Titan: My Return to Earth

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Whats it doing here?

“Ho you know that, well even if you do, I doubt you have a way to fight me if that was your most powerful attack,” Frank said as he immediately charged at me. I continually shot divine energy at him as he keeps blocking them. I used it to keep a distance as he tried to find ways to get close to me. He would appear behind me and I would point at him knowing where he was and shoot it. He however had a good reaction to always using his death energy to block them. We continue to do this for a while as we keep trying to land a hit on each other. We actually went faster than before as it was to the point that Alexis was looking at the afterimage of where we were before.

IN betweent exchanges, I was checking Alexis to see if she was ok, but that was just enough time for Frank to take advantage. Frank threw a punch and although I dodge it, he decided to throw a sneak attack as the energy in his hands spread projectiles at me. Swoosh I dodged everything in a split second even though it was a perfect attack. Counter attacking I threw successive shots at him but he seemed to evade them as well.

" I’m surprised, you dodge them so elegantly,” Frank said in admiration. ” I did try to attack you when you are caught off guard, but even that didn’t faze you.”

“No no that was splendid as you were able to notice it, however, your attacks are too slow. Try to think about having faster attacks so that it would be impossible to dodge next time.” I replied in kind.

“To say that was a slow attack really upsets me, as it was my fastest attack when it was in close range,” Frank replied.

“Haha you underestimate yourself, you haven’t even gone full strength yet.” As I seem to start having fun with this fight. But that seemed to irk Frank quite bad because he was looking at me as though he was being toyed with.

“How do you know that was not my strongest?” he said in anger.

“The energy you are using compared to your ability is far apart. If you want to treat this like a sparring match, then go ahead. However, if you do, I will gladly end this farce right now,” I answered. I then appeared to the left as I pointed at my gun. Bang!!! Though he dodged it, he got grazed slightly as blood was coming down his face. I then appeared on the other side and did the same thing. Bang!! He barely dodges that one. But kept doing that four more times and he was under duress as he couldn’t keep up. I then appear a distance from him. ″ So what do you say?”

“Haaaaa well I guess I will have to,” Frank said as he brushed the blood off his face,” Guess against you I can’t do anything but go all out. He soon released a large amount of death energy that was covering his entire body as it was showing how much energy his body was holding as it was exploding out. But soon the energy all came back to form a suit of armor on him. He had a dark chest plate, arm, and leg garments as well. He also formed a solid weapon compared to Troy and Leon, who were creating the shape of the weapon. However, he actually created a solid form. It was a dual spear with each shaped of a diamond at 6 ft long.

“This is my battle form and my strongest form,” He said as he prepared to fight. “Should I wait for you to get ready”

“No need, I was just being polite but in battle, such things as waiting for the opponent to get stronger is only for idiots,” I said nonchalantly. “I won’t need it”

“Then I shall take that handicap,” Frank said as he appeared right behind me again as he appeared faster than before. And this time rather than he getting ready to strike, he was already having his spear close to my throat and was an inch away. I then dodge it immediately but I soon had a cut as the strike was so powerful that the wind was causing damages. I then took a step back away. But he would not let me go as he continued to chase me without me able to initiate a counter-attack. It was an interesting way of attacking, actually. He would pretend to thrust a spear but if I move left for a counter-attack he would turn the spear so the other end of the spear would swing towards me, giving me less room to react. He would use his other hand and change the direction to make sure he reacts on time. There were times I could shoot at him close up but the armor was pretty tough as never once did he actually care about me shooting at him. With armor, this strong and the fact that the armor is not holding him down despite him going several times faster than before shows how strong this individual was.

The fight got more intense as time went by as he would try to continue to go faster and faster every minute that has gone by. For me, I was getting slight cuts here and there. Though I was receiving more injuries, they were minor and would eventually heal after time. To break the cycle that was continuing on for far too long as he has not even landed a major hit for a while. I suddenly disappeared in front of him and appeared behind him. He was surprised but he was already prepared and he reversed the energy that was going forward, towards me. To counter-attack, I shot a bullet at him directly at the spear point. Frank was confident he would destroy the bullet but this time. Clang, the bullet I shot, and the spear collided. This confused him greatly as before the bullets weren’t even worth any attention. Now this one measly bullet is taking all his energy to stop. The clash was causing the surroundings to erupt as the clash of two strong powers were fighting against each other. Though the sad thing was I was just staring as Frank fight against the bullet, which made me look like I was not doing anything.

“AAAHHHHHH!!!!!” Frank screamed as he pulled his energy to finally remove the bullet. Swoosh the bullet was gone but that took a lot of energy and Frank stabbed the spear on the ground for support. “ha .. ha ” Frank was panting so hard as he never struggled this bad before. “How… where did that power come from you shouldn’t have released that much power within that short of time!!!”

“Releasing energy at that level didn’t really take that much time.” I shrugged. ” The more control of the energy you possess, the faster you can release the energy, it’s that simple.” The reason as to why I’m considered the strongest of the Titans and even amongst the gods is my grasp to control my divine energy so well. Because I have complete control of my energy, I can release any amount of energy at any given time. This generally takes time, but the better you do it eventually you lower the time it takes to unleash your attack no matter what you use your energy for. It would be faster and allow no chance for your opponent to counter. Learned that overtime.

“I see, it seems like I really underestimated you”. Frank said as he finally recovered to stand up. “Seems like I would have to spend everything in my body to defeat a God”

“What do you mean... God?” Alexis said as she was watching the entire thing. “How can Neo be a God?”

“Did you not notice, the way he fights, the fact that he can use divine energy as though he is breathing it. The fact that he blocks the explosion that no human can ever block, yet he blocks it with not even a scratch. What do you think he is?” Frank explained to her. ” Am I right?” he directed towards me.

" Sigh… You know I’m really bad at hiding my identity, and really since the beginning trying to be a normal guy is really hard. But you are right I’m a god of sorts” I confessed. “But to be this strong, are you perhaps a god.”

“Not quite though I’m strong yet there are Gods that will be able to best me in a duel. But I am strong enough to put up a fight.” Frank said politely.

“Oh but I don’t like killing so easily, I don’t want to kill a strong individual like you so if you would let us through we would gladly forget about this,” I said. I’m usually a guy who likes to fight but never do I prefer the idea of having to kill someone. Even when I ruled the people who were under my reign, I never killed them. When they felt like they needed to move on, they would forget and forgive. But I never needed to kill. So if we can avoid killing that would be a win, I would say. However….

“Sorry but I have to decline, I have to protect my lord at all cost even if it costs my life,” Frank said as he pointed the spear. “Rise undead!!!!” Suddenly several parts of the ground started cracking. It started to sprout hands as undead started to pop out of the ground. Hundreds upon hundreds of undead rise one after another. I moved towards Alexis as I made sure she and the team were ok. There was a lot of undead in all shapes in sizes, from humans to minotaurs and other monsters that I’m not aware of. But I was confused, I could destroy all of them with ease. Why would he summon them if he knows that? Then he did something else that was unexpected. “Come to me!!” he stated as the undead soon were crying as they felt like suddenly their something tearing something apart. But suddenly blue energy started coming out of the undead and was going straight to Frank. Then I realized what’s happening.

“This is not good?” I said,

“Why?” Alexis said.

“He’s using Souls,” I said,

“Souls? What does that have to do with anything?” she was confused, not knowing the dangers of what frank was about to do.

“Divine energy and death energy are exact opposites of each other, but they share the same properties as they come from the soul and can be used as long you have the energy in your soul to use. The soul is where your body produces energy. It’s a mass of energy everyone has that we gods use every day.” I explained to Alexis however I noticed that Athena was listening to this as well as one of her eyes was glowing. Guessing she never knew this as well but there was a reason why. “So when you put another soul from someone into your body, it grants you temporary power that exceeds your own.

“That’s incredible why didn’t no one know about this before it can help when used as a last resort,” Alexis said while thinking as she could see the need to get a boost of energy if you are not capable of doing it yourself.

" That’s true but the reason as to why it’s forbidden is when you absorb it into your body.”

I said in warning, which got Alexis more nervous about the use of it. “Everybody can only have one soul and no more, each soul is unique meaning one soul won’t absorb another as they are considered two separate things. If they are stuck in one body naturally they will conflict, eventually. And do you know what happens?”

“What happens?”

“The energy released well naturally creates energy for you to use, however eventually your body will destroy itself by the desire of the souls wanting separate. You understand why, when using souls it grants power but its a heavy price. You would think people would be like releasing the soul after using the power. However, by that time, the body would have already been damaged by then to the point the energy has destroyed all channels of energy. The reason why no one uses it is that the risk is far greater than its reward. Every god knows that using this method is literally suicide. And plus to use someone’s soul you have to kill themselves so the cost is even more.” I explained. The fact that he is absorbing this many souls could only mean one thing…. He is prepared to put his life on the line to kill me.” I looked at Frank as he was gathering more and more souls. As he did his energy was getting stronger and stronger to the point even a average god would feel nervous about this.

The downside was looking at Frank. He was in massive pain, all his muscles were tightening up and his face was growing increasingly paler. This guy was a true warrior as he gave up his entire existence to protect his lord. But after all this time, I’m still wondering does he realize that fighting is so useless. Especially when you collect souls of those who are weak. During the time, I was thinking that he was directing all of his energy into his hands.

“This is the end, DIEEEEE” Frank said as he shot an enormously strong blast of energy that was so condense it was consuming even the sky mostly as it was shooting towards me. This blast was a hundred times stronger than what he could use before.

“Runnnn!!! ″ Athena screamed as he took over Alexis’s body. She could sense the amount of energy as she felt scared as well. However, contrary to the expectation, I stood still as I raised my hand. I soon projected a divine energy sword-like what Troy did, and I slashed at the blast. Swoosh the blast was split in half like butter. But the slash was a power that the winds were blowing so great that it felt like a tornado was starting to form. It even shifted the clouds as they started to move away. Alexis and the team were starting to fly into the sky as the winds were strong enough to carry them. Fortunately, I was able to control my slash to make sure they didn’t fly that far. Anyways the blast that should have come towards me was destroyed which meant all the effort Frank did to eliminate me was futile. I looked at Frank and he was in despair as he couldn’t believe what had happened. Even with hundreds of souls, the energy didn’t even phase me at all.

“Ho.. how...ca...can...thi..this..b...” Frank said in his dying breath as he soon fell to the ground lifeless. He knew what he did and to see that he had failed is something he would carry with him after death. I rushed to him to see if there is any life, nevertheless what I said happened. His body inside was totaled, and it soon started to corrode his flesh. His body was fading away as I thought sadly. I bowed my head for his passing as it was the show of my admiration of a very strong warrior. I then turned to see Athena walk up to me as she was surprised.

“Are you ok?” She said to me as she walked all around me.

“I’m fine, did you not see me destroy that blast earlier?” I said it was confusing.

“We...well yes but that attack now you destroyed it just like that?” Athena said.

“Um I’m not sure what you meant by that I just created a sword and I slashed it.” Did she not see it I thought I mean I didn’t do anything special. What’s so weird about it.

“Did you know that without divine weapons slashing death energy at that level is impossible?” Athena asked.

“What, what do you mean that it’s impossible?” I said in confusion I just proved its possible.

“Well when my father told me about it he said that death and divine energy are opposites to each other but death energy naturally corrodes divine energy even if the energy of the same level. But if you have the divine weapon because it’s made from orichalcum, it prevents the death energy from corroding and allows you to fight at equal terms. This is after many years of fighting the gods who have death energy.” Athena explained. “Even my father had a hard time without his lighting spear.”

“Wait what are you talking about? Death energy can ’t corrode divine energy if you solidify the divine energy enough.” I explained. “The fact that you can’t solidify it means that you guys are relying on power itself rather than skill. How did you not learn it, that was the first thing that you have to learn. That means you guys never really train yourself to use your energy properly.

“Are you sure. I never heard of such?” Athena counter my argument.

“Its probably because you never seen it before. Back in the day beside one person. Gods in heaven vs the gods in hell were evenly matched. However, if you are weaker it will naturally happen. But even if that if your energy is more condense, it’s hard for death energy to corrode it. When you learn how to control your energy better, you will understand how much of a difference it would make. The reason divine weapons won’t corrode is that the weapon is making sure that divine energy is already being condensed. But if you train properly you don’t have to rely on divine weapons.”

“But the benefit of having divine weapons is that not only you can bypass death energy but you also are given beneficial abilities like fathers lighting spear or Hades helmet. They allow us to have more abilities compared to the enemy giving us an advantage.” Athena countered.

“True but knowing how to do it yourself allows you to strengthen the control of your divine energy and actually get you stronger. Remember going through the basics is more important than trying to harness more and more power. Just having more power does not mean you are better. That attack I sent out to kill him was not even as strong compared to what he used against me yet I was able to kill him. It shows you how much of a difference betw....” as I was explaining I felt something that I haven’t for a long time. ” Is that…” without telling Athena what had happened I vanished to the source. The moment I arrived at the destination I wanted, I saw a dark figure and what he was holding was something I had not seen awhile. “My scythe, what’s it doing here I thought Metis or my kids hid it away where I can’t find it.


In the air there was a well-decorated aircraft, with its nice white leather sofas and expensive-looking tables. The plane had everything that a person would ever need. There was a bar, a kitchen, a restroom, a bedroom, a movie area, and even a hot tub. There was even an armory load with heavy equipment inside. This isn’t one of the big planes that humans use. This was a plane that the GPF uses but because of the divine energy use as fuel, this was made possible without loss in speed. It was also a cooler looking flying vehicle as well. And standing on the sofa was a man relaxing in a bathrobe. He had long white hair to his shoulders. He had scars on his face that were more for looks than wounds. He was a well-built body that wasn’t excessively big, rather the desired body that any woman would love. That man was Ares, the brother of Athena and the leader of the GDF fighting force.

“How long till we arrive?” He said as he was the only one enjoying what the plane offered. As for the others which 36 of his own men, sitting on the benches in the armory room. These men were built for war and didn’t want to lose focus before the battle. Especially with their mission involving Gods. Those are missions that could lead them to their death so getting mentally prepared is important.

“We should arrive in half an hour sir.” One of the soldiers said.

“Good, Athena told me that there is a weapon of great importance. Not only that, I just felt quite a bit of energy coming from there. This seems like the most exciting thing I am going to experience since….when again...anyways let’s get ready everyone this is where the fun comes.” Ares said casually as he casually drink a large chug of beer. He was the only one seemed to be relax. After all..he is a God.

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