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The triple shifter

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I'm an ordinary human I always said. but am I? big adventures, rock bottom, and sky-high this is my story.

Fantasy / Adventure
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the start of it all

My name is marroia, I’m sitting under the old pine tree with closed eyes. I take a deep breath. While Taking in all the smells, of Pinetree, the thawing grass, while a chilly breeze combs through my brown hair.

Another breeze, out of nowhere, something hard, falls on my head. I open my chestnut eyes in shock. I look down finding a huge pinecone between my feet.

I rub my head, while I pick up the big pinecone. Stories say that if you get hit by a pinecone, something will happen. I shake my head, not believing this nonsense that gos around.

Taking the pinecone with me, I walk back home, about a 30-minute walk from what I like to call my special place. because of the view a wide open space grass and trees as far as my eyes wil let me see it helps to clear the mind.

At the edge of the forest I see a glimpse of a deer as it jumps over the ditch, the deer skips out of my view it almost looks like a bunny or a bouncy ball. I walk to the back of the house, step through the door of our ordinary two-story house i lived here my whole life just a brick house with a few windows and a front an back door.

I take off my shoes. They are dirty from my early morning adventure. I step on the floor and watch as the washing machine has reached its centrifugation program, and the floor shakes as it spins faster and faster. Almost entranced, I snap myself out of it.

Opening the door from the washing room to the kitchen, I immediately get hit by the smell of my mom preparing breakfast, also the loud music she’s dancing toalong side the little creme kitchen.

I take a seat at the table, looking very amused by my mother’s outdated dancing skills; she turns back around again and let out a high-pitched scream while almost dropping the bowl of pancake batter she was stirring enthusiastically while dancing. I burst out in laughter.

After barely being able to stay on my stool,I smile at my mom, who had turned down the music by now; she puts the bowl down gives me a bone-crushing hug, not being able to breathe; im flapping my arms as a way of struggling. She lets go and gives me a sorry, not sorry grin.

I get my phone; I left it on the table, and start scrolling true social media. Some minutes pass and I hear some footsteps coming down the stairs. I lock my phone and put it in my pocket.

My dad walks in from the living room. I look at him. “Good morning, Dad.” he looks grumpy but smiles at me. I know full well it’s because I woke him up by scaring my mom. Mom completely lights up when she sees dad and they kiss each other like there is no tomorrow.

My adopted brother walks in. Never really liked him. My parents say they thought he could be my friend and brother because I have always been a bit of a loner. I turn 16 next week; he did about a month ago.

My brother and dad take their places on a stool and mom gave us some pancakes each, and some toppings on the table to choose from. Yummy! We all eat in peace.

After everyone finished, I clean off the table. I have cleaning duties this week; I swapped with my brother because I didn’t want to have to clean on my birthday week.

Thank god, we have a dishwasher; I put everything neatly on the racks, put a tablet in, close it, and push the small program and start buttons. While humming a song I heard a few days ago that got stuck in my head.

I clean off the kitchen counter and the island with a sanitary wipe dispose of it and walk to the living room. With light green walls, a beautiful chandelier, and some functional standing lamps, two seater, two lazy chairs. A huge tv that has this cool feature that it looks like a frame when you don’t use it. So you don’t have a big black space on your wall the tv is something we all contributed to.

The first chapter ever really proud, so far. Please keep on reading.

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