The Empty Cultivator.

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The Kid King.

The traitor was here. He could smell him. Terry raised his huge arms for the fifth time and finally blasted the door to smithereens. From the cloud of dust, a shadow of solid air cut deeply into Terry's side and twisted among the strongest among their group. "HEN!" He shouted and raised his gun, shooting holes in the cloud of smoke until something died.

"Cole! Barrel down that wicked bastard!" Cole didn't respond. "Cole!" He repeated but Cole refused to respond ad his silhouette began to back away from the conflict. "YOU THINK I'M GOING TO LET YOU RUN AWAY COLE!?" He raised his pistol and shot at the form of the running fatso.

"Aaaaaahhh!" The fat man screamed like the pig he was but his bullets didn't stop. He kept shooting him until he heard him fall on the ground. "That is what you get COWARD! No one flees from evil! You will fight till you die...or I will kill you myself." He shot into the cloud again without care for his allies.

Some sacrifices would be made for the greater good.

In the next moment, the fog dispersed and with it gone, he could see his men on the ground with cut throats but such a scene didn't mean the traitor was alive. Hen's body laid mangled on the ground; broken to the bone.

On the rail, the body of a headless man had been bludgeoned to death while the head was now hanging by the sword of his son, Ferson. He looked at all their mangled remains in disgust and began walking over their corpses.

In the far corner rested the bounded monster "Justice!" He declared to the heavens and raised his pistol. A beast would kill and for that...justice would be served, for the world and its people.

He shot the beast and waited for the love of the world.


"Huh?" (What was that?) He motioned for Ferson to raise the bed. Ferson complied and tossed the bed into the wall, hidden in there was the boy. He looked at Ferson and motioned him to kill the boy.

Ferson raised his club. "Please." Cried the boy as he held his legs. "Rest in peace poor bastard." Ferson let down his club on the boy and it seemed to hit, but the boy did not explode into a shower of blood. Ferson strained his muscles and hit him again, this time on his side but the one that was pushed was the man.

"MONSTER!" (This evil devil had dressed himself as a child. He would kill it!) He shot the devil but the bullets bounced off its skin and encrusted itself into the walls. "What is this?" He asked in anger but before he shot another bullet, his body paralyzed completely, he felt two soft hands on his neck.

"Your god is dead and so are your friends. Have fun in the deepest of hells." Those were the last words he heard before he was swallowed by the darkness.


He screeched as a burst of shrieks were dragged into the endless fog

The voice whispered unceasingly; calmly and desperately. "FUCKING GIVE ME YOUR BODY!" The darkness shouted like bubbling in his ears, and twisted him, and crumpled him like paper. He felt small and weak as the ever insidious voice spoke to him. " DIE! WHY WON'T YOU DIEEE!??." They ate at his mind as they tried to escape and gush out into the world.


He suffered. He suffered. He suffered. He suffered…


He saw a sky full of smog and dirt. The top of buildings moved with the smoke, and he realized he was being dragged along the floor. He raised his head and people screamed and howled in pain. Thousands of nude men and women crawled over all buildings and floors in fours as they dragged the body of dead humans with them.

Their eyes were magenta and sharp like a cat's eye. He didn't have to think much to realize that these things were the reason he hadn't seen anyone since meeting Cass and her sister. It always seemed strange to him but he attributed it to people being careful and smart, but now...that seemed stupid.

He raised his head to see who was dragging him along the street. Draped in collars of human heads and broken feet were two devilish creatures. Wait...were where Cass and Henny? His heart began to beat with fury as he imagined these devils killing them.

The image of a little girl superimposed itself on the body of the bipedal demon's body, as it looked down on his feet. With a deft control of her knife, she cut one of his toes off.

"AAAAHHHHHHH!" He roared in agony as this demon began eating his toe like it was candy. "Looks like meat woke up." The demon said happily as two different forms smiled at him and took another toe off. "AAAAAAAHHHH." He roared again as he tried to kick the grasp of the demon off his hand.

"Finally, some music to my ears." Said a large bony demon at her side as he grabbed his other leg. "Tasty toes." He said as a long pointy tongue came out of his scaly lips. He grabbed his pinky and pulled it till it came off. He tried and tried to kick the demon's hands off his legs but nothing he did resulted in anything. They kept eating him till he had nothing but a scarred stump for a foot with black holes on his leg.

Buildings stood constricted by what happened to be muscle and bone growing between each other, as he suspected they were dragging him towards the main sector of the city. He could barely think as the pain was killing him and he would have died if not for the demons closing his injuries with fingers of hot molten metal.

They kept dragging him along the streets, streets full of skulls and blood with the muscles of his people beginning to further constrict the place with widening structures of bone connected to all the buildings in the area. Each bone structure seemed to reach into the skies as they joined in on the highest point in the city.

In the distance, at the center of it all was a crimson floating ball. In the next few minutes, he saw how the demons approached a big medieval castle showered in blood. They knocked on the door from each side, twice, and the gigantic doors began to unlock. The complex mechanism took their time as the local guard stepped forward.

"State your business scum." A guard with white armor stood in front of the gate with a halbert strapped to his back. "We bring merchandise." The guard walked to the side and the demons entered the castle.

They tried to drag him inside but the guard raised his halberd. "Merchandise must be complete and in its right state." The demons glared at the guard but helped him get up. The pain in each of his muscles was excruciating and his very bones creaked in protest at even the slightest movement.

"Bring him to the fountain of blood! And if I catch you scum taking our blood...we will torture your souls and strip you of your Dagonet tittles. Go!" The guard commanded and pointed to one of the glass stairs leading further into the building.

The demons pushed him up the stairs as they had begun taking some of his skin off with their fingers. "I love your taste...meat." Said the scaly bipedal demon taking bits of his flesh. They reached the top of the winding stairs of glass and in the middle of the huge room was a glass fountain filled to the brim with glowing blood.

Slowly but surely they reached the fountain. "It stinks." said one of the demons as he threw him headfirst into the pool of blood. Instantly, he began to feel better as he could feel his muscles knit back together and his ligaments reinforce themselves.

His heart began to beat faster and harder as he could physically see his skin return to its healthy complexion. Like a leaf falling in a gentle wind, his head cleared and he realized he was not dreaming.

"WHERE THE FUCK AM I!? WHY DID YOU BRING ME HERE!?" The demons jumped into the pool with impish grins and he raised his palpitating arm in anger, but once the demons entered they didn't turn up. He thought of attacking the water in search of hem but he stopped.

Red bones came out of the depths of the pool and began floating on the surface. "Did the blood melt the demons?" The blood was warm to the touch but it was not melting him. Maybe they had some unfortunate reaction to the blood…? There is definitely some kind of fantasy magic involved in this. I don't know of any safe acid ranging below the acidity of 5 with the ability to melt demons...

He stepped outside the pool and began walking around the white room. It was a perfect cube with no windows and flat sides. What he was searching for was some kind of latch or secret mechanism. (There had to be some way out of here.) He found with his fingers the outline of a door but because everything was white he almost walked right by it.

Behind the mysterious door, he found pure darkness. (What?) He tried to walk inside but found himself facing the door of the room again. Teletransportation? He walked around the room for the second time but no matter how he tried, he could not find a secret entrance or exit. He even tried swimming inside the fountain for some kind of drainage hole but only found smooth marble.

He decided to leave this place rather than wait for a guard to find him and kill him, and that is why he pushed open the big doors out of the fountain room. But he didn't find himself facing a descending staircase, instead, he found himself facing a large courtroom

Seats of white marble with decorated red stone filled with celebrating people, sitting below brightly decorated curtains of gold leading to the highest point in front of a vast crystal window. In there sat a throne of crystalized water vapor.

The celebrating courtroom of what he expected to be vampires didn't pay him any notice as they passed cups of gold and silver with bright smiles. The scene looked almost fictitious until a kid dressed in a short gown, full of insignias and markings made of gold, and a crown of pearls with an emerald in its center palpitating waves of red light walked out of a silver door.

The scene turned surreal as the kid began stepping on the red carpet; smoothed out on the steps leading to the throne. The kid sat promptly on the throne and grabbed a glowing scepter made of what seemed to be diamond encased in an s's-shaped smooth runic cage of emerald.

The voice of the kid was deep and resounding. "Order everyone. Order." The conversating people in the stands quietened down as they gazed at the throne, and the throne became the centerpiece of the grand hall.

"Talk." The kid commanded as he looked straight at him with boredom. He didn't know what to say but his feet didn't care as he walked to the center of the hall without hesitation.

His first began to pound harder as he felt the already deforming veins deform more and reach far inside his body. By the time he was in the middle of the court, he could feel enormous veins fill half of his body and engorge his hand and arm into a solid and muscled appendage.

The arm raised and clenched into a loud snap. The heat in the hall began to seep away as the hand engorged more and more. He could feel all the muscles, on the half where the veins were, begin to grow and solidify.

Blood began flowing from the emerald on the king's crown towards his engorged hand. "Brother?" The kid asked as he rose from the throne. The hand unclenched and pointed at him.

The veins spread to his mouth and throat but he didn't think he would begin talking. "Yes. It brother." The whole court was shaken from their knees and fell in reverence. "OH, GREAT APOSTLE OF THE NIGHT. THE GREAT KEEPER OF LIFE. LONG LIVE THE GREAT CROWN."

"In silence keepers of the court." The court silenced at his command as they all stared at the hand gripping the air with palpable power. "What more proof do you have that you are my brother?" The kid spoke as he let go of his scepter.

Now, this was just getting weird...

"Well, how much more do you want?" He spoke and the kid sat back on his throne, letting his eyes relax. "Tell me of the long lost brazzer of Azard!."

"I don't remember."

"Gods never forget!" The kid howled in anger and the foundation of the whole court trembled as he punched the armrest of the throne. "But I did the rites." His mouth said in a more normal tone as before the king even the intense voice was rolled soft."

"Does it matter? You may be my brother but If you can't remember the reason you were exiled…" The kid took back the scepter and raised it to point at him, "THEN I SEE NO REASON TO WELCOME YOU BACK…Let the little wolf talk. I have no business with you." The ground cracked beneath his feet as absolute pressure flooded the room. The ground cracked into larger pieces as the pressure smashed directly into his bones.

"You will regret this." His mouth said between the grinding of teeth.

"I regret nothing." The kid announced fearlessly but calmly as he raised his scepter and let it rest on his armrest. He stood and with him so did the court. He looked more and more serene as he approached him, filling him with a sense of profound awe.

"Come along little wolf." The kid said as he turned back to the door he had come in from. He followed and they entered a large hallway filled with flora. Mushrooms, separated evenly on the walls of the hall, illuminating the place to the sight of pitch-black windows with glowing vines, growing reflective emerald flowers, entangled on their wooden frames.

The night was not the same as he remembered. He still remembered the exact night this had begun.

On the 15th of Sumes 1.14LK, everyone had thought the government had done something or a program more sinister than those designed by Bargast had screened their moon from them, as they couldn't see a thing beyond their light pollution, apart from some stars.

Thankfully, no one began killing each other because of the miracle of global news that began broadcasting all over the world of a moon that was not in fact gone. The light reflected by the moon was just a trickle of what we were used to, so to us it was completely gone.

Of course, we heard of the actual bad news. Unfortunately, people did begin killing each other after that... in the poor sectors. The rich were always safe in these situations. He actually had a long-distance friend that had bought a ticket straight to Mars, and it was thanks to him he decided his sister should go too.

They reached the end of the glowing hallway and entered the metallic door on the left wall. What came after took his breath away. In the middle of an enormous hall, with enough room to fit 4 football fields vertically and horizontally, stood the statue of the child king. His skin was made of pure gold with hair of pyrite but without his crown. His cape was made of silver with various emerald and quartz runes adorning his cape with the edges made of carnelian.

He stood defiantly with his diamond scepter pointed to the heavens.

Below the statue stood what he thought was blue pagodas, on enormous skulls, with sharp edges and baby blue fountains falling down the holes dug into the structure of the pagodas.

The floor was full of sparkling clear water with green bridges full of greenery connecting the different parts of the palace to small houses made of redwood and surrounded by black metal with G shaped runic markings filled with the overflowing water.


"It's been a long time since a human has been here. The first one that came here thought this was heaven, Hahahahahha!" The kid king chuckled as he began walking down the stairs leading to a large black metal platform where the first bridge connected to the others.

"Other people have been here?"

"Well of course. You guys literally entered through our hole in the surface and came here. We were surprised as you were when we saw one of yours here...but you guys used up all the magic in the world and the entrance was closed permanently. Really, a sad thing. My people barely remember how to treat you guys."

"Magic? you have been below us the whole time?" The kid stopped and looked at him.

"Not quite, dolt." He began walking again and they began to approach a big merchant stand. A big ogre was shuffling inside as he searched for something. "Jawu."

The Ogre hit his head with the ceiling and rapidly looked at both of them. "BRAT! How have you been? How is the family."

"It has been a few 3 years. You know how it is. Jawu, my boy gets into fights and he passes himself off as the son of a normal couple of Dagonets until he becomes top of his class, that kind of stuff"

The ogre bent below his counter out of sight and began looking for something. "What about Mel?"

"Mel? Hahaha, that shy girl keeps herself to her crystal ball. She is nothing like her mother I tell you. You going out for lunch?" The ogre took out a few couple of metallic keys and put them on the counter. "Yeah."

"Then let me join you jawu."

"And your little friend?"

"Oh yeah."

The kid walked to a gate that had materialized at some time next to the shop. Wait what?

(Too slo boy)

"This is the gate. Walk through it and you will be back to your world." He looked at the red eyes of the king and slowly crept towards the door. "Nuh, hu…first, hear me wolfie. Our worlds are just the beginning of this. We need to unite the lands and bring order to this chaos before they make this planet uninhabitable."

"You want me to unite my people?" He asked incredulously.

"You have my kind in you. I can see your potential and offer you championship. If you walk out that door, the kingdom of the morning will not take charge for your actions and you may spread into the shadows, but if you decide to stay and fight for this world and its people...I will make you the greatest warrior the world has ever seen."

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