Blood Bound [Book 1 of the Bound series]

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Tenth Blood

The sharp, stinging pain she felt at the back of her neck was nothing compared to what came after. Pure fire raged through her veins in the next second, and she writhed in agony as the liquid went inside her system.

She backed away from the human, but he climbed over her and jabbed another sharp needle on her hard skin, this time, her arm. Screaming, her arms tried to push him away, but she couldn’t.

The fire inside her veins was weakening her nerves but activated her pain receptors to the fullest.

A third needle pricked her skin, this time her leg, and the liquid was again shot inside, the burning sting spreading through her body worse than molten metal. The pain of a thousand sharp, flame needles piercing her skin coursed through her body, as the poison found its way deeper inside her body’.

Her inhumane strength was weakening at such a rapid rate, that within mere minutes of the liquid being inside her, she was losing her voice. The bold, powerful voice she had, was now only coming out as sharp wheezes, very like the ones that were let out by the human in front of her.

“I’m sorry, but I had to do that,” he said looking into her blood-red eyes.

No matter how much she had hurt and tortured him, Roman felt a sharp pang of guilt to see her writhing in pure agony right before his eyes. It felt odd to see her being the one powerless here. It felt odd to see her being the one in pain here.

“Evette...” he breathed, caressing her hard cheeks lightly with his thumb as her blood-red eyes read pain, betrayal, and shock, all of them at the same time. His fear was washed away the second she fell and now replaced with emotions that he couldn’t decipher.

For the first time, he didn’t feel scared of her.

Despite being so threatening and cruel, Evette’s beauty was extraordinary. It had fascinated him from the very first day. That beauty alone was enough to lure her prey in. That beauty was alone enough to make a man fall in love with her.

“I’m sorry... I’m so sorry...” he apologized as her pleading eyes gazed back at him. His voice was rough, and he coughed multiple times to get rid of the irritation in his throat.

Evette couldn’t move a muscle. He was so sorry, and despite having really loathed her actions, he could never bring himself to hurt a woman, whether or not she was a vampire. And here she lay, weak and defeated before him.

He crawled behind her, taking her head onto his lap and brushing her hair away from her face. Apologies kept coming out as strings from his mouth, as she writhed under the influence of the serum.

Roman didn’t want to cause her pain. All he wanted to do was weaken her but now, she ended up not moving a muscle but in deep pain.

He dragged her paralyzed body next to the wall, raising her to a sitting position and resting her back on the wall. His large, warm and human hands cupped her stone-cold face and he gazed into her crimson eyes.

“Why do you have to be like this, Evette?” he asked her but she just kept gazing back into his captivating blues. “You’re too powerful, and you can cause massive destruction if you continue like that. And that is why I did this. I never wanted to cause you this... pain, dear.”

Evette’s ruby-like eyes were now softening slightly. Not a single word came out of her mouth, and she just kept gazing at him, as he enjoyed the moment he had with her in which she wasn’t taunting him.

“You scare me so much...” he admitted and she smirked weakly. “Would you like it if I end up being mad because of you?”

The scarlets in her eyes now fluctuated lightly with amber and red. They traveled from his lips down to his neck and then back to his lips.

He chuckled at her silent message. “You’ll feed on me?”

Her eyes closed and then opened again, replying to him in the affirmation.

Roman sighed. “Why haven’t you done that already? Why haven’t you killed me by now, Evette?” he whispered lightly and was confused for a second when something flickered in her eyes. Was it an emotion? Was it helplessness? He never knew.

When her eyes kept staring back at him, he broke the intense contact by lightly kissing her cold hands.

“You weigh like a human don’t you? How about I carry you to the bed?” he asked but her reply was just plain, blank, gazing. “Guess that’s what I’ll do.”

Exhaling deeply, Roman slipped both his arms under her now weakened body with ease, carrying her on to his bed. He placed her down gently, just like she had done to him on a certain awful night, and tucked her under the covers.

He didn’t know if vampires ever felt chilly but kept it just in case.

Being the smart man he is, Roman did something else as well. It killed him to do it, but the last thing he wanted was to take more chances. He took off his silver chain, which was two chains joined together and tugged hard, leaving him with two separate ones.

Evette’s now amber eyes widened upon its sight, and her pleading eyes looked back at Roman. “I can’t take any chances on you, sweetheart,” he said and then proceeded to tie her wrists tightly with the chains to the bedpost.

The silver burned her pale, marble-like flesh and she moaned in pain as he encircled it around her wrists. But he was helpless. The sight of her burning flesh struck his heart with lament, as her cries resonated through the walls of the room but he didn’t stop himself.

“I’m sorry...” he murmured, as he moved on to the next wrist, took it in his hand, and tightened the chain around it. They were pale and thin and showed no traces of the green veins. Finally, when he was done, he stared back at Evette, whose cheeks were now moistened with tears.

He was surprised at the fact that she produced tears, but he climbed over and wiped them off gently, as he kept apologizing.

He kept a little bell beside, close enough for her to grab.

“Ring it when you need me, sweetheart. I’ll be in the living room.” He said as he kissed her forehead before leaving.

It was bizarre how both their natures contrasted from each other. Evette had tortured him so much but never apologized once but Roman, on the other hand, couldn’t stop feeling guilty for what he was doing, although it was very necessary. She was old, centuries older than him, and yet he treated her like he was the older one here.

His gentle and kind nature contrasted with her ruthless and cruel one in ways that they couldn’t imagine. And both couldn’t deny the mystic connection they had for each other.

Evette didn’t know what it was, but all she knew was that it wasn’t under her control.

And she really didn’t want it to end like the one time she had let herself love someone, sometime a few decades ago.


The next morning Roman woke up with a jolt as he heard a bell ringing loudly. He jumped up from the couch and shook his head getting rid of the dizziness. Rushing to the door, he found Evette loudly ringing the bell and stopped only when she saw him.

“Get these fucking chains out of me, Roman!” she ordered weakly.

She began speaking. Does that mean the juniper is wearing off? He wondered, but regardless he made his way to her, kneeling to her level.

“I can’t,” I told and she huffed.

Her breathing quickened, as she spoke her next words. “It hurts, Roman. Please.” She begged, and it broke his heart to treat her this way. But he had to remain adamant.

“I can’t, Evette. Not until-” he stopped, trying to find words.

Not until what? Until she has calmed down from her high of killing people? Until she was done torturing him? Until she revealed why she wasn’t killing him? He didn’t know. “Not until you become normal.”

She rolled her eyes, “I am nothing normal.”

“Until you stop hurting people.”

She smirked, weakly, “I don’t hurt. I kill.”

“Exactly, when you stop that!”

Her wrists were blistered badly and yet Roman frowned at her attitude.

"Cherie please, I’ll finish what I started that day...” she offered smugly, but Roman huffed.

“That is something I can do by myself, Evette.” He replied.

“I bet you, it is not going to be as good as when I do it.”

Roman cringed. “Stop it!” he ordered. “It’s disgusting.”

Evette raised an eyebrow. “Sex is disgusting for you?”

He took the juniper filled needle again and pointed it towards her. “If you don’t shut up, this will be inside you!” he threatened.

The vampiress huffed and turned away, and Roman could really see that she was beyond weak. And it was very odd to see her this way, considering that she had carried him once to this very bed, with her strong arms.

“What can I get you?” he asked, concerned.


“Human food, Evette.”

She groaned. “Human food doesn’t give me strength, Roman!”

That was obvious. She was a vampire, after all. What she needed was blood. Pure and raw, blood.

“Feed on me.” He blurted out. But only after once he had processed his own words, did he realize what he just said. She was injected with juniper vials thrice and must have the thirst to feed on an entire body, and he just offered himself to her.

Am I crazy?

“Have you gone nuts?” she asked him. He remained silent and climbed on the bed, settling himself right next to her.

“I’m not letting you kill another person, Evette.” he began. “You can feed on me, but just stop before you kill me.”

“Why do you think I’d want to stop? Your scent intoxicates me, Roman. It’s like a drug. You really think that I would stop if I began feeding on you?” she asked.

“You can drain me if that’s what you want. If you want to kill me, then do it. That is better for both of us, don’t you think?”

“Guess my torture worked. You’ve officially gone insane!” she chuckled and began pulling on the chains again, hissing in pain every time the silver burned her skin.

“Will you-” he inhaled. “Will you listen to me, if I took them off you?” he asked, nodding at the chains on her wrists.

“Listen to and follow you around like a puppy?” she scoffed resumed tugging on the chains.

He placed a hand on her pale arm, stopping her, “No, not like that. Listen to me when I tell you that we work together.”

She raised an eyebrow.

“I can teach you how to feed without harming people.”

Is this man hearing anything that is coming out of his foolish mouth? Evette thought.

She stared at him in disbelief, bursting into howls of laughter. Slizzle came running to Roman at the noise and climbed over his lap, purring.

“Give me the little pussy, I’ll feed on it.” She told, through her laughter.

He quickly picked up and set Slizzle on the ground.

“Evette...” he called warningly at a smirking Evette. “What I meant is-”

“Feed on animals? Blood bag? Why would I choose that shit over fresh warm blood?”

“Why are you so keen on killing humans?”

“Because they deserve to be killed!”

“Then why aren’t you killing me?” he asked.

Evette couldn’t understand the man’s obsession with why she wasn’t killing him. There was something strong that was pulling her back from doing that, but if he kept questioning her this way, it wouldn’t be long before she actually did it.

And he clearly had the fear of death.

The thought of Roman’s blood flooded her mouth, and her eyes drifted down to his neck. But his blood was not what she wanted. She wanted something much more from him. Something she hadn’t got for over the past two hundred years.

She looked at his questioning blue eyes, which held guilt, fear, and doubt, all in one.

Let it out, Evette. She convinced herself.

Evette sighed. “I don’t know,”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“There is something that is pulling me to you. It’s not your blood. We vampires generally don’t feel any emotions other than thirst and the need to enjoy. If we do feel, it’s either because the person is somehow connected to us or it is an interruption from the magic that creates us.” She explained but before could continue, Roman raised his hand.

“Promise me to not run away, if I take the chains off.”

Her eyes glowed with delight and she nodded weakly.

He leaned over and began untying the chains, sincerely hoping that she would keep her promise and not make it hard for him. If she did, the juniper was right next to him and in punishment, he would inject an extra vial into her. But she wasn’t that strong to run away, anyway.

The chains came off her, her wrists bright red and blistered badly. Roman helped her sit up, placing a pillow behind her back, and then sat back, ready to listen to whatever she had to say.

“Thank you.” She said and Roman was taken aback.

She did not just thank me. He thought but decided that may be a good side of her is showing.

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