Titan: My Return to Earth

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The GPF in action

Neo point of view

I have just guessed where the guy with the scythe was. Though believe it or not, I had found him. First, I had teleported to the area I just was, then I had to fly very fast to the area the scythe was. It took quite a while but after a good amount of time; I found her. It was a very dark place with a bunch of holes and tombstones everywhere. Makes this place a very creepy place, who would like to stay in this place anyway. That person must have a sad life. But anyway glad I have found him.

“Welcome!!!! I wasn’t expecting any visitors, but please feel free to join me as we get to see the battle between the dead and the living.” Thanatos said as he bowed courtesy while walking around cheerfully. “Of course I don’t have anything comfortable for you guys to sit on but I think you guys can make do,” he said as he was pretending to find a spot for us to sit. But unfortunately, he couldn’t enjoy his theatrics for long. Swoosh a blade was about to slice his head as he quickly moved his head before it happened.

“Quit your talking, I’m here to fight!” Ares said as he soon pulled out two long swords. The guy looked at him at first, but soon had a big grin that was very creepy. He then released his energy to show his willingness to fight as well. Raising his scythe he pointed his weapon at Ares as to accept his challenge.

“Very well, it has been a while since I have been able to fight as well. Let us enjoy this battle one on one.” He then released his energy all around us. We looked to see if anything happened to us but we were perfectly fine. Then suddenly the energy went up and spread above us to create a dome. Ares was confused as to what he was doing as he didn’t feel like his energy was reduced or the body feeling heavy at all. “Don’t worry, this is merely a way for our fight to happen without interruption, it won’t be fun if someone got in the way.” He said as he got ready to fight.

“I was thinking the exact same thing as well, well no worries I plan on fighting you myself!!!” Ares yelled as he charged straight towards him. Clang Clang as the sound of the weapons interacting. They were not even going slow, they were going fast as you could see blurs of them fighting from one spot to another. Shockwaves were also being emitted as if it wasn’t for this dome limiting them from fighting everywhere, it would destroy this area. Each attack might be short but the damage that was done were from those that shouldn’t exist on Earth.

Although you would think that gods will simply just throw attacks at each other to see who is stronger. For Gods who pride themselves in battle, being able to fight with technique and skill are the most important. Those who rely on pure strength are what we Gods hate the most since that means no effort was given. It does nothing to make the battle more enjoyable. For example, every time Ares would go in for a strike, the other would not just block it. The other would counter it with an attack of their own. They would react to one another perfectly, as though this was a dance. Ares would throw a downward strike and the guy would spin side away. But while spinning, he had already positioned the scythe so that the sharp part of it would try to slice the head. Noticing that Ares twirl the sword that was going down all the up so that blade would travel all the way to block the scythe. Clang, they block each other at the perfect time. If Ares had been late, he would have been injured but like any fight knowing what to do next is important as once Ares blocked it, he counter-attack with the other sword. The fight was intense since every time they strike each other they were that close to landing a fatal blow. Fights were all a game of inches, and whoever got there first had the advantage.

“This is such a nice fight, I must say,” I said in excitement. Watching fights between two skilled fighters is always exciting. There was no fear in their eyes, as they didn’t even have time for that. What they are seeing is the openings to win the fight. All other feelings are meaningless at this point. Ah, what a spectacle indeed as I watch them in admiration. “Wait didn’t they say they want no interruption….? What am I doing here then if both of them don’t want me.” Just realizing that. Dang, now I feel like I don’t exist here and look invisible to them. Don’t know if I should feel sad they treat me like nothing or feel excited to see the fight. Well, just see what happens as I merely sat and watched the fight.

Meanwhile, in the grand plains in front of the headquarters, there stood two armies facing each other. One full of undead and skeletons of many humans and monsters. The other humans have been blessed with divine energy. What was one hundred thousand, was now one hundred and fifty thousand? However, compared to the undead in terms of numbers, it was like comparing an ocean to a pond. The numbers were severe on the side of the undead. Looking from afar, this should be a one-sided fight. The undead of this size would destroy the entire world if no god were to intervene. Though yes, there is such a thing as nuclear weapons that could destroy some of them. But that is some, as the death energy would protect them from most of the damage. And really nuclear weapons and other things are a last resort because the weapon is bad for the environment and it wouldn’t give the best result. Since Gaia has left, keeping the environment as green as possible was a must.

That is why the GPF was necessary, as they are the only ones to stop them in the best way possible. By no means, this army is a normal army as for most people they would at the sight of seeing a grand army as this one would run in fright. But GPF didn’t have a single one that was afraid as they stood there prepared. Actually, they were the opposite as some of them were excited for the chance to fight. Like Gods, they are able to fight with everything they have is their greatest desire. They were feeling confident, especially when they saw who was leading them. She was wearing full silver armor and was riding a chariot as she stood in front of the army. With long wavy gold hair that was going all the way to her hips along with some scars on her face, though it didn’t make her look any less pretty. She was well known as the right hand of Ares as the goddess of war, Enyo. She likes Ares, loves to fight, and seeing such an army before she made her cringe in excitement as she had never fought an undead army of this magnitude before in her life. For them, having a God makes any army before them meaningless. Having Gods is why the GPF never have feared to lose nor fear death.

This was not a suicide effort for her or the army, for them, it was a challenge. Gods and divine humans alike all strive to be better. If they can’t survive this, that means they themselves failed and nobody else. This challenge was hard but not impossible for them. All the soldiers were equipped with armor that looked like those they were in ancient days, however, they were a tad bit adjusted for modern times. The armor was created that would efficiently use the divine energy in the body to help create a thin energy armor to protect the wearer and make the soldier move faster and better. For a normal soldier wearing it will make sure that even shots from sniper would only just knock them back but cause no damage. Then the soldiers were carrying a shield that if charged with divine energy could even take on tank fire and large projectiles. Finally, a sword that can cut through even the strongest of steel with ease. When charged with divine energy it will expand that blade for more range and sharper edges. These were the basics of what anyone in the GDF must always wear when fighting dangerous battles.

There could be different weapons depending on the user as they get stronger, but they were the basic. Some even have spears that also are used to shoot divine energy and even shoot beams as well. They are for the stronger ones, of course. Others include axes, bows, hammers, daggers, and stuff. Now the fundamental question is why these weapons are more important than guns. Though it doesn’t mean they are strong compared to guns as for example, if Leon and Troy had these on they would be three times better and would be able to handle the Minotaurs better. However, it was because they were on a scouting mission it was considered useless at the time.

Guns are also very convenient against low-level monsters since guns make sure that they can kill them faster. However, anything above.... guns doesn’t seem to be effective. Especially with mid and high-level monsters having incredible defense, making it hard using guns. The reason as to why Cronus was able to damage the Minotaur was because his use of divine energy was stronger to penetrate their shields. Also from the fight against the butler fellow, he didn’t need bullets at all. Rather he created projectiles inside the gun to shoot. So it is to say that when you get to a high level, guns are meaningless as you could create them with divine energy and still make it faster than bullets. That is why many of those in heaven focuses on close combat weapons being that you going need to resort to it at the end. But they do make sure that weapons on vehicles and bigger weapons are stronger to make sure that even weaker soldiers can fight against stronger opponents.

What was different was the men next to Enyo as they didn’t wear the armor that the basic soldier wore as they created through their own energy much like butler a awhile back? Being able to create your own armor through your own divine energy not only increases your fighting prowess but also increases attack and defense at the same time. To achieve it is no easy feat as it shows that you have a vast amount of energy and have gone through any challenges to reach it. Even her soldiers standing next to Enyo are her personal force, and one of the backbones of the army still can’t reach it. What’s more surprising they only number 1000, showing how rare it is to be that strong.

“Are we ready, Athena?” Enyo said as she was talking to Athena through a woman who had Athena’s divine blood.

“Yes we are, but like I said this will be a tough battle are you sure you can handle this,” Athena said in worry.

“Yes yes please get on with it as waiting to fight them is making me fall asleep.” Enyo was feeling rather annoyed as to why she had to wait this long when she could attack so long ago. “Just make sure that you don’t get the random soldier in my way since I might kill them out of instinct”

“Haaa….. Okay be careful out there” Athena said knowing how the conversation was going before she left the body.

“Alright Listen, Soldiers, we have been called upon to fight. We are facing an overwhelming force that we have never seen before. Forces that look impossible to beat. But why do we need to be afraid of that, why do we need to see it as an impossible fight? Did we not train to fight these challenges? Did we not go through relentless battles just to run away. No!!! We come here to fight because we know we can and We will fight till we Win.!!!!” Enyo says to everyone.

“YAHHHH” Everyone said as they raised their weapons high as they felt a good morale boost. They started clanging and banging their weapons to show how ready they are. But it was also the sound that the undead were waiting for as they soon charged towards the GDF as they have finally got the call they have wanted. The impossible battle between life and death began.

The distance between the armies was three miles apart as the undead charged the GDF army without care. There was no such thing as a strategy or battle formation: just go with reckless abandon. But not the GDF. They were a professional army who trained and learned how to fight against. Not against that kind of number because that was too much but still it’s the same nonetheless. And fortunately, they still have a few gods on their side to compensate for the numbers that they lack. One of which happens to love when fights happen in the distance. Standing in the back was the goddess of the wilderness, Artemis.

Into battle, she carried her favorite bow. A brown longbow that has beautiful carvings of leaves and vines all over. Seeing that the enemy was well within a suitable distance. She pulled back the bow with no arrow, but when she pulled it all the way an arrow soon appeared. Once that happened, in unison with her units of archers, all got their arrows and pulled them back. They waited for Artemis to shoot it, as that was their signal. She first was pointing the arrow directing at the undead army, then soon she shot it in the air. And without saying it, everyone shot the arrow at the same time she did. Thousand upon thousands of bright arrows were raining from the sky. From below it can be said they were like seeing many shooting stars in the sky. And from above, all the arrows fired were formed to look like a perfect V showing how in sync everyone was. For an ally it was a sight to see for the enemy, though could not be said for. Soon halfway all the arrows started to split up and create more arrows. Every arrow separated into ten arrows. Artemis however was different as it split into a thousand arrows. What was a few thousand arrows soon turned to tens of thousands of arrows pouring upon the enemy?

Bang Bang Bang the constant explosion of arrow contacting the undead. If it hit the enemy they got destroyed upon hit, and even if the arrow missed there would be an explosion when hitting the ground that would deal casualties to the army. So no matter what the arrows were, it kept doing damage. It’s a terrible thing to go through, as many of them of the undead were getting annihilated. However, Artemis and her units were not done as after the first strike they reloaded for the next one immediately. They knew that reducing the numbers as much as possible before they close in is their mission. There were no breaks as taking a break means death. The onslaught continued as the undead got closer. Although the arrows were doing their job, the sheer number of undead still made it look like they haven’t even put a dent in them. The army still kept advancing not caring about the casualties as there is no such thing as a retreat for them.

After seeing them half a mile away the soldiers got into position. Originally they were originally in a line formation as that is always the standard formation, but soon they create a circle formation as to not be flanked and protect all sides. The archers went towards the middle to back up any part of the sides that needed assistance. Athena, who was also at the center, was channeling a lot of energy and soon released a bunch of them and it was soon injected into every soldier. What she did was give them all a temporary energy boost to give them more energy. Not only that, Athena was able to enhance their fighting prowess as she is able to channel her experience into people. This is why those who are from Athens’s divine family are naturally good at fighting as they are injected with experience from Athena. But in terms of power and being able to fight stronger foes, the ones of Ares lineage are stronger in the long run. But feeling it, the soldier was more confident as they took a stance for the incoming charge. Enyo however didn’t prepare as once the army came into a certain range, she instantly charged at them. She charged right into them with the chariot relentlessly as it looked like she was suicidal. Then again, anything considered suicidal is something that gods do in the first place. Enyo just clashed against the undead army and started mowing the army down everywhere she went. No matter who was in front of her, she kept going as she sliced and diced everyone into smithereens.

“Shouldn’t we stop her, knowing her she would probably go out of control,” Artemis said to Athena.

“She’s not someone we could use defensively and restraining her actually decreases our combat potential,” Athena said while she started to got her weapons ready.

“This is very surprising,” Artemis said as she saw Athena.

“What do you mean?” Athena questioned.

“This is the first time in a while you would actually participate in a battle, I mean physically,” Artemis pointed out. “Usually you would use your attendants and fight through them. Is there a special reason as to why you are coming out now?”

“Hmmm...I think I finally got the motivation to go out,” Athena said with a smile but something about her still looked as though she was shaking.

“That’s rare, since even your mom never got you to do that as well,” Artemis said. “Must be that Neo guy everyone has been talking about.”

“Hmmm… maybe…” Athena questioned. “But something about him attracts me to him and he gets me this feeling that I should do more in order to one day see his world.”

“What do you mean by that?” Artemis tilted her head.

“You wouldn’t understand, but let’s stop talking for now. It’s time for battle.” Athena said as she started getting serious. It also got Artemis attention as she got back to shooting her arrows.” Everyone prepare for battle!!!!!” This got everyone to put their shields up. Athena then got in front of everyone. Despite all the carnage Enyo has dealt with, they were still advancing with a large army. They were moments away, and it was time for the battle to truly begin. “Attack!!!!!!!” Athena said as she ran in front of the army of the undead. This got everyone else to charge with her. Athena was never on the battlefield, but the fact that she is fighting with them gives them even more morale boost. They all followed her as they wanted to meet the assault head-on. Both armies soon collided as hand to hand combat soon arose. From the initial engagement, the GDF was winning as they easily get rid of the undead before them. With every attack a soldier did, tens of undead would be slain. From every engagement, the soldier’s skills were apparent, as when one person was attacking one side another soldier would cover for the other blind spot. Everyone despite all the chaos was disciplined, making sure the formation wasn’t breaking.

As the battle continued, it became apparent that the undead was simply outmatched in every way. Every soldier did nothing too dangerous and made sure they did what were taught to them.

Even the archers who should be in a bad close range worked together with soldiers to make sure that their weakness was prevented. Along with that, once in a while Athena and Artemis would start throwing all-around attacks that would help make sure that the undead wouldn’t over flood the army. Artemis shot an arrow directly up and it soon split into twelve different arrows that turned back down to attack the undead in the shape of a circle. Once that happened, Athena soon glowed her eyes as she communicated with some of her soldiers while fighting. Near the attacks that Artemis threw. Twelve strong soldiers had their eyes glowed and they soon stopped what they were doing and ran to each of the 12 spots. With their spears, they stab it to the ground. The Soldiers soon were surrounded in a powerful divine shield and soon the shield shot energy towards the left and right of each of the twelve soldiers. Once connected the energy went up to create a massive wall in all directions. This trapped some of the undead armies inside and out. Cutting the rest out, the GDF destroyed the soldiers inside the walls with ease. While at that Enyo who was outside the walls circled around as she soon surrounded with energy-charged and vaporized many of the undead that was close to the walls. Swoosh with just a close touch of Enyo’s energy the undead vanished. She circled around a few times before she left again to do her own thing. This was an amazing strategy from Athena, as she made sure that the GDF wouldn’t constantly face consistent waves of undead for too long. She made sure that everyone can take some sort of breather. However, how long would it last was the question.

Once those inside the wall had finished the undead, they immediately reformed their ranks to get ready for their next wave. The twelve immediately stopped releasing their energy and retreated. The archers soon fired arrows the moment they fell back as the undead charged once more. And once again the GPF continues the fight with an enormous amount of undead. The fights were brutal as no matter how much each soldier kept slashing and dicing, they still kept coming. And every time a soldier attacks two undead, four would replace and double after that. There was simply no rest for any soldiers, as that meant death. So Athena used this strategy to constantly make sure there will be gaps in how many waves can come. As long as her soldiers weren’t completely overwhelmed they could last longer. However, the difficult thing was that she started noticing some of her soldiers had gotten wounded already. So even if the plan is good, will the injuries soon pile up too much.

“That was good so far, but how long do you think we can last if we keep doing this.” Artemis said as he continued to shoot arrows everywhere.

" …...Three hours at the most after that we need to retreat.” Athena said confidently as she kept slashing the undead everywhere. She was cutting everyone effortlessly and never seemed to waste a single movement as though she was dancing. She simply moved everywhere around the battlefield while dealing with the most damage. It was surprising, as she wasn’t expected to be that good in the battle for someone who was stuck in heaven. But she showed that she was a worthy fighter in her own right. But she was right though since her army had no way to keep up against such a large army like this and its only objective is to stall.

“Three…. Would that be enough time?” Artemis said.

“Don’t worry, knowing them that is just enough time?” Athena said confidently

“How can you be sure?”

“Cause that’s all we can do,” Athena responded.

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