Titan: My Return to Earth

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The final boss battle

In North America, the fight was getting worse for the GDF as they had now gone from

being offensive to defensive. The number of the undead has been reduced significantly however the toll on the GDF has got to them. The forces in the North American region were now down to about to a mere twenty thousand. Now it looks as though many of the GDF has died but that is not the case. All around the battlefield, there were a few GDF soldiers that could be seen. It’s as though they have disappeared. This was the preparation that was done by Athena and her group. Though humans are expendable they are still important to the Gods. They wanna make sure that no personnel lost their life that easily. In their armor is stored with back up energy that was created by Hermes. Hermes was the first one to create a teleport device that allowed humans to travel from one place to the next. Though it’s only for one trip as the consumption of energy required is nothing that humans could handle. Also, having to store so much energy to keep traveling from one place to the next would require time that is wasted. So it was decided that the device would allow only one trip for escape if there was an emergency. That was why when it was time to retreat, they simply went to activate it and they would be sent back to base.

Although it was a pretty good method, you have to grab hold of it in order for you to return. There were several that didn’t make it as thirty to forty thousand of them had died not even been able to grab hold due to the sheer size of the army. From the battlefield, many were mutilated and bitten to death showing how violent the fight was. But all the soldiers that died fought till their last breath. Not everyone was going to survive and Athena knows that but as long as some of them survive it wouldn’t be a complete loss. It was also thanks to Athena, Artemis, and Enyo who actually created another strong attack to give a large portion of the army the ability to retreat. Enyo continued to create a circle around the army in a very fast manner to the point she almost made a tornado. For a time it prevented anyone from entering as the undead kept getting sliced up. Athena then got everyone to form small circle formations so she could possess her children to create shields around them. Then Artemis Shot a powerful arrow that went flying up like last time but this time it became a rain of arrows hitting everyone within the circle. Because mostly everyone was protected with divine barriers the undead were the ones that got injured. Once every one of the undead was destroyed many who couldn’t continue anymore activated their armor to retreat. It then reduced the number to ten thousand. The ten thousand then formed a circle around Artemis and Athena as both of them were completely exhausted from the continued support they gave to the army. Enyo even stopped as she landed right next to them.

“We should retreat right now?” Artemis said. As the army of undead were now free to continue their assault.

“I would also have to agree as we would probably lose more of our men if we continue this way. We have done all we can but unfortunately, we still have to hold out. We can’t let them get anywhere near headquarters. I have already told the base to prepare the defenses but we still need time for our soldiers who have returned to recuperate.“Athena said as she try to get as much energy back as possible.

“Well make your decisions quickly because they don’t seem to want to wait for us,” Enyo said as she was waiting to go again.

“We did all we can and besides if we fight from afar we can still hold them back.” Artemis said in concern as she herself was getting tired.

“No, we will have to stall for as long as possible. The more time we give, the better our troops are able to recover. Not only that, but it will also give time for Ares and Neo to kill the summoner.. Who knows what would happen if we can’t hold them here.” Athena said. “Enyo think you can go at it one more time.”

“Thats already a dumb question” Enyo said as was charging up. “Alright everyone its either do or die. Are you with me??!!!!!” she screamed. Everyone then got into battle formation to get ready for the onslaught that was about to ensue. Athena and Artemis got their weapons ready. They stood their ground as millions upon millions of the undead rush towards them. Though the GDF were prepared for this, they still have a fear that they still hold inside. They try to feel assured however now they were reduced to this number, which makes it less than good. But they faced it nonetheless, as soldiers fighting for the Gods was the greatest honor and they being the last one to fight with them is all they could desire. Thus they stood as they got ready for the incoming assault.

As they came closer and closer though just right before the two forces engage the undead tremble and scatter around the field. They then noticed all the death energy that was on the undead vanished. Everyone was confused as to what had just happened. Just now they were about to face the enemy and now they are lifeless and everywhere on the battlefield.

“Whoaaaaaa!!!!!” Everyone shouted since although they didn’t know what had happened, they know one thing was certain. They had attained victory. The Gods were puzzled as well as they were the one thinking what could have happened.

“How is this possible, what happened?” Artemis said.

“Isn’t it obvious!!! Ares defeated the summoner and all of them stopped!!” Enyo said confidently as she smiled when thinking about Ares. They have been together for many years and Enyo has always found Ares to be strong. So of course she would believe that Ares would be able to accomplish the task. ” There is no one but Ares who could have rescued us.”

“Yes let’s just say that for now, the important thing is to take care of the injured and make sure there aren’t any more undead.” Athena said. Although this was a good time to relax, there was much work to be done. With so many injuries and damage, GDF had to help many of the human cities get back up on their feet. Not only that even if there isn’t any undead now there still might be a chance they come back. It’s never good to let your guard down. But then she was wondering about something.

“What’s wrong Athena?” Artemis asked.

“If Ares and Neo are done, why are they not here yet to report to us? ” Athena questioned. If the job was completed, both of those two had to come back with the god in hand in order to bring them to Zeus. Yet neither of them has come here or reported to anyone about it. What’s going on Athena thought.

“They are probably still trying to recover,” Artemis answered. “For now we have to worry about this situation and let them handle theirs as they will come back eventually.”

“I hope so….” Athena said as she walked away with Artemis to deal with the post-battle affairs.

Back to Ares and I, we continued to wait for a while for Thanatos to awake. Being bored I decided to read a book that I had gotten from Metis realm. It was something about the history of humans after I had been locked away. But it wasn’t just any history book. It was the history of their FOOD. Just looking at some of these pictures was making me drool. Especially with the pictures of what they call curry. That looks so good!!!! But someone who had lost his patients ruined my enjoyment.

“What are we doing sitting here, why can’t we just take him and go!!!!” Ares said furiously. At first, he didn’t want to due to the threat but after waiting an hour he soon lost his patients. For him this made no sense to wait on a guy who they need to capture to just let him sleep. What’s the point in doing this the first place? “I’m going to bring him now,” Ares said as he was about to grab him.

“You are going to regret it if you do.” I said as it made Ares hesitate for a moment.

“What do you mean?” Ares said confused.

“Despite being unconscious, haven’t you noticed that the scythe is still stuck in his hands. Don’t you find that weird?” I asked.

“No I don’t, it was simply something he carried before he fainted. Nothing to it.” Ares said.

“But didn’t you notice that arm is gripping on it tightly even when he’s unconscious.”

“Your point…”

“I simply sealed the gods ability to summon the undead making all the undead return back to hell. However that doesn’t mean I have stopped the scythe.”

“What does the scythe have to do with anything????

“That scythe was limited by what the body is. The power of the original host was so dominant that the scythe had to use what was given. It’s hard to change what the body is when it already has a soul. However I suppress the soul, now what do you think happens now that she has no restraint on how she can restructure the body.” I pointed out.

“She has absolute control then.”

“Yes and that means one thing as to why we can’t let Thanatos go to heaven now.” And just when I said that a burst of dark energy appeared right out of Thanatos body and started to change. The energy was so strong that Ares was struggling to stay in place. The vast amount of energy than consumed both of us as everything was now pitch dark. The energy was still visible there but now everything felt like we were in a world of nothingness. Then suddenly the very gravity was trembling as we were being pressed up from some unknown force that kept trying to pull us. We were able to hold our ground as everything including the darkness was being sucked in. Everything came back to reality as all the energy finally converged into one person. The person was in a dark purple robe with one side longer down to the feet. The robe reaches all the way up to the top of nose covering half of the face. The robe also happens to be connected with the scythe. Then long hair appeared as Thanatos completely restructured to a woman. “This is the scythe true form, the one that represents death itself and the first weapon to ever exist. This is Nyx, the Goddess of Death also AKA my friend. Well hopefully by the end of all this.

“How is she this powerful….” Ares was frightened as he had never seen someone this powerful besides his father along with Poseidon and Hades. Those guys to Ares were the pinnacle of power, but now after seeing her, Ares seems to realize there are far more powerful beings in the world. But he is going to have to think about that later. As I have to face her myself. Though unexpectedly once she turned to a lady she was looking at herself. Moving, stretching flapping her hands around, and looking at herself through the scythe, it really didn’t feel like she was caring about the battle or realizing we were here. I was dumbfounded as she soon lies down and spread her body. She seemed to be in a happy mood and she was rolling back in forth. Not knowing what to do I just patiently sit down.

“Ares, can you please move as far as possible?” I asked Ares

“Why can’t I help you as I want to fight her as well.” Are said in protest.

“No you go as you will only hinder me as you could tell you won’t last against her. Only I can handle her.”

" …..Very well but I will keep an eye on you from afar to make sure you don’t do anything suspicious.” Ares said as he left.

“Well now, what do we do Nyx should we duke it out or should we enjoy the fact you get to have fun for a long time,” I said to Nyx as she continued to play around. She kept ignoring me for a while longer as she wanted to enjoy the surroundings despite the fact that it’s all messed up and ruined from battle. For me, I didn’t mind since if she prefers a less violent approach would be better for us and for the environment. Though I can’t know for sure. Oh well, I said we will soon find out.

Half an hour has passed. She then walked to me casually to finally say her greetings.

“Hi, I’m Nyx who might you be.” She said in the most polite way to give a respectful bow.

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