Clouds of Tyranny

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To the east where central Asia once stood was a tower in the center of the scorching sands that housed the Empire’s base. The tower stood miles high shaped like a tall black pyramid. The top floor of this tower was where the Empire’s top people met to make decisions on their next attack.

“She’s being held at the prisoner’s camp, my lord,” said a General sitting at the round table in the center of the room that was surrounded by a long balcony circling the tower with two other men sitting at the table.

“Get anything?” asked a man of about thirty-five years of age in a clean business type suit.

“Nothing yet Mr. Germ,” answered the General.

The two men exchanging information were Ralph Germ and General Coop who sat across from one another. The third man was well into his sixties with neat blonde hair, chiseled features, and wearing a black robe and an amulet around his neck that glowed blue.

“Two weeks and not a single speck of information on the Returner’s whereabouts?” asked the third man.

“No, my lordship.”

“Fear not Emperor, she’ll talk,” said Ralph reassuringly.

“And if she doesn’t, then what?” said a voice from the balcony.

They were all silent as the man came inside from the fresh air, it was Krazz growing impatient.

“General Coop, have you met Krazz? He’s my number two,” said Emperor Gerard.

“I’ve heard of him, sir,” said the man nervously.

Krazz walked around the table and positioned himself behind Coop and tapped his long sharp fingernails on Coop’s shoulders.

“Germ,” said Krazz, “Three things I want: First, their hideout so we can eliminate those filthy rats. Two that man…Lock. I want him for myself…nobody challenges me and lives. And third, how they knew about our attack on Harmon before we even attacked. Let’s be honest; the Returners are starting to become a problem for the Empire. I had a small house in the Far East as a child and when we became infested with cockroaches it made the most sense to simply destroy everything that they were attached to. Burn the house and the pests would fall. And it worked perfectly.”

Ralph nodded.

“Maybe I tell her that we have the man by the name of Lock and that he’ll be killed unless she talks.”

The Emperor nodded.

“Worth a try,” said Ralph Germ, “But, the most important thing to remember is that I need that girl. The one with powers and green hair. She’s vital to the advancement of the Empire.”

“Is he?” asked Krazz referring to General Coop.

“Nah,” waved Emperor Gerard, “Not needed.”

Krazz dug his sharp long nails into Coop’s throat and lifted him into the air with a single hand and pressed him against the wall while he squeezed his throat. Slowly the nails penetrated the flesh of Coop’s neck and blood began to seep through the skin until Krazz tightened his so fierce that the flesh ripped out and the man fell to the floor bleeding to death slowly, gargling on his own life juice. Krazz looked down at him getting a sense of enjoyment out of the whole ordeal, then licked his fingers clean. After his fingers were cleaned, he knelt down and looked at the dying General.

“Look at me!” yelled the deep voice of Krazz.

The General’s eyes drifted to Krazz with his body’s last ounce of energy as Krazz was now whispering.

“I want to be the last thing you see.”

Krazz stood up and picked up the late General’s chair that had been knocked over prior to his death.

“Thank you, he was starting to annoy me,” sighed the Emperor as he stood up, “I’ll leave it to you gentlemen.”

The Emperor walked out of the room, only then did Krazz and Ralph speak.

“Does he know?” asked Ralph.

“No, as far as he knows, she ran away to escape the Empire.”

“General Alexandra Leshea and the Returners. Seems kind of odd.”

“She’s a very odd girl. Kill her on sight and tell the Emperor it was the Returner’s doing. Then, capture the green girl and kill the rest. If Gerard knew about Leshea becoming a traitor he might reevaluate his own prospects.”

“Don’t worry, we have a spy within the Returners. The mission is simple: Kill General Alexandra Leshea, capture the spell caster, and inform us of their location in the depths of the night before they even know they’re gone. Then, we can simply wipe them all out in one fell swoop before they’ve even finished their breakfast the next morning.”

“Good. When?” asked Krazz.

“We won’t know till he’s captured the girl.”

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