Blood Bound [Book 1 of the Bound series]

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Eleventh Blood

Trigger warning: Sexual content

“Would you mind if I asked you about your turning?” he asked politely but she shook her head.

“That’s a long story. You’ll be bored if I begin telling you that.” She chuckled. As he thought, Evette’s good side was really showing.

It was like that day when he talked to Evette for a second time. After Jacob’s death.

I like this side of her.

“I’ve seen vampire stories for a reason, Evette.”

“If you’re referring Twilight-”

“No, I am not referring to Twilight. Tell me your story.”

She took a deep breath but her eyes fell on the syringe of juniper he was holding. “You don’t trust me?” she asked, but he looked down, guiltily. “I’ve done enough to not make you trust me, haven’t I?”

Roman remained silent.

“I was seventeen when I was turned,” she began. “I am French, as you know, and I was, the second daughter of a Count. We had a very sophisticated life, and we females were always expected to behave properly and listen to our fathers, take care of homes, and all that shit. I abided by all of them until someone came into my life.”

“Let me guess, the hero of the story?” he asked but she shook her head.

“More like... The villain. He was handsome and very gentle, a man that a woman in those days hoped for. Came from a very rich family that was connected to the royals, and... a very kind gentleman. We met at the church, and his charms worked on a very foolish me in an instant. We became friends, and then... a little more than friends.”

“Like all stories go...”

“Like all stories go.” She nodded. “We began dating, but my father didn’t know about that, because if he came to know, I knew that he would get me married to some arrogant Lord. I was at the marriageable age anyway.” she continued. “Many months later, at my sister’s wedding, something sparked inside me. I decided that I wanted that with Edouard.”


“The guy, I am talking about.” Roman nodded. “So, I met him in the garden behind our home, and told him about how I wanted a married life with him, and how much I loved and blah blah blah....and the dude agrees to talk to my dad.” She continued. “But he never talked to father. Instead, a week later, he sent me a letter to meet up with him at the church, and I did, but he took me to his house in name of introducing me to his parents.”

Roman hummed in acknowledgment.

“I was terrified of meeting them, but I trusted him. I trusted him with my life. Because I... I loved him. But he took me to his palace that he called the house, was empty. There were no parents.”

He raised an eyebrow.

“The house was empty and I asked him about it, as I started getting afraid. I kept assuring myself that it was okay, it was Edouard but then....he showed me his true intentions. He rubbed it in my face that he never loved me and all that he wanted from me was enjoyment. It broke my heart. But before I could run away, he trapped me inside and... ”

Roman took a burned hand of her on his.

“Tell me...” he whispered, but then noticed that she was hesitating. “It’s okay if you don’t want to.”

“My past will show that I am weak while I am not. And I don’t want that.”

“You’re not weak! You scare the fuck out of me, Evette! How are you weak?” he argued and she smirked, glad to know that she scares him.

She leaned in, and although she was weak, she wouldn’t miss a chance to play with Roman. The sculpted arms were placed on both sides of his waist, and he began crawling back as she moved forward.

He was tired of her changing her moods every second.

“What happened?” he asked dumbly and Evette chuckled, placing a weak finger on his cheek.

“Nothing. I just like scaring you.” she laughed.

“It’s not funny, Evette!” he scowled, while he kept moving back, and then, his back hit the headboard.

“Your scared face is hilarious to me, Cherie!"

“If you were human, I would have thought that you are bipolar, considering how fast your moods change,” he said and she chuckled again.

He felt her cold fingers on his hand that was clutched around the syringe, and a strong force yanked it out of his hand, the syringe flying across the room in a second. Roman gasped.


She shushed him.

“You really thought that I was about to be all nice and goody shoes after you injected juniper in my veins last night? Come on, Roman, you know me better than that!”

The fear that he hadn’t felt since last night came flooding back at the sound of her words. How foolish was he to trust her?

“I’ve been a vampire for over two hundred years, Roman. And you, a twenty-four-year-old boy, you tell me that you’ll teach me how to feed? You really expected me to do that, huh?” she asked, now grabbing his throat and squeezing it lightly.

“There is a reason why I am not killing you, pretty boy. And if you cross your boundaries, I will kill you just the way I promised to do that!”

“Evette, please...” he begged.

She shook her head. “All I wanted was for that silver to be out of my hands and the juniper to be out of yours. And you fell right into the trap. Now, when the juniper completely wears off, I’ll feed on you to regain my strength, just like you asked me to, and you can only pray that I don’t suck your veins clean.”

Her long nails dragged down his soft neck and he shuddered, as she bent down and kissed his neck. “I’ll sink my fangs to this very spot, Cherie! This is where you smell is the sweetest!”

He felt her sharp fangs graze his skin and let out a shaky breath.

“” he stuttered at their proximity.

“I promised what, honey?” she asked, as her hands roamed his body. Roman squirmed under her, as she spoke, and his breath hitched in his throat when her hand found its way to his groin... again.

She began rubbing, this time harsher, all the well, causing more pleasure to him than before. His eyes focused on her amber ones, which stared back at him while pleasure coursed through his body from her hand.

“Tell me, what did I promise, Cherie?”

Roman grunted. She had only promised to not run away. And she was still here, except she was not friendly anymore. Why can’t she be like that? Her strong hands pinned both of his arms above his head pressed to the cushion pillow. He was still shirtless, like last night, and that made it easier for Evette to kiss him all over.

Black and blue ugly flowers with crescent-shaped blood marks defaced the smooth skin on his neck from last night’s throttle, but she kissed each one of them to heal.

“Poor little Roman,” she cooed, “So beautiful yet so foolish.”

Evette slipped her hand under his sweat pants, running her hand up and down his lengthy shaft. She smirked, feeling the hardness under her hand as she moved it. He moaned at the pleasure, squirming under her as she kept her other hand on his bruised neck, holding him in place.

“You want to finish, mon cher?" she whispered seductively, as she kept jacking him off. Roman wondered about how she had the strength to do it, even after all that juniper went inside her body. It was supposed to paralyze her.

But, he couldn’t resist her touching. A part of him wanted to scream and push her hand away but all his body allowed him to do was not move and take everything that the amber-eyed beauty was giving him.

The pleasure was too much to resist.

“Evette, please... ” he begged.

“Please what?”

“Please... don’t stop...” he breathed and she smirked. She pushed down his pants, and his cock sprang up, all the while causing delight to the vampiress.

Her mystic seduction was working wonders in him, and for a man who resisted sex unless it was for love, Roman seemed to be jinxed in Evette’s presence.

His legs began jerking as the orgasm build up inside him. His blue orbs were sealed inside his shut eyelids, and his pink, plump lips stayed parted in pleasure. But instead of quickening the moment, Evette stopped her hand, only to have Roman gasp at her evil self.

“Not today, Cherie!” she said, pulling up sweat pants and rested her hand back on his heaving chest. “You need to be punished for being a bad boy!”

Her hand traveled from his chest onto his arm slowly and gripped it tight. At first, Roman was confused and frustrated that he didn’t get to come, but when her hand tightened even further, his attention shifted to that. Her fingers kept suppressing his flesh, and he groaned at the increasing pain, as she began pressing hard enough to leave a bruise.

“What are you doing? It hurts.” he groaned, but she only smiled at him.

“As it should.”

Her hand tightened further and at this point, Roman was writhing under her in pain. Suddenly, she increased the pressure to its highest extent, and a loud snap reached Roman’s ears, along with sharp, excruciating pain, radiating from his arm.

A scream of pure agony erupted from his throat, as his forearm snapped in two.

“That’s for trying to be smarter than me, mon cher!" she laughed as he screamed in pain. Evette’s cold hands then circled out his throat, squeezing and cutting off his voice. “Making noise will only cause you further pain, Cherie. It isn’t hard for me to break another bone of yours.”

A cold sweat broke out on his body at the thought of another broken bone. He hadn’t even registered this one properly. As she said, she wouldn’t hesitate to kill him. Not one bit. He cursed the heavens above for writing this as his fate.

The affliction was horrible, more horrible than he ever imagined how the highest extend of pain would be, and it began clouding his very senses.

He lied there, unable to move, or speak, as pain flared up from his arm at the slightest movement. His forearm was now two broken pieces of bones, as it lied weakly in a ‘V’ shape. Roman didn’t even know how he could put the two bones in place.

“The next time you try to take me down, think twice!” she said, and then climbed off of him.

Salty, bitter tears began staining his cheeks again, but this time, she didn’t wipe them off. She wasn’t there to wipe them off. He didn’t want her to.

He was so stupid. So stupid to have trusted her. She is a ruthless, manipulative, and sinister creature and all he could hope for was that she leaves him alone. But no, he knew she wouldn’t do that.

From now on, she would hurt him and then find her joy in that. While with every passing day, he would keep losing his sanity.

The pain in his arm didn’t alleviate one bit, no matter how still he kept it. The dried, whitish marks on his cheeks were repeatedly wetted by the tears that kept streaming out of his eyes, every time the pain got unbearable.

The back of his other hand was also covered in his tear stains since he kept wiping the little drops of saltwater that kept leaking out of his blues. Slizzle got so startled when her daddy screamed out in pain when she accidentally climbed on top of his broken arm, and so, all she did was sit silently by his side, purring and comforting him in her own way.

“It hurts, Slizzy....” he sobbed lightly, looking into her sharp golden slit eyes. “Why does it have to be me? What did I do to her to hurt me so much?”

But Slizzle could give him no answer. Instead she purred in reply and Roman sighed. His breath was ragged by now, coming out in long wheezes, as he struggled to inhale the air he needed. Each movement he made felt like a task. And all of them ignited a raging fire in his arm.

And in his bruised throat.

In the exhaustion, his eyelids felt like they were being weighed down by stones. He wanted to stay alert about the creature that lingered in his house, whom he hadn’t seen since she climbed off him after breaking his bone.

Where is she? He wondered, but then prayed that he wouldn’t have to see her ruthless face. Her hands, her teeth, her tongue, her skin, everything, was stained with blood. Blood of pour souls. Blood of people who didn’t know what was coming for them.

He didn’t want to be anywhere near her.

He strained his ears to hear any signs that she was outside or if she had already left him there, to lie in pain. Maybe she did. Why would she care anyway? Taunting and hurting him was all she wanted to do with him anyway.

Slizzle provided him some affection that he craved. Some warmth. But his traumatized self needed something more. Something better. And Slizzle’s little, cat body could only provide a fraction of it to him.

Fatigue took over his sense to stay alert, and his eyelids slowly drooped shut, pulling him deep in unknown darkness that gave him the tranquillity he needed.

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