FOREVER KNIGHTS: #18 Traitorous Lovers

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SEBASTIAN - Taking Flight


Bast was clumsily being flown around the Red Manor.

She was straining to fly balanced with him pinning her. His legs wrapping her.

“This is incredibly awkward, Elsabet.” He laughed aloud. “How about you land us and I’ll tell you what this is about.”

“You’ll not drag me back to WaterRose.”

“If I was going to drag you back to WaterRose, why wouldn’t I have done that when you came and had chocolate with me.”

“I thought you intended to. That’s why I didn’t come back the second day.”

“I told you I wouldn’t. I won’t.”

She roughly landed them. Near the back garden.

Teetering on his heels, Sebastian fell sideways and managed to roll onto his back to pad her fall.

Her wings shot out and she swept them once to soften the fall.

“Thank you.”

“Will you let me go now?” She demanded heatedly.

“Must I? I rather enjoy you writhing against me.”

I haven’t felt it in awhile. Feels familiar.

“Yes. You must.” She hissed. Eyes still blood red.

“Fine.” He opened his arms and freed her.

She nearly levitated off of him.

He smoothly hopped to his feet. “Calm, Elsabet. I’ve no wish to take you prisoner ever again. You’re free. Tonight and every night.”

“What are you celebrating?” Her eyes narrowed. “An engagement?”

“For me?” He gave her an astounded look.

You still worry I’d stray?

“No! You crazed woman.”

“Then why?” She looked at him askance.

“I loved a woman once-”

“What are you saying?” She cut him off.

“Well, I’m trying Woman! If you’d let me bloody well finish!” He said laughingly.

Crossing her arms, she tapped an impatient food. “I loved a woman once. And I recalled that today happens to be her birthday.”

Her arms fell and she looked at him in confusion. “What?”

“This,” He gestured around him, “is to celebrate your birthday. Amongst other things.”

She was so stunned she didn’t ask what other things.


I’d not have lied well. And I’m not ready to tell her yet.

Her face softened in shock. “I think I only told you…Once. Long, long ago.”

“And I left you a new gown for your birthday every year.”

“I thought you did that to taunt me.”

“Partly. But also, because I knew secretly you liked the fine materials, if not the colors.”

She blushed.

Because she did. He knew no one had bought her such niceties before and he enjoyed doing it for her.

“Why are they all here.” She nodded inside.

“For you.”

“Not to take me back?”

“No.” Bast shook his head. “I’ll never let that happen again.”

“Will you one day apologize for holding me prisoner?” She blurted.

He reared back in shock. “No!”

I’d never have gotten to know you any other way.

Never have found out my feelings for you.

She looked like he’d slapped her.

“Elsabet.” He sighed. Giving her a long look. “Tonight is your birthday. Enjoy the festivities. Be merry.” He caught her hand and opened it. Slapping his dagger into it. “If anyone tries to take you back to WaterRose you cut their throat with this.”

She looked from the blade to his face.

He caught her chin. “Allow me to see you smile once again.”

Chewing her cheek, she slowly nodded.

“Come.” He caught her hand. “Tell your brothers, hello.”

She quietly followed behind him. Step reluctant.

“And perhaps have some strawberry wine.” He tossed over his shoulder.

She hit him in the arm.

He laughed.

“You’re not funny.”

“As you’ve told me countless times!”

“Yet, still,” She grumbled. “you find yourself endlessly amusing.”

“Someone must.”

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