FOREVER KNIGHTS: #18 Traitorous Lovers

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LUCIEN - Knights & Festivities

Rosewynn Manor, Outside Meadowbrook, Grier


The day of Lucien and Meralee’s wedding dawned.

With me still worrying she’s going fly away from me somehow.

But this morning she arrived downstairs, with him in tow.

Having woke me at dawn.

Excited perhaps? He wondered hopefully.

“Nora!” Marcus called. “When you said there’d be guests, I don’t think we understood what you meant…”

Nora cringed. Moving close behind Meralee and Lucien.

Knights clothed in perfect white roamed the foyer of Rosewynn.

Making the Bishop brothers stare in confusion.

“Nora!” Nicholas Bishop called as he spotted her at the top of the stairs. “Were you expecting more company?”

Many had come last night. But not yet in their cloaks.

I’m sure this is an unusual sight for them.

Fortunately, Nora had already seen it once in the Dread Hideout.

During Acharius and Chastain’s ceremony.

“Yes!” Nora called. Her step slowing.

Nora beamed as she joined him at the railing. Excited to see they’d come.

Deragan stepped to her side.

“How am I going to explain what they’re wearing to my brothers?”

Deragan gave her a long look before his shoulders lifted in a slow shrug.

“Who are you?” Airon asked from the Dining Hall. Staring at all of them in shock. “I opened the door and they all just poured in.” He gave Nora an apologetic look.

“It’s fine, Airon.”

One-by-one they pulled back their hoods. Some possessed lively green eyes, some with blue ones the color of the ocean. Some incredibly dark of eyes and hair.

All men to behold. Towering figures in the foyer.

“Look at them!” Mera paused to whisper. “Can you imagine what the flowers of LandingTown would think at the sight of all of them.”

“Oh, I’ve heard!” Lucien groaned.

They swoon like at first blush.

One man stepped forward to kiss her hand.

“Acharius?” She asked.

“Yes.” He touched his eye tenderly. “Thankfully I’ve healed since our last introduction.”

She grimaced. Giving him an apologetic glance.

He chuckled and walked away.

She recognized Sebastian. With his touchable golden hair and his sparkling blue-green eyes. Standing out even amongst this group.

“Alazareth.” The next one pulled his hood back and let it fall to his shoulders.

She gasped. Eyes drawing to Bast and then immediately back to Alazareth. Jaw slack.

Lucien leaned forward and saved her the question. “Yes. Twin brothers, Love.”

She focused on Lucien to keep her gaze from drawing back to the longer haired of the twins.

The one that’s almost impossible for women not to stare at.

Damn, Bast.

“The effort is appreciated, My Lady.” Lucien chuckled.

“Do you intend to have him for your groom?” A tall, slim green-eyed man she didn’t know nodded toward Lucien.

“I will keep Lord Lucien as mine.” She nodded.

“Rhyers.” He leaned over and kissed her hand. His light eyes dancing merrily as he introduced himself.

“He’s our tracker.” Lucien whispered to her.

There was great cheering and clapping and the group rushed forward to slap Lucien on the back.

Mera stepped away from him as the crowd nearly pushed her aside. She wrinkled her nose but allowed it. Through the crowd a masculine hand reached out to her. She followed it up and spotted Lucien’s dark dancing eyes.

She took it and he pulled her through them, and back to his side.

To keep her close to me. They won’t dismiss her so easily.

Some of the strangers embraced her.

She stood stiffly. Looking at Nora pleadingly.

Watching them, Lucien was surer than ever that they’d allowed him to win the tournament. To be the first one to get her to the Lion’s Head Tavern.

No way so many immortal warriors and skilled trackers were truly bested by the willowy little beauty. Though she is formidable indeed. He glanced at her profile proudly. Content in knowing that in a few short hours she would be his.

They let me win because they could tell I wanted her. And despite the slap to his manly pride he was strangely touched.

We are a tight knit band of brothers indeed. He thought with pride.

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