FOREVER KNIGHTS: #18 Traitorous Lovers

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A Moment With Savage Jack


It feels good to have my arm around the lad. Sebastian hid the fact that he was faintly surprised Savage Jack was inclined to let him.

More awestruck with Sivikon then willing to let me, probably. Bast watched amused as his eyes were locked on the gorgeous stallion.

“Handsome, isn’t he?”

“Unique. I’ve never seen one comparable.”

“There isn’t any.”

“What a lonely existence.” Savage Jack remarked.

Bast shot him a fast look. “I guess I’ve never considered that.” He looked up the horse’s muzzle. “Are you lonely?”

If Sivikon thought anything, he was disinclined to share.

“What’s on your mind…What do people usually call you?”

“Savage Jack. But Jaxson is fine.”

He sounded as though he’d prefer it, actually.

Savage Jack considered it. “I told you. I’m worried she’ll betray you.”

“So worried about my welfare already?” Bast teased. A smile dancing on his face.

Savage Jack shot him a quick look.

He is. Do you care about my well-being boy? Bast’s brows lifted in surprise. Not as cold as we all think, are you?

“Come wish my valkyrie happy birthday and we’ll see how the night fares. If you’re worried, you may watch my back.”

“Chavias did that once.”

Ouch. Meaning, see how that turned out? Bast ducked his head, pained.

“Yes, he did.” He acknowledged. Turning to the stallion to stay him at the treeline. “Wait for her here, Sivikon.”

“Do you hate him so much?” Savage Jack gave him a long look.

“Chavias?” Bast paused rubbing the horse’s shoulder. Not looking back at the younger man.


“No. I’ve never hated him. I mourn for him.”

“Would you want him back if you could have him.”

“He doesn’t want to come back to us.” Sadness marked Bast’s tone.

“Yes, he does. Very much.”

Sebastian spun to face him. “Is it true he raised you.”

“Since I was around ten, I think.”

“Was it dreadful.”

“Not because of him.” Savage Jack was solemn. His mouth whitening.

“Did he teach you to kill.”

“People. Yes.”

Bast grimaced.

“If he hadn’t, Radix would’ve cut me from ear to ear.”

Bast drew a quaking breath. That’s the truth and we both know it.

“Do you believe in him?”

“Like you believe in her.” Savage Jack nodded toward Red Manor.

“Not sure that’s possible. But point taken.”

“It is.” Savage Jack lowered his head. “When I love someone, I do so with every fiber of my being.”

“You’d get that from Jerica.” Bast grinned.

Queen Ocnomad. His mother.

“I think not.” Savage Jack said levelly. Giving him a meaningful look.

I’ll take that as a great compliment from him.

“And you care for Chavias, I take it?” Bast asked. The gravity of his question clear.

“He’s the closest thing to family I had.”

Had. I like that.

“Then I guess I should thank him for doing what I did not.” There was no bitterness in Bast’s voice.

I mean it. Thank God someone looked out for the boy in that hellhole.

“I didn’t know you existed.” Bast murmured.

“I know.”

They walked back toward Red Manor in-step.

“I don’t blame you. I’ve a sense of what you’d have done if you knew.”

Bast shot him a quick look.

“You take in every lost pup you stumble across.”

“Not sure that’s flattery.” Bast frowned.

“Closest I come.”

“Fair enough.”

“Is that a yes?” Savage Jack persisted.

“That I’d take him back into our fold?”


“Not up to me. That is the Captain’s decision. But as far as I’m concerned, he’s not missed a step. I’ve seen what he’s done. And I’m getting the ‘sense’,” He quoted Savage Jack. “of what he’s done for us in there.”

“Everything he could.” Savage Jack confirmed.

“I’m going to put my arm back round your shoulder, Young Man. Prefer it if you didn’t stab me.”

“You don’t have a dagger for me to take.” Savage Jack said blandly.

Bast smiled.

And the hint of one danced over Savage Jack’s face too.

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