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A'void dark

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In a world where power is everything. A young boy named Hayden was rejected by its one and only law. Power. He was the only one blessed with nothing... but what if that weren't the case? He will set out on a path… a path of conquest to scatter the despair created by the world's lack of 'humanity'.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Nothing is everything...

In a world where everything that existed was darkness and null. Where the darkness reigned and the beings are blanketed by its blinding grasp. But even in this cruel world, the existence of nothing and everything intertwined its reality.

There was a small crack in the vacuum of swallowing darkness that consumed all of what could be said that actually exists.

The Light broke from darkness and floated throughout the void--the bare nothingness

The light expanded reaching the voids of reality, crushing the darkness and itself until it exploded. And from that destruction, a being “we” called god was created.

But not mankind. He never expected that humanity was to exist. So he left the world he created. Bored of being alone but, still in his greed he never wanted to share the earth with anyone but himself. As his greed has far surpassed his boredom and died of the thing he always didn’t understand. Feelings.

Fear? Love? Boredom? Sadness? Happiness? He didn’t know any of that so he didn’t know if he could create something that has it.

So like that he just left. He left all of existence.

And like that earth was left for infinite years to come. As the concept time also wasn’t a thing.

It was everything that it wasn’t because there is none, so nothing can exist.

Until bacteria born from the earth and evolved into “us” so “we” were created.

And all were creatures that have evolved imbued with darkness. Before there was none to be called “something” and “now” we have “everything”. Therefore all the human knowledge of that time is valid.

And humanlike creatures began their reign over all the animals and other mythical creatures that might be unthinkable of. Intelligent beings were the ones bestowed with the power to rule the world.

Humanlike creations spread out into demons, dwarves, elves, Lycans, orcs, trolls, and of course humans. Where all of existence was born. With the common enemy being the animals and other creatures. Every race had some kind of power from the very deep abyss that has been before this existing world.

How can one become a master of the dark world?

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