Blood Bound [Book 1 of the Bound series]

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Ninth Blood

Roman didn’t wait to complete the class after that. He informed the Head of his department about his urgency to go home quickly, who permitted him and he drove to his apartment, quicker than ever.

Evette would definitely come for him. Whether it was to kill or punish him further, he wouldn’t know, but he would make sure that she did none. He had brought concentrated juices of those herbs last night, so he took three syringes and filled each of them with juniper serum, waiting patiently for Evette to show up.

“You might see that scary woman tonight, Slizzy.” He informed Slizzle who was drinking her bowl of milk. Her tongue darted out in quick licks, scooping up the little droplets of milk from her bowl as Roman watched his cat with fascination.

“She looked so angry today that at one point, I thought that she would kill me right then and there,” he chuckled as he brushed her soft white fur. Once he noticed that Slizzle had licked the bowl clean, he picked her up and she settled himself on his lap.

“And I don’t know why, but she’s got her eye on you, too.”

Slizzle meowed.

“But don’t worry. Aren’t you, my little kitty? I won’t let her harm you.” He assured her.

One might wonder if Roman had gone crazy if they heard him talking to his cat. But funnily enough, Roman himself wondered about that at times, given that there was no way Slizzle understood even half the thing he said. But regardless, he liked talking to her.

Contrary to what he expected, Evette didn’t show up. Not immediately at least. It was close to midnight by now, and Roman had almost given up. He began getting ready for bed, but then, the piercing loud sound of shattering glass reached his ears and Roman flinched.

There she is.

He didn’t even get the time to process what was happening when he felt ice-like fingers wrap tightly around his throat, cutting off his air supply. His blue eyes gazed back into blood-red ruby ones.

Rage blazed inside them.

“You planned on killing me, huh?” she screamed at his face, tightening her long fingers further around his neck as he choked. “I can just snap your neck right now, bitch!”

Roman weakly slapped on her hands attempting to free himself but in vain. The vampiress was mad, beyond mad, and the only way to calm her down was what he had planned earlier.

An alarmed Slizzle began clawing at the monster that was attacking her daddy, but she was picked up by her neck and harshly tossed her across the room.

Luckily she landed on all four feet.

“What if I just kill you now, huh?” she asked and his eyes widened. “Just the way I made my first kill...” Evette continued, while her hungry eyes devoured every inch of his shirtless form. “Do you how I did that? I sucked his veins and arteries clean until there wasn’t even a drop of blood left, staring into his eyes as the life drained out of his body. When he was close to death, I ripped off his heart from his chest and then his head, both with my bare hands. How about I do that to you, huh?”

Fear was consuming him, head to toe at the thought of being killed like that. And Roman did not doubt that she wouldn’t hesitate to do that. She could easily rip his fragile head off, just like she said. And he would be long dead.

She pulled his head up and then harshly slammed it back to the floor again, causing immense pain to run through his skull. Tears were forming in his eyes out of the pressure, and he could barely inhale an ounce of air.

“E-Ev-” he choked out but the vicious vampiress only smiled at his helplessness.

“You’re the only human that I wanted to keep, Roman. I could have had so much fun taunting and torturing you, and then, I would’ve started feeding on you. And you would’ve done nothing about it. But now,” she stopped, leaning over, “You decide to use your poor human skills to fuck with me? I can just-” she stopped again, deeply inhaling his scent. “All I want to do is sink my fangs inside you.”

His blood was being blocked inside his head, his face turning red at the pressure. All he wanted now was to breathe, but that wasn’t happening until she took her hand off.

“Does mon cher want to breathe? Or does he want me to rub his dick like I did yesterday?” she teased, but at this point, Roman could barely hear or make sense of what she was saying.

Her nails, that dug into his soft skin was hurting him as well, but nothing compared to how he felt his trachea being crushed.

When his face began turning blue, Evette released her hold on him, causing him to erupt out a series of coughs and wheezes as he tried to get oxygen inside his system.

She stayed there, looking at him as though he were a pathetic little creature, good for nothing. He coughed and coughed, the irritation and pain in his throat increasing with each cough. Crawling back to lean his body on the wall, he held onto it, scooting far away from the monster who had almost killed him and clutched the wall for dear life.

He knew that when she finally showed up, she would be beyond angry but he could now swear that he just saw the heavens. No matter how much he was getting used to her haunting, the fear of death resurfaced from deep within him within the past five minutes.

“Aww, maintenant il a peur de moi!" she rejoiced as she made her way closer to him. Roman scooted further away, trying to put as much distance between her, but there was only so much distance between the wall and him.

He whimpered as her cold hands came to rest on his wet cheeks and that’s when he realized that had been crying as well. Tears overflowed from his ocean-like eyes, as he looked at the wretched thing that was Evette.

Fear was consuming him. Plain old fear. She was everything that his worst nightmares could bring. The bone-chilling panic paired up with the ache in his throat was making it difficult for him to not scream.

“Shh, shh... why is mon cherie crying?” she soothed, moving closer to him and wrapping a marble arm around his shaking body. He flinched at her touch and tried to move away, but her stone-like arm trapped him under her.

“Didn’t I warn you, Roman? Then why are you still so keen on taking me down, hmm?” she asked, as she lightly wiped the moisture off his cheeks. “I’m very nice if you are nice to me. Why can’t you be nice?”

The monster who had just choked him until his face turned blue was now soothing him, wiping off the tears from his face and holding him close to her as though he was the most precious thing.

Evette was the epitome of a psychopath.

She kissed his forehead and began whispering soothing words, but Roman was tense, tense as a rock. And little did the psychopath knew, what was coming for her.

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