FOREVER KNIGHTS: #18 Traitorous Lovers

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CHAVIAS - Whispering To a Visioner

Brownville, Isle of Wight


The Widow Anna Valentine took her time going to bed. Walking her room, taking down her hair, and changing into a comfortable nightdress and took off her jewelry. Putting it all in the little wooden box on her dressing stand. Except for a small locket which she propped open on the stand, revealing miniature portraits of both Nora Bishop and Meralee Carter. Her two best friends.

Finally tucking under the coverlet, she quickly fell asleep. Unaware of the black spider clambering down a tree across the road. Large as a cat, it crossed the road on long spindly legs. It moved sideways across the road, avoiding the light. Concealing itself from shadow to shadow until climbing the side of the house. Slinking into the room. Yellow eyes were splintered with red, marking its kind.

Darkness welcomed it like an old friend.

The spider soundlessly made its way to the girl’s bedside. It shrank, contorting and legs vanishing until only two remained. He righted until he was a man leaning over the sleeping redhead. Gray beard draping the cover but leaving her undisturbed. His eyes had turned beady black. Unbothered by the darkness.

He flexed his fingers and his nails sharpened to jagged points. He inserted them into the area above her collarbones and shoulder blades.

Her skin made a horrible sucking sound as it gave. Her eyes popped open. Terrified. Her fear making Radix stronger.

He smirked at her.

Anna tried to scream. Only paralyzed choking noises emerged as her throat worked.

Stop. A slight movement materializing in the corner caught her eye.

Anna rolled her panicked gaze there. Reaching out a hand as she gargled. Begging for help.

A man stood in the corner with sleek black hair and black facial hair. Expression pained as he averted his gaze to the ground.

She desperately reached for him in hopes of salvation. She received none.

I can’t help you. I’m just another of his minions this day. Chavias thought. Soul aching at what he witnessed. I hate this.

Which is why Radix brought me.

Radix withdrew his grip on Anna and stepped away. Ordering Chavias. “You will watch.”

His eyes sunk in and flesh grew elastic as his jaw slipped from its placement, swinging side to side loosely. Lowering to the ground. An exaggeration of a serpent’s ability to disconnect theirs. Then came the horrendous sound of broken glass grating and a vacuum of air pulling her.

Chavias hated watching the film pull from her body. Rising with mouth open in a soundless shriek. A mirror image of the terrified girl helpless on the bed. Reaching its arms out to him in the same way she’d tried. Her physical form managed a weak cry before her spirit was lost in the gaping black hole formed from Radix’s face.

Her soul consumed. Chavias felt the moment her soul died.

She’s gone.

Her body now only a shell. Skin translucent and eyes rolling up into her skull. Lips still locked on the broken scream. Her body hardened until becoming like stone. Cracking down the side.


But Chavias felt another presence. Like someone Spirit-Running but weaker.

Someone is watching…

“Tell Nora and the Watchers.” He whispered under his breath. Certain only one of them could be spying on Radix in visions.

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