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For the first time in more than a thousand years, the bloodline woke up and a Wolvensoul walks the earth once more. The one that is the last link to the Wolfskin, the skin that created the Werewolf race. A girl that is the only one who can find it and everyone knows it. Mera’s life went from normal to insane in four months and she knew that the danger would only grow with time. She went from human to the most hunted being on earth and the one person she needs to stay away from is closer to finding her than she thought. Alliances will be made, bonds will be completed, promises will be broken and their strength will be tested. Will she be able to safe the Werewolf race or will she fail? NOT A STANDALONE BOOK, BOOK 2 OF THE WOLFSKIN SERIES!

Fantasy / Action
A. Makkelie
4.8 17 reviews
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‘Ikke ta den tonen med meg, Zachary. Jeg fortalte at jeg vil gi deg makten, jeg fortalte deg bare ikke at det innebærer å drepe en Wolvensoul.’ Loki said as he looked at the fuming Zachary with an uninterested look.

‘Do not take that tone with me, Zachary. I told you I would give you the power, I just did not tell you that it means killing a Wolvensoul.’

‘Don’t take that tone with you!?’ Zachary yelled. ‘Years ago you promised me the power to avenge my parents. I gave up my wolf for that promise. You disappear after you tell me that i need the fucking Wolvenskin and that the last Wolvensoul needs to appear for me to get that power, leaving me waiting for years on a fucking girl!’ He added.

‘Jeg forstår ikke frustrasjonen din. Du vet hvem du trenger å finne huden og hvem du trenger å drepe. Jeg holdt løftet mitt. Nå er det opp til deg å fullføre din del og ta makten.’ Loki said as he looked at Zachary who scoffed at his words.

‘I do not understand your frustration. You know who you need to find the skin and who you need to kill. I kept my promise. Now it’s up to you to complete your part and take the power.’

‘You are unbelieveble, Loki.’ Zachary said as he turned away and took a few steps to the lake as he looked at it with clenched jaw.

Loki walked up to him and stood still next to Zachary. ‘Vær forsiktig, Zachary. Jeg er fortsatt en gud. Du vil ikke ha meg på din dårlige side.’

‘Be careful, Zachary. I’m still a god. You do not want me on your bad side.’

Zachary clenched his jaw as he felt the power roll off Loki.

‘Fullfør jobben. Finn huden og drept jenta. Få kraften du trenger for å hevne foreldrene dine og fullfør formålet ditt i denne historien.’ Loki said with a hard voice.

'Complete the job. Find the skin and kill the girl. Get the power you need to avenge your parents and complete your purpose in this story.'

Zachary suddenly felt the power disappear next to him and he knew that the god of mischief had left again.

He will fulfill his destiny.

He will find the skin and get the power he desires.

All he needs is her.

A smile appeared on his face as he looked up to the sky and saw the moon shining down on him.

The Autumn Equinox was going to be the defining moment of this century as the Wolvensoul will finally be in his hands.

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