Blood Bound [Book 1 of the Bound series]

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There were three things that Roman was sure of. One, Evette was his student and he was her teacher. He was Mr. Berkshire to Miss Bellerose. Two, Evette was a malicious, and sinister vampire, who murdered for sport rather than thirst. And three, he was intensely and unconditionally, in love with her. She was the hunter. He was just a prey. But for some reason, she couldn't prey on him. Copyright 2021 by Ana Starr. All Rights Reserved

Fantasy / Romance
Ana Starr
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[France, 1762]


That was all that mattered now.

Bodies littered the once clean road. Bodies of the people she once talked, touched, and played with. All their veins and arteries sucked clean until the walls rubbed against each other.

Her own pale pink, ruffled dress was now stained in crimson blood. She brought her blood-covered fingers to her mouth, sucking in bliss, as she longed for more blood.

The stab wound, bruises, and bite marks she received before dying were all now replaced with smooth, marble skin. The stinging pain she felt while her own lover defiled her wasn’t there now. Instead, all she felt was the accomplishment of avenging herself, as she smiled triumphantly at the pair of lifeless eyes that stared into her.

Mere hours ago, those eyes had looked at her with cruel lust.

Mere hours ago, those arms had stabbed an innocent man who tried to save her.

For that, he was the first person she sank her newly formed fangs into. His blood was the first that grazed her tongue and took her into the high of a vampire’s first feed. His veins were the first ones to be drained into her thirsty self. His head was the first one that she ripped off.

Because she trusted him, with her life.

And he destroyed her.

But now, she has risen, ruthless and cruel, just what all humans deserve, with the help of the one who she thought was a son of Adam.

“There, look at the power you now have, my child. All these people, worthless and dead at your feet.” Gratien, her creator, whispered into her ear.

Evette smiled proudly at the work she had done.

Edouard destroyed her, and in turn, she destroyed his entire clan, men, women, and children alike. And they all lay, drained and dead, in a pile of bodies.

Her blood-red eyes looked back at her creator, admiration adorning them.

"Merci! Merci beaucoup!" she breathed, grateful for changing her into this powerful creature that she is now.

Gratien smiled warmly at her, but there was nothing warm in that dangerous smile of his. Only vampires found it warm. And now, so did Evette. He began taking a small step backward, into the darkness of the forest and disappeared within mere seconds.

Evette looked at the bright full moon hanging above her, and smiled, breathing in the blood scented night air.

This is who I am.

She thought, proudly grazing her pale, marble skin.

And now, Evette Bellerose now had an eternity of life to live.

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