Titan: My Return to Earth

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The Start of the Zombie Apocaplyse

In the foggy mountains in an unknown location, there was a man sitting calmly as he was sitting on a chair. There was a table with a chessboard with pieces on the board, as though there was a game going on. However, there was no one sitting on the opposite side of him and he wasn’t touching any of the pieces as though he was waiting for someone else to make the first move. He just sat there, eyes closed, waiting for something to happen. After a while, someone teleported inside the cave. It was the lady in the blue dress. When she teleported, she was ever so quiet as to not create a single noise. She gracefully took gentle steps slowly to not wake the man up. Once she got close enough distance towards him, she gently kneeled slowly to make sure even her clothes didn’t make a sound. Though it sounded like this was weird for anyone to be this respectful towards anyone but for her, this was absolute as this was the man she respected and feared. She stayed there and kneeled for quite a while to wait for when he woke.

There was silence for a while until suddenly a day passed. The man asleep slowly opened his eyes. But with every time he slightly opened his eyes the ground started shaking more and more. The mountain has a colossal amount of energy that was circulating throughout his place. But when he opened his eyes, the energy in the mountains slowly came into his body. Everything was shaking as though a volcano was going to erupt. The once quiet mountain is now a mountain of unrest. The lady was still kneeling as though there was nothing going on. Almost as if this is the normal thing to happen. It was originally red, but then suddenly his energy turned violent. At that point, the mountain that was shaking, calmed down. After controlling the energy everything was calm like nothing happened. He looked straight and completely ignored the lady for a while before finally actually turning to look at her.

“Where is he? I thought I told you the moment that he had found the scythe, he was to bring it to me.” The God said. The lady was nervous as she was shaken by what he said.

“I..I...thought that he had arrived here before me but then when I realized he went somewhere without me realizing...” The lady said scared. Though she knew she had failed, she couldn’t do anything as she didn’t want to deal with Thanatos. She knew that she is stronger than him, the scythe however was a different story. Legends have known about the scythe for a very long time, it’s to the point that only a few would dare to challenge someone wielding that scythe. Because of that, rather than tracking him, she reported back to him as to know what to do next.

“Did I not tell you that he needs to be watched at all times? Although that guy is useful, if you do not keep a good leash on him, he would likely not follow the plan.” He said with a hint of anger. “Why did you not grab him the instant he grabbed it? That was why I had you in proximity with him the moment he found it.”

“M ...my apologies, when I arrived I didn’t realize that he would dare try to tame the scythe. But something was strange as when I went close to go close to where he was, the area was blurry and kept changing its appearance when I got closer. Someone had made the area hard for me to teleport to. I kept looking at it from different angles to seem something consistent, but it was weird every time. I only realized it after the seal was broken and rushed there the moment I sensed it. By the time I got there, Thanatos had already retrieved it, but there was a problem the moment I had arrived.”

“Problem….?” He said with a sign of interest. “Besides Ares and his men, who in the world would be able to cause you trouble?”

“I don’t know, I couldn’t sense his energy level at all. He looked like a human but he was a god for sure. During the fight, he treated me as though I was a child, not once did he take me seriously or even consider trying to kill me. He had also wanted the scythe first, and I had no choice but to have Thanatos go first before me.” The lady explained. “There was no point in time I had ever felt like I could beat him even when I tried everything. That’s when….I retreated empty-handed....” she said sadly. She thought she would see something scary from the God as she knew that failure meant a severe punishment from him that no one would want. However, what came was something unexpected.

“Someone… that… can treat you...like a child...” The man was saying closely but then…. “heheheHAHAHAHAHAHAHA excellent this might not be boring after all.” He was laughing as it was scaring the lady. The mountain was even shaking just by him laughing.

“Sir…..” She questioned.

“Haha, although I’m mad at your failure as you failed to see through a classic illusion from Metis, I let it go because you have finally brought back news of a formidable opponent. Ah I was wondering if my plans will go perfectly after seeing the gods being so weak. The scythe was the only thing that would assure me of absolute victory. After that, I wonder with everyone stuck in Tartarus and everyone else powerless against me, who would challenge me?” He grins in excitement. There was something that ignited within his body that he hadn’t felt in awhile. He then looked at her. “You better hope he is as strong as you say. If not then you know the consequences.” That caused her to shudder as she could only imagine.

“Yes I assure you he will be a worthy opponent for you.” the girl said confidently.

“Good,” he said as he then touches the chess board as he soon grabs the queen on the other side and moves it on the board. “A mysterious powerful opponent has finally come to play.”

“What would you have me do….” The lady said.

“Wait for when Thanatos reveals himself as that scythe will cause him to do something no matter what. You will just spectate the situation and see if you can steal the scythe. You probably cannot face against him with that scythe but if you can steal it, then do it,”

“But if the GPF comes, I don’t think that would be easy” The lady questioned.

“That is precisely why I’m telling you to wait and see. If both are weak, then taking it should be a piece of cake, but if not, you won’t have to reveal yourself. Even if one or the other has it, they won’t ever be able to use it properly or even unlock its full power. That scythe simply cannot be wielded by weaklings. There is only one person who can wield it perfectly and he’s locked away so there is nothing to fear. Besides, we have waited for many eons what’s a couple of years.” He shrugged. ” Now go!”

“At once.” The lady said as she soon teleported away. The man soon touched the board on his side and moved his pawn forward.

“Now Metis what would you do…..why have you finally moved after many eons. What piece did you pull out to finally move?” The man said as he soon closed his eyes once again.

In the middle of a graveyard in the dark of night there lies a temple. It was run down almost as though the place was abandoned for centuries. Inside the temple only has a single statue with an image of a woman in a veil. Under that statue lies Thanatos, sitting down panting as he was holding the scythe. No matter how much pain he had endured he was not willing to let the scythe go. But at that point he had endured too much as all of his body was now consumed by the scythe. His veins were all visibly dark and his body that was pale white soon turned dark purple. Consuming the rest of the body, all that was left was the face.

“ha..haaa...ha … this weapon is…..too power...ful.” he said. “But….I ….can’t...le...go. I...mus….do...every…..thin...for….mo...th..er..” He looked at the statue as the scythe was soon starting to cover half his face already. He didn’t seem to resist as he felt that even if he couldn’t control the power, the scythe itself will fulfill the wish that he wanted.

“Des...troy….every...thing….for….mo..th..er” Was his last words before the scythe had finally consumed him. Dunnnn the air was becoming tenser, and the wind moved faster. The ground was trembling at the mere presence of the newly transformed Thanatos. He was looking at his arm and keep moving around. Walking around as though he was trying out a new toy. “This body is so weak, but it will have to do I guess.” he then channels energy towards the scythe and slashed in one direction. Bang it destroyed the temple due to the sheer shock wave from the slash. But that was just the beginning as the slash kept going on for miles tearing through everything in its path. From a simple slash, the landscape had already change showing what the new Thanatos was capable of. “I’ve now got an understanding on how this body works,” he said with satisfaction, but then he started to grin. “Hehehehehe now I can start having some fun.”

The dark energy started releasing out of his body as he spread it throughout the ground. As soon as energy had made contact towards the ground something reacted to it. Crack that was a noise made from the ground as something that was supposed to rest came back. Crack crack crack that noise kept on being made as the many in the graveyard started to rise. “Hehehehe I wonder how the world will deal with this. With so many of these everywhere, I wonder what will happen.” He smug as he was enjoying how there was 10 now 100 to now over thousands upon thousands of undead and skeletons of many different sizes. From humans to animals, from flying to non-flying, from large to small creatures. Several of them all rise to answer the call from their master. They don’t know why they are alive, yet they only know they have to follow the whims of the one that had summoned them. “Hmmmm this isn’t enough guess I will have to go to richer lands where I can harvest more. Go my servants go and run wild let the world know that they will soon join you. Hehehehehe oh this will be so much fun.” He said as he soon teleported away. The army now given an order was happy to fulfill it as they soon spread out as they knew. They were starting a zombie apocalypse!!!!!

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