FOREVER KNIGHTS: #18 Traitorous Lovers

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DERAGAN - Ballroom Chaos


Inside the ballroom was chaos.

Everyone murmured in surprise.

Though none of them strangers to magic.

As he turned his outstretched hand. Making the bits of glass knit back together, Nora watched him attentively. An arm still around his neck from dancing.

“You did that?” She asked breathlessly.

“We all knew she’d go through.” Deragan’s gaze fell back to her. His hand landing on her arm to caress softly near her wrist.

“You all planned this.”

“Not all of it.” Deragan smiled at her. “But we know her well enough to predict her.”

“You all do?”

“All of us.” He chuckled. “Imagine if you tried to escape me.” He leaned down to brush her nose teasingly with his.

Her eyes were huge. “You’d go to such lengths to get me back?”

“Oh,” His brow knitted, and he shook his head. Astounded she’d ask. “far greater.”

She blinked huge eyes up at him.

“Sweetheart,” He breathed against her lips. “I’ve sought you out lifetime after lifetime to spend as much time as possible with you. Single-mindedly wooing you back to me and wedding you over and over again. I’d say that’s great lengths to go for one woman.”

Her brows lifted. Moving in step with him to the dance. “You’re right. I guess I’ve never thought of it as such.”

“Look at them.” Deragan pointed at the purple haired huntress who currently had Teverius by the collar. Pointing to the repaired glass window above and then looking at him with huge eyes. Talking animatedly as she gestured back and forth.

Teverius looked strained. Nodding slowly.

“What are they saying?” Nora leaned close to ask. “Is she upset?”

“No. She sounds impressed. She’s telling him she’s never seen anything like that and wants to know what she is. Teverius just told her he doesn’t know what she is. Oh,” Deragan looked away. Averting his attention back to Nora.”

“What?” Nora blinked quickly. Awash with curiosity.

“I think she’s now trying to seduce him.”


They danced a moment longer before Nora whispered to him. “Look at Acharius!”

Deragan obeyed.

“He’s looking at her like she’s something majestic.”

Acharius was indeed smiling down at the redheaded woman, Chastain, as though prepared to set her upon a pedestal and worship her.

“Do you know,” Deragan confided. “he only sees in black and white, except when around her?”

“What?” Nora shook her head in disbelief. “This is such a different world. This is you and them. How you live?”

“Yes.” Deragan nodded guiltily.

“Your pack…”

“My pack.”

“Someone else is here.” He pointed to Lucien Sabias. And beyond him was the glowering face of Meralee Carter.

“Mera!” Nora cried. Rushing across the Ballroom and nearly barreling over Meralee who caught her up in a startled hug.


“I’ve missed you. I kept trying to send you word I was at Rosewynn Manor.”

“I was…”

Deragan gave her a staying glance over Nora’s shoulder. His face dark with warning.

“Otherwise engaged.” Mera finished.

Thank you. He gave her an appreciative nod.

Her lip curled. It’ll be a while before she forgives me.

Mera caught Lucien by the upper arm and drug him over to the conversation. “On the Isle of Wight.”

“The Isle?” Nora gasped. “I’ve never been! I hear it’s beautiful.”

“It can be.” Mera nodded. “Right Lucien?”

He cleared his throat, shifting uncomfortably.

She’s trying to disconcert us all for kidnapping her.

It’s working.

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