Titan: My Return to Earth

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Who am I......?

In the blink of an eye, I went from a deserted island to heaven literally. A place with no ceilings as it was an open space. No walls to hide or protect from. The only thing tall were round pillars that stood to surround each area to create boundaries. This is to differentiate rooms as you would say. Nonetheless, it’s always a sight to behold when we are in heaven as it’s so open and free where we stand on clouds and get to bask in the great sunlight. It has been a while I thought although my palace is no more, heaven is still the place of innocence.

" Come on let’s go, my father and uncles would like to speak to you,” Ares said as he pushed me onwards. As we head to the center of heaven where 12 seats lie. The hall where the top gods meet and where trials are held. I walked into the center where 6 people were waiting for me. Three that I know all to well know. My three sons, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. Finally, the furies the one who decides fate and will see who I am. This will be awkward as I know all of them but you have to act like I don’t know anything. But then again I don’t know what to say. Thankfully Metis was disguising me so well as they look very indifferent at me and don’t seem to recognize who I am. On the other hand, no one can lie to the furies as their innate ability to tell. Because of that they don’t like liars as they will punish the people more severely. So what do I do…. I could escape but they will hunt me down for sure, I could also just destroy everyone here but then that would be against my policy I wanted to do originally. Or I could tell the truth, but then Metis would get in trouble along with Athena and will be back in Tartarus again.

“I come before the court to bring this unknown to trial,” Ares said as he threw me down and bowed to everyone.

“Thank you, Ares, now that we have everyone here we can start the trial,” Zeus said as he looked at his brothers for their confirmation, which they nodded as well. He then held his lighting spear slammed it down. POOOONNNNGGG “The trial is to decide the fate of the god known as Neo. Now speak who are you?” I bowed politely and asked to give my greetings as then I started to speak.

“I’m the god of growth and harvest.”

“Why were you in that area and for what reason did you assist us in the mission?

“I was not aware there was a mission. I simply wandered around and happened to get caught in that situation.”

“Then if you aren’t hiding, how is it that we can’t sense you at all even now?”

“It’s because of a bracelet I’m wearing right now”

“And what is that bracelet, there was no bracelet made from the forgery here. Speak, did you make it or did someone give you it.”

“This bracelet simply just helps hide my divine energy. And it wasn’t something I could make. It was given to me by someone.”

“...And who was that someone…?”

“That I can’t say as that person will personally tell you that.”

" What do you mean?”

“I’m saying that person will appear and tell you yourself.”

“Are you saying a God here has betrayed us!!!” After I said that someone here made that accusation, they thought there was a traitor in their midst. All three were getting angry, especially Zeus as the lighting got crazier. “Tell me who is the one who gave you that bracelet or else we will punish you until you wish you were mortal!!!!!!” What do I say I can’t just say Metis name so easily. I know she planned this, that’s why I have said these things without worry but I can’t give her name so easily…. Dang she always does things that create headaches. Well fine I’ll just say it...

" Ahhh….it’s....”

“It’s me.” just when I was going to say her name she appears in the right timing as usual. It was Metis as she was followed by a younger lady that looks a lot like her but younger and has lighter hair than Metis. Also she doesn’t have a scary smile too which makes the lady so much better.

“Metis..? What is the meaning of this?” Zeus said in surprise.

“It means what I said, I was the one who gave him that bracelet.” She said nonchalantly. “Do you have a problem with it?

“What do you think!!!! At a time like this, you would go and break a rule for someone that no one knows. What makes him so important that you would go this far to hide him for us??!!”

Things just got more intense with Metis presence since although she was the first wife, it didn’t mean she was above anyone else. Metis did say Zeus favored her for many years but it didn’t mean she is above anyone else. She just makes a bigger impact and she has contributed far more than any other person in terms of dethroning me and making sure that heaven was operated in the best way possible without internal conflict. So she has a bigger impact than most in heaven. So I wonder what she had prepared for this discussion.

“Well I didn’t really want to tell you so soon but because he was playing around this time and got caught” Metis so cutely. “But I guess I will tell everyone now. He’s…. my son.”

....What what did she say. Everyone was dazed for a moment for a while. Metis was standing there playing with her hair as she was waiting for someone to respond. We didn’t know, I didn’t, what type of lie is that, when did that happen? Oh look at Zeus, he is already twitching to the point he doesn’t know if he should be angry or worried. Poseidon and Hades were looking confused and looking at Zeus as though they thought what did you do. We were still waiting for awhile as Zeus looked at the furies for confirmation that there was no lying. The furies was questioning it too but then they realized that they did not sense anything strange so Metis was telling the truth. Those three give the nods as to confirm that Metis did not lie. Unfortunately, the furies can not tell the truth and lie from Metis as she is probably the only one that can do it. Though she is called the goddess of wisdom, she is also cunning and for truth and lies, she views them the same as wisdom has nothing to do with truth and lies. It’s about giving the best answer that will make the best impact to the individual. And because of that, the furies can never tell as what is right is Metis truth.

Pong Zeus finally did something as he bangs his spear down in anger.

“What is the meaning of this Metis!!!!!” Zeus said aloud. His shout felt like a storm was created as it almost blew everyone away.

“It is what I said, he’s my son.” Metis said.

“How was I not aware of this, and when did this happen?” Zeus said.

“Zeus dear did you forget about the many times you have invited me to bed, if you expect nothing to happen all the time then you clearly should stop doing it.” Metis said in tease. Everyone was looking at him in some sort of disgust, as really you never thought it would happen after the first one. Zeus couldn’t hide his shame as he covered his face. “And besides wasn’t there a prophecy that would bore two children? The one is your very own daughter right next to me and the one right there. Did you think that the son will never appear?” Metis then looked at the furies who nodded in agreement but were slowly looking down. They did say that but had forgotten about it. This made them at fault as they didn’t recall this earlier.

“Yes…. I …..did anticipate it, but I never thought you would hide it so well.” Zeus said shyly.

“You should know during the time you were fighting ages ago you never really paid attention to me which resulted in me having an easy time.“Metis responded.

“I see, however, you should know the other part of the prophecy that stated that the son will be the most dangerous and strongest of the gods right. Having that child alive is dangerous to us all.” Poseidon interjected.

“Indeed, this child should be killed right now. We won’t know what he might do in the future.” Hades said as he was worried.

“We cannot have another war like the last one, especially at this point in time.” All three brothers agreed that I was dangerous to them and viewing that I should be dead. Dang even now they still prefer me dead.

“And if he fights what will happen to you guys?” Metis said. “What would happen if one of you guys died at the end result. Can you say that it was worth it later on. The reason why the organization was created in the human world is that you guys can no longer do it yourself anymore. Before we could intervene if a threat happens, but after the years of fighting can you say that the kid who is prophesied to destroy the world will lose against you guys who can’t even go full strength anymore. You also should have watched the fight as well as he was able to stand toe to toe with a god an unknown god with relative ease. Do you honestly think that would be a wise decision?”

“Then what are you saying we do?” Hades stated.

“We use him as part of our fighting force,” Metis stated, which alarmed all three.

“With what is being said, why do you think this kid will even try to work with us? If he is strong as you said, he wouldn’t need to listen. How do you think we could control him if we were to betray us Metis?” Poseidon asked. That is true, as I can tell that all three are very weak compared to the time I fought them many eons ago. Then again, I was never fighting them seriously to begin with. I don’t know how they are still this injured, but the fight they had must have done a total on them. Speaking of which, how is she going to keep me in check?

“Not to worry as you very well know Athena has something that can do something about it.” Metis said. “Athena dear if you will,” As she looked at Athena. Athena then nodded and closed her eyes, which at the same time exerted a large amount of energy. It was confusing cause I didn’t know what she was doing until suddenly.. dunn. .. I collapse suddenly as my body seems to feel tired and numb. This was a weird feeling as something was forcing me to sleep. This made me realize that this was Athena’s doing as she somehow inserted energy into my head that forced me to sleep. This was the first time I had ever felt this way or ever heard of a god that could control someone’s mind like such. However, I could tell as well that she can’t control me perfectly, she is trying really hard as she is losing a lot of energy. Especially when it comes to my mental strength, she should have a hard time trying to force me down. I faintly saw Athena as she was starting to lose consciousness until Metis stopped her.

“You can stop now.” Athena follows what she said. This allowed me to get back up and be able to feel normal again. “As you can see with Athena, we should be able to subdue him perfectly without having to fight him. Not to mention I will have Athena keep close tabs on him at any given time to make sure that he will not run loose. Would this be adequate for you guys?” Metis said. This resulted in all three being silent, as they couldn’t deny that this was a good opportunity and they have insurance if things do fall south. With Metis’s explanation I could tell they needed more help and having me will help with many of their problems.

“We three will have a discussion about this issue, you guys wait here,” Zeus said as they teleported away. Once that happened, Athena went towards me to make sure I was ok.

“How are you feeling, I’m sorry I had to do that to you?”

“No worries I was surprised but didn’t feel any pain of sorts. By the way, Ares you didn’t seem to care about this matter at all.” I noticed that Ares was simply looking away drifting into space as though he had nothing else to do. For someone who commands the army, I thought shouldn’t this impact him as he would have to fight me under his father’s stead.

“Hmm, oh sorry I don’t really care about this whole matter. Actually, I would have preferred you had face resistance earlier so I could actually fight you. Things such as this trial and procedures really do bore me. You being an ally or friend doesn’t really matter as much. The only thing I know from this matter is that I should have a little spar with you later.” He said casually. This guy was seriously a muscle brain for sure. I’m guessing this is why Athena does all the coordination, as this guy would probably be the one to just go face first without knowing the dangers. Must be why both Ares and Athena never seem to get along. While one is about preparation, the other is mainly about action.

“I figured as much. This is the reason why I can never get a break. Can you actually mature for once instead of acting like a child?” Athena said as she took a stab at him.

“The only reason why you always seem to be stressed is that you make things more complicated as they seem. If you simply just go with the flow you would have an easier time.”

“It’s because of that we ended up having a Kraken destroy a major seaport for humans. Because you failed to report it to me, we had to not only deal with it late but also pay for the damages. All because you thought it was just a malfunction.”

“How was I supposed to know that’s what it meant? We had those alarms happen to everyone once in a while where nothing happens. Who would’ve thought this one actually had something happen?”

“That carefree is really….” Athena said in frustration. They were really going back and forth against each other since neither wants to agree on each other’s points. One was making rational points while the other didn’t seem to care. It was strange to see how they were related when they are both on opposite sides of the spectrum.

“Shouldn’t we stop them, Metis?” As I thought that Metis had a way to stop them.

“The best way to bond is through communication hehe”. Metis said cheerfully. Guess she finds it amusing since it’s a common occurrence. I was going to butt in but maybe like What Metis said we should let it be. It was actually a good time to talk to Metis however since the furies were here it meant that I probably have to wait later to talk to her. Looking at Athena and Ares for a while until suddenly Zeus, Hades and Poseidon returned. Everyone stopped as we were waiting for the decisions that would be made. They look confident but at the same time resistant towards the decision as they didn’t like it at all.

“Neo!!″ as Zeus looked at me. I stood straight instantly. “You will be part of the organization that is commanded by Ares and Athena. They are your superiors and you will follow their orders, any chance you disobey without good reason will result in you being viewed a traitor. Do you understand?” I nodded as to give my approval. “Athena you are to monitor him and report anything suspicious that happens” As he said to Athena sadly. He knew only Athena was the one who can monitor me yet still very hesitant as he didn’t want her to be put into that situation. Athena agreed nonetheless, as she was well aware of the risk as you would say. Unbeknown to Zeus and the rest though, Athena already knows my actual reason for being here and I don’t plan on killing them. “As for Metis, I will talk to you later.” Zeus glared at Metis as she simply bowed gracefully as though she did nothing wrong. “Do we have any further topics before we end this trial?”

“I have one?” Ares questioned.

“And what is that?”

“Do I have to report to you before I try to kill him or can I kill him if I find any suspicion.”

“.... I believe it’s better not to report, since knowing you any reason would be a reason for a kill.”

“Psshh way to ruin the fun.” Ares really wants to fight me so bad for some reason. Yet thankfully Zeus is cautious and would rather make sure it was a good reason before causing a bigger problem than it should be.

“Pong, now that it’s done we will conclude this trial,” Zeus said as he hit the spear on the floor. Fortunately, the moment he said that, I broke free from those cuffs. It was so annoying that I had to stretch my body. Then everyone looked at me as though it was strange.

“What’s wrong?” I said.

“How did you break those cuffs?” Athena asked.

“I simply broke them, what’s wrong with that.” I questioned

“You do realize that those were made from my brother Hephaestus right?”

“Your point?”

“Hephaestus forge these handcuffs that would prevent any god who wears it besides him of course to access any divine energy. Not only that some of the strongest material that made it hard for any god to get out of those handcuffs. We have had many people try to get out of those cuffs and no ones has ever succeeded. And for you to do it so easily….” Athena explained.

“Father does this count as him being a threat?” Ares questioned.

“Not yet....?” Zeus said, already feeling some regret over his decision. Damn, I didn’t know about this, I thought these were plain things just to restrain my arms. I never thought this was used to block my energy. Which is weird, I felt nothing at all? But the important thing was that I had already given a terrible impression on everyone. Wanted to give them the idea that I was a good person now I look like a guy you couldn’t control.

“I’m just going to walk away….” as I slowly walk away with Athena and Metis following me. Ares changed from surprised to excited for some reason. This guy is a crazy guy for sure, better I stay away from him. Guess this guy has other plans than following his dad’s orders. Then again, I don’t think he is a guy who seems to listen, to begin with. Well that runs in the family as the sons will always rebel against the father.

After walking out of the throne room, I had Metis teleport Athena and me to her realm. When I got there, there were comfy chairs in the middle with a clear table in the middle. But the walls, however, were very tall and looked like they were touching outer space. And on the walls were a sight to see. Every section of the walls were filled with scrolls and books. To have possession of that many showed why she was the god of Wisdom. To have the knowledge and to keep gaining more knowledge shows why everyone seeks her for advice. But this was something that was against the principles of heaven, as there can’t be walls. The reason why the walls were not something thought about in heaven is because of the belief that there is nothing to hide. We should be open towards each other just like the vast sky. Let everyone know no matter what you do. Metis was different however as she has long since thought that was the dumbest thing in the world as there is always something to hide no matter what it is. And because of that she is the only one to have walls. To show that even the wisest of people will have secrets.

“Now that I think about it, during the war, this was the only place that never got touched in the war.”

“hehe If you have done that I would have never thought about helping you escape.”

“Well that was why, I know how precious this room is to you. Your life collections from both heaven and earth are found here. No matter what part of history or legend it was all stored here. It has grown bigger than last time.”

“Well I do need a hobby if I’m going to live this long, don’t I.”

“Yes but I never thought it would go this far, however I would love to stay here and read sometimes. Since my vacation seemed to have ended before it started.” I then gave Metis a rather hateful glare. But she brushed it away like nothing.

“I don’t ever recall you saying you wanted to go on a vacation.” Metis said as she looked clueless. “Go ahead though, there are many things that might interest you. There are even some inventions that are written here that might get your attention.”

“Really?! I think instead of doing things on earth I might just stay here to read.”

“Might as well accompany you then as there are many things that I want to tell you”

“Can we get back to the issue here!” Athena shouted as she was getting annoyed with what I and Metis were talking about. We were really enjoying the collection of books as we both have an interest in books. Unfortunately, Athena wanted us to focus on what is to come. Guess we can talk about it later.

“As always Athena, you always like to ruin the fun you know you are going to continue to be a virgin at this rate if you keep doing that.”

“Mother that is none of your business first off and second we manage to get you out of this predicament but how are you going to prove to them that you are not a threat.”

“Now now don’t worry we don’t need to do anything. If he does something, that just raises further suspicions about him no matter if it was good or bad. Rather than create more suspicion it’s better to play it in the down low. Besides, even if we do nothing things will happen eventually which will require Cronus.” Metis explained as she prepared tea. “So why not just relax for once Athena, even though you are one of the heads of the organization, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a break?”

“It’s because of the role that I have to do many things. I am the one who helps coordinate with everyone making sure every part of the organization is going smoothly. It’s because we have people carefree like Ares and many other of my siblings just as carefree that I have to be the serious one.” Athena complained. She was trying to drink the tea to relax, yet she can never stop thinking. Poor girl….. Must be hard having to deal with so many people, including your family.

“I have always told you to start relying on others to make sure your work gets easier, as a leader, being able to rely on others is an important job of being a leader.” Metis advised. “Even though you can’t deal with your family, their assistants can help”

“However I’m already making them work as much as it is. It’s because their boss does nothing that they don’t even have a break sometimes. I am amazed that they can stand their bosses let alone work for them.”

“What about your people isn’t that the reason the company is going so smoothly is because yours can work more efficiently than any other?

“Yes, it’s great that everyone who has been given my blessing is able to communicate with each other as well but because of their importance they have been stretched very thin to where they are everywhere which makes it harder for me as I need to absorb even more information and get things done faster.”

“Athena your power is a blessing and a curse it seems” I said, Her ability is amazing as well those who inherited her gifts, they can communicate much faster than anybody because of the link but because they can do things at a faster rate the number of work increases. That will eventually drain them as humans even when given enhanced bodies.”

“That’s why within a busy time there should be peace and come on tea that is cold is a waste let’s relax now before a storm arrives. By that time you wish you would have that tea.” Metis said with a smile. She handed each of us a cup of tea. The smell had a pleasant floral fragrance that soon made me forget my worries. It made me feel relaxed, as though there was nothing to worry about. I looked at Athena as she was feeling the same thing. We both drank it enjoying such a balance of sweet yet smooth drink but after drinking the tea we soon fell asleep without a sec of realizing what the tea did.

“Sweet dreams, enjoy it while it lasts,” Metis said as she put blankets on both of us. She drank the tea and she quietly fell asleep with them. Thus it marks the time for peace and the quiet before the storm.

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