Blood Bound [Book 1 of the Bound series]

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Seventeenth Blood

Roman was baffled for the third time that day. But before he could utter a single word, Evette sprinted to his wardrobe and pulled out a pair of his sweatpants and a hoodie, and put them on.

“I’m not returning you these!” she declared and jumped out the window, disappearing into the busy traffic.

What the hell did she mean by staying away from me?

And what’s with her and jumping out my window?

His eyes fell on Slizzle, who stared at the scene before her. While her daddy had a towel around him, the cruel woman who tossed her up and down at any chance she got was stark naked before her.

The confusion was clearly spread across her little fur-covered face.

“Yeah, I am just as confused as you, Slizzy.” He said to her, and changed into a pair of sweatpants, remaining shirtless. All he wanted was to take a shower for ten minutes and contact Evette, and play video games, but the man ended up showering for over an hour, and not to mention that was the best shower he ever had.

But his legs still shook when he walked. It felt like she had sucked all the energy out of him, although he doubted how his energy could pass from his dick to her mouth.

She sucked pretty hard though.

Roman bit his lip at the thought.

He slid into his covers, cuddling Slizzle close to his body, and drifted off to sleep, despite it being just dusk.

Around 10: 30 pm, he woke up with a jolt at the sound of his alarm, finding Slizzle still cuddled up next to him. Some of her white furs littered his chest, which he brushed off before he got off his bed.

To his amusement, Slizzle jumped up at his movement, and stared back at him, her expression suggesting something about her being annoyed at him waking up.

He cleaned his bed off her fur and then proceeded to make some dinner for himself. The breast of a chicken sizzled in his pan while he chopped up some lettuce, and carrots for his salad. Once they were done, he put them all in a bowl, with canned sweet corn, chickpea, and beans, poured some dressing over the mixture, and mixed it all up, before he took the piece of chicken out of the pan.

He could almost imagine Evette making fun of his healthy eating habits.

“Eat something that tastes better, Roman.”

“Like what?”

“For you humans, pizzas, burgers, nuggets or something and for us vamps, good, fresh, warm blood.”

Once he ate all of them, Roman fed Slizzle before he got ready. He pulled on a hoodie and a coat over it, with jeans and a pair of boots. The night was exceptionally cold, chilly winds blowing in a direction that kept messing up Roman’s hair.

He stepped inside his car and fired it up, quickly turning on the heater. The hot air warmed up the interiors, and Roman was taken back to the time when Evette was right in the next seat. The words she said, Now, you’re warm, rang in his ears, bringing a smile to his face.

He never knew that anything similar to the past two months would ever happen in his life.

How messed up was it?

After parking the car, he stepped out, looking around in the darkness for her familiar figure hiding somewhere. But no. Evette wasn’t a normal person who met up with him and patted him on the shoulder as Adrian did. She would hide deep in the dark and then pounce on him when he least expected, just to see him scared.

She was the flame, and I am the moth. He thought.

It was true. True as the moon. For some reason that Roman couldn’t understand, he was immensely attracted to Evette, despite knowing all too well about her deadliness.

He took careful steps forward, expecting the vampiress to pounce on him anytime, but somewhere in the back of his mind, he was also disappointed that she didn’t do it yet.

Maybe it was because of his insane attraction to her.

He was nothing different from Bella Cullen, although he despised the character so much for her naivety. A naïve human attracted to a dangerous vampire. And not to mention, but Evette was nothing like Edward.

The water in the creek was calm and peaceful, which contradicted highly with his state of mind. It was a battlefield of different opinions that his heart and mind kept screaming at him.

He sat down on the grass, cross-legged, and began picking at the grass, while his mind rushed with thoughts.

What if she is leaving for good? The city would be safe, but she would surely kill people where she would stay next. Was it something that I did? Is it because of the juniper incident? But she could have just killed me if I was the issue. What is so special about me that a double century-old vampiress can’t bring herself to snap my neck? What is so special about me that she decided to blow me in my shower? What is so special about me that she allowed to me ravish her neck like that? How did I not lose my control when she took her top off?

The images of a nude Evette started flashing over his mind, and although he tried to keep in mind that she was his student, a part of his mind imagined himself running his hands over her porcelain skin, kneading and kissing the hardness and wanting her to writhe under him in pleasure.

“BOO!” A feminine voice rang in his ears, knocking out his breath. He swiftly turned around, to see the dark goddess shining under the moonlight, a bright, perfect smile spread across her face.

“You scared me!” he gasped, earning a chuckle from her. Her arms held a white cloth and a picnic basket, which she set down before she wrapped her arm around his shoulders and sat down beside him.

“Now, is that a big thing? I scare you all the time.” She said, and Roman rolled his eyes. “You seemed to be in deep thought.”

He shook his head. “It’s nothing.”

You don’t want to know the stuff I was thinking about, Eve!

“I hope you didn’t eat because I brought sandwiches for you.” She mentioned while spreading the white cloth over the grass.

“Actually, I did. Are we going to have a picnic at midnight?” he asked, at the sight of her placing the basket on the cloth. Evette frowned.

“Yeah. And you better eat these sandwiches too because…I worked hard on them.”

Roman snorted as he crawled into the white cloth. “Worked hard on sandwiches?”

She nodded. “They… brought back some distant memories.”

He could sense that the memories she was talking about weren’t too good, but he decided not to push. Maybe she’ll tell them later.

They looked at the water in silence, feeling the cool breeze of the night, as the stars above shimmered down on them. Her amber eyes almost looked transparent as they stared into space, and her skin glowed like quartz when the moonlight reflected off of it.

Not one imperfection littered her skin. She was the perfect depiction of beauty, and maybe that’s why Roman found it so hard to resist her.

He lightly brushed her fingers against the smooth skin on her forearm, feeling marble-like hardness underneath his fingertips but it was soft in its own way. Just like how her neck was.

“Why do you want to stay away from me?” he whispered, gazing into her eyes.

She smiled. “I don’t want you to be in danger, Cherie.”

“You won’t hurt me, Eve.”

Evette smirked, “Are you sure of that?”

He didn’t reply.

“It’s not me.”

He cocked an eyebrow.

She took a deep breath, and twisted her body around, digging her hand into the picnic basket. Two packets of sandwiched clutched in her hand came out, and she handed them over to Roman.

“Eat,” she said.

Roman took them but frowned when he realized that she wasn’t eating anything.

“Don’t you…umm… eat human food?” he asked unsurely.

“You want me to eat as well?”

What kind of a question is that?

“Of course. How can I eat it without you?” he asked, and they both bit into their sandwiches. It was delicious, with a mixture of egg, some shredded vegetables, cheese, and a slice of turkey. “It’s wonderful.”

Evette smiled.

“It was my doe’s favorite.” She said.

Roman stopped munching. “Your doe?”

“My Rowena.”

“Who is Rowena?” he asked.

She inhaled, looking into the distance before answering. “Remember when you asked me who called me ‘Eve’?” he nodded. “It was her. That’s why I got disturbed when you suddenly called me that.”

“Was she your sister?”

Evette chuckled. “God, no. She was far from that. Quite the opposite actually.”


“She was my lover.”

She turned to Roman after she muttered that line, awaiting his response, but for his facial expression seemed to want her to continue.

“I was in England during the 1900s and there I met this girl. Her name was Rowena... Rowena Gardner.” Evette felt strange about the name rolling off her tongue after all these years. “She was so pretty, like you, and had this… big brown eyes, and long brown hair that she always used to put up in a classic bun. She was nineteen at the time.

“I worked as a dress designer for almost all sophisticated families in London, and I was invited to do the wedding dress of Rowena’s cousin. There she got particularly attached to me when I began telling her stories about my work in other parts of the world.”

Roman listened intently.

“And one day, she was walking in their garden at night and she just…walked in on me feeding off their butler, but before she could scream, I stopped her. I remember her being so scared; she was shaking under my hold.” Evette chuckled, sadly, “And I told her to not speak to anyone unless she wanted me to kill her too.”

“Like you did to me,” Roman commented, but Evette gave him a tight smile.

“But she would never leave me alone. Every time she saw me, she would keep asking me about vampires. Curious little one, she was, like you.” She said.

“Do I remind you of her?” he asked, and she nodded.

“Highly. She was smart too but didn’t try to kill me injecting juniper into me, though,” Evette chuckled. “It was like, she was attracted to my danger. Finally, I was so fed up; I took her to my friend Philippe, who is a psychic vampire, to erase her memories. Rowena was so excited to meet another vampire, but Philippe started scaring her, and she hid behind me.

“It was like she believed that I wouldn’t attack her. I would have never done it, but she didn’t know that. I remember her clutching my dress tightly in her small hands; it was like a baby’s. Yet she believed that I would protect her from Philippe if he tried anything.”

From the way, Evette gazed into the distance as she told him her tale, and how tightly she held her fists closed, Roman understood that the story doesn’t end too well. Yet he had no idea why she was saying it to him, despite it being only a couple of months since they met.

Why was she trusting him?

“When she realized that he was about to erase her memories, she began crying and begging me to not do that. I was helpless. I remember looking at Philippe, who was beyond mad at me for revealing too much information to her, and he insisted that it was best for me to kill her. Rowena ran away in fear, and ventured deep into the woods until she found herself lost in the midst of the darkness.”

“You could have stopped her, right?” asked Roman.

Evette smiled, “I followed her, Roman. From a distance. I… wanted to see her scared. But again, she looked so helpless, so afraid, her breathing was messed up, she was crying uncontrollably, and shaking. When she heard my footsteps, she thought that I was some kind of predator, or an animal or something, but I guess she was too weak to run any further. She just laid there, and waited for death.”

“You are way too cruel.” He commented.

“Well, it was like my cruelty faded when I saw her like that. A doe walked to her, lying on the ground like that. When I saw both of them together, for some reason, they looked too similar. Not physically, but you know, innocent, curious, smart, swift.”

“Is that why you called her your doe?” he asked and she nodded.

“That, and because of her eyes. They were these… big, innocent brown eyes, and she was always excited about the simplest of things. I went to her and took her in my arms, and she was so weak, but I remember her smelling delicious. Thank goodness I had just fed back then or else I would have had a hard time resisting her scent.” She said. “She begged me to not kill her and to not erase her memories. Rowena was always curious about everything that surrounded her, and it was only natural for her to know more about my kind too.”

“You have no idea how curious I am about you.” Roman chuckled.

“She was more curious,” Evette remarked. “I took her to her home, and then decided to leave the town as soon as I finished designing her sister Jane’s dresses since it was the marriage season then. But Rowena being Rowena, took that as her chance to be with me for longer. I couldn’t resist her either. No matter how much I wanted to sink my fangs into her neck, something stopped me from doing that.”

“Like I do to you?”

Evette stared back at him and shook her head, “Yours is…different, Roman. With you, it’s,” she leaned forward, and placed her hand on his cheek, “It’s not under my control. But with Rowena, I had a choice. And I chose not to harm her, because I wanted to see her alive.” She said, “I wanted to hear her fascinations about nature’s little beauties, about the birds, the trees that swayed in the breeze, because it made me feel different.”

She inhaled, “I felt happy... watching her.”

Roman smiled softly.

“She used to hurry to pick the most beautiful flowers. And I know that this sounds cringy, but…when she smiled, I felt like I had accomplished something. Eventually, I gave up trying to push her away, and although Philippe didn’t accept, I told her more about us vampires.” She stated, “Her curious eyes were like a fuel to me.”

Evette bit into her sandwich before speaking, but that made Roman realize that he had only had a bite of his.

“She fed the ducks, and gave nuts to the squirrels, and giggled in excitement whenever a squirrel happily picked an acorn from her hands. The girl was excited about the simplest of things, and she listened with fascination whenever I told stories of my travels.” She chuckled. “That was her favorite.”

A cold breeze blew, and Roman shuddered drawing Evette’s attention again.

“Cold?” she asked and he nodded while wrapping his arms around himself. “I could have given you warmth if I was a werewolf, but here,” she handed him her mittens and scarf, “You take them.”

“Wouldn’t you feel cold?”

“My usual body temperature is 10 degrees Celsius, Roman. I wore them for you actually. I knew you would feel cold.” She stated.

Roman’s heart warmed.

“Thank you,” he smiled, taking the garments.

“So, moving on,” she continued, “One day she asked me something. She said that she wasn’t feeling anything for any of the men she had met, her suitors, but kept seeing them like how she saw her brothers. And then asked me if she might have had a disease because she liked another woman romantically.”

“She was lesbian?”

Evette nodded.

“And I didn’t know who this woman was, so I asked her, but she didn’t tell me. I knew what she was talking about, and so I said her that it was not her fault that she was feeling that way. But the moment those words came out of my mouth, she just... blurted out it was me. She liked me.”

Roman smiled.

“I remember the look on her face when I kissed her that day. Her eyes were wide, mouth open… she looked like a deer in headlights. She was fixed on the notion that she was sinning, but I guess she couldn’t stay away from me either.” Evette paused. “Over time, I did the thing I dreaded the most. I fell in love. I fell in love with my little doe, and she did with me.”

“Why do you dread falling in love, Eve?” asked Roman.

“Because the last time I did that, it didn’t end too well.”

“What about with Rowena?”

Evette huffed sadly, “If only she was with me now, Roman.” She said.

Maybe she had to marry someone else and leave Evette.

“We sneaked around together for over six months, and during this time, I used to go to an art studio that Philippe ran. You could call it something similar to a BDSM club or something since in those days, sexual relationships outside marriage or before were taboo. People came to the place to be themselves, and let me tell you; almost all closeted gays of the society were there.”

“Including Rowena?”

Evette laughed, “God no, Rowena was too innocent for a place like that. I could never take her there. But there was someone else there. Her oldest brother Henry. Henry was gay and had a lover called Simon, whom he met almost every day at the studio. I used to go there to draw with Philippe, so I knew about Henry.” She explained. “But Rowena was always afraid about Henry finding out about us, and locking her inside their mansion, but ironically, he himself was one of her kind.”

Roman nodded.

“But he was a homophobe as well. He believed that he was a sinner, while he made love to Simon, all because he couldn’t stay away from him. Just like I couldn’t stay away from my doe. I and Rowena went on picnics, like this, to spend time with each other,” she motioned her hand toward the woven picnic basket. “I used to make these sandwiches for her because she loved them.”

“Can’t blame her. These are great.” He said.

Evette smiled warmly.



“What happened to Rowena?”

A flicker of sorrow flashed in her golds. “She mentioned to me about her mother looking for her suitors, one evening. We were on a picnic like this. Once Jane’s wedding was over, then it would be my Rowena. I didn’t want that to happen. That evening after dropping her off, I went to the studio, to talk to Henry. I asked him to give Rowena to me.”

“What did he say?”

“He said no.”

Roman almost sensed what might have happened next, but to his relief and strangely, disappointment, her answer was contrary to what he expected, but nevertheless, better.

“Did you kill him?” he asked.

She shook her head. “I killed Simon, in front of him.”

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