Ring of Storms

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Alpha Tyon

Five years later

Where was she? I couldn’t get through to her but I had felt her distress and physical exertion as her wolf powered through a dangerous yet familiar terrain. I needed her, Yil needed her.

“Have you located Yuna?” I growled to Fint

“Yes, pack trackers just sighted her at Sunken creek, her wolf was lying down hidden within the switchgrass across the creek howling in pain,” he answered before his eyes glazed over as he mind-linked Kiba. “She’s been escorted back and is unaware of the situation.”

But why would she risk jumping over the steep and dangerous creek to get to the other side and most importantly why was she feeling so distraught? Just hours after she had happily announced that she was going to check up on Yil.

I looked towards Fern who worked diligently on Yil’s frail form. In a matter of minutes, her usual vibrant demeanour had been reduced to a deathly pale, weak and barely surviving body. The headaches had started yet again after I had read her five bedtime stories.

When they started we would usually absorb the pain unto ourselves and that would solve it but today despite my efforts the pain only grew in intensity. Having no other option, I decided to rush her over to Misty Hallows where Fern lived. He had painted ancient drawings on her exposed arms and legs as he chanted. Yil’s body writhed in pain and she would occasionally call out for me or Yuna. My heart ached and twisted at my inability to help her out.

“How long has she been having these headaches?” He demanded as he turned from Yil, motioned to Iona to take over and stared at me.

“Mind the tone of your voice Measer,” I warned with an edge to my voice.

“Now is certainly not the time for a play of dominance. You have my utmost loyalty and submission and you know that but now Yil is more important than your egoistical satisfaction” He replied with a tone of irritation.

His words hit straight into my heart and guilt overwhelmed me. Now really wasn’t the time for power play but my wolf refused to back down calling for a full on fight of dominance. Make him submit, he growled ferociously.

He felt that his authority had been threatened and with good reason but Fern was just as concerned about Yil as I was. So I managed to placate him by calling back his attention to the matter at hand. Yil needs us, I replied to which he whined and pawed at the ground.

“It’s been three days now,” I replied hesitantly. It now dawned on me that I should have insisted we tell him despite Yil’s reluctance.

“Three days?!” he bellowed and I felt the walls of the vintage, jewel encrusted shed vibrate. I had witnessed Fern’s power on many occasions and I knew that his calm, meek outward appearance usually acted as a façade to conceal the inner raging and powerful force that he was. “Do you wish to get her killed? She should have been brought here on the day these headaches began. Why would Yuna only tell me about this yesterday night?” he asked, annoyed.

He had referred to Yuna using her name and not her title and it was evident that his anger was building by the minute. So despite my wolf’s need to fight him, I tried a different tactic. Two angry strong feral wolves would not solve the problem.

“Questioning the reasoning behind our actions will not get us anywhere,” I said calmly. “Yil needs your help right now,” I said motioning to the still Yil whose breath was becoming shallow. “We can’t lose her,” I whispered.

After an inhale of breath to calm his raging emotions he motioned to Iona to wrap Yil up in warm clothes and moved to pack some bottles of ancient white crystal stones.

“Where are you going?” I asked confused.

“There’s only one way,” he stated with his back to me. “The Faeries” Amot moved to carry Yil but I blocked his path.

“No!” I stated, authoritatively. “They are from the outside world and highly untrustworthy,” I spat out in disgust. “Besides no one is as good as you when it comes to magic. So why then would you suggest such an absurd idea?” I demanded.

“The Sky Lordians have purposely made it so,” Now was not the time for riddles.

Sensing my confusion, he continued. “For the solution to be out of my hands as only with a faerie can I forge the bracelet. Yil is the awaited one and sooner or later she will be made known to everyone, the faeries will be the first.”

Awaited one, made known, What the hell was he going on about?

Sensing my inner turmoil and knowing that I was about to argue further, he quickly added.

“Alpha, I wish I could elaborate on this but every second counts now and it’s not much longer till the powers consume her and throw her into the depths of madness”

Madness?! What was going on here?

I looked towards Yil once again and noticed that her skin colour was now as white as her hair and her lips were turning blue with froth forming at the corner of her mouth. I picked her up gently and mind-linked Fint who had witnessed the whole encounter from the corner of the shed.

Keep the Luna safe and occupied till we get back.

Of course Alpha. He nodded his understanding and moved out of the shed but not before he added. For the love of your pack and mate, stay safe

“Lead the way,” I said to Fern.

He then proceeded to stretch out his hands towards the shed wall and with great concentration, the air force began to gather and swirl till the hollow space of a portal stood before us. The insides of the portal sparked with a translucent blue essence and in it endless light dots glowed and shined brightly.

He took the first step into the portal and I followed suit with Yil cradled in my arms before the blue essence enveloped us.

The portal travel ended as fast as it had begun and we were deposited in a cave. The cave was like nothing I had ever seen. The walls were lined with complex yet dynamic hexagonal shaped stone columns and just ahead was a small waterfall which formed a clear blue pool of water in the middle of the cave. Suspended above the water was a cumulus cloud with icicles hanging from it, they glittered brightly in the dark cave and produced a melodious hypnotic tinkle when hit by the breeze.

“It’s been a long while Fern old boy,” called a voice from the cave. The sound bounced off the cave walls and so it was difficult to tell where the speaker was standing.

“Come out Lira, I know you’ve been expecting me,” Fern replied impatiently.

“Expecting you? I wander this serene cave all the time so don’t flatter yourself,” she said, chuckling. “You always did over exaggerate your importance,” she mocked.

“Now is not the time for your smart remarks,” he hissed. “Show yourself,” he commanded.

"Honey,” she purred. “If only you had given into your desires, maybe you might have had that type of control over me,” she said, laughing.

I was getting impatient with this back and forth between Fern and the owner of the unknown voice. “My pup is in dire need of your help and if not for the love I have for her and the importance that she allegedly has to everyone...” I said this more to Fern than to her, signalling that when this was over he would explain in full. “...which gave me the confidence to follow through with this plan, I would never have made the journey here. So I suggest you set your banter aside and show yourself.”

With that said she burst out in rumbustious laughter. The rapidly increasing tempo bounced off the cave walls and assaulted my sensitive ears. She was taunting me. And this further infuriated me.

My wolf snarled, let me out to find and tear her up, limb from limb. No one ever taunts us and lives to tell the tale.

The white-wolf clan occasionally got involved in fights of dominance when one wolf felt that another wolf, lower in rank, was being unsubmissive and also when winning over the favour of our mates in a show of pride and utmost strength. It was our nature as is any other lycanthrope. However, the need to kill which we rarely felt, could be curbed on our Pack ground but out of it our wolf instincts became more alive and hard to handle.

I could not afford to give into my instincts at the expense of my precious daughter’s life and so with great difficulty I forced the animal in me back and turned to Fern.

Get us back home now! We’ll find another way, I growled down the mind-link. And this won’t go unpunished, I added.

Fern held a reluctant expression as he looked at Yil who was getting worse but he heeded my order and turned to begin the opening of the portal.

“Wait Alpha Tyon, excuse my manners. Sometimes, I forget just how domineering lycanthropes can be,” I turned around in shock for I didn’t remember ever introducing myself and that was when I saw her.

She was very petite, with glistering indigo eyes and an ethereal beauty. She was dressed in a short strange gown, the white fabric was interwoven together with pink vine plants and on each arm she wore gold bands. Her long red flowing hair gathered at her tiny waist and her dainty feet touched the floor lightly as she moved closer to me.

Much more enchanting than her beauty were her large red wings, decorated in sparkling patterns, which fluttered slightly behind her. Fern had told me about Faeries when I was a pup and I knew that it would be foolish to underestimate the power that those gentle wings harnessed.

“Your clan is not much of secret if most people covet the power you have, right,” she smirked at me answering my unasked question and looked down at Yil cradled in my arms.

“And that includes you, I suppose,” I moved Yil away from her line of sight not fully trusting her intentions.

“Maybe, maybe not,” she smiled, peering at me from behind her long lashes. “But she’s getting cold it won’t be long till the madness overcomes her. Come,” she turned towards the pool of water and began to walk there with Fern and I following her lead.

“You brought the crystals, yes” she asked Fern who nodded. She signalled for me to lower Yil down, then she collected the crystals which she submerged in the pool before she proceeded to hum.

I was reluctant to leave Yil to the hands of this faerie, what if she had ill-intentions? Sensing my unease Fern mind linked me.

No harm will come to her. I promise on my life Alpha.

“Fern I need you now,” she called out as her humming turned to chanting. Fern moved beside her and held her hand. Together they chanted ancient nonsensical words.

I dropped a still Yil unto the ground and as soon as I had done that Yil rose up enclosed in a giant bubble of water. I stood transfixed as I stared in awe. Lira and Fern’s chanting became louder and with that Yil began to shake violently in the bubble, her screams were muffled and the only signs of distress were her open mouth and painful expression. Tears ran profusely down her cheeks and it took all the willpower I had not to dunk Fern and Lira into the water to stop her pain. But this was necessary and so I watched on, helpless as each stroke of pain hit her small, tender body.

Finally, their chants quieted and the bubble was now filled with thick gas the colour of emerald, azure, scarlet and aqua. The bubble came down slowly and when it popped, the thick gas filtered out and filled the whole cave. Shrouding us in a thick mist of colour before it cleared and then I sighted Yil.

Her hair was glistening again and her body looked even much better than before. There was a sharpness to her green eyes and her lips lifted up slightly as she took in my face. She tried to wobble over to meet me but I quickly closed the distance between us and hugged her tight.

“Daddy,” she whispered and I could only make an affirmative sound lest I cried.

She stilled in my arms and I heard the sound of her gentle snore. The whole ordeal had tired her out and bed time had already passed.

I gathered her in my arms and turned to face Lira, “I appreciate what you have done for me”

“Oh, I don’t accept thank you’s,” She smirked looking at Yil. “Only favours, so you are indebted to me till I ask for the favour”

“Lira that’s not needed why would you even....” Fern began to chastise her but I cut him off.

“If it brings no harm to me or my pack members, then I accept,” I was immensely grateful to her for saving Yil’s life and if it meant that I was indebted to her till she asked for whatever favour she needed then so be it. A white-wolf keeps his word.

“Oh, I can assure you it won’t,” she said with a mischievous glint in her eyes. I just hope I don’t regret this. “But before you go have this,” she moved towards me and taking Yil’s hand she wore a crystal bracelet which fit snugly on Yil’s wrist. “This will help to regulate the strain of the power on her body and only she can remove the bracelet”

I nodded my understanding and walked into the portal that Fern had opened.

It was time to go home, get answers and face Yuna.

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