FOREVER KNIGHTS: #18 Traitorous Lovers

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Telling Her Goodbye

Night Manor, Mane Country

In mere hours they were back at Night Manor.

Sabine went to her room to collect her things while Sebastian and Chavias spoke.

“You don’t wish me to see her?” Bast asked, amusement tingeing his voice.

“I don’t wish her to see you.”

“Ah.” Bast laughed. “Fair decision. She must be quite beautiful.”


“I’d never touch her.”

Chavias gave him a long look.

Not even if you thought you were rescuing her from me? But he was too afraid of the answer to ask.

Sebastian gave him a hooded look but bit his tongue.

Hearing my thoughts again. Chavias knew. Wondering what he would’ve said.

“Come.” Chavias led his friend upstairs and they quietly entered her chamber to stand in the doorway.

Sabine moved about soundlessly. The flood of heavy curling blonde hair pouring over the shoulders of the cloak. Her small oval face concentrated as she decided what to take.

“Radix can never have her.” Chavias whispered. “She’s not as delicate as she looks. She’s incredibly strong-willed. But far too innocent to withstand his cruelties. He’d torture her and she’d die before she broke.”

“She is beautiful.” Bast murmured. Head cocking as he jested. “Are you certain you wish to leave her with me?”

Bast was instantly contrite at seeing the pained expression on the darker man’s face. “That’s what you fear?” Sebastian said thoughtfully. “You love her.”

Chavias turned away guiltily.

“It appears, My Friend, that you still have a soul to give.”

He’s surprised.

Chavias gave the other man his back. “You thought I didn’t?”

“I’m relieved you do.”

Who could blame him for feeling that?

Sabine gathered her things into a valise and a side table and several furs.

Chavias tied the blankets to Sebastian’s back, as the panther. He turned back into the dragon and lowered his wing for her to climb up. Lifting it as she rose to make it more level for her. As the took off he caught the side table in a taloned hand.

They made their way back to WaterRose.

It was less then an hour when Chavias heard Sabine’s soft breathing and the steady thudding of her heart.

She’s asleep.

Perfect. He’d no desire to wake her.

WaterRose, Meadow Mountain, Grier Country

Upon reaching the castle he lowered near the ground and set down the side table before smoothly dropping to the ground on his boots as a human.

Sabine fell softly from where the rise of his back had been. Red cloak fluttering around her and white hair blowing in the breeze. Her blue eyes popped open.

He straightened his back into a man’s in time to hold his arms out and catch her softly.

She blinked huge eyes at him, and he lifted a palm over her face in a circular motion. Letting white flecks pour from his palm into her. Settling her further into slumber. She fully relaxed again. Breathing one word. “Chavias.”

Bast shot him an accusing look.

Chavias said nothing.

“Chavias…” Bast chastised. Collecting the blankets tied to him by swinging the rope around to his front and pulling them loose from it, to carry.

There was a drawn-out silence between them before Bast asked. “Are you going to wake her once we get her to a chamber?”


Making her shift further into his chest. Putting a hand to it and tucking her face against the back of it.

Both men froze but after a moment her breathing deepened again.

“Please don’t wake her.” Chavias blurted. “I-I cannot tell her goodbye.”

Bast’s words stayed him. “And what if she wishes to tell you farewell?”

“I can’t.” He shook his head.

Bast pulled back the blankets in the chamber.

The room which was once mine.

Chavias tenderly laid her down and Bast covered her up. “She’s young, vibrant and beautiful. I’ll be no more than another day’s passing for her.”

Bast’s gaze hardened, and his lips compressed.

“You disagree with my decision?” Chavias knew him well enough to see it.

Why am I even asking?

“I do.” Bast’s piercing eyes narrowed. “You may regret it one day.”

Chavias eyed him quietly until he strode away.

When they exited WaterRose, they stepped into the colorful rays of sunset.

Bast stayed in the doorway. Watching Chavias cross the bailey and go out the gate. Running lightly before bursting into the air.

“Come back to us, Derenoe.” Was the last remnant of Bast’s voice intruding in Chavias’ thoughts. Haunting Chavias long after he’d left Meadow Mountain.

Chavias’ shoulders were weighted as he climbed the stairs to his chamber.

I’ll linger at Night Manor until they drag me back. Then he’d have to face the repercussions the demon intended for him.

No doubt already trying to discover a way to track me. Walking through his chamber door he found he was too weary to journal. She’ll likely never read another word anyway. What’d be the point?

Kicking off his boots he climbed into bed. With the senses of the dragon, he caught Sabine’s faint scent still lingering.

She was here days ago. Reading my words. He flopped onto his back and crossed his hands over his stomach. Taking in the clean womanly scent of her.

He fell asleep. Heart aching that he’d never see her again…

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