FOREVER KNIGHTS: #18 Traitorous Lovers

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SAVAGE JAXSON - Watching The Lovers


In some ways they’re like Dimurah and I. Savage acknowledged. Watching the way Elsabet was half cruel to him. But every time he looked away, she was sending him longing glances.

She loves him. Savage leaned leisurely against the trunk of a tree beyond the garden watching them. Just close enough to hear their conversation.

But does she enough to risk betraying her master? For that’s undoubtedly what Radix was now.

But can she be trusted? Savage sighed heavily. He’ll be devastated if she betrays him.

Savage had been watching Sebastian Bodane for longer than he’d admit to anyone. Perhaps a part of me already suspected.

Sebastian had intrigued him because he was the one being in Ardae who seemed to have no crime.

That was before I found out he held his mate as captive in the stronghold.

But the man’s kindnesses to the invisibles of Ardae far outweighed that sin. He was kind to every man, woman and child. Anything that crosses his path like a stray pup he takes under his wing.

Savage recalled the stories Dorena had told of Sebastian’s vast patience.

How he’d taken her hand and held her arm. Pushing the toxins Radix had injected in her out. And filling her with peace to combat the pain.

Over and over again. Until she was healed.

Was that what he tried to do with the valkyrie. Perhaps some things can’t be saved. But Savage recalled her tending him when he was injured.

And I know what I saw. But would they believe it?

When she’d thought he was asleep, she’d crept those wings out. Peering at the door furtively. She’d splayed them without a sound. And hovered her hands over him.

Her wings had flashed from the brown batlike things to feathered white. With long satiny feathers that brushed the floor. Moving without a sound as they swayed with the energy she was generating. Then they flickered back to the bony brown things and back as something within her fought for power.

White and gold streamers of light had moved from her palms into him. Weaving in dancing tendrils as they’d soared through him.

Healing all my broken bits. And searing out the poison.

He’d gasped. Back arching and felt all the weakness and scorching pain seep out of him.

When his eyes had flipped open her silvery hair had been dancing wisps around her face. Moving in unseen winds. Her blue eyes shimmering as gold and white lights danced through them. Her wings were white then.

But as he healed they subsided into the darker form.

And the chamber had returned to its previous bleakness.

But she’d done her work.

And I’d glimpsed what she is. What she tries so hard to hide.

And he knew perhaps Sebastian was right. Maybe we should trust her more than anything in this realm.

But if we’re wrong and it is the darker creature winning out in her. We’ll all have made a grave mistake.

Sebastian strode the grounds. Watching for Cimmerii tracks. Stopping when he came across the unusual hoofprints he’d seen before.

His head rose and he scanned the dense vined trees where the hoofprints led. Why is a horse following her?

He knew of the wild horses that roamed Ardae. But this track was different.

Larger. And it leaves white flecks in its tracks.

He’d found a hair from its snowy mane and was stunned by the silky softness of it. More like a human’s.

He stepped cautiously into the trees. It could be anything.

Crouching he pulled his dagger from his boot and climbed up the nearest tree. To walk the branches. Following the trail from above. His eyes burning gold to see in the dark.

He came across the silvery horse, nearly glowing in the darkness. It stood in a moonbeam. And the few frosty snowflakes floating from the trees surrounded it in dancing light.

The moon’s glow glinted off its silver-flecked white coat.

I’ve never seen anything like it.

Standing in the moonlight the filmy horn shimmered as it wound up from the horse’s forehead.

What are you?

“Come down, Jaxson.” Sebastian called from below the tree he stood in.

They’re getting better at sneaking up on me. He looked down and met the matching gold eyes. Perhaps I’m losing my touch.

“Meet my longest running friend.” Sebastian strolled to the horse and rested a hand atop his neck.

Savage dropped from the tree. Surprised when the horse didn’t shy. Flicking him a quick glance. Its blue eyes covered the entirety of its gaze. White flecks floated through his eyes in perpetual motion.

“What is he?” Savage held out a tentative hand. Creeping sideways toward the mount.

“He,” Sebastian chuckled. “is hard to explain. His name is Sivikon.”

“Sivikon.” Savage reverently stroked the horse’s high back. “He’s massive.”

“He is that.” Bast chuckled. “Come,” he draped an arm over Savage’s shoulders. “Return with me so we can verify my mate hasn’t eaten anyone.”

“Probably a good idea.” Savage agreed.

Together they walked back.

Sivikon trailed after them. His snout resting on Sebastian’s other shoulder.

They walked perfectly in step.

They have been friend’s a long while. Savage recognized.

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