Titan: My Return to Earth

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Prelude to the great war

Just when Athena and I were getting along, something came up where we were transported to the throne room. It was not my favorite place so far as I was about to get into trouble a while ago but I guess it can’t be helped. Sitting there were my three sons, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. There was also Ares who was now sitting on the throne as well. But along with the four there was a woman as well. She had brown hair and eyes and had a beautiful face of course, but she looked more tomboyish and wasn’t as elegant looking as Athena or Metis. From my point of view she looks like she would rather go on an adventure then be stuck in a place. But who is she anyway?

“Someone has resurrected the dead all over the world at an alarming rate. We don’t know who, but it’s spreading so much that humans can’t even face it alone. Every country has requested help from us as with no help they would have fallen quite easily. We believe it’s from the Enlightened ones, as they are the ones who resurrected the dead. Fortunately, right now we have repulsed every front to make sure that no city has been harmed. However, some rural cities though are, unfortunately...” The lady said.

“I have already sent all of my forces to help with the effort but if we don’t kill the one creating them, then it won’t stop. Artemis, have you been able to find the leader?” Athena said. When we destroyed many of the undead, something was wrong as there were more areas that kept popping undead. The good news is that the undead is growing less compared to before. This makes it even more manageable compared to before. So the GPF can handle it. They are creepy who would want an army of those.

“Not yet I have not been able to find the person no matter where I go. Athena, have you found any clues to who it is.” Artemis said.

“I think I know who it is but it seems like it won’t matter as much as we can’t seem to locate him. We can’t track people with divine energy but it is so much harder, especially with all the undead all around.” Athena replied.

“Then what should we do brother if we use our attacks, we could get rid of most of them without trouble and we might be able to draw out the leader eventually,” Poseidon asked.

“That would be our last resort. Our primary goal is to find the one who’s responsible for this.” Zeus said.

“But who can? I search everywhere around hell and can’t find out who and not even Artemis who is known for finding her targets can’t either. So how do you suppose we find that person?” Hades said. Everyone fell silent as no matter how much the gods destroy, it would be useless if the one who summoned exists as he can keep spamming them as much as he wants. That’s why the best way is to find and kill him. But unfortunately, no one is able to find the person, however, there is actually a way but to think that they haven’t noticed it yet. Well, it’s to be expected.

“I have a way to find the person,” I said as everyone looked in my direction in surprise.

“How? tell us quickly!!!!” Athena said in surprise.

“Well I can’t find the person to be exact, but from the guess, the person is the same one who took the scythe,” I said.

“Are you saying you are able to track the scythe?” Poseidon said. “That’s not possible unless you have wielded the weapon. Our weapons can be found if lost because it’s imprinted with our energy so finding it should be easy. So unless you imprint your energy on the weapon, you can track it down. So how is it you are able to track it?” Everyone agreed to that explanation as it was true. Divine weapons that have received energy from the user can track it as the weapon as it creates a ling with the user. However, that is for most weapons. The scythe is more different than most divine weapons. Divine weapons have no energy but this scythe has it own.

“During the fight earlier I saw the weapon and not only could I feel certain energy from it. I made sure to remember it as it was different than most weapons where it needs a wielder to supply the energy, but that scythe doesn’t need that. It simply needs a host. So if we treat it like a presence, it can be tracked down.” I explained. Though besides sensing it, the others were truthful. That scythe really doesn’t need a strong God as it will simply consume the person and take it over anyway. It just needs to find a host that would resonate with the scythe. Metis knows but she gets confused when I tell her about it. I’m really bad at explaining things.

“So are you saying that you are able to track the Scythe?” Zeus said.

“Yes I already tracked it down actually.” They then stunned for a moment as they are like what.

“Wait just a moment, you said you found it just now,” Artemis said.

“Yes that’s what I said, but you guys were taking so long while prioritizing everything else that I decided to wait until the topic arose.”

“But how I took many years and haven’t found a trace yet you found them without even moving what did you do?”

“I simply remember the energy emitted from the scythe and I scan where there is something familiar on earth. Fortunately, it was releasing a lot of energy, making it easy to find”

“Yes but how are you able to do it so quickly I need to be on earth to do that kind of thing?”

“Its simple my sensory ability is stronger. ”

“I see.....″ Artemis said as she was completely dumbfounded by her lack of strength as she realizes how weak she was. But there is no surprise as I realize how lacking many of them were lacking these days. That’s why many do not adapt to sensing death energy. I got used to it as there were a couple of fights here and there while learning how to find them. Knowing your opponent is a key thing in battle. . One false move can always be the end.

“Now that we know where Neo your job is to eliminate or capture the suspect who has caused this disturbance. Also the scythe, you must retrieve and hand to us at all costs. Athena, Ares, and Artemis go and do their best to assist the humans. We need to stall until Neo finishes off the enemy.” Zeus commanded. Everyone was okay with the plan as Athena and Artemis were heading out except.

“Wait,” Ares said as he was the one that wanted to change something. “I would like to go with Neo and accompany him on this mission.”

“What’s your reason for this, wouldn’t it be better if you help against the attack across the world.” Hades was questioning. “With you helping out every front is a possibility and making sure there would be fewer casualties.

“Yes but if we kill the man, first casualties would stop at that point, and having two gods would ensure that the mission would succeed.” Ares countered, “Besides….” he then looked at me. “Having this guy go by himself is risky we don’t know if he might steal the scythe or actually betray us wouldn’t you say, father?” This actually got everyone thinking as its true having a new person go by themselves is risky. The reason Athena didn’t question it before on my first mission was that Metis trusted me. Athena now trusts me to complete this mission while she stops the armies. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case for Ares. But this is strange when did Ares actually start thinking? Was he always this smart?

“Then who will assist us in the defense against the attacks,” Artemis said. “You are our strongest god and having you on the field will help a great deal.”

“I’ll let my sister Enyo take my place, besides Athena will command all my forces as she is more than capable of being in charge of the entire army around the war. She is the head in the chain of commands anyway.” Ares said casually as he put all the responsibilities to everyone else. Guess he really cares about his father’s orders after all. “Keke haha This is exciting, it has been a long time since I had to fight against a god this is something worth going for!” Ares said excitedly as he started releasing his energy. I then realized that this was still the same and all he wanted to do was to fight against someone strong like any battle maniacs would. Guess I was overestimating him after all. I looked to see if anyone else was surprised, but they expected as much. Dang, am I the only one who thought that he was trying to be smart. Then again yes, I think I was.

Just when Zeus was thinking about what Ares said, Athena received a message from one of her generals. This seems to be a serious one, as Athena wasn’t happy with the news.

“Everyone all the undead have converged into attack each and every one of our headquarters. It’s heading towards them now, ” Athena said. This made everyone look grim, as though that was the one place they didn’t want to be attacked.

“These headquarters all our troops and are meant to help protect humans. If we let them destroy them, then this will free up access against all humans as well as those people in heaven. These headquarters are our frontline defense for them.” Athena explained.

“I see well that is convenient but now that a bunch of undead is coming so it seems to be working..” I said.

“Looks like we should just head to headquarters first then attack the summoner later,” Artemis said. Everyone agreed since now that I know where the summoner is we can get rid of the undead first, then take care of the summoner later. However….

“Hoooo.” An owl soon flew by. Zeus then opened his hand as he knew that the owl would fly to him. On his claw, there was a scroll that he dropped onto Zeus’s hand. Opening and reading it, Zeus was shocked at first as he didn’t want to say anything, but then soon he gave in.

“Athena, Artemis and Enyo will lead the army at headquarters. Ares and Neo will attack the summoner.” This confused everyone as this doesn’t make any sense. Why should we separate and make ourselves weaker? Then he said something that no one would go against. ” Metis is the one that ordered it. Which made everyone give up. I was looking around as no one wanted to go against her order. Though yes Zeus is the leader…. Metis is the true brains of heaven. Those who go against her will eventually suffer the consequences mentally and physically….

“As you command,” Athena said. Though she rejected this plan, she had to deal with it no matter what. What’s worse she couldn’t get her father to help as he was only under extreme situations. But this wasn’t it.

“Haaaa….. very will that will be the plan, now go, time is of the essence.” Zeus said. The moment I heard that Athena and Artemis had already teleported away. Leaving me and Ares here. Standing across from each other we didn’t do anything but stare at each other.

“Well aren’t you going to show me the way?” Ares said curiously.

" Do I have too?” I said in sadness. I don’t really want to bring him along especially when he is not even going to listen to me in the first place.

“Either I beat you and we go there or we go there peacefully before I beat you later.”

“....Is there a third option?”

“Just hurry so I can go fight….” Ares said as he was getting tired of waiting.

“Fine…” I said as I grabbed him and teleported him with me.

Meanwhile, on Earth, many cities have been emptied with not even a sound that could be heard. They have evacuated many of the people into shelters for their safety. The fear of having an undead attack was enough for many leaders to stop everything and inform everyone of the news. Although some were actually wanting to take pictures and selfies for some reason. For a picture, they were willing to die for that. Some people were strange. This wasn’t a common occurrence, as there were monsters that would appear in cities, they weren’t nationwide emergencies that the army couldn’t handle. And even that the GPF would come if the governments didn’t want to deal with it. But when they heard a large force was coming that had made many of the armies couldn’t stop, they had no choice but to stop everything and hide.

In the American region, many of the undead had scattered everywhere and invaded at random, destroying everything in its path. But suddenly all of them converged together and were waiting for something. The army of tens of millions was standing in the middle of a plain and doing nothing. They were standing a respectful distance away from the headquarters in America. What was interesting was an undead holding an hourglass? Athena noticed this and was questioning this as well. What could be there a reason for this, if they had spread out they would have been a bigger problem, as the ability to contain them was difficult to do with so many undead? Having them gathered is simply making it easier for The GPF to counter them, almost as if they are waiting for us to challenge them.

“Why are they standing there Athena?” Artemis said as she was standing behind her. “Shouldn’t they just attack right now?”

“It’s because they are waiting for us to gather our forces.” Athena said.

“What do you mean by that?” Artemis questioned.

“If they had wanted to attack they would have done so, there is no reason that they would stop when the summoners know that no one can stop them completely. Which means there are two reasons as to why they are waiting. One they are waiting for us to gather our forces to distract us. The summoner could possibly be planning to lure us so that he can get something. ”

“Then what’s the second one?”

“The second is they just want us to come out. They want our us gods to challenge him.”

“What would be the point of that then?” Artemis questioned.

“The point may first be to see if there are certain individuals that are strong enough would come or second is just for fun.”

“So the summoner wants to find a worthy opponent?”

“Yes because though we have a lot of arsenals to face this army of this size, we can’t destroy them in one instant. That means we gods have to show up to assist in the firepower that we lack. Even if we are here, it would be hard to get rid of them.”

“Then we should not fight them directly. We should just bombard them and wipe them out here with just us gods.”

“No because even with us we don’t have the firepower to destroy all of them that fast. And this is our recently developed headquarters while it’s very high tech, the defenses are still not ready. We only have the soldier’s here with us as our only additional defenses. Also, you know father’s orders, only use it when all our forces can’t handle it anymore. ”

“So are you saying that no matter what we have to fight them?” Artemis was starting to get confused.

“Yes, I believe that the summoner is telling us to make this entertaining for him. Once the point of gathering all of them here is the summoner can’t have fun with it. Don’t worry, I have already signaled everyone who is available to come to their respective headquarters. Though we can get enough people in time.”

“We have few hundred thousands personnel that can fight, do you think they can handle this kind of army that not only are undead but have death energy. Compared to before, many have not encountered enemies that corrode their attacks.”

“We just have to satisfy their desire to challenge us here. And look as we have a massive force right in front of them they have not once stopped us. The other region is fighting as well with other Gods supporting them. We just have to do with what we have. Get Enyo here as she will lead our forces, Artemis you get your unit ready as you will support Enyo. I will take overall command of the movement of the army.”

“Fine but just so you know I don’t agree with this,” Artemis said as she teleported away. Athena wanted to do that as well but she was finding it all so weird. The undead army all over the world was huge and very troublesome. Yet they really didn’t do a lot of damage. And after a few days of attacking they really didn’t kill a lot of people either. Not to mention the summoner was able to control them with such ease. For someone to control millions upon millions of undead while also giving them so much energy is hard to do. Despite all of that, nothing really happened. It was like the person was trying to create a scenario for us. As though this was some sort of entertainment. Then there was the most important one. Why did her mother ask us to fight them with just the three of us? Her mother always does things for the wellbeing of heaven, but sometimes it wasn’t what you would expect. Sometimes the way she helped require her to be ruthless. It was something that many refused before, but at the end of the day gave the best results.

“Mother what could you possibly know that would require you to plan something like this?” Athena said as she continues to watch the army of the undead.

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