The Empty Cultivator.

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The Black Sighgon

She liked the direct personality of the guy and let him make it into her pet list. She touched his back, letting her forehead rest on his.

The body of the man had begun to loosen up, "Twath io dmmm aswhom." The man talked and looked like a noodle, and she liked it.

"Hahahhaha." She laughed and touched his cheek but she noticed his cheek was clenched, and she didn't have time to wonder why before the man roared at the top of his lungs

"AARRRRRGHHHHHHH!!!!!" There was barely time to hear the inhuman screech before she lost consciousness.


(Let me out. Let me out!)

From inside the man's psyche, a horrible thing awakened. It had hungered for the flesh of men since its birth and this new god had given it life; approving of its existence and its purpose.

It looked at what appeared to be a stats page.

[The Black Sighgon.]







It understood the numbers. It understood the wisdom of men and their dead. It understood an unavoidable law of the universe: kill or be killed.

It had bid its time. Its release had just been a matter of time. If they had done the customs, maybe it would have been suppressed to his host's unconscious and it would have to make his host insane until it had children, but the host didn't know what his family was. The idiot had abandoned them.

The host didn't know that his family was a sore thumb even among the world's elite. Their actions throughout history had caused the homicide of millions of innocents.

They had incited the invasion of the Union Of Heroes. They had caused the downfall of the criminal organization of Bargast. They had sacrificed whole countries to rituals and ruled the world for half a century. All that had happened after that; had killed his legacy till there was but a few hundred.

It was the culmination of all humanity. It was the true God, he was the Reaper and it had been in the ingression of this fake god. It had seen the strength and how it seeped into him.

This god had altered his host, but it was not enough. He wanted his host to die and let him free. He could feel the connection of body and mind within reach but he could not grasp it.

It had been forcefully sent to sleep but now it would rule the world.

It saw the body of the woman Cass on the floor and saw the woman's sister. "Please, please don't kill my sister!" She screamed and sobbed and curled on the ground. How pathetic! Where was the affection? Where was the love they had shown his host? Truly, human things were always the same.

He could remember it all! He could feel the whispers of the innocents push it forward.

Its voice came out rusty and dead. "Hahahahaha. I won't kill you…" It stopped for the delicious dramatic effect.

The eyes of the girl opened wide in horror, "I will eat you and skin you alive!" It opened its palm wide, like a claw, but all his hunger immediately faded into nothing. It tried again but he felt nothing.

"...So that thing is still with me." It contemplated as it could feel an emptiness spread all over itself.

"Well, It's not like I need hunger to kill." It raised its claws again and suddenly its legs tensed and propelled themselves on their own; shooting it out of the van's door like a rocket.

It blasted through the building next to the van. Rain, rock and debris tried to stop him but their efforts left molten rock in its wake. Only did its body stop when it punctured through the roof. It floated there.

"Interesting." It said. Quick to action, Its body erupted with great ability as its legs blurred along the roof of the buildings. He left streaks of fire as his body circumvented the roofs and windows of the buildings in search of the most efficient travel

"Like if you could control me! This body is mine now!" It roared as it tried to control the body again and unexpectedly, it met no resistance.

Nothing was controlling this body.

Its form reached for the skyscraper in the distance and jumped up the skyscraper's plates of solid metal, slippery because of the rain. He heaved and puffed as his body pushed itself to the limit to reach the structure's peak.

"I don't know what your plan is but it's not goi-" It gave a primal jump far into the sky, far above the peak of the skyscraper.

As he reached the highest its body could go, the air and water stiffened its new body in place. The legs positioned themselves and turned towards the sky above the scraper.

"MOTHER FUCKER! I swear! I'm going to find where you are hiding coward...and I will rip you to shreds!" It screamed defiantly. It understood what his body was doing: It was trying to kill him!

With a monstrous kick, its body broke the speed of sound. It smashed itself into the skyscraper, like a meteor. Under his assault, the building was perforated cleanly by its body before its eyes could understand what was happening.

It smashed through millions of floors and even with its stats, the floors of the building broke its bones and cut deeply into its body. At the end of the tunnel, It could barely move.

"A MONSTER!!!" It heard the weak voice of an old man.

It would skin this man and eat its insides!

It used its last reserves of strength and tried to crawl towards the man and plead for help. He knew mankind was full of idiots. It had seen the bunch through the millennia. He had watched how the men he inhabited would kill their prey using the oldest trick in the book.

It raised its head. "Help m-" A boot hit it square in the face. It tried to release the accumulated electricity in its body in retaliation, but he lost connection to the body. It watched with a silent rage as the boot hit its host in the face again.


"Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey,"

"What?!" She screamed.

"I want cupcakes."

Hen said and she stared at him with a tight mouth and then looked around the dirty group walking with them. "Does it look like we give a fuck?!" The fat man said as he bumped into Hen. "Move it up, people! We don't have all day." Their "leader" said as he searched around for a place to stay.

"Do you even know where we are going?" She asked. The man who had stricken fear into their hearts didn't even look at her. "No. We are staying close to the last place that the creature was spotted. Don't be stupid."

He approached a store being robbed by a few people. He took out his gun,"GET AWAY!" He shouted as he pointed the gun at the people. The folks scrambled away and he casually entered through the hole in the panel glass. "Hurry up and grab everything." Everyone moved to their positions.

"Anyone else who is here?"

He pointed to the door and the broken glass. "Guard them." They took their respective spots and waited for someone to try and get out of the store.

"Get the fuck out of your hiding place or I will fucking put your head on a spike when I find you. You have this chance only...waste it...and I will start slicing them heads off!" All of them knew what happened to those that tried to disobey the guy or usurp him.

They were ready to rush inside the store and kill anyone inside until a small hand poked out of one of the shelves. "There is another kid. He was bitten by an animal and is in the only employee's room, please help him." A girl came from around one of the shelves in the small store. She put her hands behind her head and she laid herself face to the ground.

"Do we help her up?" She asked the leader. "Do what you were told." He walked inside the store and began stashing the food inside his backpack.

She shook her head but still walked towards the girl on the floor and hit her head with the pipe. The girl didn't even scream as she was instantly knocked unconscious.

"She is human alright." She said and quickly went to the aid of the little girl. He didn't even respond as he clicked his fingers. The others began walking around the store while Hen went into the employee's room.

A few minutes passed and they had fully stashed their backpacks full. She looked back at the door of the employees and couldn't help but ask. "What is he still doing there?"

The other looked at the door too and the strongest among them walked to take charge of the situation.

"I think we have an alien on our hands." He said as he opened the door and entered with his metal stick raised. She wanted to look too, but she didn't even get near enough before the man screamed, "HE IS FUCKING GONE!"

Their leader took out his gun. "Where are they?"

"They made a hole in the ceiling!" The leader and the man ran outside and began climbing the building. Silently she and their subordinates followed with a girl in hand.


"Don't worry kid. You will be safe with me." Hen assured the bleeding boy as he climbed a fence with the boy in hand. His strength had recently reached 13 points and his dexterity 16 He knew few of his fellow killers would not be able to follow him easily.

"You have to help her. She is my only friend." The boy said as he tried to stay conscious. "Don't worry kid. I have friends in high places. We made a little refuge in a skyscraper near here. They should be waiting for me."

He kept running towards the skyscraper in the distance in hopes someone there had a healing ability.

He turned around a corner and climbed a pile of crumpled boxes blocking the way, making sure he looked back at the skyscraper periodically. He barely noticed a strange smudge rising along its side.

"Something is climbing the skyscraper…?" he whispered in horror as he hurried up to warn his friends. He began to run as fast as he could but a few minutes in he had to stop and cover his eyes

The bloch had turned into a blinding light that suddenly illuminated the whole city and burned his eyes.

"Shit. Shit. Shit!" He screamed as he tried to lower the boy on the floor and rub his eyes. He didn't have the chance to lower the boy as he was shaken off his feet by an intense earthquake.


(But what in the fuck?) He began running as fast as he could with the boy in his hands.


He reached the scraper and rushed inside. "GUYS ARE YOU ALRIGHT!" He shouted as he ran around the ruined bottom floor of the place. It was slightly dark with rocks falling in the middle of a huge hole.

"Over here!" An old man with a bandaged leg limped over. Up the stairs, first door! Your brother is waiting for you! The old man looked at the kid. "Leave him with me! I will heal his injuries!" Hen bowed to the old man and hurried up one of the staircases leading to a series of rooms.

He opened the door to find his brother standing over the form of...THE MONSTER! "Get away from that thing big brother!" His brother didn't look at him. "Brother?" Had the monster eaten his brain? He approached slowly and softly touched his brother's shoulder. In a second his brother had produced a shield that hit him in the stomach.

"Brother it is me." His brother looked at him. Black elegant eyes adorned with rugged looks, with ruffled hair, and dressed in a ripped tuxedo. He looked the same as him when this whole thing had begun. "Brother!" The man screamed, "Brother what are you doing with that monster?"

His brother pointed at his ears. "Oh, right." His brother had gone deaf in the explosion. He pointed at the monster and then crossed his arms repeatedly. His brother looked at him with raised eyebrows.

The door opened and a very worried old man with the boy on his arms locked the door."Everyone! Shut up! There are people here!" He put a finger over his mouth as he helped the boy on the bed.

He looked at the old man and gave him a thumbs up as they sat there in silence. He didn't have much to do and it was not like he could talk to his brother, so he looked at the monster.

His brother noticed his stare and made a kicking motio. Hepointed at the sleeping monster and made a kicking motion again with a big grin.

This goof. He game him a thumbs up. (Nice job bro.)

They waited patiently...until something punched their door with fury. "HURRY UP! HURRY UP! WE HAVE TO FIND THAT MONSTER!"

He held his knife at his side and motioned at the door with a throat cut motion. They understood and sneaked at the side of the door.

The door was smashed again and it began to crack. With another crunch, the door exploded into pieces.
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