FOREVER KNIGHTS: #18 Traitorous Lovers

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Lucien was surprised when they got upstairs to their chamber and Meralee gave him a long look. “What?”

“Well tell me, Lucien. What do I do now?”

His brows lifted. He teased her brazenly. “I could tell you what to do now, but I doubt you’d like it.”

“Who says that?” She pushed him back and he stumbled over a wooden chair. Landing roughly in it.

She drug her fingers over his chest. “Perhaps, I may.”

“Perhaps you may slap me!” He countered. Twisting to keep her in view. “What game is this? A plot to kick me from my own chamber on our wedding eve to keep from consummating it?” His eyes narrowed.

“Nope.” She drug that finger over his collar and along the back of his neck. Circling back around front she lifted her skirts and straddled his lap.

“Have I a wanton on my hands?” He was shocked at her forwardness.

“I want you.” She breathed against his mouth. “If that’s what you’re asking.”

“’Tis. But this won’t be the way of it, My Dear.” He growled.

“Why not?”

He stood. Keeping her legs curved around his hips and walking her to the bed. “Because I’m quite content to let you bite and bark at me amongst company but behind closed doors I’ll have you screaming and writhing my way.”

She tilted her head questioningly.

“Only ever in pleasure.” He purred.


“Oh.” He nodded. Tipping back to flop her onto the bed and following her down. Showering her neck and collar in kisses that had her head tossing back and her moaning warmly. He paused and lifted his head. “I’m quite the demanding lover. Are you certain of what you want?”

“I am.” She grinned. Catching his cheeks from near her waist and drawing him up over her to push her lips to his.

Wanton woman. But he was delighted.

Meralee sighed as she woke up. Blinking open those large doe eyes and peering at him from where he sat in a chair before the window.

Light poured in to warm bathe his face in yellow light.

His dark brown eyes seemed warmed to amber today as he studied the lawns of Rosewynn and Phalanx Forest beyond.

Wondering how many Cimmerii lurk out there.

How many are just waiting for a moment when we’re not paying attention.

She rose, tugging the coverlet free to wrap around her as she padded to the window to join him. Dropping a hand to his shoulder.

“Good morning.” He welcomed her. Putting his hand over hers.

She looked at the floor as though it betrayed her.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s so cold.” She stood up on her toes.

“Here.” He caught under her legs and around her shoulders to twist her over onto his lap.

Getting her feet off the floor.

“Your lap is warmed from the sun.” She commented.

“It is?”

I don’t feel it.

She smiled and nodded. “How long you been sitting here?”

“I don’t really know.”

“You look worried.”

“I am. We’ve so much to do. So much more help we need, and we’ve no idea how big Radix’s armies have grown. We need information so we can strategize.”

“Driving your tactical mind wild, not knowing?”

“It is actually.” He frowned down at her.

“So, how do you intend to find out?”

“I need to get ahold of someone whose been in his lair.”

“Who would that be?”

“No idea. Yet.” He mulled it over. “I need to talk to the Captain.”

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