FOREVER KNIGHTS: #18 Traitorous Lovers

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SAVAGE JAXSON - Hunting Cimmerii

Valley City, Grier Country


Savage had spied on Danbury’s Holding in MidGale and noticed it was nearly completed. Soon Radix will have Danbury taken there.

As he was leaving, Savage noticed the small footprints leaving the Holding. Followed by hoofprints.

He trailed after them. Noting that Noni tracks were stepping inside them.

Nonis are tailing her.

I wonder if she knows.

His question was answered as he made his way toward Valley City where he could veer off to head back toward the Netherlands.


He glimpsed Elsabet on the outskirts of the City. Crouched with a dagger sticking through a Noni.

“I thought, as Radix’s servant you were supposed to allow those.” He commented from behind her.

“I don’t like being followed.” She said acidly. Giving him a meaningful stare.

“I’ve been wanting to talk to you.”

“I don’t care.” She started walking away.

“Elsabet, it’s important we speak.” He caught up to her.

She gave him an evil look over her shoulder. Eyes red.

Disinclined to hear anything I have to say.

“Well, perhaps you might that he is coordinating a celebration here in Valley City. I’ve caught him importing fountains. He intends to have a ball. I wonder if you can be trusted with such information any more? He’s not doing well without you.”

“I don’t care.” She bared pointed teeth in warning.

“I’d thought you better than that.” He frowned at her. Disapproval frank on his face.

“You know nothing about me, Boy.”

“Ah, that’s the way of it then?” He queried derisively. “Very soon we need to speak about what you’re doing with Radix.”

She’s even beginning to smell like Cimmerii. Radix is swaying her. Disgusted he rounded to walk away from her.

“No, we don’t.”

He paused but didn’t face her. “Elsabet?”

“What?” She didn’t turn so neither did he.

“Do you have a horse?”


“Well, one is following you.”

“I see no horse! Do you?”

No. But it’s nearby nonetheless.

But if you don’t want to listen to me, have it your way.

His jaw tightened and he was tempted to unload his thoughts on her but thought better of it. Perhaps today is not the day.

He recalled it was nearly the anniversary of her daughter’s death. A bad day indeed.

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