Blood Bound [Book 1 of the Bound series]

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Fourth Blood

I know the chapters I write are short. But I don’t know why, the most I can write is up to 2500 words per chapter. And if it exceeds that, well, pat me on the shoulder.

A blink of an eye was barely required after that for Roman to feel himself being harshly and violently thrust backward, his back colliding forcefully with the wall behind him. He didn’t even move forward with the strong impact because a cold, marble-like arm was pressing him to the wall, with the potential to crush his chest if they increased the force a little bit. But Roman’s eyes were focused on the pair of angry blood red ones, merely inches away from his face.

“E-Evette...” he quaked at her, his heart right inside his mouth. She in turn hissed at him, giving him a clear display of her dagger-like fangs dripping with blood. Her face relaxed as she studied his familiar one and smirked, seeing his fear. Darting her tongue out, she licked off the blood that covered her lips, an action that had nearly nauseated Roman.

He couldn’t even breathe. The pressure her stone-cold arm exerting on his chest was so much, that even if a unit of it increased, it would definitely break his ribs. All that came out of his throat was distressed wheezes.

Long, hard, and chilling cold fingers wrapped around his throat, where Evette could feel her new teacher’s warm blood, rushing through his vein. His scent overwhelmed her sharp senses, but at the same time, something strong inside her prevented her from sinking her fangs into his creamy flesh.

She didn’t hear his wheezes. She didn’t hear his pleas. All she heard was his heart wildly pumping is warm blood through his veins.

But the fear in his blues that reminded her of the oceans she had crossed made her giddy inside. She loved it. She loved seeing the fear in her preys’ eyes. It made her feel proud and powerful, like the creature she was.

And boy, she did scare people.

It was a complex emotion. Fear. It devoured your senses, and thoughts and could take over your life. It was the fear that reflected in her prey’s eyes that turned on Evette’s switch. She believed that the fear that mixed with the blood made it taste better.

His scent had overwhelmed her from the very start. And it was only days after which she learned to control her thirst in front of him. But now, she brought her face close to his neck, her mouth, watering at the delicious smell.

At this point, Roman was sure that he would be dead, just like that boy, lying a few feet away from him. Jacob. He was fully clad in black, just like he saw him the morning, but now, all Jacob was, was a lifeless body.

“Mr. Berkshire...” she cooed at him, as though he was a fragile little creature, which he was, compared to her. Roman trembled at her cold voice, chills running through his body.

Her innocent face had fascinated him since they first met. It had refused to leave his mind. Her pink lips, her amber eyes, well-structured jaw and chin, all sculpted as though done by skilled hands, on white marble. But now, the deepest, darkest form of hers that was buried beneath the innocence surfaced on her face, the sparkles of crimson instead of ambers and spikes of fangs instead of normal teeth decorating it.

“Y-You..” he stuttered, unable to find words to speak.

Evette smirked. “Not a word about this to anyone, Berkshire.” she turned her head to the body lying behind her, “You wouldn’t want to know what will happen if you do.”

“I-I can’t breathe!” Roman choked out, and Evette immediately released her hold on him. He began coughing and inhaling sharply, trying to regain his normal breathing.

The vampiress studied his perfectly built physique, as she took a step back from his overwhelming scent. It was hard but could control herself. After all, she did have years of experience. As much she wanted to taste his blood, she didn’t want to hurt him. And she knew that if she got as much as even a drop of his blood, it would result in her sucking his veins clean.

Besides, she was full for now.

Roman panted, afraid to look back at his student. He took steps backward, trying to put as much distance as possible between them. But he didn’t even get to gasp when he felt himself being violently pushed back into a chair that collided with a wall.

The room was dead silent. There was no sound, except for Roman’s wheezes and heavy breathing, and the little choking sounds and gulps he was making. But the vampiress heard more. She felt more. She saw much more.

Evette took slow, intricate steps towards him, observing each of his astonishing features that ranged from his wavy dark hair that sat on the top of his head, to his now paling fingertips, which were pressed hard on to the armrest of the chair. Her gait was perfect, with her bare, pale legs, taking calculated steps toward the young teacher. Upon reaching his seated self, she gracefully climbed over him, both her marble-like legs resting on either side of his hips.

The proximity between him and the supernatural creature in front of him was making Roman even more afraid. But alas, he could do nothing about it.

He had forgotten the fact that she was his student, who was now sitting on his lap. All he had in mind was that she was a killer. A ruthless, vicious murderer who had just killed one of his students. His heart clenched at the thought.

She leaned in, their faces mere inches away from each other. Her manicured nails grazed along the side of his face, as she dragged them down his chiseled jawline and his chin, lifting his head further up to meet her eyes.

“Scared?” she smirked at him, trailing her fingers down his warm neck, and resting the pads of her two fingers right over his jugular. Roman nodded, subtly.

“What are you?” he breathed.

Evette sighed. “What creature you know drinks blood, Mr. Berkshire?”

“Vampire,” he answered almost immediately and Evette smiled.

“There. You have your answer.”

The intensity of fear spread across his face fuelled the fire inside her. She grabbed his throat, and his eyes widened again, as she tilted his head backward.

“Why are you here now, Roman?” she asked.

In answer, his fear-stricken blue eyes flickered over to the table, where the book lay, unattended.

“You came to take your book.” She breathed in realization, smiling back at him. If her eyes weren’t red, and if she didn’t have those two, dagger-like fangs, and if he hadn’t just walked in on her sucking someone’s blood off, that smile would have been the sweetest one she gave.

But no, cruelty screamed with it.

She could hear Roman’s heart further picking up speed as she gracefully got off him, picked up the thing he came here for in the first place, and handed it over to his trembling hands.

“Leave,” she ordered him.

A confused Roman looked down at his book and then back at her, wondering how on earth had his copy of ″Pride and Prejudice’ led him to an encounter with a vampiress, who also, happened to be his student.

He weakly stood up, his eyes fixed on a smirking Evette by his side.

“Leave, mon cher. And speak of this to no one.” she reminded him bluntly. Before beginning to move out the door, he looked over at the dead body of the student he had taught today, feeling immense remorse.

Jacob was a spoiled kid but he didn’t deserve that. No one ever deserved that.

He wanted to ask her about why she killed him but then decided against it, fleeing out the door, without turning back. The alertness he had, that she might follow behind him and sink her fangs into his neck lingered with Roman, all the way back home.

Reaching home, he let out a breath that he didn’t realize that he had been holding and crawled onto his bed, shaken from the experience but also confused about why she didn’t murder him. That would have been a better way of keeping her secret, wouldn’t it? Then why didn’t she do that?

Slizzle sensed that her daddy had come back home, and so she crept under the sheets and into his warmth, snuggling herself against his chest.

“I just saw a vampire, Slizzy,” he whispered to her and she meowed at him, because all that concerned her was having a good sleep under his warmth, and not his life story.

Roman couldn’t sleep that night. He twisted and turned with his cat, occasionally even hallucinating Evette staring down at him through her cruel blood-red eyes. Every time he closed his eyes, the image of her fascinatingly cruel self appeared.

Eventually, he fell asleep from exhaustion only a couple of hours before dawn.

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