FOREVER KNIGHTS: #18 Traitorous Lovers

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SEBASTIAN - Reckless

Rosewynn Manor, Outside Meadowbrook, Grier


Sebastian awoke to a boot lightly shoving him in the side. He sat up. “Where the devil am I?”

He remembered instantly and looked around the floor. Disappointed to find Elsabet had left him. Not even a farewell.

“You fell into a Knight Sleep. Obviously rather fast.” Deragan nodded toward where Bast lay on the Dining Hall floor, tucked around a chair with a floor fur thrown over him.

Bast eyed the fur quizzically.

“I tossed it over you.” Deragan lifted a cup of tea to his lips. “Because your gift was still out of the packaging.”

Bast frowned up at him. Tilting his head in confusion. Understanding dawned and he lifted the fur to peer underside.

“Didn’t want you to scare the children.” Deragan passed by him to go to the corner and assume his seat.

“I apologize, Captain. I didn’t intend any of this.”

“I’m aware, Bast. I’d prefer you to have more respect for my house.”

“I will in future.”

I should’ve been more conscientious.

“What can I do to make recompense?” Bast laced his breeches and leaned on the back of a chair wearily.

What I did was very disrespectful.

“I too have been guilty of being consumed by passion with my wife in odd locations. I can understand and forgive your indiscretion long as it does not occur in my home again.”

“Yes, Sir.” Bast turned and wearily moved to leave the Dining Hall.

“Not so fast.” Deragan’s commanding tone stayed him where he stood. “Not another step. Turn.”

Bast complied. Giving him a questioning look. What else did I do?

“When was the last time you had a Knight Sleep before this short one?”

Bast’s brow knitted and he eyed the floor.

“Do you not know?”

“I can’t recall.”


“I do rest when I’m exhausted.”

“No.” Deragan corrected. “You Knight Sleep when you notice you’re exhausted.”

“What would you have me do.”

“I gave you a gift.”

“Yes, you did.”

The ultimate gift. He gave me everything.

“Savor it and give Elsabet a rest.” Deragan ordered.


Deragan put up a hand to silence him and stood. Emanating authority. “I wasn’t asking.”

Bast deflated.

“Calm down. You need to rest and rejuvenate. Leave her to me.”

Bast gave him a long look.

Don’t let them kill her. But Bast didn’t have the authority to demand it. Looking at Deragan he saw no softness or sympathy, but he knew Deragan would do what he could.

But no one would do as much as I would.

I’d let her kill me.

Sebastian sighed. Hurt that he’d had Elsabet in his arms. And now she’s gone again.

But there were other feelings to. I’m happy for Lucien and his Quiller-cat.

He was pushing through the shrubs and making his way through Phalanx Forest when he rounded a high shrub and came face to face with the prettiest blue eyes. His chest tightened at the sight of her.

Is this how she feels when I surprise her? He hoped so. It was a good feeling. Just a sudden surge of emotion he was unprepared for.

“Good afternoon, Elsabet.”

“Sebastian.” She greeted coolly.

“Radix send you to kill me?”

“Would I do it, if he did?”

I don’t know for certain. Would you?

“You tell me.” He grunted.

Verbal parrying much as we did when she first came to WaterRose.

And the narrowing of her eyes seemed to indicate she found it just as annoying now. “I’ve come to ask you to do something.”

He eyed her as she began moving through the trees bordering him. Several circled him and she kept them between he and she.

Knowing I made he no vows not to take her today?


“Don’t fight in the battle to come.”

“You can’t ask that of me.” He expostulated. “Elsabet! You know me better.”

“I do. That’s why I’ve come.” She passed another tree. Obscuring his view of her and making her voice echo.

He turned to keep her in sight.

“You elect to always be right in the middle of the chaos and you’re forever injured. You’re probably injured right now.” She peered around a tree to look him head to toe.

“Only bruises from tumbling with you.” He outstretched his arms. And slowly turned for her to inspect him.

“And your marks?”

“Undisturbed as of now. It’s been a while.”

“And how does your right shoulder fair.”

“Aches now and then.” He rolled it. And massaged the scar tissue from where a Sarabi had nearly removed that quarter of his body. “But it’s fine. I’m ready to fight anything that comes my way.”

He mockingly ran in place in an exhibition of his athleticism. Stopping and grinning at where he suspected she’d appear next. “No need to worry about me.”

“Every need to.”

“Why?” His smile died as he looked at her warily.

“You are going to be his main target.”

“Oh? Why’s that?”

“Captain is too hard to get to and he knows you’ll recklessly charge into the thick of the mess.”

“I’m not reckless, persay.” He frowned.

“You are.”

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