FOREVER KNIGHTS: #18 Traitorous Lovers

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Have You Turned?

She offered no reassurances.

Not good.

“Now.” She pulled a key from her skirts and twisted it for his inspection. “I’m going to release you for your orders. But if you attack me. Or turn on me in any way, or fail to obey me, those guards have strict orders to kill that…thing.” She pointed back toward where the cage was out of view. “Understand?”

He looked at her levelly. Jaw tight. “You know I do.”

“You really must learn to set aside that pretty pride of yours if this is going to work.”

“I certainly am not feeling much pride right now.”

“You’ll feel even less very soon.”

“Will I?” He challenged.

She tentatively turned the key and unshackled his arm. “Put it at your side.”

He let I fall limply.

She moved to his other side and he inhaled. Catching the scent of wildflowers. She gave him a sharp look.

He shrugged.

“No. You don’t move.” She pointed the key at him.

He obediently stilled until she put the key in the other lock and clicked it open. Once that arm fell he took a threatening step toward her. His face a dark thundercloud.

She retreated and he chased her doggedly. Stepping to the side to direct her to back up toward the bed.

“Stop.” She put up a hand to ward him off.

But he pushed her back over the foot of her bed and followed her over to press a hand to her mouth. Before growling near her cheek. “Unfortunately, there’s not much docile in me.”

He tossed her skirts aside until he found a warm leg. Caressing her calf and working his hand up.

Her hands pried at the larger one over her mouth but couldn’t get it loose. Blue eyes huge.

He almost felt sorry for her. Almost.

Despite the wrath marking his face when he touched her center it was with gentle fingers. Expertly working the area until her grip on his hand relaxed and slipped away. Her neck arching in pleasure.

He continued his ministrations until those hands lifted to clutch his tunic as she spasmed. He slid his hand away and replaced it with a tender kiss. Her lips welcomed his. Warm and full as she kissed him back with heated passion.

“No!” She abruptly sat up and shoved him back.

He slid a few feet. Boots skidding as he shifted forward to keep centered over his feet.

“You’re not in charge here.” She barked. Lifting a shaking finger. “You do what I say. You vowed it.”

“Fine.” He lifted his hands in surrender. Gold eyes intent on her as he tilted his head. “What do you want, Els?”

“I want you to read this.” She twisted to grab the book and flung it at him.

He caught it against his middle and lifted wide eyes to her. “You want me to read to you the Book of Immortals?” He glanced at the closed doors. Before holding it up so she could see the cover. “Do you know what this is?”

“Oh, I certainly do.” Her blue eyes were narrowed hatefully. That door is so thick because it has been soundproofed.”


“Yes. The layers of wood are cut thick and layered densely with down and reed.”

“Why? So no one would hear you scream.” She hissed.

“Me…” He took a predatory step toward her. “Or you?”

“Halt!” Her eyes were spitting fire. Warning him she meant it this time.

So he complied. Stopping.

She crawled up the bed and fluffed the pillows at her back. Settling in.

He warily rounded the bed to lean his hip on the stand next to it. Palming the book.

She gave him a knowing look and lifted the cage from the floor next to him to put it on the opposite side.

Smart girl.

Grunting, he settled his rear on the stand.

She knelt on the edge of the bed to peer over his hand at the page.

Even from that distance he could feel the warmth of her body. He studied her profiled. The full lips, pert nose and long lashes. All of them uniquely hers.

Reaching over his hand she flipped a few pages and pointed to a line.

He settled in and began reading in a low murmur.

She sat back on the pillows. Saying sharply. “I didn’t say there!”

He gave her a quick glance.

“Here.” She pointed downward on the bed next to her.

She wants me to sit next to her?

Watching her confusedly. He settled down on the blankets next to her. Crossing his ankles and lifting an arm to tuck his hand against the back of his head as he began reading.

She shifted slightly. After a time she did it again.

She’s moving closer? He was sure. He noticed it from the corner of his eyes but refused to acknowledge it. Reading as though oblivious.

Eventually she was tucked against his side. Her head resting against his shoulder as she looked at the page with him.

My slavery is a way for her to be close to me? He’d never been more confused. And wanted to ask but knew if he moved he’d drive her away.

Let her play this game. I’m certainly not going to object to this aspect.

She shifted down as he read and eventually he noticed her even breathing and steady heart rate.

Realizing she was now asleep, head resting on his belly he was free to look at her. Peaceful in slumber. His spare hand caressing her neck and shoulder.

Continued in BOOK EIGHTEEN.


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