Flame Bound Trilogy: The Return of The Phoenix

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Blaze Embers is the only remaining Phoenix in existence . Having been forced out of the Earth Realm by the actions of humans. Using the help of an ancient Wicca coven one thousand five hundred years later she has to keep up her end of her blood oath too the witches. Blaze will need to return to the Earth Realm as breaking a blood oath will result in ever lasting torture and misery. In order for Blaze to fulfill her oath to the witch's she will need to return to Earth and get close to Drogon Orion Drakarez the infamous Lycanthope Alpha of the Outcast pack the only were-wolf pack left on the Earth Realm . Little does Blaze know that this task will not only cause her to decide between reveling her true identity possibly exposing her weakness to those she is not sure she can trust. But she will be forced to choose between the love of her life or the ultimate sacrifice... Her Phoenix!

Fantasy / Erotica
Nadyne Lozowski
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Chapter 1: Memory

🦋Hello my lovely readers... Hope you are all doing well. If it's not too much to ask. Please will you kindly leave a rating at the end of each chapter so I can see where I need to improve on 😊... Please note each chapter is unedited and there may be spelling and grammatical errors at this point. Love you all and thank you for sharing in Blazes story with me🦋

Blaze POV:

I sit staring at my surrounding’s absorbing every detail, smell and sound around me.

A Realm that was designed specifically for my kind, a necessary measure to escape from all the despicable actions done by humans on Earth. My new realm also provided protection and helped in hiding our secret of existence from all other creatures out there in the universe.

It was conjured up by one of the most powerful black magic Wicca coven’s in this day and age.

The realm of the Phoenix.

As I take in every color, every smell. The ground was made up of grass that very much resembled a fleece like material, soft to the touch although not the typical green as I had known grass to be like on Earth but here the grass violet. It sparkled like fine glitter in the sun light at the center of the meadow. The smell of the grass being somewhat similar to what I had come to remember as the scent of the Jasmine flower.

Even the creatures here were not your typical butterflies and bees. Instead my realms creature’s look like something out of a child’s imagination. I had not even taken the time to individually name each creature I simply referred to them all as beasty’s.

As some beasty’s hopped and other’s flew around the landscape before me. Closing my eyes soaking in the peaceful atmosphere. I Take in a slow steady breath holding it for a few seconds before sighing out and allowing my mind to wonder off to my memory of how this all came to be.



5th century BC.


Pelusium, on the coast at the far eastern side of the Nile Delta (Lower Egypt)


Battle of Pelusium

The Humans were waging war and the battle between the Persians and the Egyptians & Greek Mercenaries was taking place right in front of my eyes. “Homosapien’s” as I liked to refer to them, had always been an unappreciative species. A primitive race, yet they demanded power and control. Their arrogance and pride controlling their better judgement causing them to not even consider the consequences of their actions.

Earth, the only Planet/realm all of us had once called home and not just my kind but all other supernatural species as well, was under attack and burning. This Planet that was once beautiful and peaceful so green and vibrant surging with life and nature was now being destroyed by the humans.

I stood watching as fire engulfed a village in Pelusium leaving nothing but ashes in its wake. Human villagers were screaming and crying holding onto what was left of the bodies of their loved ones. Children were calling out for their mother’s. Blood was running out from the freshly slain corpses into a nearby stream that was once adored by the very people that were now soiling the clean water. The smell of burning human flesh, is one scent I will never forget.

I had watched as a small child not more than 3 years of age was tugging on the body of a female woman who looked to be around 25 years of age. I realized it must have been the child’s mother. The child was crying and shoving against the body trying to wake her mother up but to no avail.

My heart had clenched at the sight and I wondered for a moment at was to become of the child now that her guardian and protector was no more. It took great will power for me to turn a blind eye though, knowing there was nothing I could have done regardless.

All I could remember was utter chaos and destruction. I also remember thinking ‘What a waste of such a beautiful creation’. In my many years of existence I had learned the best way to deal with the ultimate destruction of this Planet was to stay out of its human inhabitant’s affairs.

However be that as it may myself and my kind could not live a peaceful life amongst these creatures. “Homosapien’s” the least exceptional of all the creations. They held no special qualities or supernatural abilities, they did not have any power to control or manipulate an Earthly element or affinity thereof, yet they were waging war to rule the lands.

That is why we along with other supernatural species had decided to flee this wretched Planet and start over in magically conjured up realms of our own.

I had been both privileged and haunted to have crossed paths with a few of the other supernatural species throughout my years on the run mostly encountering with the Faye Folk, Vampire’s and Lycanthrope. Almost every mythical creature known to man in the current day had once existed. But who knows how many had been wiped out by now and which still remained.

A phoenix however is almost impossible to kill ‘almost’ being the operative word. However the Humans had discovered our weakness a mere decade ago at that time and within that decade they had managed to track our movements in order to either kill or enslave us, as our abilities and powers proved to the humans we could be a powerful asset and could assist any human looking to fight for power.

Our abilities and powers were no secret back then. We were for all intent and purposes immortal. We possessed the ability to both manipulate and manifest fire from our physical beings. We had tears of healing powers and had great strength we could carry objects that were over fifty times our own body weight. We were however most sought out for our ability to transform into a magnificently large bird. We held a resemblance between a Hawk and an Eagle, our feathers were bright orange and red and at times could emit flame as well if we willed it so. We had talon’s that were at least six inches long on each claw and a sharp beak. Our tail feathers were long looking like snakes made of flame.

That is why we were also known as ‘Fire Birds’. Given our abilities, humans would try to enslave us and break us to bend and serve them at will treating us like nothing more than animals. We could do everything a Dragon could do but I was pretty sure that Dragons were now slain to extinction as they were too savage to be controlled and were more of a risk than an asset to the humans.

During the time when our weakness was unknown to those around us we had never needed to live in fear of anyone as we were still one of the most powerful species out there but unfortunately when our weakness was discovered by some strange twist of events we were doomed.

Little did these humans know though that a Phoenix is not one to bow down and comply so easily, being of a proud/majestic nature.

No Matter how powerless we became when exposed to our weakness we would still fight with everything we had left.

Tragically though this resulted in many of my kind being slaughtered almost to the brink of extinction in the process of trying to escape the humans.

I had lived for over 1500 earth years as we are immortal but our time is divided into life cycles. Each life cycle lasting for a duration of 500 years. The phoenix was a symbol of death and rebirth, renewal if you will.

I prefer to explain my existence using my life cycles rather than try keep up with thousands of years individually, so for me I had lived three life cycles and was currently in my fourth.

My birth name was Athena Artemis, named after two Goddesses of Greece.

Athena was the Goddess of wisdom, reasoning and intelligence. She was a unique deity and unfathomably popular amongst Gods and mortals. Daughter of Metis who was swallowed by Zeus while she was pregnant with Athena due to a Prophecy that the child born from Metis would become Lord of the Heavens which Zeus would not tolerate. However when the time came for Athena to be born, Zeus began to complain of a massive headache.

Athena then sprang from his head fully grown and dressed in armor. Known for her ferocity in battle and never displaying hotheadedness she always believed in fighting for justice and righteousness. She only took part in wars that were fought in self-defense.

Artemis was the twin sister of Apollo and love child of Zeus and Leto, Artemis is popularly known as the Goddess of hunting among other things.

Artemis was a gifted archer and skilled huntress. Having seen all the hardships that her mother had to go through for having mothered love children of Zeus, she vowed to practice eternal chastity. ‘Honestly of all the Goddesses I’m named after the one who swore to remain a virgin forever.’ Not that I cared as I never indulged in the physical act of intimacy with anyone.

But at least that little oath didn’t last long for Artemis fell in love with her hunting companion Orion. She then became the Goddess of goddess of childbirth how ironic.

Honestly I prefer to go by the name of Blaze Embers, it seems rather fitting for what I am, a Phoenix and one of only a handful left in existence. The Phoenix is a creature of extremely rare divine power.

It shamed me to say this but I was the reason our weakness was exposed to the humans back then.

Ten years before the battle of the Persians, Myself and my family were on the run from the humans. Although they could not enslave us yet as our weakness was still a mystery to the humans my father decided we still needed to keep off the humans radar and steer clear of them regardless if they could capture us or not.

One night while on our travels ten years ago we decided to take rest by a river. I had been tasked to do first watch by my father it was late in the evening when it all happened.

I had decided to do first watch up in a high enough tree providing myself with a vantage point in order to spot any threats coming from a distance while my family rested below under the tree itself.

My mother’s name was Rhea and Father’s name was Hephaestus named after the God of Fire and Forge. I also had a younger sister named Phoebe. I suppose my parents wanted to keep up with tradition and name their offspring after the Greek Goddess’s and God’s of Legend.

My parents along with their parents and ancestors before them were strong believers in a prophecy that was foretold many eons ago. It was prophesized that in the coming ages one of your children would be gifted with turning into the second coming of that said God or Goddess of old as long as you named your child after them. That child would develop the same strength and abilities of the God they were named after, bringing fourth the second coming of that said God, a reincarnation of sorts.

But the prophecy had not come to pass over the years and we were yet to see a phoenix named after a God or Goddess become the second coming or reincarnated soul of the deity.

Creating the reason for why I chose to go by a different name, I did not approve of having to live up to the expectations of possibly being the second coming of a Goddess whether it be Goddess Athena or Goddess Artemis, I was my own being and held my own identity. I did not wish to be identified and linked with another due to some ancient prophecy.

That night while I was on first watch I had fallen asleep in the tree, this little action caused the most catastrophic event in my life to this day. Little did I know that not only would my mistake cost me greatly after that but would also affect the remaining Phoenix’s in existence as well.

I had been woken up by screaming and commotion happening below me. The screams were coming from my mother and sister. There was fire everywhere but for some reason while my father was throwing out flames to fend off the human army that had ambushed us in the middle of the night, I could see my father was weakened and this had given the humans the upper hand.

'How is that possible?' I thought to myself.

Most of the soldiers were focused on taking my father down but there were a handful approaching my mother and sister as well. My mother was less of a threat to the humans than my father and my sister even more so. My family was trying to give back a good fight none the less but it was futile.

I jumped down to the ground in hopes to help my family but failed to notice some of the humans lying in wait for as soon as I landed on the floor below me an iron chain made blanket was draped over me and immediately nailed me down to the floor.

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