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Titan: My Return to Earth

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Many want to live the life of God. Get to be immortal, live a long life, do whatever you want in life, and have divine power. But no one realizes the joy that a God wants to do on Earth. With them being old fashion, going to the human world in the 21st century could be fun. This is especially true when they have returned from Tartarus. But this isn't any God. This is a Titan. And along with living amongst the humans. He will also fight to protect it as he was the one that helps cause it.

Fantasy / Action
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History has made us look like villains. They had made us look like we are the devils or demons who had once been the tyrants of the world. Never were we such we had been like those Gods that were worship and benevolent. IN our time we were the creators of the golden age. We weren’t just Gods....We were Titans, and we have appeared once more.

This is my story as not just a God, but a Titan. Hi, my name is Cronus, care to hear my story. Well, it started..I don’t know how long ago…

Fighting for my realm, I was fighting a losing battle as the finale was already closing. I lost the war as I sat on the floor in defeat. With Heaven collapsing before me, I wondered about its fate. Trying to catch my breath as I was looking up at the many majestic figures who had defeated me. They were perfect beyond any people can comprehend. The sight of them would make any person speechless. Even a mere sight would make anyone fall head over heels over them. I might brag since they are my kids, but being a dad, I can’t help but feel proud of them. Yet they are the reason I’m in this terrible state to begin with. I mean I was the cause for it since I locked them away, but hey I was doing this for the better; I think….. The golden age was because of me, everything was to make sure the earth was at peace with no violence. Though I wanted to make sure that the world would forever be in paradise however nothing is perfect it seems. However, fate works in magical ways and this had to happen. Just like how I forced out my father, my kids will do the same. Before me, are my kids, Poseidon, Hades, Demeter, Hestia, Hera, and finally Zeus.

“Dad, you have lost its time for you to hand over the throne,” said Poseidon. He had long blue hair and blue eyes that reflected the very sea. Pointing his trident on my throat, he was close to wanting to stab me again. But stopping him was the sister with her light green hair in a rather less violent manner.

“We never wanted this to have happened, but you’re the reason this had to happen” Demeter was the one that seemed rather calm about it. No matter if she is mad or sad, it looks refreshing. Guess that is a benefit of having spring be a part of your gift.

“Look at you so pitiful. Don’t you feel our pain now?” continued by Hera. The least attractive one of my daughters sadly, but her brown hair at least looks good on her. Though she didn’t sound like she was mad. But her eyes were showing everything as she wanted to kill me rather than keep me alive.

“We will make sure that the world will be the same as you left it.” As a girl came bending down as she was rather showing remorse for seeing me in such a state. She had red hair, as was rather showing kindness a goddess would. Yet with the current situation, she couldn’t show it. Guess Hestia has a softer side to her.

Although they are saying things to comfort me in my distorted thinking, their expressions don’t seem to show any sadness. Guessing how I treated them through the years, they probably don’t really see me as their father. Fortunately, they really can’t kill me, otherwise, I would probably be dead a thousand times over. Unfortunately, here comes the grim news.

“Father for your crimes we will have to imprison you and the others so we can bring peace to the land”, said Hades. It was rather hard to see his face. But his red eyes give it some flare if I say so. Still, that’s more of a nicer way to say we will torture you for the rest of your life, even if you don’t like it.

Sigh, Immortality is a cruel thing. I don’t know how people love it.

“Is that what all of you wish for?” I said after catching my breath. Criss Cross, I acted like a child listening to the adults.

“Father, ever since you kept us lock up, we had felt that you needed to take responsibility for your actions,” Hera stated furiously.

“You should have known this day would come, yet you prevented it rather than accept it” Poseidon pointed out.

Hera was the only one that didn’t hide her emotion and rightfully so, however, I felt she really didn’t know what would happen. Not like I care to tell, but they will know it with time. Maybe… Just when I was about to say something, lighting chained up my body that didn’t allow me to move. The one using it was Zeus, the youngest of my sons and like me most powerful.

“Father, for now, the world is going to be ruled by my hands”. Zeus dragged me walking with his brothers and sisters. Yet he continues to glance at me from time to time. I wonder why but oh well. All I know is that I’m going to the worst place you can imagine, Tartarus. That place is really meant to punish the worst kinds of people.

“To think that I would be sent here, I thought it would be a beach or someplace that no one would bother me.” I said sarcastically, “But being in a place full of suffering sounds like a great place for retirement wouldn’t you say”.

"“”"“....“”"“”"“. They stood in front of me with eyes confused. All of them thought maybe I was crazy for the longest time. In a way, yes, but in order to cope with going to this hell, might as well keep a positive attitude right.

“You know what happens next, and this is the last thing you say before your kids,” Zeus said in sadness. “I would have loved it if you have shared anything about your regrets or at least apologized for your actions.” As he prepared to raise his hands to attack me. “But I guess a bad father will always be bad.” as he sent a lightning bolt towards me. Wosh, I was sent flying inside the gates of Tartarus. You might wonder why I who would be stuck inside would not at least resist our plea for forgiveness. Well, you will soon find out why.

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