Blood Bound [Book 1 of the Bound series]

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Sixth Blood

Weeks passed like that, with Roman taking his classes without interaction with a vampiress. And soon, the city began waking up to lightly snow-laden streets that signaled that the cold time of the year had arrived.

The roads were clear, rough, and black, worn out with the ages of wheels running over them incessantly for the past years. Pavements looked like they were iced with powdered sugar, and the sound of shoes rubbing against gravel filling the cool air.

Students huddled in groups around the school compound, where the cold air stood and blew. Roman was very sensitive to cold. He covered himself with a trench coat, scarf, and mittens, over the neatly tucked in dress shirt and trousers, each day he arrived at school. And he only took them off, once the warmth of the heaters inside the building hit his skin.

Although his classes went smoothly, a certain blood-sucking female always used her chances to scare Roman, whether it is taunting him about killing one of the students or even himself.

He was never entirely sure when she would make him her meal but was grateful for each day that she didn’t.

As a result, lingering alertness always stood at the back of his head, which only lifted once he reached into the safety of his apartment.

Opening the door to his apartment, Roman plopped himself on the couch, lying down, exhausted after a tiring day. He covered his eyes with his arm, blocking off the daylight that was shooting from the window, and let out a long sigh of exhaustion. Slizzle came running to him, quickly climbing up and settling herself on his chest.

“Did Slizzy miss daddy?” he asked, and she purred happily.

He chuckled lightly petting her soft, white fur, telling her everything about his day at school. When he took a warm shower later, it relaxed his muscles, and the fogged up cubicle was filled with the melody of his sweet voice, humming carelessly.

Such moments were what Roman cherished. Moments in which he forgot about his problems, or stress. Moments in which he enjoyed the present.

That was a lesson he learned as a teenager. In this era where people forget to live while rushing to make their lives better, Roman often sought moments in which he could forget the outside world and reality, and immerse himself in the tranquillity that feeling the present provided.

And he discovered that the best place for that was the shower, besides a silent coffee shop.

His naked self stepped out of the bathroom and wrapped a thick towel around his waist as he got out into his room, dripping wet.

What do I do now? He thought as he pulled up a t-shirt and sweat pants, not bothering to wear his briefs. Restraining his perfectly build organs was suffocating, and he wanted to let them breathe for a while.

When he made his way to the kitchen to make some tea before starting his work, he found that night had already fallen. That’s how long he took showering.

Sipping on a relaxing cup of tea, he sat down on his couch ready to start his work but paused when he saw Slizzle, awkwardly standing, in front of him her forelegs straight as wood and ears raised high in an alert.

“What happened, Slizzy?” he asked.

She meowed at him, paw raised, and then began staring somewhere behind him. “What is it, huh?” he asked her again, this time-bending down and picking up her tiny body in his hands.

Her meowing intensified but her golden eyes were fixed somewhere behind him. Instinctively, Roman turned around on his seat only to be met with a sight that had his heart stop beating.

There she stood, in all her glorious beauty, clad head to toe in glossy black as she gave him a dangerously sweet smile.

"Bon Soir, mon cher!" she greeted him, as Roman sat frozen in his spot. The only place where he felt safe and sound, and away from the treacherous sparks of her mere presence, was his apartment. And seeing her standing right inside his safe bubble, he felt like the first time all over again.

Clutching his pet tight, he began crawling back toward the end of the couch in fear. Evette stood there, amused at the dread that was spread across her teacher’s face.

“Look at you, all scared and holding on to a little pussy!” she teased, but Slizzle wasn’t having any of it. She meowed back at Evette, whose amber eyes slowly began being flooded with crimson. The transition was so gentle and slow and for a second, Roman’s blues were fixed onto the beauty of it, when the blood in her system stirred and mixed with the honey in her irises, turning it into the scary scarlets. “I’m thirsty, Mr. Berkshire. Would you mind if I fed on your cat?”

Roman’s eyes went wider than they were before.

“But wouldn’t you taste better?” she smirked and Roman began to accept that this was his last day. She hadn’t drained him for so long, maybe now she was done playing with him.

Now she’ll kill me.

His mind began racing to his mother, who always longed to see her son, no matter how many times he called or face timed. The woman lived alone, and the only hope and love she had was her son, and his heart wrecked at the thought of his mother learning about his death.

How will she ever live?

The monster walked closer, climbing on the couch and crawling over him, just like a predator seeks its prey. The sound of his wildly beating heart and labored breaths reached her ears and she smiled widely. Two long fingers of her pinched the white, thick, furry skin on Slizzle’s neck and yanked her out of Roman’s hands, throwing her away from them.

“I’m thirsty....” she breathed, her ice-cold breath fanning his skin.

“’re going to k-kill me?” he stuttered and Evette laughed heartily.

She leaned in, burying her face into his neck and inhaling his delicious scent as she moaned. As much as she wanted to plunge her fangs into his soft, creamy flesh, suck the deliciousness of his body, that would mean she wouldn’t be able to play with him anymore.

She wouldn’t see his fear upon seeing her again.

She wouldn’t be able to taunt him and then laugh about it.

So she puckered her cold lips and placed a little peck on his neck, Roman shuddering under her as she rose, smiling widely at him.

“Not today, mon cher," she cooed, as she gently cupped the side of his face. “But I am still thirsty, and I wanted to show you how I feed.”

His saliva caught in between the slits of his vocal cords on hearing that.

“And I decided to get the little brat Lucy tonight. She smells really good. Moreover, she’s been irritating mon cher in class as well!”

No matter how much a student irritated a teacher, they would never wish death upon them. And Lucy had done nothing but be driven by her hormonal teenage instincts. She never deserves to be killed. No one deserves to be killed.

Protests began running out in strings from his mouth as Evette was about to hop off him, grabbing her ice-cold wrists and begging her.

“Please,” he begged. “I can’t have another one of my students dead and not be able to speak a word about it!”

“But I’m thirsty!”

“Lucy is a human, Evette! You can’t just go around killing innocent people!” he argued.

“I’m thirsty.”

“I can...” his thoughts raced to better way vampires can feed. “I can get blood bags from the hospital. I will steal them if that’s what you want.” He pleaded. “Don’t kill Lucy.”

“I crave fresh, warm blood, mon cher!” seductiveness flowed out of her tongue. That was another tactic of hers. Or any vampires for that matter.

Their impeccable beauty came in very handy when it came to seduction. And all of them were blessed with the talent to do it professionally, regardless of their sex. They would seduce, have mind-blowing sex, and then feed on the humans, once the fun was over.

And she could easily do that to Roman. She could easily seduce him and let him have the time of his life with her. Sex with a vampire was nothing like sex with humans. After a single session, he would be crawling to her for more. They would crave for anything the vampire gave them afterward. Even their fangs. And that’s what put them at risk.

As much as she loved taunting and traumatizing him, she didn’t want sex with him to end the way it would with another human.

“Feed on a lion or something for the forest. Stop attacking humans!” he spat.

Her red eyes blazed with anger, and she grabbed his throat, encircling her long fingers around it tightly.

“I can and I will show you how!” she hissed and the air began rushing past his body. He felt something crack and shatter before the lights of his apartment disappeared within a blink of his eyes. The cold night air slapped on his skin, chilling him to the bone as he was wearing nothing but a thin t-shirt and pants.

He felt the wind blow past his now ice cold ears, and there wasn’t even a hardness beneath the soles of his feet. They were dangling in the air, very much like the rest of his body was. Something horridly tight clutched his upper body close to a statue like one and he could barely breathe under its strength.

His hands wound tightly onto the arm that was holding him, finding it hard and cold, and he felt like he was being carried by one of those marble statues in Greece. Roman’s breaths came out as labored wheezes, air flying inside his mouth, and blowing up his skin. His eyelids dropped shut at every attempt to lift open, as the speed of cold air, irritated the warmth inside his cornea, every time he tried to take a glance.

Roman felt his back collide with something incredibly hard, and all the air was knocked out of his lungs. Ice like fingers wrapped around his throat and his head was harshly pushed backward, the back of his skull hitting the wall.

“Now, you will stay silent and watch the show, mon cher! I’ll show you just how I attack filthy humans!” she growled in his ear. A cold metal like thing was pulled out, and it arched around Roman’s waist, its edges pinning to the wall, preventing his moving.

The metal band pinned him to the brick wall and Roman wondered to where she pulled that thing out from.

“What are you doing?!” he cried out.

“Lucy is going to come out of that alley. And I need you to keep quiet okay, mon cher?” she whispered sadistically into his ear, while she covered his mouth with her hand tightly.

Everything inside him struggled under her, his mouth unable to produce understandable words as her stone-like hand was pressed firmly onto his lips. Her blood-red eyes looked into the alley, waiting impatiently for her prey to show up.

Roman made noises, struggling noises, attempting to beg her to not do this. She paid no heed to him.

The clinking of heels reached his ears and he began struggling harder, but Evette used another hand to grab his throat tightly, cutting off his voice. As he helplessly stood there, unable to move or speak, a familiar face that annoyed him multiple times previously showed up from the dark.

She happily clank her heels, her sultry blonde hair and dress shinning under the dim light. Absorbed in a river of happiness and excitement of the night she had just spent with a handsome stranger from the club, she swayed her hips as she walked, unaware of the deathly monster that was awaiting her.

Evette grabbed a cloth and in the time period of barely a split second, harshly shoved it into Roman’s mouth.

“Now you’ll see...” she whispered, ever so slightly, and then, Roman couldn’t see her or feel her.

He saw a sharp movement; the sounds of someone choking met his ears and Roman turned his head to see, Lucy, dangerously held in a headlock between Evette’s arm.

“Ee-kr-rr” she choked out in shock, unable to form words due to shock and the pressure exerted on her throat. The fragile blondie didn’t even who or what was holding her like this, or where the creature had come from, but her eyes widened when she saw her teacher trapped onto a brick wall in front of her.

“Come on, Lucy. Why are you keen on annoying Mr. Berkshire?” a sharp voice asked her but all poor Lucy could do was weakly slap Evette’s sculpted arms. The cold and cruel breath of hers raised goosebumps all over her smooth skin, as vicious words spilled from her mouth. “He is such a good teacher and yet you make your move on him. Just like you do to the other assholes at school.”

Roman’s muffled noises kept fading into the night’s cold air, as he helplessly stood and watched.

“He can teach in peace if you died.”

Lucy’s eyes widened. She didn’t even get the time to process what was happening when sharp fangs sank into her soft flesh, piercing pain spreading into her body. Her scream was muffled by Evette’s hand, which was pressed into her mouth tightly.

Her teacher’s screams were blocked by the cloth that covered his mouth. He was helpless. Absolutely helpless. He could see the life draining out the blonde girl, and her killer’s eyes closed in ecstasy. The gurgling sound of her blood was faint, but Roman could still hear it. It made him sick.

Evette was growing high, high on blood that she hadn’t got since that day when Roman first saw her. Her hands roamed around Lucy’s now fragile body, holding it in place until she drained every bit of her blood. She moaned in pleasure as the blood clouded her senses, and electrified her body. She could hear Lucy’s heart slowing down, but she wished that it pumped faster, so that her sweet blood could reach her throat easily.

Her blood warmed her throat and body, as she had been craving for some ever since she got a whiff of Lucy’s scent in class.

Evette’s hard hand squeezed her left breast, feeling every inch of Lucy’s paling body. When she opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was a sick, shocked, and traumatized Roman and that made her happier. She smirked, digging her fangs further into Lucy’s neck, puncturing her carotid deeper.

Every bit of her blood that was being weakly pumped by her heart reached Evette’s eager tongue, which kept sucking and sucking until only little drops were remaining.

Lucy’s heart stopped.

Slowly, she pulled out her fangs, looking proudly at the deep puncture wounds she had created on her blueing skin. Evette let go of her hold, and Lucy’s limp body fell, like a thin piece of cloth on the ground.

She looked at Roman.

He was crying.

Tears kept streaming out of his eyes, wetting the cloth in his mouth and his eyes were screaming pain. He had just seen someone kill his student, draining every drop of her blood and assaulting her weakening body right in front of his very eyes. And he could do nothing.

His heart was beating in and out of his chest, and Roman could barely breathe, as he struggled against the hold of the metal arc. He groaned and thrashed his hands repeatedly on the wall, attempting to set himself free but in vain.

Evette chuckled, wiping off the blood from her lips and lick it off her fingers, all while she had her eyes fixed on Roman’s blues. They were traumatized but that made her happy.

That was her goal.

Scare Roman further.

Traumatize him.

And she had done that successfully.

She took slow, agonizing steps toward him, while he weakly stood there. She could sense that his arms were now tired, and all his body now wanted was rest. He had had enough for now. Now, she can take him back to his bed where his white fluffy cat waited for him.

Evette reached Roman and used two long fingers to tilt his head up, to look into her eyes. She gently took the cloth off his mouth, but surprisingly, he made no sound and just looked into her eyes.

His teeth and jaw were hurting from the strain that he has used since the cloth had been shoved inside. His tongue was now weak and so, he made no sound. He didn’t want to make any sound. There was no use. The cruel vampiress had already done what she said she would do.

And now, a student of his lay, dead and drained, a few feet away from him.

“What is it, mon cher?" she whispered into his ear.

How could someone be so cruel? He wondered.

“Let me take you home, Cherie. You must so tired, hmm?”

When she removed the metal arc from his waist, Roman’s legs gave out and he fell into the statue that was Evette. She held him securely and expected him to protest but he didn’t.

He wanted her to kill him too but didn’t have the energy to say it to her. She wouldn’t kill him anyway. Due to his bad luck, Evette for some reason enjoyed taunting him. She enjoyed playing with him. And it would only be days before he would go insane if she continued her torture.

She slipped her cold hands under his weak knees and shoulders, lifting him effortlessly. He felt like a doll in her arms. She could topple trees and demolish buildings, what was his fragile human body to her?

She sprinted with him in her arms, and flew up to his broken window, landing in his apartment. She had left the window open when she left with him. The cat was standing there, unmoving and staring holes at her when she walked with her daddy in her arms. In turn, Evette hissed, making the cat flinch and retreat.

Animals could sense the supernatural anyway.

Evette kicked open the door to his bedroom, and walked to his bed, gently placing him on. She found that he had fallen asleep, as she laid him down and huffed at how weak humans were. She took off his sweaty shirt but smirked when the trousers were off, to reveal his naked self.

When she shuddered in the chill, she pulled the covers over his body, tucking them in until all that was out was his head.

Roman wasn’t asleep. He was just weak. Too weak to move or protest at anything the vampiress was doing to him. He felt his mattress dip at the side and coolness radiating off her body before he felt ice-cold fingers running over his hot scalp.

He opened his eyes to look back into calming amber ones.

“Why don’t you just kill me too?” he weakly whispered to her before he lost all his strength and passed out.

Evette looked at him and wondered about the same question.

Why isn’t she killing him?

“Maybe one day, I will, Roman. I hope that day, I can.”

Somewhere, that seventeen-year-old Evette who was kind and cheerful remained, resurfacing in rare moments like this. But she pushed her away into the deepest, darkest corners of her mind.

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