Titan: My Return to Earth

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Titan vs Undead

Though I was confused about what had happened, after seeing a bunch of undead that were coming at me, it was kind of obvious what had happened. Though this wasn’t much as a million of them wouldn’t really be that significant to me. For humans, though…. They need a lot of help. Fortunately, this undead army hasn’t reached a city yet, so that was good. Athena got the coordinates for here as this was the only undead army that the organization couldn’t stop as they were stretched really thin. But that isn’t to say that they could stop all the undead army. If it was a normal situation where the army was fighting one army of undead that was like several hundred thousand, then yes they would for sure win. However, their army divided into smaller groups that significantly lower combat potential. Even with the human armies will have a hard time. Well, if they did though they would probably damage the environment so they usually use that as a last resort. I was thinking how the person created so many of these so fast with relative ease until.

“Neo…?” Athena was saying as she was killing undead left and right like they were nothing.

“Yes, do you need anything?” I asked. Though she was having a simple time to say the least as they will never harm her, she wanted something from me.

“Can you help me out….” Athena was asking. “I thought you said we will always back each other whatever the situation, yet you aren’t doing anything…”

“Oh right, sorry I was in deep thought,” I said Athena was constantly banishing her sword around destroying several hundred undead every time. They never got to me as Athena was doing a very good job in keeping them away. Despite her being away, she has a decent amount of skills with the sword, so I was quite impressed. For me, it was a good thing for me to watch as I was able to see where Athena lacked and what I could teach her later. Though at a time like this, I should probably help.

I then jumped up and landed in the middle of the army of the undead. I created a shock wave that destroyed everyone within a hundred yards away from me. This destroyed several thousand of them in the blink of an eye. This also got their attention as all of them that were going towards Athena, came to me. To quickly end this, I created several dozen divine swords around me in a circle while the swords were pointing at the undead. I then made the swords spin in a circle at rapid speed around me. This created a large ring around me of sorts that was very sharp. I don’t know if they made something that spins really fast but oh well. But as I kept making them spin I also made them expand, making the ring larger and larger each time it spun. The blades soon we’re moving closer and closer to the undead. The undead didn’t know what I was doing, but they realized it when it touched them. When the undead came at me, they were being cut at rapid succession. Every undead that touched the blades were sliced repeatedly until they were just mincemeat. Because of the speed of the swords moving so fast, it made it hard for any of them to get near me. As they kept coming the number was diminished significantly . From above it was an amazing sight as all you saw was a circle getting bigger and bigger. All things that were touching it soon were soon wiped as though it was natural for it to happen. After a while, what soon was an army of a million was now reduced to mincemeat. Everyone was in awe as they didn’t even fire any weapon. They gaze as to find out what had happened.

“If you were that strong was there a need for me to do anything. To think that such a way of fighting could be used with such ease.” Athena said in amazement. “You are going to have to teach me that one day.”

“No problem but it will take a lot of control though, as you very well know,” I noted.

“Is it that difficult? Then how were you able to do that with ease.” She wondered.

“I have lived for far longer than you have. Millions upon millions of years. How long have you lived?” I asked her. Because so far I have seen with everyone that has fought no one has mastered any ability at all. It can be explained by the years but still their powers are still slacking. Even be able to control their energy weapons was limited. Lena was slightly different as she didn’t control it per se. It’s because she had already targeted the Minotaur so of course the thing will always go back to it. Though it takes some control, it’s not really much compared to the control I have. To really have control it takes years of practice. Also the proper teachings as well.

“Not long but it can still teach me right?” Athena said.

“Don’t worry I plan to but it will take some time as we still have something else to do along the way now don’t we,” I said as I suddenly realized that we need to help the other units or else they would face serious consequences.

“Oh right just a moment let me see which one is the next one we need to go towards,” Athena said as she got her eyes to turn gold. She was seeing all the battlefields to see which one needed help the most. Then she grabbed me as we both teleported to the next area.

The next area was interesting as I saw many things that I haven’t seen before. There were a lot of armored vehicles that had big barrels and were shooting bullets that were massive. But with divine energy mixed with it, it did some damage. Then there were several other vehicles that were shooting a lot of pointy things at the undead. They did even more damage which was so much more effective. However, there was a problem…. They were running out of ammo pretty fast. Though you might think that with all the advanced weapons the blessed humans have they would wipe them out. With the undead having death energy surrounding them it made it harder for some of the bullets to penetrate them. Making them last longer than what the army would have wanted. If they didn’t have any armor, this would have been a lot easier.

The next thing that I saw interesting was the flying vehicle that was smaller than what Ares had used. But it had a lot of guns on it. It was doing well, shooting everything and raining destruction everywhere it was. However, some of them were later attacked from flying undead that made it hard to control. Some of them actually exploded and hit the ground because of it. Hope the guys are alright.

“Neo why is that I have to constantly remind you that we need your help.” Athena said as she was taking charge of the fighting efforts. Because of her, the tides of battle have been changed. But this was just one area, she really needs to get to the other areas. That was why she kept hating the fact that I was observing everything rather than actually attacking. But that was she was growing impatient as humans were dying. And all I was doing was idling around. Hmm I need to respect human life more.

“Ah ok sorry about that.” I said, I then created one divine sword while jumping in front of the undead army. I simply threw a horizontal slash with an energy slash. This army wasn’t as big as the previous one and the army we had got rid of enough of them. It was easy for me to do the clean work. Swoosh my energy slash destroyed everything in front of me, wiping most of the undead that was coming at us. All that was left were a few thousand undead. I would destroy them but the army after seeing what was left decided to clean up the rest of them.

“You know we would be heading to the next one if you would just get rid of them the moment you arrive.” Athena pointed. Looking away as I can’t deny she was right, but it’s not like I’m doing it on purpose.

“Well, I was interested in how strong your army was. And if I help them, then what’s the point of having an army is you don’t believe in them,” I noted.

“Yes but like what you are doing right now. You are wasting time!!” She said before she dragged me to the next area.

This was a new one, as we were on top of a mountain this time. This was perfect as this gave us an advantage. Though unfortunate news was that this was half the force we had in the previous location. This made it hard for them as they still have a hard time wiping the undead. When we arrived it was very close for them to go hand to hand combat. Fortunately, they had smaller flying craft that is faster and more agile. They are specially equipped with even stronger pointy things. I could tell that those crafts have a lot more firepower. Those pointy things which Athena call rockets hold a lot of divine energy in them. Dropping one of them would probably destroy quite a lot of them. Which it did. However, there weren’t many of these crafts to go around as they were needed everywhere. Not to mention, because of the need to get to the battlefield quickly, there was only so much ammo they could bring. Even the last one was close to running out. Same for these guys. Fortunately, they are skilled in close combat.

“Oh right, I need to finish this quick,” I said out loud as Athena was looking with a mean stare. She then looked at the undead to tell me to do it fast. “Haaa...this is a pain.” I then created hundreds of divine swords everywhere and shot it at the undeads. All of my swords were flying everywhere in mid air stabbing many undead after the next. It was amazing to see from afar as there were so many zig zags everywhere as if it was a light show. Many of the soldiers stopped firing as to see how amazing it was as I started to kill everyone that was coming close to us and work all the way back. Within half an hour all of the undead of this area were dead.

“Good job we still have more to go through but we are making good progress,” Athena said.

“Thanks but the situation must still be that severe though so what’s the next stop?” I asked as just going to three sights doesn’t mean that the battle was over. So we still have a lot of work to do. But Athena begs to differ.

“Don’t worry after some time the other gods were finally able to join the battle. So we just have to go to the ones that are in dire need and that is just 5 areas.” Athena said.

“Seems like you are pretty relaxed now after you were telling me to go quickly,” I said because before wiping them out it seemed as though she was impatient with me. However, cleaning this up she was relatively relaxed. What’s going on?

" Well after considering the time it takes for you to clean up these armies, I realized that we should be able to clean up the majority of the severe battlefields within a day.” Athena pointed out. “So let’s go.” As she grabbed me and we teleported to the next battlefield. But I wonder though rather than go defend against all the undead, shouldn’t we go to where the source is. I mean it’s somewhere east though, so why don’t we go there? Oh well I will say something later.

After going through several battlefields and destroying all the armies of undead, we then sat on a hill drinking tea. It didn’t seem like it was appropriate for us to be drinking tea while everyone was fighting. Then again, making it easy for the GPF will make the soldier lazy, and although the gods are helping, they aren’t getting rid of them as fast as I was. So this makes sure that the soldiers can get more experience. For the ones, I went through well, got a freebie. Unfortunately, Athena knew which unit got easy and is making them get extra work later on. So sorry guys, not my fault. But at least you guys are alive.

“What do you think about your first time in front of everyone? ” I said to Athena because since we had time and although the engagements were short it still was the first time for her.

“Ummmm… I thought it would be scarier, but after just fighting a little and talking to some of my commanders, I don’t feel that different.” Athena said. She was honest and that made it easy for me to help her when she has problems. It was great that she didn’t experience anything bad. Though it is scary to do things the first time, eventually you will get over it. Just like me in Tartarus…. Though that is more extreme…”

“That’s good I was hoping it was like that since no matter if it’s through someone or not you are still their leader. They won’t treat any differently.” I said. Though it’s true that this is her first time out. The fact that it really made no difference actually helped her. Athena is Athena, no matter if she possesses someone or not. So she has to conquer her own fear as no matter what people will criticise her.

“Yes thank you for being here with me. If you didn’t support me in this task, I won’t know how much longer I would stay in heaven.” Athena said. “The fact that I’m out just now just made me realize how much I have been missing what was out there. I hope you will continue to travel Earth with me.” She said, Originally I didn’t want to do it, but once she enjoyed the feeling it never stopped. And now it was Athena who was the proactive one.

“As long as it’s fun I won’t mind where we go!!!” I said excitedly. That was my goal in the first place and having her come with me just made it more exciting. I know for sure after all this I will have a fun time. Starting right now as we are enjoying tea on Earth.

“So what are we waiting for Athena?” I said enjoying the breeze. This was a wonderful place to relax. Besides overlooking all the undead that are lying everywhere, everything is wonderful.

“We are just waiting for us to receive our next order,” Athena said. As she poured tea for me. I grabbed and drank the tea as it really helped make me feel better about this scene. Turns out this is the time where Athena gets a break. This is because when it comes to war, Athena has to focus on commanding the army. Making sure that everyone else in the headquarters is doing the paper beside her. Because of that she was pretty happy and the fact that things were going this smoothly makes this less stressful for her. “So let’s relax for now and talk about the techniques that you were showing us earlier. You showed us how amazing using divine swords can be if you are able to control it…” She then paused. There was a message that was sent to her that required her attention. “Looks like we will have to talk about this another time.” Grabbing my shoulder we teleported to heaven. Well, that was a short break.

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