Titan: My Return to Earth

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My first friend back

Back in heaven, there was an unexpected event.

After slowly trying to wake up, I noticed that I was still in Metis’s room. It was dark surprisingly in heaven no matter where it was always bright. But because of that, I felt like I have been sleeping for ages. The sleep was actually part of the best sleep I had in many eons. In Tartarus, there were countless things that would always annoy you. This resulted in never-ending days where sleep can’t exist. It was hell in itself as times when you want to close your eyes, you can’t. It truly is a miserable place. Will have to thank Metis for that as I don’t know how or do I want to know what she put in that forces us to sleep. She finds things that I really don’t know about but are really useful. However, although they are useful, they are not something you should know about as she sometimes goes to the extreme to discover these things. There was this one time where she wanted to find a way to see if consuming the blood and brain of a god would allow her to get an ability. So she tried it on a random minor god in secret. Fortunately, the god still was alive but the way she treated that god was so frightening, many gods have made sure to increase security so that she wouldn’t take them away during their sleep. She was young and was curious during that time but for those who have lived that long it’s still a nightmare.

Deciding to get up I was struggling to move my body for a while. I then realized there was something on top of me when I was sleeping. Thinking it was books, I grabbed it. But what I touched was something soft as it felt good to touch.

“Mmmmm…” The noise was being made as it was the sound of a woman. That shocked me as I turned awake immediately. Looking at what was on top of me, I then realized that there was a lady sleeping on top of me. Not just anybody, it was Athena!!!! Having Metis sleeping on me was fine as we have done that many times. Not intimately I might add as there was Rhea’s my wife to consider and besides we always never have that type of thing going on even when she tries to. This goes back to Athena as she never been in this situation with me, I don’t know how she might react at all. What should I do? Should I go back to pretend I’m sleeping, wake her up, or move her before she notices. Thinking about the third option, I was using my hands to grab her. Suddenly she was getting comfortable and decided to treat me as a pillow and hug me. Now, what do I can’t get out of this situation at all?

Thinking, for now, I didn’t look at Athena’s features as it’s very impolite to look at a girl for too long as it might be uncomfortable for them. Though when she talks and acts it looks like she has a serious face. But when she sleeps, it clears that she has a perfect face with no blemish or a wrinkle to be seen. She has a perfectly innocent youthful face with good proportions. She looks like she is the human version of those in their twenties and although she has a look like Metis without the sharper features, she has the resemblance of her mother. To think that she is still a virgin, I if that is normal for someone who if a few living for hundred thousand years. Just the feeling of her chest now, I can say they feel good to touch but that is my little secret. Guess she is still sleeping I decided why don’t I sleep for a little longer as well. Closing my eyes and feeling comfortable from Athena’s embrace, I sleep again. Besides, there doesn’t seem to be anything going on right now.

Many days have passed and the storm that should have arisen was unnoticed by heaven. In a certain part of heaven, there was a Zeus walking back in forth as there was something in his mind that he was constantly making him worry but he can’t seem to figure out what to do. Then he heard someone teleport behind him.

“METIS!!!! WHAT IN THE HEAVENS WAS THAT????!!!!!” Zeus yelled furiously. He was trying to show his frustration to Metis but that didn’t seem to care as she shrugged.

“Did I not tell you earlier, do I have to say it again?” She questioned.

“But why now of all times, why at a time where you know I can’t deal with it. Are you perhaps trying to overthrow me as you did with your father?” Zeus said in frustration.

“Hmmm...did you think I would have already done that earlier after the injuries you have had. Why do you think after revealing it now would get you to think of this conclusion.” Metis said as she walked closer to Zeus.

“With a son like him being this strong backing you up, it would be hard to have anyone threaten you. Currently whatever you want would be given as no one would want to incur your wrath.”

“That is why I had sent him out in the first place.” She said after touching his body. “We both know we can’t leave Gaia’s earth to be thrown away like this. We must protect it at all costs. There have been many enemies that have continued to claim the title of the king of heaven. We have to throw everything we have in order to make sure that doesn’t happen. Even if it’s your worst nightmare…”

“Haaaaaa…. Fine ill let it be for now but do you think that he won’t find the desire to rule heaven?” Zeus said in worry.

“You said that about Athena as well when you first sealed her up. Now she is not only your trusted daughter but she is the one who helps command the army on earth to make sure you wouldn’t have to protect it all by yourself.”

“Tch…” Zeus grunted. “Please don’t remind me of my worst decision, even now she still won’t treat me as a father. But I guess you are right, I can’t make the same decision twice.”

“Wonderful!!!!” Metis said excitedly. “Don’t worry you won’t be disappointed as you can tell by how he got out of his cuffs. The kid has incredible strength and battle prowess that will help you when a god-level threat has appeared.

“…...Very well, I look forward to seeing him in action this time as last time I saw only a glimpse of what happened,” Zeus said as he finally sat, showing that he was able to relax for once. However, that didn’t last long. A messenger came running at full speed while slowing down.

“Sir all around the world we are being attacked on a large scale and we need help!!!!”

“What!!! What’s going on???!!!” Zeus said in surprise.

“Someone is raising the dead at a very large scale everywhere and they aren’t normal undead. They possess death energy that makes it hard for humans to counter the undead. They request our help but we can’t help them on such a large scale??”

“How much of a large scale are we talking about?”

“Gulp.. sir we are talking about tens of millions in every major region maybe hundreds of millions.” The messenger said in disbelief. This caused Zeus to freeze for a moment as he couldn’t believe within a short time almost everyone who was buried was coming back to life.

“Send Ares, Athena out there this instant!!!” Zeus said to the Messenger. The messenger panicked so fast as he immediately rushed to get the word out. “Metis…..”

“Yes?” She said,

“I guess we need Neo now, I guess it’s time for him to be used,” Zeus said.

“Very well, I will get him at once,” Metis said as she teleported away.

“The world is finally turning again. Why must it be now of all times” Zeus said as he tried to massage his head from a headache he got just now. The storms that were erupting from him were a perfect representation of what had arrived.

Several hours before the conversation, there was a base that was on the top of the hill. It was a small base that has two floors in the middle with several tents at the side. It was small but it was enough to have a platoon of twenty-four people. This was a post in a random countryside that has no relevance. The reason why they were stationed there was that sometimes the monster would appear in random areas in the countryside. Usually, it would start small, but eventually more and more will start coming. This was why every now and then humans would simply come and go to these places to make sure no monster would appear. If they do depend on the strength and number of monsters will simply just run or fight.

“Sir, we are picking up something that is coming close to our proximity?” A human soldier said.

“How many are there? should we report to the organization?” Another soldier two said.

“I don’t seem to see anything that significant, it seems that there are only about a dozen of them. We should be able to handle them.” Another soldier said. They were looking in these digital scenes that give a birds-eye view of what is going on. Since there was a forest, however, though they only saw a few undead.

“Then gather the team together we will fight them head-on.” Soldier 2 said, who actually was the commander of the team. He then gathered everyone to come, who all went to gather their gear leaving the entire digital screens left unchecked. The digital screen, however, that originally showed twelve, suddenly showed quite a few more that they wanted. Maybe from a dozen to about a couple of thousand....RIP.

The platoon then gathered outside the two-story building with fully armed weapons. They are not as powerful as the one that the GPF has, but against the undead they are able to manage. For support, they also have a total of 5 vehicles. One of them is a bigger vehicle that is more armored compared to the other four. It has bigger guns and pointy things that look scary. While the other four were like the ones that Leon and his team used. But they have a mounted gun with a chain of bullets attached to it.

" Soldiers!!! It’s a little Undead so make sure we do this clean and fast.” The commander said.

“Yes sir!!!!” The soldiers said as they then got into their vehicles and weapons to make a stand. For humans, it’s bad for them to go close to monsters as they most likely will lose in a close combat situation. So rather than fight where they are unlikely to win they use what they have to their advantage. Use the range to their advantage. Every one of them got their weapons ready as they waited for the undead to arrive. There was a little anxiety, but they learned that when dealing with monsters, there is no prejudice. Use everything until nothing is left. The undead doesn’t care so why should you care.

The dozen undead that showed up were centaurs that weren’t as fast compared to when they were in alive but were still a fast target. Seeing the humans, they increase their pace to attack them. “Fire!!!” The commander said. BANG BANG the constant sound of the continuous bullets firing in the incoming undead. The undead was being showered with bullets but continued to charge as they didn’t feel anything. No matter if they got legs or not, they try to reach the humans. Then once they were all crawling and moving slowly, the guns were soon fired. KABOOM the explosives things landed and exploded making sure that not even a trace of the undead was left. “Ceasefire we are done here, lets g….” The commander said as he soon got a bad feeling that was coming. Suddenly he heard the ground shaking. Everyone else was puzzled as well as they kept. Soon everyone looked where the sound came from as it got louder and louder, till they realized their mistake. “Everyone fallback!!!!!”

The commander said as he got into the vehicles. Everyone soon drove away from the noise as everyone was afraid of what they saw. What they saw was beyond what they could have imagined. What was originally twelve became a hundred of thousands of undead running amok and chasing after them. The base that they have just used was soon squashed like a bug. Thankfully, the vehicles were fast as the undead couldn’t reach them. Still they know one thing for certain, they will run out of gas for the vehicles. They have to get some distance or else they will die for sure. “Someone contacted the GPF right now. If not, we will see cities be destroyed!!!” The commander said. Someone immediately did as he was already trying to contact them. The commander soon looks in horror as he wishes this was all a dream.

Meanwhile, at that time, at one of the large bases that the GPF was using, it was near the outskirts of a city. The reason as to why they are never in a city to have bases was mainly because of two reasons. Humans fear anyone who has God’s blessing, thinking that they would treat humans as inferior. Though most of the ones who receive the blessing came from humans, to begin with, which means they are not that much different. Though still, humans think that having a base in their city would mean that they were planning to take over. Which wasn’t in the organization’s mind at all. The only thing that they are concerned with is preventing anything that would harm heaven.

“Ma’am, we got a call from a platoon in the countryside 300 miles west. They said that an army of undead was heading towards the city!!!!” A soldier said. He rushed to her boss quickly to report the news as it was urgent news.

“Hmmmmm… we need to stop this fast. Get the corps together we need to counter this immediately before they cause damage to these lands.” The commander said as she was already reporting everything and getting ready for deployment. However, then suddenly something was unexpected….

“Ma’am, we have a report of a large undead army coming from the north 150 miles away to attack the city!” Another soldier said, running to her. This shocked her as she was wondering how close they were not detected.

“Split the corp into the two divisions. We need to make sure that we intercept both of them. Alert the city to send soldiers to set up a defense right away!!!” She commanded, knowing what to deal with as they had this happen before with the enlightened. Though these were slightly bigger numbers, it was still doable. That was until a few minutes had passed. Her eyes soon glowed a little as she was sent a message from one who was in her bloodline. Most commanders or leaders are actually from Athena’s bloodline. This is because when it comes to leading an extensive amount of forces, Athena’s bloodline makes it easier because the chain of command is smoother with them taking control. But that is not to say they are weak. Those who have reached the rank of commander or general of the army are very powerful individuals who have trained themselves to prove they got that position.

“Ma’am is there something wrong?” The soldier wondered as she was in a hurry but now that she was silent. Then suddenly he noticed the commander was worried for some reason.

“Send a message to heaven right now we need back up right now!!! Also, get the humans to deploy all the armies, they need to prepare for the onslaught!!!” The commander yelled. ” Full deployment keeps a brigade here to defend the base we need every soldier possible.” She had an army at her disposal in her European region. This was a small force compared to the humans, but even with the armies of several countries in Europe gathered, they wouldn’t be able to deal with this army.

“Ye...Yes but why?” The soldier said in surprise. He was curious as this wasn’t that much of a threat as two armies of undead wouldn’t do that much right?

“Right now we aren’t getting two armies we have to deal with… We are dealing with undead all over the world!!!!” She yelled quickly moving with her soldier following her. “Now get moving we have no time to waste!!”

“Yes ma’am!!!” He said as he rushed to get his job done. This was the beginning of what we would call a long day..

In heaven there was a less stressful situation. (Third POV)

“mmmmm…..what is this what am I laying on,” Athena said as she looked at what she was laying on. She was grabbing it for the entire time and was wondering what it was. She got up and looked and it was amusing to see her as she went from a girl who just got up to a girl who just felt like she did something wrong for the first time in her life. “Wha...wwhat is going on I don’t remember sleeping on top of him. Oh god I better get off of him before he thinks I’m that kind of person,” she said as she got off. Her face was flushed red as she couldn’t hide the embarrassment at all. Though she knows it wasn’t a big deal at all. But the very fact that she was sleeping with Kronus of all people was making it worse. This was Cronus, the enemy of her father and one of the most powerful beings to ever exist and she was sleeping on top of him. She took deep breaths as she needed to calm down as it was just sleeping nothing else. And besides, she said he wasn’t awake so he won’t know anything happened right?

“Nnn..Oh Athena you finally woke up, I woke up earlier, but you were sleeping so peacefully so I slept some more.” Neo said as he woke up unexpectedly.

“Nn….Cronus, don’t misunderstand I’m not like that!!!!” Athena shouted while embarrassed. “I was knocked out and I didn’t know I was sleeping on top of you I swear.”

“Don’t worry about it, it’s okay we both were knocked down next to each other and we ended up in that situation,” Cronus reassured her.

“Oh good I was worried that you were getting the wrong idea and this was my first time so I didn’t know what to do.” Athena who was soon red then started turning back into her normal colors.

“First time, you mean you haven’t ever got this intimate with someone before. Not even with humans?” Cronus questioned.

“I’m more of a guide or a leader of sorts, so I never really had anyone who saw me as a woman to say the least.” She whispered as she was too shy to speak it.

“Why not try or communicate with them about it or have a relationship with the gods.” Thinking as there should be many gods or humans who would love to have an intelligent wife such as her Cronus thought.

“First is because I have never really directly met people as I use the people I have blessed to talk with others so no one has ever actually seen me. The second is because the gods here aren’t to my satisfaction as many have good qualities but I feel like they are so caught up with themselves that they forget about others. And for me who was born in a different way compared to them, I felt like the things that I dealt with are different compared to theirs, making it hard for them to understand me.”

“Ah I see that’s why you are a shut-in.”

“Don’t put it like that!!!! I’m not a shut-in, it’s just more convenient for me to use them then always having to teleport everywhere.” She puffs as she didn’t like that term I used.

“Fine fine, I’m not saying you are wrong however not putting yourself out won’t get you out of your shell. The fact that you are using your blessed children proves that you are still afraid of what’s out there.”

“True but after doing this for a long time I think that I have gotten into the habit of doing that.” Athena said shyly as to prove Cronus’s theory was proven true as there is something that she is afraid of that she’s not telling me. ”

“Very well if you aren’t giving me reasons, then I shouldn’t go any further. Instead of this, you can talk to me more often.” Cronus said.

“Wait, I couldn’t ask that of you. Wouldn’t that bother you in any way?”

“Not really, you can teach me about the human world as I very much want to see the creations of my children and yours as well. In exchange, I can help consult you on things that you feel you should keep a secret or need to be let out. What do you say?”

“That is true….. But you shouldn’t do such insignificant things just for my sake. You should do better things that will benefit the world or heaven.”

“Yes however If I can’t help you I doubt I can help the world as you are a god from this time. My time has long passed. If I can help you I can get a better understanding of how to help everyone else. Besides…”

“Besides what???”

“Isn’t it good we can have someone who both have experienced the hell of Metis?” Cronus said as he winks. Athena was thinking for a moment before she burst into laugher.

“Puhahahah…. I guess you are right there is a need to do that as well. She says to relax but she pushes me to do more work than anybody else.” Athena said gleefully as she cheered up. ” Very well from this day forth we will be friends and we will always help each other out in need.” She said as she put her hands out. Kronos then grabs the hands and shakes it,

“I hope this is the blossom of a great relationship,” Cronus said as he looked directly at her. It was getting to a cozy situation as Athena as well gaze into his eyes. They stared at each other for awhile until Athena snapped out of it as she felt like this was getting embarrassing.

“Umm… is it ok you stop staring it’s getting kinda embarrassing.” She said letting go of his hands.

“Oh sorry I didn’t mean to put you in that situation, it’s just you didn’t let go so I didn’t know what to do,” he said.

Then just as we were talking about Metis, she arrived. Unlike most other times that she has appeared, this time around she is more serious as if something terrible has happened.

“You guys need to help the North American base right now!!!” Metis said in a serious tone.

“What’s going on?” Cronus asked as he was curious.

“You will know eventually…” Metis said. Which confused us, but then Athena’s eyes glowed gold. She who was confused suddenly understood everything that was going on.

“Cronus, you need to go and eliminate the army of undead right now.” I was even more confused. Athena was looking to explain it to me but thinking it was too long and urgent I grabbed her. “Um what are you doing?” She said embarrassingly.

“You are coming with me to Earth,” Cronus said. “This is the perfect time for you to go and conquer your fear.”

“B..bu… I don’t think that is necessary. I..mean… you are good enough.” Athena said stuttering.

“Listen right now, your army needs a leader to fight with them. If you can’t show yourself then what does it show the troops?” Kronos said. “Also you know where everything is and where the battle is. This will help me teleport to the right location faster and help speed the relief effort.”

“.....That is true but I don’t know if I’m ready for this,” Athena said as she was still hesitant.

“Don’t worry I’ll be right next to you the entire way so if you feel uncomfortable then just stick next to me ok?′ Kronos said as he gave her a bright smile. Athena still was hesitant and was thinking about it for a while, but then Metis interjected.

“Athena the true act of bravery is not to be confident in what you do, it’s the willingness to do something that you aren’t confident in. Who you need to impress is not those around you, but you yourself. Prove to everyone that even you can overcome your fears. I mean you’re a God for crying out loud.” Metis said. Though Metis likes to mess around, there are these moments that she gives life lessons that are important. This is especially true to her daughter as she really wants what’s best for her.

“.....ok!!! I will go....” Athena said after waiting a while. “But make sure you stick with me!!” Cronus then gave her a thumbs up and give her my confirmation. She then grabbed Kronos and teleported away. Despite all the talk about Athena, Cronus still doesn’t know what happened. Metis then changed her expression as her job was done.

“Well that was easy.” She stated before grabbing her book and reading. Though it was a serious matter it wasn’t where she had to do anything. Besides, she isn’t the fighting type.

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