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This is a mixtape for songs for my stories, "Spirit of Fire" and "Soren". I've had a lot of fun putting this together and hope you like it! This is NOT a complete list! If you have any suggestions, fire away in the comments! I'd love to hear them! Not just because it broadens my music tastes, but also because I'd love to hear how my characters/scenes come across to others :) Happy listening! <3

Fantasy / Romance
Mary Chidiac
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Character songs

Spoilers ahead! :)

This section is for songs for the various characters in Spirit of Fire and Soren. This list is not complete, so let me know if you have suggestions! :)

Songs for Saffire:

Mind is a Prison by Alec Benjamin - I feel like this encapsulates her lower moments, but I love it for her. Also it’s just a good song about anxiety in general . . . I know I relate to the lyrics quite a bit, but I digress.

Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde - Hunger Games anyone? Anyways, this is for the badass side of Saf’s personality that she grows into throughout the story. Particularly chapter 6 and 13 :)

Songs for Coburn:

Waves by Dean Lewis - I love this for him. It feels strong but still gentle and sensitive, like him, both in the tune and lyrics. I feel like it capitalizes on what he’s struggling with throughout the story, but it’s not the only thing that makes him who he is.

Songs for Luna:

Lovely by Billie Eillish and Khalid - I think that even though this song is softer, there’s a presence about it that demands you pay attention. That’s Luna to me. Without giving too much away, the lyrics also elude to some of her backstory, but overall I feel like this showcases who she is.

Songs for Ehren:

All we ever knew by the Head and the Heart - Ehren is probably my favourite character not gonna lie, and I feel like this song perfectly captures who he is. Not so much in the lyrics, but just the general vibe of the song.

Songs for Ana:

Dynasty by Miia - Love the power this song has. But the lyrics of this pretty much encapsulate Ana’s arc throughout the first two thirds of the story to me. I feel like the strength of the song also shows that she is still a strong person, just that she’s going through it and grieving, and that she’s not really sure how she feels about a lot of things happening around her. Also eludes to the relationship she had with Ryker too.

Songs for Jaxson:

Firestarter by Prodigy - this captures his intensity for sure, and it’s sort of been dubbed as a song he’d listen to unironically to hype himself up, which fits well for his character. Also thank you @Talonr17 for this suggestion! :)

Songs for Saf/Coburn:

Crazy for this girl by Evan and Jaron - I love this for them! The lyrics speak to their relationship really well and shows the cuteness of both sides of their relationship. Thank you again to @Talonr17 for this suggestion! :)

Emerald Eyes by Anson Seabra - I just discovered this song and as soon as I heard it I knew it was just right for these two. I think this is more from Coburn’s perspective, but the point still stands. I think it shows how much he really cares for her. And the lyrics show their relationship progression really well to me.

Little do you know by Alex & Sierra - I feel like this song really brings out their whole relationship arc. They support and respect the fact that they've both been through some stuff, but love each other nonetheless and don't rush into things before they're both ready. It suits them really well to me.

Dawning of Spring by Anson Seabra - everything about this song captures the childhood friendship of these two. All the memories and adventures they went on as kids and how close they were from the beginning. There's a soft whimsey and sense of wonder to it that makes it perfect. Ahhh I love it.

Carry You by Ruelle (feat. Fleurie) - I feel like I have so many songs for Saf and Coburn, but this one just reminds me of them so much. Especially for what I have planned for them in the second book. But no spoilers yet! I just like this for them because it encapsulates what they are for each other. I think this song works for both sides of their relationship.

Songs for Ana and Ryker:

Dark On Me by STARSET - Okay real talk this song gives me chills. It just so perfectly encapsulates the sadness of Ryker’s death from Ana’s eyes. And it represents what they were for each other in my head. But there’s a strength to it that represents them both perfectly too. Ahh I love it. Thanks @Talonr17 for this suggestion! :)

It's Raining, It's Pouring by Anson Seabra - oh boy this song almost made me cry. But holy does this song apply well to Ana and Ryker's relationship. It just perfectly describes what they had before, and the emotions surrounding his death. I love it for them. There's a power to it that I can't put into words, it gives me all the feels.

Songs for Luna and Soren:

I Won't Forget You by Alec Benjamin - I think I thought of these two as soon as I heard this song. It kind of encapsulates their whole arc for me. Well, maybe that sadder aspects of it, but still. I love it for them. :)

Falling Apart by Michael Schulte - I'm really exposing my moody music taste, aren't I? Well anyways, this one again stuck out to me as a Soren and Luna song as soon as I heard it. I can't even explain why. Just the lyrics, the mood, I don't know. It just captures the all encompassing aspects of their relationship to me, and its trajectory in the story.

Songs for Nox and Midnight:

Monsters by Ruelle - damn I never thought I'd find a song for these two but here we are! This really sums up their sinister nature to me, as well as some nods to the compulsion threat in Spirit of Fire.

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