Blood Bound [Book 1 of the Bound series]

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Third Blood

The bronze-haired girl had occupied Roman’s thoughts for the rest of the weekend. He wondered about why she was so different from the others, be it in the way of thinking, her interests, and even her entire lifestyle.

When people were concerned about themselves and praying that the culprit may be caught, Evette pointed out that it wasn’t hard for such people to commit crimes, and the environment in which they lived only prompted them to do it.

And what shocked him the most was the report of another murder, right on the night when he had dropped her off. The exact same, drained of blood and left in the dark, and no sign of injury. When he saw the news, it had startled the life out of him.

He had been out that night alone, moreover, Evette had been walking all by herself in that dark. What would have happened if he had not taken her with him?

Adrian phoned him seconds after he had heard the news, sounding beyond afraid and even angry. He was angry at the fact that innocent people were being murdered without reason and the police weren’t able to find the killer, despite this being the eighth murder in the past two months. The frequency was increasing with every passing week.

And he was afraid because he didn’t want to end up like one of those souls, laying bare of blood on the street.

Once they hung up, Roman’s cat, who he had named Slizzle climbed on his bed.

“Why’re these people dying Slizzy?” he asked her, who paid no attention to him and began licking herself. He sighed and turned back to grab a book to read, but as soon as he opened it, his mind wandered off somewhere else.

Somewhere he didn’t know why his mind kept racing into.

And it was so wrong, so very wrong to think of her that way, but the amber-eyed girl just would not leave his mind. She held on to his head like tangled Velcro, refusing to detach and leave him.

She was his student. And at least seven years younger than him. How could he think of her that way? Wouldn’t he be committing a sin? A grave sin?

They had barely talked a few times, but in the times they did, she proved to be an intelligent and smart girl, who preferred to keep her company to herself. Roman was eager to know more. A lot more about the girl. Where were her parents? Why doesn’t she have a guardian? Why wasn’t she acting up against the boy who was harassing her?

On Monday, when he went to school, students and staff alike wouldn’t cease talking about the incident of the weekend. This one was surprising because the body was found in the middle of the road, unlike alleyways or trees. And the autopsy report claimed that the murder had taken place just mere minutes before the body was found.

Roman’s first instinct upon reaching class was to look for Evette. And once his eyes spotted her, head bend low and buried in a book, an inexplicable relief washed over him. He sighed before greeting the class, and sitting down on the chair, waiting for the rest of the students to make their way inside.

His eyes were focused on a head, with straight brown hair. No matter how much he scolded himself and turned away, his eyes would eventually make their way to settle on her. They longed to see her pools of honey, but they were directed at little stamped words engraved onto the pages of whatever book she was reading.

When the class was finally full, Roman was glad to see those ambers again, and he continued teaching. The blondie Lucy kept asking several irrelevant questions, but Roman eventually began enjoying them as well, because she added that touch of humor into the class, which he was not sure about being intended or not.

But she really needed to wear more clothes.

By the end of the day, he had managed to complete whatever portions he had intended to complete that day and was relieved to start new portions the next day. But again, while leaving, he did notice Jacob with Evette yet again.

He drove back home and took a long relaxing bath, treating himself to the fullest until Slizzle decided to come and nag his naked self on the tub. And when he finally got out, she stood there, staring at him through her slit gold eyes.

Roman sighed.

“I am changing, Slizzy. Mind giving me some privacy?” he asked her but she stood there, unmoving. “What?”

No response.

“You’re just gonna stand there, staring at my dick or what?”

Her white head snapped away only to look back at the organ he had just mentioned. Roman smiled at his sneaky little cat, and pulled up his pants, picking her up and walking to the living room.

Setting her down, he grabbed her food and put some on her bowl. Once he was done, Slizzle eagerly began devouring her bowl of food, and Roman understood why she had been stalking him the whole time he was in the bath.

Since he had completed the one book in the class, he had decided to take another one of his favorites, ‘Pride and Prejudice’.

He wanted to prepare for the class and began pulling out the required books from his bag. But unfortunately, no matter how much he searched through his bag, shelves, or coffee table, he couldn’t find the most required one.

He couldn’t find his copy of the book. The vague memory of him taking it out in class after dispersal rushed to his mind, and he sighed regretfully.

“God, I must have left it there,” he murmured, while a very concerned Slizzle, started purring loudly. “I have to go back to school, Slizzy.”

And that meant being alone on the road at night.

But Slizzle climbed on top of him and settled herself on his warm chest, ignoring the line he had just said. Roman felt the rising and falling of her chest on his thigh and waited for a few more minutes until she fell asleep, carefully setting her down on his couch.

He got downstairs and lazily entered his car, his heart racing in his chest at the prospect of being alone at night, again. Driving to the school, he stopped at the gate and was relieved to see another human’s presence although he wondered about how he was staying there unafraid.

It’s his job. Maybe, he doesn’t have a choice.

The security was confused as to why the young teacher was here at such a late hour, but Roman was let in and he started making his way toward his office.

The dark hallways were abandoned and he felt so strange walking through them since mere hours ago, those very hallways were crowded with people. The silence of the hallway disturbed him since the familiar recent news kept rushing to his head, although he tried to block it off.

It’s school. Who can be here?

He tried to convince himself, but well, sometimes the mind doesn’t work the way we want it to. Even the slightest of his footsteps echoed from the walls, as he walked forward. Taking a shaky breath, he pushed open the glass door, whose rubber stoppers dragged across the sleek floor, making a very loud and creepy, creaking noise.

Walking into the darkroom, Roman didn’t waste another second in turning on the lights that hit him straight in the eyes blinding them. Blinking a few times to adjust his vision, he made his way to an empty desk of his.

Although he rummaged through his drawers, he couldn’t find the book. Frustrated, he opened up the shelves that he hadn’t touched till now, hoping that someone might have found it and put it in there, but even there he found nothing.

Deciding to check it in the classroom he had taken his last lesson of the day, Roman made his way to the room, which was located at the far end of the hallway. His steps were quick and long since all he wanted was to get back home with his book and sink into the warmth of his sheets and cat.

Through the little piece of glass, Roman caught the sight of a book lying on the table and he pushed the door open, relieved to find his book.

“There you are!” he whispered, inaudibly.

But he wasn’t the only person in the room.

The gurgling noise of liquid reached his ears, and Roman’s head quickly snapped in its direction, his heart racing. His soul left his body at the sight of a woman, bend over a person, her face buried into his neck.

The boy’s familiar eyes were lifeless, but his body was still twitching. Roman’s startled oceans of blues moved to settle on the strikingly familiar brown-haired woman, whose blood-red orbs were now staring into his very soul, her fangs dripping with fresh, crimson blood.

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