Blood Bound [Book 1 of the Bound series]

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Eighth Blood

Trigger warning: Sexual content

“So, silver hurts you, huh?” he smirked, feeling confident for the first time in front of Evette.

She hissed at him.

“Careful Roman! You know I won’t hesitate to rip your pretty little head off.” She threatened.

He stepped closer, “Then why haven’t you done it already? Why torture me to the brink of insanity?”

“Guess I just like playing with you. It’s really cute to see you scared, mon cher.” She smirked.

What am I, a toy?

Roman was getting angrier by the second. If he were a vampire, fiery red would have already consumed the oceans in his eyes. Evette has been looking down at him like he was some kind of rag doll since the beginning. And there was only so much humiliation someone can handle.

Be it from a vampire or even a werewolf.

He took a step forward, looking her straight in her amber eyes.

“Guess I’d like a game as well, Evette. In the end, if I lose, I die!” he challenged. Her thin, cold fingers lightly brushed over his neck but he doesn’t shudder. By now he was used to her touching his neck, anyway.

Evette smiled widely. “You don’t have to lose a game for me to sink my fangs inside you, Roman!”

She rested her hand on his heaving chest and moved even closer to him. But his breath caught in his throat when it began traveling downward, agonizingly slowly, building up mountains of anticipation inside him. It kept going down, even below his navel, until she grabbed his groin harshly.

Roman’s eyes widened.

“What are you-”

“Shh, shh...” she shushed, as she began applying pressure and rubbing him. Both and pain and pleasure coursed through his body at the pressure she was applying and Roman gripped the edge of his desk tight.

All the confidence he had built up inside him, came shattering down like glass.

Roman grunted, trying to resist the sensations that flowed from her hand and into his body.

This is wrong. This is so wrong. He thought.

“What is it, Cherie?" she asked, seductively, while rubbing him through his pants.

Roman couldn’t speak a word. Both shock and immense pleasure were overwhelming him, for some reason, Evette did it pretty well, and his ability to speak was being hindered.

His legs weakened and he tightly held on to his desk as euphoria coursed through his body.

“Ev-Evette...” he breathed.

“Want to use silver to hurt me, again?” she teased, while her cold rigid hand kept smoothing out his crotch.

“S-Some one w-will see...” he warned shakily, but she smirked.

“I’ll kill them, Cherie, don’t worry...”

He closed his eyes as she sped up the rubbing, and a low moan erupted from his throat in pleasure. She took away her hand, only to slip it down his pants, this time, making direct contact with his skin. He shuddered under her touch, a shaky breath leaving his mouth, but her other hand snaked around his back, and held him close to her body, stopping him from falling over.

Her ice-cold hand rubbing his hot intimate skin, erupted sparks across his body as he held on to her marble-like one for support.

She reached up and began kissing his neck lightly, only increasing his pleasure, but making sure to steer clear of the silver chain.

“Do you like it, mon cher?" she asked, as she rubbed his hard shaft. In answer, Roman moaned and Evette licked the creamy skin on his neck in delight. His fingers paled as he pressed them tightly to his table, and dropped his head down to rest it on her shoulder.

His shaky, hot breaths, caressed the skin on her shoulder, and she smiled.

Her hand began moving faster over his hard length and he gripped her tight, as his knees began buckling. “Oh fuck!” he groaned into her shoulder.

He was close, so close to releasing. Knots began tying up at the bottom of his stomach, his breathing ragged, as sweat collected in beads on his forehead.

Roman’s breathing hastened. His abs contracted. But then, just as his pleasure was about to reach its peak, her hand stilled. She pulled her hand out of his pants and brought up his chest again, releasing her hold on him.

The aroused man looked at her in disbelief.

“Look at you,” she began, “Just a touch of mine was enough to bring you trembling in front of me. So, it’s better if you understand that a weak human like you, can do nothing to harm someone like me.”

Roman’s bottom lip almost began trembling. The pressure on his cock was so much that he desperately needed a release, and Evette’s touch could have given him the strongest orgasm he ever had. It was physically painful for him.

“I will use you and then dispose you off, just like I do to the others. And you’ll do nothing about it!” she declared, smiling and then left a kiss on his cheek before walking out the class, leaving him more flustered than ever.


He rushed back home, quickly hoping under the coldest shower he’s ever had in his life. The loudest moan he had ever let out, escaped his mouth when he came all over his hand, but for some reason, he was sure Evette would’ve had him shaking underneath her.

Something was tantalizing about her that allured him into her seduction so easily.

Slizzle seemed to be so alarmed about her daddy’s moaning, that she came running for him and looked terribly confused when she saw him uninjured under a cold shower.

“I’m okay, Slizzy!” he chuckled, turning off the water and stepping out. She followed him when he walked into his room, hungry for her food, and only left him alone once she found her filled bowl.

But his urge to take Evette down had increased now more than ever. Especially after she said how she would use and then dispose him off. His pride didn’t allow that. His pride couldn’t stomach that. It wouldn’t allow someone to tarnish his worth, be it a vampire or whatever it is.

Unless it’s God himself.

He knew that silver was one of her weaknesses but there had to be something else as well. Something that warded off evil.

He couldn’t use any of the herbs today, but he had an idea forming inside him as he dressed up. He could find which one hurts her, without confronting her directly.

For that, he took the herbs he had bought earlier and immersed them in a little bit of water. Grading of papers was his work for the night. He would grade everybody’s, including Evette’s, giving her the marks she deserved.

And it didn’t surprise him when she had scored an A1. After all, one could guess how many times she must have written these tests.

They must be so silly in her ancient eyes.

Once his work was done, he went back to the same herb shop he had gone to earlier, buying some other specific things, and then to the pharmacy to get some insulin syringes.

The next day, Roman was more than eager to give the students their papers. For one fact, he loved seeing the reactions of the students who scored well when they got the papers and loved to help those who didn’t but for the other fact, getting the paper was a test for Evette.

“So, I’ve graded all your papers and I must say that I am quite impressed.” He told, the bunch of papers held in his hands.

A boy named Kyle, chuckled appreciatively, “When the classes are interesting, studying also becomes interesting, Mr. Berkshire.” He said and Roman smiled widely at him.

Besides, the messed relationship that he and the vampiress had, the rest of the students loved him. He managed to teach his subject in a way that all students agreed upon although his private life was pure horror.

Roman began handing the papers to his students, complimenting them on their good scores and even consoling the few that had scored comparatively less. When he reached Evette, he complimented her as well, for namesake, of course, her eyes falling on the big A but she chucked it like it was nothing.

Not surprising

But when she turned the first page around, touched the second one, she flinched, hissing and throwing the paper down the floor.

A sense of accomplishment pooled inside Roman and he smiled to himself.

“Are you okay?” asked Kyle, handing over Evette’s papers back to her.

She nodded in strain. “Yeah,” she choked out, giving him a tight smile. “I’m okay.”

Anger blazed in her amber eyes, and they kept fluctuating from red to amber and vice versa, as she glared at a smirking Roman. He smiled to himself, giddy on the inside to see her like this, and returned to his seat.

What he did was simple. He immersed the leaves of vervain, juniper, and garlic in inside water last night, allowing all its properties to get mixed with the water. Once he finished grading the papers, Roman took each of these mixtures and brushed them over the three papers of Evette’s answer sheet.

Vervain on the first, Juniper on the second, and garlic on the third.

And the second paper burned Evette’s hand.

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