Titan: My Return to Earth

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My turn!!!

After the dust faded, Ares was quite satisfied as he felt like he had eliminated the other God. His hands were open and then suddenly his sword that he stabbed Thanatos with returned back to his hands. Looking to see it to be perfectly fine, he let it disappear. He soon walked away feeling confident he had completed his mission. But then suddenly he felt a chill down his spine as though it was bad omen had come. Clang Ares was able to counter an attack that was in inch close to his face. It was impossible he thought but Thanatos was not just attacking him, Thanatos was perfectly fine with not even a single scratch on him. “How how are you alive after that attack?!!” Ares said in shock. “There was no way to avoid that attack?” Thanatos then pushed harder which pushed Ares back.

“Yes, it is true that you did damage to this body and quite a bit of damage. I must say it was a wonderful attack and against this body destroying it was entirely possible. However that’s if it was just this body.” Thanatos explained.

“What do you mean, this body?”

“I mean what I said, this body that I’m possessing. Because I’m using this person’s body as my vessel if you can’t destroy me who is possessing him then there is no way to destroy him. That quite handy don’t you think.”

“I never heard of such things.”

“Well that and me the scythe, I have you know that I’m not any weapon but one of the strongest weapons known to gods. If you could not do damage to me, don’t think you could win this fight.” Thanatos explained. Ares was surprised but tried to channel his energy but he realized that he had little energy left as he soon fell to the ground. “So this is the extent of your powers, huh quite disappointing.” Thanatos then grabs the scythe to finish him off, however….Thud I finally intervened.

I stood there grabbing the scythe as both of them looked at me in surprise. They were fighting so intensely that they didn’t notice me. Either that or they both completely forgot about me. I’m just going to say the former as it sounds much better. Besides, Ares is not ready for that kind of opponent, to begin with. Thinking this was a good experience, I thought that interfering would actually hinder his growth. In order for a person to grow, they must experience it first is my belief. Though I’m guessing he’s learning from this, I don’t know if that is to say he will.

“What are you doing this is my fight!” Ares yelling at me. That was total disrespect. Saving your life and you have the galls to say I interfere with your fight. You know we only have one life...maybe...

“This fight has already been decided, unfortunately. Looking at yourself you should already know that you won’t win no matter what.” I stated to him.

“It’s dishonorable for a god to ask for help when they are going on a one on one match,” Ares complained. “I’m a god of war and to fail in battle is the highest level of disgrace.”

“You are complaining about that, honestly if you can’t handle defeat you are not truly a god of war.” I fired back. “The God of war is not only about being violent but learning how to get stronger and more powerful than your opponent to overwhelm them. You didn’t dominate your opponent today. Get stronger now so you are able to face him next time.”

" …...Tch…..” Ares grunted. He knew he couldn’t argue against me as he had lost and for every loser they know they have no right to talk back. “Do what you want today.”

“Thank you but you should know that since I helped you today, I demand a favor from you later on.”

“What!!! Why do I have to give you a favor? This was originally your mission.”

“Yes but you not only got in my way during the mission but you failed to do it. That should be worth a favor right.” I said as I felt it was appropriate since he could have died and he doesn’t really know the dangers of actually dealing with the scythe since Thanatos was never really taking him seriously at all. So me getting a favor for his life is a small price to pay.

“Fine but just this once as I don’t take a liking to owe favors to anyone.” Ares pouted. Honestly, he could be such a child I thought. Grandkids these days, I try to be nice but they think I’m trying to take advantage of them.

“Ummm excuse me, I know you guys are having a great conversation but can you please let go….” Thanatos said. I then realized that I was still grabbing on to the scythe and Thanatos had no way of getting back, So during this entire time, he had no choice but to listen to the entire conversation.

“Oh sorry about that. Completely forgot about you.” Letting go of the scythe to make this even more awkward than it needs to be. I actually forgot he was even there to be exact. Could have sworn that I let go before. Then again, during that time, I was paying attention to Ares I forgot about Thanatos. I guess he feels the same thing I’m feeling a while ago.

“I didn’t notice till now but you are pretty strong, I did everything to get you to let go but you didn’t even notice at all. Who are you?” Thanatos said in disbelief.

“I’m Neo and I’m just a simple up-and-coming god,” I said plainly as I didn’t try to make a big deal out of it.

“For an up-and-coming God to be this strong is hard to believe. Based on your strength alone you are just as strong to the Titans of the past. Who are you really?”

“I already said it so I don’t need to answer that again,”

“Well if you won’t tell me, let’s see if I can find out myself.” Thanatos then rushed to me with the scythe and tried to slash me. I avoided it pretty cleanly, but it was actually a feint and was trying to hit me on the blunt part of the scythe. However, I had already expected that as I moved in the same direction as to where he was trying to hit, thus making it hard for him to hit me. He then changed his grip to be able to attack from a different direction however just before he hit me I had disappeared from his site. He couldn’t see me at all.

“I’m right here,” I said as I was right behind him facing the other way. He then turned while trying to attack me. However, I was moving at the same time he did. Not just that, without looking I was moving to make sure we were back to back. When he moved left, I did the same when he went right I followed suit. It was kinda funny in a way cause it just frustrated him even more. Thanatos just gets so aggravated by the fact that he can’t even hit me, let alone see me. From my point of view, it looks like I’m toying around with my enemy, but from a different standpoint, it’s a guy who has keen anticipation and skill. I got a glimpse of Ares as he saw something he had never seen before. If you get to a master class like me doing this is easy to do towards certain opponents but not all the time. I have to read the pattern of Thanatos attacks and the preferred way he likes to attack, so predicting his movements is pretty simple. This was getting enjoyable as I have never toyed with my opponents this bad before.

We continued to do this for a while until I realized something that I had to do. I grabbed his head and lifted it up. “Sorry but please wait. I must do before we could continue this fight.”

“And what’s that?” Thanatos said as he tried to get my grip off of him. I then inject my divine into its body. “Ahhh!” He was feeling some sort of pain that he had never felt before. It felt like what Thanatos was feeling, but rather than his body, something else was being taken control of. The scythe was reacting to me as it was trying to force me out but I was working faster than it could get rid of me so no matter what it was my win. There was something I was looking for and I soon found it. After I found it, I had the power to prevent it. Seals usually would require a large amount of energy as a form to maintain it. However, I figure there is another way to do it. I recently learned that I can inject divine energy through someone’s body and after testing and experimenting I realized how to identify the flow of energy and the gifts. Gods have specific powers that they are naturally born with and they use them just the same as breathing. So naturally, the body will release the energy in order to use its power. But what if you can block them? The thing that was second nature to you just vanishes like that. It’s possible, but only for a certain time. As no matter, if it was me or any god, you can’t block out what your body was meant to do. You can hinder it, but you can never stop it.

“And done,” I said as I released him from my grips. Thanatos was feeling unconscious and was trying to find a balance in himself. In fact, he couldn’t even stand, let alone kneel. Soon he then fainted. Because he couldn’t do anything, I decide to sit as it’s disrespectful to attack a vulnerable person.

“What did you do to him?” Ares said. As he recovered to some degree. He didn’t know what I did as he had never seen someone get beaten this way without having to land a single strike. He was confused as he was coming closer to Thanatos to see what had happened. Thanatos was unconscious and was completely motionless. Thinking it was a good time to end it all, he grabbed the sword to kill him.

“He’s just unconscious and doesn’t even think about trying to kill him at this moment. If you do anything to him you should be careful what happens to you.” I suddenly released a large amount of killing intent that made Ares collapse soon after as he looked like he had never felt that before. He was breathing heavily as my pressure just made him lose the function of his body. Giving a quick nod as that was all he could do to tell me that he wouldn’t do anything. “Besides we have accomplished one of our objectives,” I explained. Ares was confused as he didn’t know what that meant, but to the rest of the world, it does.

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