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Honor of Warrior Soul

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About a young woman who lost her comrades and brother in a battle against an enemy they were looking for a long time. she is a lone survivor, who has to carry on with life knowing she and her beloved fox demon son had survived and the others did not. only thing she has left is her adopted son and a demon cat. she now must learn to life on and move past this period in her life and to learn to trust her heart to love others even in fear of losing those loved ones in time. she returned to the village her and her comrades first met with her brother as she stay in memories lane when they rush back to her as she stay there barely living until she force to go a unknown area by her dead comrades older brother to his home where lies hardships head of her as she try to adjust to the new area. when she slowly started to have felt for the lord and slowly starts come back to live once again. then she leave the lord home from him being so cold toward her even after being together for so long then to go to a close friend home where she feel like she around family once more and feel welcome there then she started to feel things for her close friend who is there for her at her time of need but can’t be with him due him taking a other. When spirit come to her to telling her things she didn't know she was loud to do which make things worse after her first mate find out.

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Note: this a roughly wrote but it will be edited

Melody lunged forward, quickly sprinted towards Joseph and coming closer, then jabbing out her sword in attempt to stab him, but his reflex kicked in and he ducked forward, trying to cleave her legs. Melody noticed this at the last second and only got away with a small upper thigh. She sprinted at Joseph again, but this time he just raised his sword ready to stab her again.

The weight of Joseph sword was dragging her down, but she soon recovered and pushed back hard. She was extraordinarily strong, so he jumped back and dashed forward with his sword straight out in front of him. When he attempted to stab her arm, but she tucked her shoulders and impaled his stomach. “Shit!” he snarled, jumping back to try to recover. while looking at his wound but he soon healed, panting, before dashed forward, grabbing her head, and pushing it down. As he left up his knee to slammed into her face and thrusted his sword with just enough power to go through her back. Blood splattered everywhere and the sword went all the way through her stomach. Making a small wound. The blood sprayed as she slid off of his sword, limp and weak. she stood up as Joseph jumped far away. Melody darted at him once more, but her attacks were beginning to weaken, so he adjusted his grip on his sword, just to find himself clutching her neck.

Joseph slammed his fist right into her face, then used the palm of his hand into an uppercut under the chin. Before he grabbed her chin and forced her head backwards, intending to sweep her legs out from beneath her while forcing her head back.

Her fist smashed against his shoulder with brute force, numbing his arm for a moment and giving Melody the chance to remove his hand out from under her chin as she snarled out of anger. Joseph quickly glanced back to see her ducking to trip him. But he jumped out the away, but to no avail. Her clawed hand grasped his ankle, and she threw him across the field, but I landed on all fours and stood up. “Fuck...you nearly got me there.” He said, panting heavy. “Whatever. I guess I will have to take you seriously. Enough holding back.” He appeared behind Melody, too fast for her to even see. She staggered back, not knowing where Joseph had gone. She bumped into him before turned around, but he pounded the top of her head and she fell to her knees, terrified. She stood up, prepare herself, but she was too slow, and he stepped between her legs from behind to trip her while shoving her directly to the ground. Melody fell harshly, crashing against the ground and breaking the Armor in her face. The crack tried to fuse back together, but he did not allow that much time. When he pulled the off helmet while he grins, thinking he finally had her. he wanted to torture her more before finally killing her, but she punched him hard in the jaw. When he stumbled back, but immediately recoiled, delivered a hard kick aiming for the centre of Melody’s back. The leg collided, causing a strained groan. The blow propelled her, and she crashed into the tree. Stragglier, she stood up, but dropped back down while, blood flowing from her wounds. He appeared in front of her, as he grabbed her throat roughly with his hand and pinned her as he lifts her up ready to drive his sword into her chest. “this be the very last thing you ever see. I’m going to enjoy killing you since all of your comrade’s are dead now”

“She won’t die, not where I’m still alive you bit of shit” A weak voice said behind Joseph. Since Joe was fairly close and caught Joseph off guard, Joe was able to put a knife into to Joseph back into his heart and twist it much as he could when blood started to come out of Joseph mouth after Joe collapsed back onto the ground where a other body was laying. “My beloved Skyler, I’ll soon be with you.” Joe’s breath became slower and fainter. Joseph drop Melody straight away along with his sword when his hands were trying to take the knife out of his bad when he drops to his knees before he was on his back which drive the knife more into his body which finally killed him.

“NOOOOOO!” Melody screamed as she staggered to her feet forgetting about the wound to her stomach. Seeing her beloved brother save her from Joseph trying to kill her before he falls down onto the ground. “don’t cry my sweet beloved sister, I would do that again to save you from that bit of shit” he said weakly while holding her cheek wiping away some of the blood and dirt from her cheek. “please don’t go, I can’t lose you to Joe” Melody said as her voice was giving away, she was about to cry. when she grabs him from Skyler body hugging him, but she did not notice that he already died, which she tapped his face, which was cold to the touch, but nothing was happening as it was too late.

when Luke just came to the clearing of the battle ground as he saw Melody holding her brother while she was crying. He slowly walk up behind her and place his had onto her shoulder “I’m sorry I wasn’t here quicker and jump in to help you to take out Joseph” Melody bite her lip trying not to cry anymore, when she look up to Luke. When he saw she had cuts, blood, and bruises everywhere on her body and had blood in her hair along with her Armor gone. Leaving a white shirt what was mostly coved in blood. And her skirt like Armor was also gone in its place was a mint green skirt.

“you can’t help it. Luke you were fighting your own battle” Melody says in her weak voice before she heard evil twisted voice. Knowing the battle was not over just yet, it was left to her and Luke to finish him off quickly.

“I see it is down to only the Miko and her dog that I must face now. Not much of a challenge.” A dark sinister voice was heard everywhere but yet not anywhere at the same time.

“Where are you Tom? Are you afraid to come out and show yourself?” Luke slowly turned around looking at the surroundings waiting for Tom to show himself.

“Taunting Tom does not seem the wisest thing to do since it is just the two of us now without the help of the others.”

“I can handle him Melody I’m not weak. Go over there by those trees and stay out of the way.” Luke watched as Melody walked over towards the trees. “Are you afraid because you know that we will win?”

“Luke Help Me!” Luke quickly turned around to see two Melody ’s.

“Which one is the real you Melody?” confused what was happening as he thought he was seeing things

“I’m the real Melody. She the fake one”

“No! I am.” The two Melody ’s began to push one another. Luke watched the two Melody’s to determine who the real one was, but their moves were the same.

“She’s Tom. Being a Miko, I can see auras and the aura that I see is dark.” But still Luke did not strike, still confused on who was who.

“Don’t just stand there. Do something. That’s Tom.”

“I can’t. What if I’m wrong? I don’t want to hurt you Melody if I get it wrong”

“I will prove that she is Tom.” The one of the Melody’s moved then there was a scream. When the one moved away, Luke saw the other one holding her stomach and blood coming out between her fingers. As he makes the wound bigger than it was before, on her stomach.

“Lu... Luke!”

“I guess she was the real Miko after all.” Came an evil voice.

" Melody! I’m so sorry” Luke ran over to Melody and knelt down.

“The wound won’t kill her right away, but rather slowly. She will be able to watch her beloved Dog be killed and the wild animals feast on your dead body and the bodies of her beloved friends and brother.” The evil voice had laughing in his voice.

“You bastard!” Luke stood up and ran at Tom. “It will be you who she will see die. Not me” Luke pull out his sword began swung to strike Tom, but he disappeared and re appear everywhere. He got up and proceeded to run at Tom over and over again. Which started to anger Luke as he need to finish this and get Melody to a healer.

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