop the bleeding.

In the end, he had lots of treads mending his wounds with tape covering them. The chest bleeding had not spread, fortunately. But his broken ribs presented a problem. They didn't even know if he was going to die tomorrow, as they couldn't remember their training. It was as if their memories had been intentionally locked from their introspection.

They hoped the best, as they threw the heavy bedsheet out in the road and drove away. Rabid animals would be attracted to the blood in the sheets. They knew that whatever had happened to the world was like a deadly disease; it would not hesitate to kill them if they let their guard down.
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