Blood Bound [Book 1 of the Bound series]

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Sixteenth Blood

No matter how hard his eyes roamed, Roman couldn’t find the familiar amber orbs. He had been so gloomy for the entire weekend after she jumped off his window, and his only hope was to talk to her at school. But now, she was nowhere to be found.

“Mr. Berkshire, would writing about this increase my scores in the test?” asked Kyle, to an absent-minded Roman. “Mr. Berkshire?”

He stood there, staring at the empty seat which was Evette’s. A light tugging on his arm made him turn around, his eyes settling on a pair of worried mocha browns.

“Mr. Berkshire, are you alright?” he asked, but Roman didn’t reply.

It was only when Roman’s eyes fully focused on Kyle’s face, did he regain his composure. He cleared his throat and dug his hands inside his pockets, resuming his dominant stance, and quickly cleared Kyle’s doubt.

The rest of the classes passed without incident, and Roman grew more worried about Evette. She hadn’t shown up in class, and he didn’t know her phone number either.

That’s when it clicked to place.

Once the class was empty, he rushed to his office, and took out the class records from his shelf, quickly shuffling the pages of the thick folder to find Evette’s records.

He let out a sigh of relief and plopped down on his chair to note everything down on his iPad.

Date of birth: September 29, 2003

She had changed the year, of course.

Legal Guardian: Gratien Aubert

He never heard that name.

Roman scribbled down her contact details, including her email and P.O. Box number, and headed to visit the principal, Mr. Lockhart before heading to his apartment.

“Ah, Roman,” he greeted when he saw Roman, “Have a seat.”

Roman took a seat. “You wanted to see me.”

“Yes, I did. You would know one of your students, Evette Bellerose, right?”

Roman stifled a smile.

Better than anyone in the fucking school. He thought. Maybe even the city.

“Yes sir.” He replied.

Mr. Lockhart leaned back on his chair, “Well, I am sorry to say that I received an e-mail from Mr. Aubert today, that Miss Bellerose won’t be attending our school anymore.”

Roman stopped breathing. The tiers on his head began turning and twisting as the line took a second to get processed in his head.

She’s leaving?

“And since you are her homeroom teacher, I thought you should know.”

Of course, I should know. For fuck’s sake, Evette, you didn’t even tell me anything!

“So, she won’t be attending school anymore?” Roman asked.

“We do not know that, and besides, she has been in the school for like only a couple of years, I guess. The girl travels a lot.” He said.

Heck, she’s older than your grandpa, sir.

Roman sighed, “She was a…quiet student.” He said.

Quiet and sinister, with a dark past.

“Indeed she was,” Mr. Lockhart nodded. “Anyways, how is your teaching here going, Roman?”

Roman smiled. “It’s great, sir. The kids can be…tough of course but, they can be tamed.”

“Keep up the good work, Roman.” Mr. Lockhart said, and with that, he was dismissed.

Roman got a coffee on his way back home, sipping it as he drove the car, with one arm. A normal human girl would have found the sight incredibly sexy, and Evette would have too, but alas, she wasn’t here.

She wasn’t anywhere near him.

He debated with himself whether to go to her home, at the back of that cemetery. It all made sense now. She lived near the cemetery for a reason. The undead living next to the dead.

Roman chuckled at the irony.

Although he wanted to go to her place and ask her what happened, he knew better. She was angry when she left his apartment. He couldn’t exactly predict if she wouldn’t rip his head off in a rage.

Evette was unpredictable.

The events of the last time they met raced to his head. When she came to his place, she was blinded by her rage, and almost choked him to death and when she was about to leave, she was tickling him. They were laughing uncontrollably, and Roman had even given her a nickname.

Eve, he called her.

The turn of events.

He had weakened her and tied her on his bed, where she later broke his arm and left him in pain. His heart clenched as he remembered it. He knew that there was something buried deep inside her. Almost all serial killers had a past. A traumatic one. And Evette was a vampire, so she is bound to have one.

All he had to do was bring her good side out, and convince her to stop her murders.

He remembered her smile. Straight white teeth and the sweet voice that erupted from her throat as she laughed. How her mahogany hair fell over her pale face and the mischief that glistened in her golds as she tickled the life out of him. It was so different from the cruel smiles that she gave him before.

It was beautiful.

There was not a crinkle on her face when she smiled. Maybe it’s just a vampire thing. Her skin was hard, hard as marble, yet it was smooth. And as ridiculous as it was, he loved it.

Roman unlocked the door to his place, and Slizzle came running to greet him.

“Hey Slizzy!” he cheered as he picked her small body up, lightly scratching her soft white fur. She purred happily in his arms, and he walked over to the couch.

After spending some time with her, he put some food in her bowl and headed to refresh himself, deciding to take a long hot shower. As the water ran through his naked body, the image of Evette’s marble-like pale fingers wrapped around his cock, rushed to his head.

He bit his lip.

How was she able to give me that intense pleasure just by using her hand? He wondered. Roman remembered the way his back arched when she edged him. The way his fists were clenched until his knuckles turned white, how his thick eyebrows were knitted together in anticipation of what she was about to do next.

Wet, warm fingers closed around his now semi-hard shaft, as the images of the vampiress jerking him off filled his mind. He moaned her name, as he began moving his hand, and the streams of water flowed down his excited body.

“Fuck,” he rasped, when her cold lips touched his tip, suckling gently. Her hands were surprisingly warm when they twisted and turned around his length, and her amber eyes looked up at him as her name kept escaping his mouth in soft whispers.

She began taking more of him into her mouth, her skillful tongue working wonders on his sensitive tip. She switched between sucking and gentle lapping on it before she fully pushed her head forward until his tip hit the back of her throat.

Roman moaned louder, and her fingers lightly dug into his round backside. His eyes were screwed shut, and his pink, plump lips were parted in pleasure as her tongue lapped against the underside of his shaft. He ran a hand through his wet hair, while the other held on to her drenched strands.

The sounds of her gagging and his moans, kneeling down with his cock in her mouth as the water ran down his sculpted body was a sight to see. Her own eyes were sealed shut as she continued pleasuring him. Her fair head bobbed up and down on his shaft, and she used a hand to massage his balls.

Roman’s body began jerking, signaling that he was about to come. She quickened her hand movement and sucked harder on his tip trying to pull out his orgasm. She grew insatiable of his sweet moans, and his hastened breathing. His groans grew louder and his grip on her hair tightened.

“E-Eve,” he choked out, “P-Please”

His breathing hitched and his hip thrust forward, and Evette used her super-speed in stroking his cock faster. Then suddenly, the man moaned the loudest he did, and his body shook as he came, filling the vampiress’s mouth with the warm liquid.


She suckled a few more times until she felt him go limp inside her mouth, skillfully drawing out his orgasm. His chest heaved as he panted, and Evette got to see his oceans when he opened his eyes, but they widened to the size of saucepans when they focused on her.

She… She was actually here.

Words seem to have clogged up in his throat as he saw her, placing little cold kisses on his body, trailing up from his pelvic bone to the top of his chest as she stood up, her thin wet shirt sticking on to her goddess-like body. Roman was so shocked at what just happened, that he lost his stance and began falling backward, but the vampiress in front of him was quick to snake an arm around his waist to pull him flush against her hard body.

“Woah, Cherie,” she chuckled, as he held on to her tightly. Roman blinked a few times, to break the trance from his high, and then it hit him.

Evette just gave me a blowjob!

A fucking blowjob!

“Did you like it, mon cher?” she cooed, as she reached up and kissed his neck, while her hand squeezed his butt cheek.

Roman gasped.

What the hell happened to my control?

Roman seemed to lose himself around Evette. His demeanor was to dominate what was around him, in a good way, and hence becoming a teacher one of the best options for him. But ever since he met Evette, all he did was quiver and shake.

Which was way far away from how he usually was with girls.


“Y-You… You were here?” he choked out, his voice thick with shock.

She nodded, “Yeah… I wanted to see you to inform you about something, but well, you didn’t notice me and proceeded to shower, and then began jerking off to me, I thought I could just help you out. After all, I have denied you two orgasms already.”

That you did.

“Bu-But… how come I didn’t see you?” he asked.

Evette narrowed her eyes and leaned up to his ear. “I’m just good at sneaking around, Cherie,” she whispered, raising chilly goosebumps all over his wet skin. “And you look incredibly sexy when you come.”

Roman wanted the earth to open up and swallow him as a whole. Embarrassment filled his senses, but his hunger for her had only increased even more.

He caught his bottom lip between his teeth, as he gazed into her topaz like eyes. “How did you-” he cleared his throat, “How did you make me feel like that?”

“Like what?”

“Like that. I saw the fucking stars.” He admitted, his blue eyes wide in excitement and embarrassment.

She chuckled, “Good.”

Roman scanned her face for something more but saw nothing but mischief in her golden orbs. Just mischief. And that was as rare as antimatter.

He was used to anger, thirst, and cruelty dancing on the orbs of honey as the light brown streaks that adorned them. But the mischief was something that he still needed experience with.

He now wanted to take charge.

Evette felt his hands on her shoulder, and he pushed her back into the wall, the shower water, messing up his wet hair again. He placed both his hands on the wall, beside either side of her head, his naked body cornering her clothed one.

Her porcelain skin glistened like a doll’s in the water, and her wet hair fell over her voluptuous breasts. Droplets of water ran down her pale neck and disappeared into her cleavage. The shirt she was wearing left little for his imagination. The translucent material allowed his eyes to devour everything that was supposed to be hidden inside the shirt.

“Student,” she whispered, touching her chest, and then placed her hand on Roman’s chest, “Teacher. Remember?”

Roman raised an eyebrow, “I heard that you aren’t my student anymore.”

Evette smiled.

“What happened? And who is Gratien?” he asked.

“I’ll tell you all that tonight.”

“Tell me now,” he insisted but she shook her head.

She placed a hand on his cheek, and Roman found himself leaning to her touch. It wasn’t even warm. He closed his eyes and shuddered when he felt her arm around his waist, pulling him closer to her until their fronts collided.

Their proximity did nothing to weaken Roman’s sexual haze. He wanted her. He wanted this vampiress.

Feeling daring, Roman bent lower and placed his warm lips on her neck.

It took her by surprise, but to his relief, she didn’t budge and allowing him to do whatever he wanted.

It was wrong, she knew. This would lead to the worse. This was not good for Roman. But the man was irresistible. His blue eyes had already captured her heart, like her doe’s chocolate browns did. Her hands twitched to run through his raven hair as it had done to Rowena’s brunette locks. And no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t shake the feeling that this wasn’t the first time she had met him.

Sometime centuries ago, there was someone like him.

“Roman,” she breathed when he sucked her skin, which felt like flexible stones under his tongue. His hands held her sides, kneading her hard skin. The last time, Evette felt anything like this was when she was human.

Sure, she’s had sex countless times, with countless humans and vampires alike, but that was what it was. Just physical intimacy. For pleasure and pleasure alone. And if her partners were human, they all ended up being drained by her dangerous fangs.

She has both dominated and submitted in bed, to men and women who craved her body.

And now here she was, losing control to a human who had the potential to wreck her inside out.

Roman’s hands gripped her under thighs and lifted her, leveling her neck with his mouth. Her pale legs wrapped around his naked waist, and their fronts pressed together, as he ravaged her neck with his lips under the cold shower water.

Whether it was just his lust or if it was something more, she didn’t know.

He lightly bit her skin, and she tightened her legs around his waist. His warm fingers played with the hem of her socked shirt, and Evette was quick to peel off the drenched material from her body, leaving her topless in front of him.

Roman stopped.

His sapphire eyes were darkened further with lust and arousal, and they stared deeply into her topaz ones. They stroked her face with their captivating gaze, absorbing all of her mystic features. She didn’t have one wrinkle on her skin, not one blemish or mole, but smooth skin, pink lips, and dark-rimmed amber eyes.

He brushed his fingertips against the sides of her breasts, noticing her nipples perking up.

“C-Can I… Can I kiss you, Eve?” he asked, testing her nickname again.

Something flashed in her eyes, as though she was recalling a distant memory. He waited for her to bolt out the door, but she remained lifted in his arms, her back resting on the shower wall.

“You’ll want to do nothing with me once you know who I really am, Roman.” She whispered, lightly touching his cheek. “I don’t want you to end up dead, Cherie.

Roman stared at her.

“Am I special to you?” he asked. “If I’ve understood you correctly, you would have ripped my head off the moment I walked in on you on that day. I would have been just another dead body next to Jacob’s. Why do you allow me to do this? What is it that prevents you from killing me, Eve?”

What is it that prevents you from killing me, Eve? She remembered her doe asking this exact question.

She had then replied with ‘Because I love you.’

“If I knew the answer, I would have gone far, far away from you, Roman.” She replied.

Roman frowned, “Why?”

She didn’t reply.

“Why did you run away when I called you ‘Eve’ that last time?” he asked.

“I…I just remembered something back then.” She said and then looked up at the showerhead. “You need to get out of this shower, Roman. You will catch a cold.”

Roman smirked.

“Did you just remind me of my mom, while literally having your boobs pressed to my chest?” he asked, chuckling.

“Uh-huh,” she nodded, jumping down from his arms. She turned off the faucet and began walking out, purposefully swaying her hips when she felt his eyes on her.

But strangely, she then heard him mutter a specific line under his breath. “I got a fucking blowjob from my student.”

Evette smirked.

Roman quickly wrapped a towel around his hips and scurried behind her, his eyes falling on her, drying herself with a towel. She looked ethereal. He stopped walking, and leaned himself on the door frame, observing the beauty in front of him.

Her hair was wet, and so was her soaked pants, which stuck to her sculpted legs, but to his embarrassment, Evette peeled off her pants, now standing nude in front of him.

Roman’s jaw dropped.


He quickly spun around, clearing his throat, and Evette chuckled at his awkwardness.

“Come on, Roman. What’s the big deal?” she chirped.

“You’re changing, Evette.” He insisted but heard her chuckle again.

“Such a kid.”

Roman didn’t like that. He wasn’t a kid. So he turned around again to see a stark naked Evette, looking like one of the ancient nude paintings in museums. He wouldn’t be surprised if she had even modeled for one.

“I swear to god if I get hard again,” he muttered under his breath, oblivious to Evette’s super hearing.

“Umm… you’ll have to take care of yourself, then.” She replied, only embarrassing him all over again. When she turned to look at him, the sight of his red cheeks extracted a giggle out of her.

She fucking giggled!

“Roman?” she called. “I want you to meet me at midnight. By the creek.”


She nodded.

“You’ll tell me why you left the school?” he asked, sounding more like a little curious boy to her rather than her teacher.

She sighed, and discarded the towel she was holding on a nearby chair, and took her long confident strides toward him. Despite being naked, her dominant stance still caused chills to run down his back, although things were way different between them from how they were before.

She wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled him flush against her, earning a gasp from him.

“Are you still afraid of me?” she asked.

He nodded subtly. “I can’t exactly predict when you’ll tighten your hands around my throat again.”

She felt her heart being stabbed with a twitch of sadness.

“I’m sorry I did all that.” She said, but the words felt strange coming out of her mouth. She wasn’t used to apologizing. Evette wasn’t one to apologize and yet here she was.

Roman looked awkward as well.

She reached up and kissed his forehead, before speaking again. “I just wanted to scare you away. But I couldn’t stop myself from coming to you either.”

“Why am I special?”

Evette tsked, “How many times will you ask me this question, Cherie?” she asked. “I don’t know why.”

Roman’s expression remained neutral.

“And I left the school to stay away from you.”

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