Blood Bound [Book 1 of the Bound series]

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First Blood

I know that this story might be a little fast in the beginning but please bear with me. And it is written in both the characters’ POV at the same time since it is written in the third person.

Roman stretched in his bed. His muscles tightened and then relaxed as he reached his body from one end to another of his bed. The blaring alarm had waked him up with a jolt, so his heart was still beating right in his mouth. Releasing a loud sigh of relaxation, he grabbed his phone from the bedside table.

6: 30 am.

It was almost time.

Today was the first day of his job. And he was beyond excited to join. A dream since he looked up to his wonderful English teacher in high school, all he wanted was to become a teacher just like the one that he looked up to.

And he couldn’t wait to see all the wonderful faces that he’d be teaching from now.

He took a quick shower, the warm water softening his tense muscles, and then dressed up, in a perfectly ironed dress shirt and black suit, that he had newly bought for his first day. He blow-dried and styled his hair, and then rushed to his kitchen, quickly making some toast and eggs for breakfast. Draining all of them with some black coffee, he grabbed his bag and exited his apartment.

He drove through the massive school gate and into the school ground filled with people, busily rushing their way into the building. Sweaty, athletic boys played basketball on the court at the far left side of the massive campus, while many girls were seen admiring them, with their heavily decorated phones.

But many other students, dressed in comfy clothes, sat on the bleachers, some of their eyes focused on a book or the game. The drifts in the types of kids these days brought an amused smile across Roman’s face.

Upon reaching his destination, he pushed open the glass door and was met with the sight of the usual morning hassle of a typical high school. The excitement and nervousness turned him giddy to see all the students that he might possibly teach from today on. He visited the principal, exchanging greetings, and taking his schedule.

After meeting two of his colleagues and exchanging greetings with them as well, Roman proceeded to make his way toward his first class. The rushing, banging bodies of the hyperactive students collided with his, for most of them mistook him to be a new kid, oddly wearing a suit to school.

“Hey, new kid!” yelled out a boy, who looked like he was one of the bad boys of the school. Typical styled hair and head to toe black.

Every school had one of those.

And Roman’s first impression of him was definitely not what any good student wanted.

Roman ignored him and proceeded to move forward, but he was too focused on reading the rest of the schedule, that he hadn’t noticed the person right in front of him. His movement was again interrupted when he bumped into something incredibly cold and hard and turned his head to meet a pair of captivating, amber eyes.

Of course, he was startled, but what shocked him, even more, was that it was a person. He thought he bumped into a statue, and not an actual person who had dropped whatever stuff she was holding in her pale arms.

“I’m so sorry...” apologized the person, with her bold, somewhat powerful voice.

Her long straight brown hair fell on her pale, bare shoulders, and Roman’s eyes traveled from her beautiful ambers to her pink lips that highly contrasted with her unnaturally pale skin. The bronze contour of her cheekbones complimented her pale cheeks, the way her thick eyelashes did to her eyes.

“Are you okay?” she asked and he quickly nodded, ashamed of himself for staring at someone who could potentially be his student.

Bad Roman!

He scolded himself, as the brown-haired beauty, bent down and began picking up her books from the ground. Roman bent down as well, helping her pick them up but when her hands brushed against his, he almost flinched at how cold they were.

“Are you new here?” she asked and he nodded, but didn’t mention that he was a teacher. But she also didn’t look at him weirdly, even if she had mistaken him to be a student, wearing a suit to school. “Thank you...” she said, once he had handed all of her books to her.

Her eyes screamed distress, to him and she seemed like she was in a hurry.

The girl bid goodbye and walked away to her locker while he shook his head, pushing away any unwanted thoughts from his mind. He happily resumed walking to his class, internally giddy upon seeing the handful of students already sitting in the class.

He greeted them, but to his sheer disappointment, only two of them greeted back. And there were ten in total.

He gently placed his bag on the table and seated himself, quickly revising the material that he planned to teach today. After all, he had an impression to make. The students made their way, one by one, or group by the group into his class, but Roman decided to look up from his book only once his watch showed 8:00 am.

The shuffling of feet, idle talk, and greetings among the students, all reached his ears but they all just as easily was paid no heed. Finally, when his watch showed that it was time, he lifted his head to see a full class. A bright smile spread across his face.

“Good morning!” he greeted them. He noticed the boy that had catcalled him earlier, an embarrassed expression covering his face. The students greeted him back as well, especially the girls, very enthusiastic to have such a good looking teacher this year. His mesmerizing blue eyes never failed to capture hearts, anyway.

He turned around, facing the whiteboard, and wrote his full name on the board, as a manner of introducing himself.

“My name is Roman Berkshire but you guys can call me Mr. Berkshire or sir. And I’ll be teaching you English,” he said in an authoritative voice. He noticed full big smiles spread across the girls’ faces and on some boys as well, but what caught his eyes, even more, when he looked into the crowd of students was a pair of bothered amber eyes.

The very ones that he had seen a short while ago but this time, those pink lips were covered with long, pale fingers. They looked highly distressed.

“Are you okay, Miss?” he asked her, but to his relief, she nodded her head. But he would be lying if he said that the nod didn’t seem forced though. And he really didn’t want a student to be sick on his first day.

Often, kids think that teachers aren’t affected when a student rushes to the clinic. But in reality, they hate to not be able to teach one student, even if another thirty are already present.

“Okay, how about we all start by introducing ourselves?” he asked and the class nodded, “Starting with you!” he pointed at the boy right at the front and foremost desk.

Although Roman tried to memorize many of the names, the ones that stayed in his mind were the first one, the one of the girl who showed too much skin, a boy who looked like he was genuinely interested in English, and finally, the girl’s he longed to know.

Evette Bellerose.

She remained silent throughout the period, although Roman asked the class multiple times if everything was clear to them. But what concerned him was that she looked very uncomfortable.

The blondie who looked like she needed an extra layer of clothing, whose name was Lucy, asked him numerous doubts, many of which were pretty irrelevant. She was definitely one of those rich, spoiled girls who flirted plenty with the male kind.

Roman successfully completed his first class, which lasted satisfyingly long for him but while the students were leaving, he did notice the boy, dressed in a black leather jacket, jeans, and boots, running behind Evette.

Bad boys didn’t usually go behind the girl, the girls went behind them. Maybe the case was different here.

And throughout the day, he noticed him behind her in the hallways as well. But she didn’t seem to pay any heed to the boy, and for some reason, that relieved Roman. It was the first day of his job, and a student had taken over his concern for her.

“Oh please!” huffed a blonde girl, rolling her eyes. “You seriously think vampires exist? That man must have been killed by a psychopath who drains blood or something!”

“Well, Bella didn’t know vampires existed until she met Edward.” another one shrugged.

“Twilight is fictional shit, Hayla! And vampires are not real!” declared the blonde one but the conversation had already caught Roman’s attraction.

He decided to make a statement.

“What if something like them is there? Or were there? Something at least remotely similar to them?” he asked the girls, who turned their heads to him.

“Mr. Berkshire,” the blond one, Lucy, breathed, quickly stepping forward to speak. “That would be so dumb of you to believe in that bullshit.”

Roman smiled. “Firstly,” he began, “watch your language with me, and secondly, do you believe in god?”

Lucy gawked at him. “Of course, I do!”

“Have you seen him?” he asked but the girl shook her head. “Then what makes to declare that something that you haven’t seen, doesn’t exist?”

“You believe in vampires?” she asks back, an action which Roman found very disrespectful. A student was supposed to answer the teacher’s question first, not ask another one back.

“I’m not saying that I believe in them, but neither do I tell that they don’t exist. And that is my take towards God as well. He may be there, or he may not.” he shrugged.

It was true. He wasn’t an avid believer but he wasn’t an atheist either. He always kept it neutral, despite having a highly religious mother.

But the recent cases of murders with bodies found drained completely of blood, has been bothering everyone, including Roman. And so, the last one, in which a thirty-four-year-old man’s body was found in an alley, drained completely of blood, was the main topic of talk among both students and teachers alike.

Roman hadn’t made any friends at work so he didn’t have ‘the talk’. Yet.

The rest of the day ended smoothly and Roman was contented with how his first day at school went. As a teacher. Many students liked his gentle, friendly nature, and interesting way of teaching but many liked him for his striking looks as well.

He was very easy on the eyes.

Six feet tall, with black hair, fair skin, and hypnotizing electric blue eyes, he was drooled over by many girls at college. College was when he had his glow up. In high school, he was one of those boys, who had braces and ruffled hair, which fit all the description of ugly in high school. But he wasn’t ugly at all. Instead, he looked exactly like how a teenage boy in his developing stage should look like.

But now, his handsome looks and his warm, gentle smile was more than enough to capture hearts.

Roman went back home, very happy, and satisfied with his first day. He called his mom, and told her everything about how the day went, and then went out to celebrate by getting his favorite drink. Getting a Mocha Frappuccino was his own little way of celebrating any good thing that happened in his life.

And that was anything. The frappuccino came first when it came to any celebration.

But these days, every time he went out, a lingering nervousness about the recent news had been troubling him. He strictly avoided dark alleys or any abandoned places for that matter. Most of the bodies were found in such places anyway. One was even found on top of a tree and that was the one that disturbed Roman the most.

People had no remorse in viciously killing these days. And he sincerely hoped that nothing as such would happen to him or the people he knew.

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