Titan: My Return to Earth

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Mission failed...

To think that this was the reason to why Metis sent me here. Now I realize that she was planning everything so that I would be able to get my weapon back even if I didn’t intend to retrieve it. Guessing Metis has more in store for me but she will not say it as she likes any puppeteer who controls people from behind the scenes. Now I think about it, something would not happen if it wasn’t for her. Like for example my vacation of adventure!!!!!! I wanted to relax but since I got back I only traveled for about an hour before I was part of her plan. Looking at the guy and was trying to control the scythe as he looked like he was losing the fight as the energy from the scythe was consuming him.

I decided to walk closer to him but the moment I got close he noticed my presence and threw an energy slash. It was very strong, as I had to project a shield to counter it instantly. The shield defended it quite well as it did no damage but the surroundings however were totally destroyed. This area was starting to be change just by the last few engagements. Trying to keep the battle to a minimum is going to be challenging given that guy is a god as well. By the way, I can tell very easily as Humans aren’t capable of wielding that scythe. They would die by the mere presense of it as it possesses enormous death energy that humans can’t handle.

“WWho ...are…. you?” he said panting as he was trying to stand using the scythe. The scythe was consuming him as one of his eyes started to turn black.

“That weapon is too strong for you, let it go.” Going closer and closer to him as to help him reach the weapon. But whoosh he threw another slash at me but this time it was stronger. Though that did make his attacks stronger, however if a man has no control then the weapon is meaningless.

“Get….away from….me. This is mine.” Directing the scythe at me to get distance, he didn’t want me near him. But…... “This is the key to my past...cough… no one will stop me…..cough cough…” He started to cough up blood as the pain was starting to take his toll from the scythe.

“Sorry but I’m going to have to say no to that.” As I decided to grab the scythe from him, but before I did, a large wind blade slashed from far away quickly came towards me. Backed up quickly as it was a real fast strike I seen so far yet so powerful and it split a good portion of the area in two. Dang and I was trying to prevent that too. I looked at the direction it came from and then I noticed several more, but this time I created several small daggers and threw them to avoid any more damages. BOOM large shock waves appeared and soon caused large gusts of wind along with big craters of rock. Soon the individual appeared in front of the dark figure. The individual was probably a girl as the individual wore a beautiful light blue dress with a transparent light green scarf covering the dress. The dress also extended to her face that covered it so I could only see the azure eyes and the sharp, thin eyelashes with her azure hair.

“Sorry but this man will be coming with me,” she said with her dignified voice. However, contrary to the voice the person didn’t match it.

“If that man leaves the scythe then I would gladly let him go,” I said politely. Since she was not willing to release any killing intent I did the same. Then again….

“We will also be taking that as well if you wouldn’t mind?” She asked with a sharp tone. And not only that she started generating a lot of divine energy and killing intent at me. Showing that she was serious and ready to attack if I didn’t give a proper response.

“Then I will have to refuse,” I said knowing what I was getting myself into. I moved instantly as the place I was at earlier was destroyed. But that did not end however as she kept throwing attacks on me from one direction to another. And because she was using the wind, it was hard to see where the attacks were coming from. The only way to tell is through the wind itself. I noticed that before the attack would come, I would feel a gust of wind before the attack arrived. I’m guessing to send an attack she has to control the entire air in the surroundings so when she shifts the direction. It does help me know as it made it easier to dodge most of the attacks. She should probably work on that. Though even with that, you just have to feel the energy that is spreading all around. However, just when I thought that I was hit from a direction that the wind wasn’t shifting.

It did cause me to bleed a little before I healed it instantly. Thankfully if this wasn’t death energy on the other hand takes quite a while. Hence why we gods prefer to fight each other that are the same rather than those of the death realm. Though there is something to note that those in the death realm prefer not to deal with Earth and Heaven. For them, they said ‘you will come here eventually so why bother with you’ is the usual response. And besides, contrary to death they are more peaceful people of sorts.

The onslaught continued as there was a cut that was close to cutting my neck off. Then there was another coming at me. It was so close to hitting me. Without me noticing, it would have gotten an arm from me. “Ho you were purposely giving me hints just so that you can hit me with a decisive blow. Very well done.” I praised.

“Are you making fun of me? That attack should have hit your head, but instead, it was going for your arms instead. Even then you manage to come out with just a scratch.” The mysterious lady said in frustration. “I don’t know you but only a few are able to dodge my attacks and I continue to keep it that way.” She then created several tornadoes surrounding us as she was looking to make sure I didn’t have anywhere to leave. The tornados then started shooting more wind blades at me, but this time it was faster and more frequent. To counter it, I threw several daggers I project from divine energy and started to shoot them with divine bullets as well. Several of my attacks actually were hitting more than one of her attacks. It made it easy to dodge and because my attacks were stronger, she started to notice that her attacks weren’t getting through and was needing something stronger. She then suddenly moved the tornado closer and made sure that the tornado was circling around me while putting her and the other guy outside that circle. She then started storing more and more energy to prepare to get rid of me/

The tornados were more ferocious as when closer to them it felt my skin was slowly getting shredded to pieces. This is more than before and was trying to shoot much faster than ever before. She also made the attack more sporadic in order for me to be caught off guard. Though it was futile since no matter how random it is there is a certain pattern a person will always go. Once I recognized that it was a lot easier to deal with. For me, I quicken my pace in my attacks while reducing the excess movements needed to dodge the attacks that I couldn’t shoot. If something was to look at me right now there would be several images of me at the same spot because of the need to move fast without taking too many big steps. It was kinda cool knowing that I was this fast and the attacks look as though it’s going through my body. But just as I was enjoying this little fun, the attacks stopped. Doing the same, I was curious as the tornado was still actively surrounding me. Although the tornado was trying to pull me everywhere because of the divine energy surrounding me I make sure that I won’t be pulled. I created a thin divine armor on me that made sure that I was attached to the ground and prevented me from being dragged by the tornado. The thin armor is used to protect from anything in the surroundings, rather than actual physical attacks. It is cheap and effective making sure that you are protected from anything that you don’t notice. However, it’s not something that protects against sneak attacks so that a downside as well as always having to make sure you keep it active during battle as people can forget during the heat of battle.

But anyway, back to the fight, the blades soon were attacking my feet. To avoid them, I channeled energy into my feet and I jumped on the blade. It seems though she wanted to keep attacking my legs, I kept on jumping on the blades that kept attacking me from the bottom. I was actually using divine energy to protect my feet and used that to allow me to step on the wind blades without harm. It was something that was unique as you don’t think that you can touch something like air but with the air using divine energy I just made contact with the divine energy. Though it was weird as she kept forcing me to keep going higher and higher. Although I was doing a great job I can’t help but feel that I was being baited to keep going up. But then I started feeling a large amount of energy coming from above. There was a large massive wind forming at the top. I then realized the tornado surrounding me was combining in the bottom, looking as though if I fall, I would be shredded to pieces. Yet my only opening was only from above which she prepared with a really strong attack. The energy was suddenly released as it was of course another tornado but this was directly going towards me in a circular motion at a really fast speed. I then activated my divine shield as I prepared for the incoming assault. I was then stuck in an attack that no one could see.

“Haha.” the Lady screamed in delight. “This is my strongest attack where it’s a constant stream of attacks from everywhere and then a sharp attack from the top making sure the victim will have nowhere to run and will die without a single person to see it.” She was confident that there was no person in this world who would be able to deal, let alone survive the attack. And this technique where she surrounded the opponent with her attack was not technically a one-shot kill. It was a long attack that will eventually wear the opponent and with the vigorous attack. On top of that, it makes sure that the focus will be in one direction then leaving the other portion weaker. She is assuming that the person will eventually mess up or be weakened to the point that her attack will breakthrough. She has no one hit one kill ability, but what she does have was a move that could kill someone with one attack. With that taken care, she looked at the dark figure casually as though she knew him.

“Now then Thantos, it’s about time we leave right now.” She said, Calling out the name of the God himself. “You were supposed to have returned the moment you found the weapon. Why are you trying to wield that thing?”

“Shut up!!!!! I know I can, I just need a little more time....Cough cough.” Thanatos said as he directed the scythe directly at her. However, he wasn’t deceiving anyone as anyone can tell just from his real body and tired face that he was not getting any good results.

“You think anyone can wield this weapon. This is the same weapon that Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades couldn’t even handle. Why do you think this weapon was sealed rather than used.” She explained. “You think that a mere God like you has the power to control it. Please there has been only one man to ever wield it and that person is not here. Now let’s go.”

“Not after I can contr…” Thanatos said.

“I said we are LEAVING!!!!” she said very angrily as she put so much killing to the point that Thanatos couldn’t even stand nor breathe and could only nod in response. “Good now you head out first, I need to see if the guys dead.” Thanatos then nodded again before teleporting away. “Now then let’s see about this guy.” she said as she tried to see how he was doing inside as she wanted to know that the attack had finished. But suddenly she noticed something that was off. Her attack was still hitting something. “He’s still alive?” She thought. Who is this person she was thinking? She thought this guy was maybe a minor god. But this guy only uses divine energy, never once has he used an ability that would differentiate him from other gods. His appearance was indeed strange as she who has lived so long has not seen him before. But what was weird was that no matter how she tried to sense his energy, she couldn’t see anything. No matter if a god hides his energy or not, there will be faint energy that a person could pick up or even sense. There is no way to hide your energy completely no matter how good you are unless….. “Does Metis have something to do with him?” She questioned as out of all the gods she knew only a few can hide her energy so well. So if this person is involved with Metis there is a possibility he is able to hide his energy. Oh well, she thought. “I think I have to finish up soon, there is a vast amount of people arriving soon. It’s best that I don’t stay here too long, since attracting unwanted attention will cause more problems later on.” As she continued to stare at the enemy surrounded by her attack. But then suddenly she sensed a large amount of energy coming out from the tornado. It was something that didn’t seem to be possible yet how is this person still able to have that much power yet be able to have power to still breakthrough. Who is this guy?

After being stuck in this tornado attack for a long time, I was thinking that there will be more to the attack. Unfortunately, there’s not, she is constantly wasting energy on an attack that is not capable of killing a person in one single blow. She expects to have the opponent waste energy before she does which is a gamble. If that person has more energy than she does, obviously she would lose. Getting tired of staying here for so long, I expanded my divine shield to be twice as large as it was before. I then poured more energy towards my shield and when I was satisfied I exploded my shield to destroy her attack. Everything was blown away easily as I blew everything in one instant. I then slowly landed on the ground to see the lady in disbelief as she couldn’t believe what had just happened. Not knowing what to do about the silence as she didn’t say anything, I decided to say something to break it.

“Do you have anything else you want to do?” Which I said as a form of good gesture since I wasn’t intending to fight her, I just wanted the scythe. Suddenly I realized that the dark fellow had already teleported away which was unfortunate. I then realized letting a person attack me just to see her ability cost me the chance to receive my scythe. Then what am I supposed to do during this situation? The mission was a failure and I let the guy go. Should I capture her? Naw that’s too cruel I can’t do that. Should I ask her, she might tell me. “Um do you know where that guy with the scythe went?”

“Why should I tell you about something we want?” She replied. I was like ‘of course’ people here aren’t nice these days. But then I noticed something coming, there was a large flying object that was coming in this direction. I also noticed that Athena and the team had seen the fight and were coming here to check on things. Though the fight seems to be over, the fact that she won’t tell me is still bad news. I won’t force her to speak since interrogation isn’t my thing. But what should I do?

“Well since I can’t kill you today, I will retreat for now. Remember this though we have spent a great deal of time for our revenge and we will not let some guy like you to ruin it” she screamed as she released a bunch of blades and tornado directly at Athena and the team. Knowing where the attack was going, I moved instantly in front of them to protect them. I projected a large barriers just in case she attacked from all sides. The team was suddenly surprised as they never saw an attack come so fast before. So it was expected they had no chance to protect themselves. After the first initial attack, there were no longer any more attacks though as the caster soon teleported away.

“Who was she?” Athena said as she was just as confused as the rest of the team.

“I don’t know, she appeared out of nowhere after I met the man who was grabbing the scythe. She was quite strong, and in terms of strength was stronger than the dark fellow. Both were Gods though I can tell you that.” I explained while putting the shield down.

“And is that why you weren’t able to do your mission and retrieve the scythe?”

“Something like that….. I was going to grab it but she came out of nowhere and I got caught up in the fight that made me forget about trying to get the scythe.”

“Haaaa…. So not only did you fail the mission, you also didn’t capture the perpetrator who tried to steal it as well?”

“Um I can give you a description of the person.”

“I can get a good grasp of who is the culprit after seeing that butler fellow earlier. But the fact that you didn’t look like you were having a hard time during any part of the fight meant you weren’t taking any fights seriously were you.”

“Well it was fun because she was using the wind and coming everywhere. The fact that I could use this gun and shoot them in midair was something I could not resist. Also, I didn’t know if I would damage the area so I was just taking precautions.”

“Do you not see this area, this area is already destroyed, what makes you think you can do anything worse?”

" Um can you go easy on me, it’s my first mission….”

“Haaa…..You unbelievable I didn’t think you would be a bigger problem than this, if you would accomplish this mission things would go so much smoother. This is going to be a problem….”

“What do you mean…”

“You’ll see…”

Athena was criticizing my actions as I was just trying to fulfill the mission but when another god appeared and was trying to fight me. How can I refuse? It is really disrespectful to not accept a challenge. I was once the strongest, and it was my duty to challenge those who are weaker to me in order to get them better. That’s how it worked in the past, and I thought that was the same right now. Besides, I’m a god I like to take time with things I will retrieve the scythe, eventually. And just as I was thinking that there were a bunch of people coming from above me. There was a flying object that I never saw before with people jumping off it and were soon falling before spreading divine energy on their legs that slowed their descent. They who were going so fast falling down, then landed gently like a feather. They had real good control over their divine energy compared to Leon and his team. These guys look stronger and though they could use more refining, overall they would be able to handle a few Minotaurs if it was just 4 of them. They were well-armored compared to what Leon and the team were wearing. Even the energy level of one of them was three times the strength of Leon. Thirty-six of them landed and surrounded the area. They were using little tiny boxes that were connected to the guns that were projecting things to and they were reading something. They were directing those things everywhere around the area. Awkwardly, they also point it at me as well. They didn’t talk at all until they felt confident everything was okay.

“Everything okay here sir”

“Same here”

“Nothing out of the ordinary”

“Clear as well”

“Good, this is spartan Unit 4 we have secured the location we are ready for your arrival.”

Seems like everyone was trying to make sure it was safe to send someone here. The leader who confirms with everyone then seems to have contacted the person that this place is safe to arrive. I thought it was another person or a stronger human, however, I was wrong as someone was teleporting here and was showing strong energy levels. He was quite a handsome guy. He had white hair with scars all around his face that really made him look cooler. He had a decent beard covering his face as well. This guy was a lean built guy that although looked young had a feeling of a veteran in battle compared to the rest of the guys here. But based on the energy levels he has, he is most definitely a god. By far the strongest person I have seen so far. He was also dressing up in black armor that was different than what the other people wore but look pretty cool.

“So you are the one my sister talked about earlier.” He said, Sister? Who the heck is your sister, I don’t remember talking to her? He then looked at Athena. ” Did you tell him who I was?

“I seemed to have time to tell him a little about you and why would I need to tell him as he will meet you eventually,” Athena said harshly.

“As usual, you always seem to be harsh on me even though I was the first one to come and help you.”

“Clearly you came here because father ordered, when have you ever come here for me.”

“Can’t I at least show that I care…..”

“I don’t think I will ever see that for the rest of my life.”

“Whatever let’s get back to the subject. My name is Ares, the commander of the GPF army. It’s a pleasure to meet me Neo.” He said after his conversation with Athena. Are they a couple or something? Maybe they might be siblings. I have no idea, but he seems to be a nice guy.

“Nice to meet you as well.”

“Good now we got that away, Neo you are under arrest and any form of resistance will result in us retaliating with force.” He said nonchalantly. I was like huh, you were nice now yet ended up trying to capture me. Nevermind I take it back, I understand why Athena hates him. He sounds nice, but he never means it. It’s all a formality for him, I guess. The squad then surrounded me with their guns in a circle. They then turned on a thing that was under their gun that soon projected a beam at me from all sides. I didn’t know what it did, but my energy levels soon were trying to be suppressed by something. It seems like they were worried I would retaliate however those things aren’t going to work. It is just something that tries to hinder my body from using my energy as they are sending something that is trying to disturb the flow of energy in order to release my divine energy. Though I wanted to stop it as it was uncomfortable, I’ll let it happen. Then Ares came behind me as he then grabbed my arms and put them behind my back and locked them together. “No resistance, that’s no fun but don’t worry I look forward to seeing what happens next”. He said,

“Wait, where are you taking him?!” Athena said.

“You should know the rules of the heavens, any unknown entity that has been discovered will be put on trial by the furies and the top three to make sure the individual will not be a harm to the Gods,” Ares replied. ” Now, Leon your team is to fall back to base as you have completed your mission. Athena, I will see you in heaven, with your actual body this time.” Leon bowed silently as with the rest of the team. Ares then grabbed me as he teleported me with him somewhere.

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